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Claiborne Parish Queries: 1997

Gerald Elia Wed Jan 1 17:13:24 1997
I am looking for any information about John M ELIA who moved to Claiborne Parish in 1852, was a merchant in Homer and owned the first brick making buisiness there. I believe he was Roman Catholic and was probably buried in one of the local cemeteries but I can not find him mentioned in any cemetery index I have read. Can someone tell me his place of burial and when he died. I know it was probably between 1900 and 1910. I would like to exchange email with any of his descendents in the area.

Sally Mills Wed Jan 1 20:28:57 1997
Seeking info on L. Daniel Peterson and his wife, Mary Ann Mason. L. Daniel was the son of Daniel Peterson and Daniels' first wife. I need information on L. Daniel and on Mary Ann Mason. Who were Mary Ann's parents? Their son, Thomas Jefferson PETERSON who married Alive MCCALL are my great-grandparents.

Sally Mills Wed Jan 1 20:37:14 1997
Seeking info on the family of Thomas SELLERS. Thomas married Nancy THREADGILL. One of their sons, Dr. William SELLERS, practiced medicine in Summerfield, LA. My gr gr grandmother was Aletha (Letha) SELLERS who married George MCCALL, son of Malcom MCCALL and Lydia Ann JOHN. Would appreciate any info on any of the above names.

Carin Bentley Wed Jan 1 20:40:03 1997
Seeking to share information on the DAWSON surname for Claiborne Parish. The DAWSON family was centered around Haynesville since the early 19th century to the present. I have much info to share with those who might be interested.

Carin Bentley Wed Jan 1 20:44:00 1997
Seeking to share info on the BURNHAM surname for Claiborne Parish, LA. I have info starting from John BURNHAM in 1802 who had many children who all grew up in Claiborne Parish, often in the Mt. Zion or Haynesville area.

Carin Bentley Wed Jan 1 20:48:44 1997
Seeking to share info on the family of James Edward MOORE. His parents are Thomas J. MOORE and Eliza F. HILL who came to Claiborne Parish from GA. Eliza Hill's first marriage was to BALDWIN. James Edward MOORE married Emma E. DAWSON and then Lizzie Lynn MURPHY. James Edware MOORE was a Judge in Homer at the turn of the 20th Century and died in Homer in 1925.

Carin Bentley Wed Jan 1 20:54:16 1997
Seeking to share info on family and descendents of J.C. TAYLOR, a merchant from Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, LA. I am also interested in the Jonathan C. TAYLOR family from Haynesville - unrelated to the prior TAYLOR. This family had many children born between 1830-1850 who married the BURNHAM and DAWSON families (and KIRKPATRICK) and ALLEN.

Charles Cox Wed Jan 1 22:19:18 1997
I am looking for infomation on Dr E. W. COX who lived near Mt Paron Church in ward 4. He was married to Frances R. BROWNING in Texas and moved to Claiborne Parish around 1851. He and his family is listed on Pages 178 and 179 of 1860 census. E. W. COX died Oct 28, 1904 and is buried in Mt Paron Cemetery. I need to know his father and where in Alabama he came from.

Charles Cox Sun Jan 5 11:46:11 1997
I am looking for any information on the line of E. W. Cox. Mainly, any infomation about him in Texas or Alabama. Who his father was, etc.. Thamks Charles Cox 1735 Spencer Ave Monroe, LA 71201 (

E. W. COX ( EDWARD W. COX) (DR.) was born July 5, 1822 in Alabama. Moved to Texas around 1840 with a brother. Married FANNIE BROWNING July 3,1844. They moved to Claiborne Parish in Louisiana around 1851. E. W. COX died October 28, 1904 and is buried in Mount Paron Cemetery in Claiborne Parish. FANNIE BROWNING COX died July 24, 1887 and also buried in Mount Paron Cemetery.
Children of E. W. Cox: 1. N. C. COX, f, b-06/17/1829, TX 2. M. CORDELIA COX, f, b-1878, TX 3. HENRY I. COX, m, b-1850, TX 4. JAMES COX, m, b-1852, LA 5. ISABELL F. COX, f, b-1857, la 6. MARY COX, f, b-1857, LA 7. A. A. COX, m, b-1859, LA 8. CHARLES C. COX, m, b-04/15/1861, LA, d-08/10/1937, m-MARGRET ARRIE MAXEY 07/29/1896, b-11/23/1876, d-08/11/1932 Children of C. C. COX 1. DELLA R COX, f, b-08/06/1897, d- 2. FRANK COX, m, b-03/27/1899, d- 3. BERTHA MAE COX, f, b-07/21/1901, d-10/18/1923 4. JOHN EDWARD COX, m, b-09/15/1903, d-02/26/1969, ,m-LIZZIE MAE BLACKSTOCK, 11/07/1920, b-11/02/1900, d-06/15/1993 Children of JOHN EDWARD COX 1. CHARLES EDWIN COX, m, b-05/13/30 d-( ), m-BOBBIE ANN GIBSON, 12/23/1950, b-10/13/1933, d-( ) Children of CHARLES EDWIN COX 1. JOHN EDD COX, m, b-12/05/1952, d- ( ), m- Children of JOHN EDD COX 1. JOHN CLAYTON COX, b- 2. LISA ANN COX, f, b-01/11/1957, d- , m- Children of LISA ANN COX 1. MALLORY ANN SEYMOUR,f, b- 5. RUFUS COX, m, b-12/15/1905, d- 6. ADA COX, m, b-04/28/1908, d- 7. KELLIS COX, f, b-03/12/1910, d- , m-JIM MARSHAL 8. BASSEL BERTIS COX, m, b-04/27/1913, d-08/27/1928 9. M. PAULEAN COX, f, b-08/26/1916, d- , m-TOM NEWSOM 9. SARAH COX, f, b-1864, d- 10. MADRA COX, f, b-1863, d- 11. REBECCA COX, f, b-1868, d-

Judy Rankin Sun Jan 5 19:58:43 1997
I am looking for information about Byon/Byron FULMER and his wife Gertrude. The SSDI lists a Gertrude's death in Homer, Claiborne Parish in 1969. Would anyone know if her husband's name was Byon/Byron? Thanks from Judy in Yellowknife, Canada

Bert L Medley Mon Jan 13 15:33:30 1997
Looking for marriage between John MEDLEY and Margaret CRUMP on or about Oct 1870 (date is unreliable). Parents of John were Bartholomew and Lucy MEDLEY. Parents of Margaret were John C and Nancy CRUMP. John married a Margaret and Margaret CRUMP is the only person living in Clairborne Parish at that time.

Gerald Elia Fri Jan 17 06:39:52 1997
I am seeking information about John M. ELIA b. 1829 and was a resident of Claiborne Parish from 1852 until 1900. I am also seeking information about his 1st and 2nd wives. Margret NIHIL and Lottie GAINES. This family married into TUGGLE, MARTIN, WEST, ELLENBROOK, AVANT, DAWSON and BUCHANAN families of Claiborne.

Mary Gregg Sat Jan 18 10:57:05 1997
My grandfather, Asa Jordan SAPP was born in 1849 in either Caldwell or Claiborne Par. (His older brother, John M. SAPP was born in Minden ca 1837, but the family were in Caldwell by 1850. Can't ID them in 1840, so don't know where they were.) I do not know the name of Asa's father, who was dead by 1850; Asa's mother's name was Clarinda, surname unknown, but probably married Asa's father in Claiborne Par. ca 1835. Besides John M. and Asa, they had Nancy SAPP and Catherine SAPP, whom I have been unable to find marriages for, therefore unable to trace. In Mar. 1850, Caldwell Par., Mrs. Clarinda SAPP m. Wm. JENKINS. By him she had two sons; she was dead by 1860. Several SAPP families were in Claiborne by 1830, but I cannot positively single out the correct one. Would like to exchange information on these families.

Jennifer Day Wed Jan 22 12:43:59 1997
MOORE, James David b. 11-24-1855 (or 12-16-1855) in Haynesville, Clairborne Parish, LA. Parents:----Moore (1818 in TN/d. 1861 in Gordonville, TX) and Kate Ann McMahon (1822 in MS/ d. 9-9-1905 in Vashti, TX). Father was a confederate soldier. James's siblings: Nels (abt 1856), Tom (abt 1857), George (abt 1858), Bob (abt 1859), and Ella.

Bill Botzong Fri Jan 24 16:42:59 1997
Looking for any and all information on BOTZONG, KROUSE, and MUELLER families in Claiborne Parish from the 1850s in Minden. Would be glad to share what I have.

Norman Lewis Sat Jan 25 00:10:16 1997
Looking for information on Dr. Silas Turner. An 1878 letter in the family suggests he was living about 70 miles NE of Shreveport in Louisiana. I don't have access to LA census and was hoping someone could check an 1870 and 1880 index if it exists.

Cheryl Nilsson Fri Jan 31 20:33:45 1997
FOX, Richard C. (or possible John Richard). He was born circa 1827 in La. Not sure of the parrish but he moved to Garland Co. Ar around 1870 and then to Clark Co., Ar around 1880. He married Nancy Deaton. Can anyone help me trace him?

Ron Herring Tue Feb 4 18:46:29 1997
Looking for ancestry info on HERRING, Lewis Monroe (father was William Wesley Herring) and WIGGINS, Lillian Stacey. They were my mother & father. Both are deceased. Can provide limited info myself back to William Wesley, but am trying to determine origins. Thank you!

Jonathon Beauregard Thu Feb 6 19:11:06 1997
Looking for information on George Washington Beauregard Born july 4 1910 Died may 1972 He lived in Shreveport,La but I belive he came from Rapides parish. One of his sons is Robert Wayne Beauregard which is my father. My name is Jonathon Beauregard e-mail at

Vila Beam Fri Feb 7 13:33:37 1997
Looking for information about Addison N Bryant of the Atlanta area. He was born Nov 1876, married Ada Sanders; had daughter, Lella Mae Bryant born 17 Jun 1919 in Winn Parish; Addison Bryant married 2nd, Elizabeth Dubois; he died about 1965- 67 while living north of Shreveport, maybe the Rodessa area. His daughter, Lella Mae married Theron W Worsham Jul 7 1942 in Bossier Parish, LA. I will be grateful for any interest or information on Addie Bryant and/or his family. Vila Worsham Beam

Ley O'Connor Sat Feb 15 03:14:37 1997
Looking for any information on Samuel RUSSELL listed 1830 Claibourn Parish census. Also Robert C.RUSSEL and James A. GOODWIN listed 1850 Clairbourn Parish Census. Also info on Donie GOODWIN, Medford GOODWIN,Mattie GOODWIN. Almost all were born in Haynesville, Claibourn Parish, the late 1800's and early 1900. They aree the children of James Henry GOODWIN b. July 9, 1869 d.Nov.20,1940. m. Sept.28, 1888 Mary Josephine (Molly) MURRAY b.mar.23,1872 d. Aug 23, 1955. Both are buried in Shady Grove in Haynesville, La. Also in info re Mary Josephine MURRAY is very welcome !!!!! Thanx, Ley

Elaime B. Favre Mon Feb 17 19:59:33 1997
KNIGHT, WILLIAM BLACKBURN:b NY ca 1814. Census of 1870 shows him in Calcasieu Parish with wife Narcissa Virginia DICKENSON of AR and children Henry, Maria, Josephine, Wm. P., Minnie Catherine, Ida Mina, Stonewall Jackson, John Randolph, and Charles. A McGrath in household. Family was in Hunt Co., TX in 1860 Census.Need dates and places of death for Wm. Blackburn KNIGHT and Narcissa DICKENSON

Marvin E Owen Sun Feb 23 18:40:37 1997
I have researched much of the early lines of FRANCIS MARBURY GREER who had married Permilia Gaar in Georgia in the 1820s but moved to Claiborne Parish where he died in 1885. He was a well known person in Lisbon during the time he lived. I know that his children included JAMES F GREER, JOEL L GREER, JOHN W GREER, W LAFAYETTE GREER and RUSSELL WYNN GREER. I know that Lafayette and Russell are buried at the Lisbon Meth Cem in Claiborne Parish. I am looking for the descendants of this family so that I can add them as current data to the existing data that I have that traces back to the early 1600s.

James D Freeman Mon Feb 24 21:38:07 1997
GOODWIN, Christopher Rankin, b Feb 2, 1846 Pike Co., MS m Nov 18, 1866 Millie Arkaty Lambright in Colombia Co., AR but their residence was in Haynesville, Clairborne Parish, LA. Trying to estalblish that Rankin fought as a Confederate soldier and served with Company I,3rd Louisana Regiment.

Doug Rains Thu Feb 27 09:02:10 1997
Searching for the parents of ADALINE LEE b 10-7-1822 resided in Claiborne co in 1840's married Green Franks Dec 3 1842 in Union Co Ark. Resided in La later moved to Texas. Any info helpful.Adaline

LIL STEELE Wed Feb 12 18:50:36 1997
Who were the parents of THOMAS McCANN? b. 2 May 1782-where? m. MARY McDILL b. 8 Dec. 1790,parents SAMUAL and JANE McDILL. Children: ANN; JANE; JAMES R.; ELIZABETH (m. JAMES H. MITCHELL 26 June 1834-Clairborne Parish, LA), MARTHA A.; ISABELLA M. and S. E. Thanks for your help.

Kay Tucker Sun Feb 16 13:48:21 1997
Have a lot of information to share on Washington Wade BARRINGTON and Martha Ann MONZINGO both ancestors and descendants.

Rena Anderson Pittman Thu Jan 30 09:46:24 1997
WOOD(s), ANDERSON, HAMPTON I would appreciate any information regarding the above names. (Col.?) Matthew WOOD(s) and his wife (Hannah?) left an inheritance to William Henry Anderson in a Claiborne Parish bank . year unknown Mary WOOD(s) was the wife of William Perry ANDERSON b circa 1815 William Henry ANDERSON b 28 June 1847 La. d 12 July 1927 Tx married 3 <known> times. 1.___Pleasant 2.____Shaw 3. Clara HAMPTON b 26 July 1856 La W.H. and Clara were married 13 Sept 1876 La Any information appreciated. Please contact: Any information appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration

Marvin E Owen Thu Jan 30 18:28:53 1997
I'm working on Francis Marbury GREER b 1794 Ga, d 1885, Claiborne Parish, La. and his wife Permilia Emily GAAR b Ga 1804, d. Claiborne Parish, La. 1893. Also, their daughter, Francis Elizabeth GREER b Ga 1823 married William AVERY b 1828 Ga, died 1913, Jackson Parish, La. I can always use additional data and will share my data that is posted at

Nancy Hutson Baxter Tue Feb 4 20:02:54 1997
James A. BROWNING md. Lena NELSON in Morgan Co., GA 1832 and moved to Claiborne Parish LA circa 1855. Both buried in Old Town Cemetery in Haynesville. 16 children, 10 have been identified. Related surnames: Almand, Nelson, Harkins Mc Eachern, Hardaway, Kinnebrew. Would like to correspond with other Browning researchers. Thanks: Nancy H. Baxter

Joyce Favors Wed Feb 5 22:18:07 1997
I am searching for info gg grandfather. William F. SOLOMON joined the Confederate Army in Homer, LA Co. A 9th Louisiana. I have his service records. His father, William M. SOLOMON is shown to have been a property owner in Claiborne Parish. William's birth state was TN. I believe his wife's name was Martha. I found the family in the 1860 census in Claiborne with three children Harriet H. b 1834, William F. b 1837, Sarah A. b 1843. Any info on this family will be most helpful. Thank You

Doug Wed Feb 5 22:30:23 1997
Adaline LEE b 10-7-1822 in MISS d 8-1-1858 in Coryell Co, TX. Married Green Franks 12-3-1842 in Union Co, ARK. Searching for her parents. She was residing in Claiborne Parish, LA when the marriage took place. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Doug

Bill Hines Sat Feb 8 13:28:19 1997
HONEYCUT, HONEYCUTT, HUNEYCUTT, HUNNICUTT et al. Sharing information regarding persons with this surname throughout the United States...anytime, any place, any reason. Particularly interested in the family of James HONEYCUTT, residing in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana at the time of the 1830 Census, and those of John B. and S.[?] HONEYCUTT, both of whom were heads of households in the 1860 Census of Claiborne Parish. I am anxious to share information regarding these individuals, as well as any other persons with this surname.

Colleen Hendry Smith Fri Mar 7 06:41:46 1997
BARDWELL/BUDWELL - searching for any information on BARDWELL family in Clairborne Parish.

Kimm Antell Thu Mar 13 07:23:59 1997
JOHNSON, LEATHERMAN: William Jasper JOHNSON was born in Georgia 1827-28. He married Adaline Amanda LEATHERMAN (b. July 11, 1830) in Claiborne Parish on October 7, 1848. He died April 4, 1902 and is buried in Pendergrass Cemetary in Sidney, Texas. Adaline died October 22, 1925 in Rogers, Texas. Have information on Adaline, but nothing on William. He was supposedly a reverend with the Church of Christ.

Billie Creech Wed Mar 19 17:35:43 1997
I am looking for any reference to Commodore P. WARD or John W.B. WARD who was on the land records in Claiborne Parish LA in 1858 or 1859. I am trying to connect them with my direct line James WARD d.o.b. 1801. They all owned land just west of Haynesville.

Ann McGuffey Sun Mar 23 07:16:05 1997
CARLTON, SCARBOROUGH, EADS, DOZIER, COWLING, CONNELL, BURCH I'm looking for others researching any Carlton family in Claiborne Parish. My John Smith Carlton, his brother Henry Carlton and their nephew Lewis Carlton moved to Claiborn Parish by 1851. John Smith Carlton married Saletta Scarborough, daughter of Silas Scarborough and Harriet Connell, probably around 1852. Henry Carlton married Mary Eads, widow of James Burch, in 1839. Lewis married Louisiana Caroline Dozier in 1852 in Bienville Parish, Emaline Cowling in 1862 in Hempstead Co. AR and Martha Cowling in 1865 in Hempstead Co. AR.

Ann McGuffey Sun Mar 23 07:36:56 1997
SCARBOROUGH, CONNELL, RUSSEL I'm looking for other descendants of Silas Scarborough, son of Lawrence Scarborough. Silas was born around 1805 in GA. He married Harriet Connell in 1824, probably in Claiborne Parish or Bienville Parish LA. They probably only two children, Saletta Elizabeth born in 1825 and Sarah born in 1829. Harriet probably died before 1834. Silas then married Rachel Russel, who was born abt 1812 in OH. Their children were Urilla, John L., Silas C., Mary Anis, Christopher Columbus, Rachel, Emily E.A., Oliver C., and Almeda C. Related surnames include CARLTON, CHANDLER, BYRD, BALER, FINDLEY, ELLIOTT, TIMS, MCNUTT,AND BASS

Helen Nichols Battleson Wed Apr 9 18:14:05 1997
My gr-grfa was James Sidney BEACH b 6 Apr 1862 Lisbon, Claiborne, LA, s/o James Lafayette BEACH b 21 Oct 1831 Upson Co., GA, m 6 Sep 1855 Talbottom, Talbot Co., GA to Harriett "Matilda" DAWSON b 22 Aug 1836 prob Wilkes Co., GA. The BEACH, DAWSON, TOOMBS & FORMBY (FOMBY) families came here together from GA. Seek others who descend from this line. Will be happy to exchange. TIA, Helen@Hewick

Wayne Cosby Fri Apr 11 08:44:48 1997
I am seeking biographical information on members of the 8th LOUISIANA INFANTRY during the Civil War. The 10 companies were raised from Orleans, East Baton Rouge, St. Martin, St. Landry, Franklin, Rapides, Claiborne (including present day Webster), Ascension and Assumption Parishes. This is for a regimental history of this fine fighting unit for the South.

Linda Windham Sun Apr 20 09:01:00 1997
DANIEL Family. I am looking for information on a DANIEL family that lived in Bossier/Webster Parish area from roughly 1850 to 1900. My gg-grandfather was John O. DANIEL b. abt 1835, m. Elizabeth TILLERY in Columbia Co. AR, d. 1879 in Webster Parish. He may be connected to Calvin L.Daniel and James M. Daniel. Any help will be appreciated, as you can see I have so little to go on.

Karen Monsen Sun Apr 20 15:07:40 1997
DEMOSS, GRIDER/GRYDER, BROWN, PERRY--George DEMOSS and wife Nancy GRIDER or GRYDER had a daughter named Jane Ann, b 1820 in Claiborne Parish, who married Samuel Jenkins BROWN. Samuel's father, LEONARD BROWN moved to Claiborne Parish, probably from TN, and died there 28 Sep 1851. Nancy GRIDER (1803-1870/80) was the daughter of William Murry GRYDER and Mary PERRY. Any information on any of these families appreciated.

Nancy Hutson Baxter Fri Apr 25 15:11:35 1997
Isaac OAKES & wife Amy moved to Claiborne Parish in mid 1850's. Looking for any descendants who are researching OAKES and related families. Thanks. Nancy H. Baxter

Stevan Haney Sims Sun Apr 27 22:53:57 1997
Any information on the following ancestors will be greatly appreciated. I will also share any information that I have on this line. Thanks Generation No. 1 1. G.T.1 HOOD was born in LA. He married MARGARET EDMONDS December 20, 1881 in Claiborne Parish, LA. Children of G.T. Hood and Margaret Edmonds are: i. MAUDIE2 HOOD, m. UNKNOWN OWENS. ii. BERT HOOD. 2. iii. KATIE BELLE HOOD, b. November 01, 1882, Arcadia, LA; d. August 16, 1956, Floydada, TX. Generation No. 2 2. KATIE BELLE2 HOOD (G.T. 1) was born November 01, 1882 in Arcadia, LA, and died August 16, 1956 in Floydada, TX. She married CLAUDE BYROW SIMS August 23, 1905 in Arcadia, LA, son of Phillip Sims and Nancy Owens. Children of Katie Hood and Claude Sims are: i. HERBERT3 SIMS, b. September 07, 1906, LA; d. February 1969; m. EVELYN FIELDS. ii. GLENN T. SIMS, b. January 29, 1908, LA; d. June 1976, San Angelo, TX; m. EVELYN.

Mary Evers Wilson Tue Apr 29 19:34:08 1997
I am looking for any information of the following families who lived in Claiborne Parish, around the Haynesville and Homer area. John Franklin EVERS who was married to Emma Winnifred Terressa PETTY and their descendants. Elder Mark Candler PARKER who was married to Joanna Dorcas THIGPEN and their descendants. David M. PHILLIPS who was married to Lucinda WOMACK and their descendants. Burwell Aycock WATTERS who was married to Frances AMOS and their descendants.

Carole Castleberry Fri May 2 21:28:16 1997
UPDATE on JOHN FRANKLIN DUNN: Still need info on birth place and parents of John Franklin DUNN, m. 1) 23 Dec 1853 Claiborne Par, LA Almarenda Caroline BUFORD b. 06 Oct 1833 MO d. 06 Sep 1868 Claiborne Par, LA; m. 2) Hellon L. BECK b. 1844 KY (?) d. 1932 Claiborne Par, LA Also, I have just learned that the oldest child of John Franklin DUNN and Almarenda Caroline BUFORD, whose name appears to be "Theo" on 1860 census was actually named Thomas DUNN, who moved to Colorado where he was murdered over rights to a gold mine. (Thanks Chad)

Bettiann Lloyd Wed May 14 13:48:59 1997
Looking for "cousin" connections for a friend who descends from Dr. Walter Scott McMAHEN, b 1859 (age 21 in 1880 Census, AR); m 26 Feb 1879, Permelia S. GREEN, Minden, Claiborne Co., LA. Walter Scott McMAHEN was the son of Matthew Pleasant McMAHEN, b 5 Dec 1829, TN, who married Mary Magdelene "Laney" TEUTSCH, daughter of William TEUTSCH. The TEUTSCH family were prominent citizens of the German settlement known as "Germantown Settlement" in LA. If anyone is descended from any of these families, and or has information on them, please email me so I can put you in touch, online, with my friend. Thanks.

john harper Fri May 16 15:51:28 1997
info on Absalom Harper B abt 1780. M 1806 clarke CO GA sons Samuel, Jesse, Alexander, Elmore, Absolom. Abt 1808 moved to MSs. Simpson CO officers 1826. Father Alexander Sr. Signed petion MS teritory 1812. Died 1830. abt 1845 Absalom may have moved to Jackson Parish LA with son samuel who owned land in Caliborne Par 1860 and member of Rapides Lodge 158 in 1861. Charter member Sam Todd Lodge 182, 1867 Baptist Minister. Died 26 July 1882 Buried at ?? Family Bible??. Seeking infor from Newspaper, court, birth and death notice from 1810 to present on this Harper family from GA, MS, AR, LA.

Bettiann Lloyd Wed May 14 13:48:59 1997
Looking for "cousin" connections for a friend who descends from Dr. Walter Scott McMAHEN, b 1859 (age 21 in 1880 Census, AR); m 26 Feb 1879, Permelia S. GREEN, Minden, Claiborne Co., LA. Walter Scott McMAHEN was the son of Matthew Pleasant McMAHEN, b 5 Dec 1829, TN, who married Mary Magdelene "Laney" TEUTSCH, daughter of William TEUTSCH. The TEUTSCH family were prominent citizens of the German settlement known as "Germantown Settlement" in LA. If anyone is descended from any of these families, and or has information on them, please email me so I can put you in touch, online, with my friend. Thanks.

Patricia Garrett Sun May 18 12:45:36 1997
I am looking for any information related to Patrick Floyd Jarvis GARRETT. He moved to Clairbourne Parish at age 3 and received his education there. I would like any information available..Thank you so much for your time.

Ken Newcombe Mon May 19 11:56:09 1997
BRADEN,NEWCOMB - Mollie G Braden of Homer La., married George Eugene NEWCOMB about 1900-1918. What became of them? Were there any offspring? Any information appreciated.

M. Mathis Tue May 27 02:36:30 1997
KOONCE/DRINKARD: Searching for infromation on the following: Alson Koonce, Amander Koonce, George B. Koonce, Martha Koonce, Phillip Koonce, Catherine Koonce all found in Bienville Parish 1850 census. Most of them were found in Claiborne Parish (1840 census. Christopher Koonce found in Claiborne Parish 1830 census. William Koonz found in 1820 census. Any information on these families will be appreciated.

Nelda Gass Liles Tue May 27 23:20:00 1997
LILES--believed to have been in Claiborne parish in middle to late 1800's, moving on into Caddo and Natchitoches. Any information will be appreciated.

Ruth Bennett Sun Jun 1 10:03:11 1997
Looking for two unrelated COX ancestors: 1) Henrietta "Etta" Rufinia COX (b. 9 nov 1863in MS-d. 2 sept 1938 in Claiborne Parish)m. AAJ Carter 1885 in Claiborne Parish. Buried at Tulip Cem. Who are her parents, siblings? 2) Louisa Elizabeth COX (b. 22 apr 1856 in LA - d. 2 jan 1896 in Claiborne Parish) m. Malcolm A. Baker abt 1875. Buried at Hurricane Cem. Who are her parents, siblings?

Dorothy H. Rawlings Mon Aug 18 12:52:51 1997
Looking for burial place of my gggrandfather, Leonard Green, born 1781 in TN/GA, married to Elizabeth Goodson, born 1797 in SC. Children: Seaborn, Jesse, James, Benjamin . Seaborn is listed in Claiborne 1850 Census as head of family. possibly his father died between 1840 and 1850. Any info appreciated.

Ann Harper Bonner Sun Aug 31 12:07:01 1997
Wish to exchange data on these surnames: HARPER, KIDD, BEVILL, MORGAN. Families migrated in 1849 from Shelby Co. AL to Claiborne Parish [pre-Lincoln Parish]. Among them was Rebecca MORGAN HARPER [1800-1865] who was the widow of James Washington HARPER [1790 Elbert Co. GA - 1840 Shelby Co. AL]. I have much information on their descendants. His brothers Thomas Martin HARPER and Henry White HARPER also migrated. The latter's descendants became doctors for Lincoln Parish, as well as pastors, carpenters, and Confederate soldiers. William Webb Harper [m Lucy ALLEN] believed to be a brother. James Henry KIDD [1805 Elbert Co. GA - 1877 Lincoln Par. LA] and his wife Betsy E. Bailey [1807-1881] came. I have theirs and many family group sheets. Some KIDDs settled in Jackson Parish instead of Claiborne, Joseph Webb KIDD [1808-1855], brother of the above James Henry KIDD, being one. His wife was Elizabeth Caroline MOORE. Two of their children are the ones mentioned with the Kidd/Davis Home, now the Lincoln Parish Museum. Some of the KIDDs married LEWISes; HARPERs married BEVILLs. Have been to the parish library, and there are practically no records on these families. Need to find death/burial data for Rebecca Morgan HARPER. Other MORGAN researchers: is she the daughter Becky of your family?

Edith G. Smith Sun Aug 31 17:59:48 1997
Searchin for info on family of John RANEY. Sons Henry & Thomas went to Texas w/families bef 1880 Census. Henry b. 1838 in GA, md. Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON @1856 (she from Troup Co. GA). Henry's bro. Thomas RANEY b. @1848. Lg. fam. bel all ended up in Texas. Have some marriage info in Claiborne Parrish and Census for 1850. Henry is in Claiborne Parish from 1850-1870 Censuses.H

Mary Turner Sun Sep 7 18:33:23 1997
MARTIN, Wesley and Cassie Claiborn Parish. Children: Govenor, Richard, Lula, Nora, Avery, Calvin (spouse-Sue Emma Buggs), Emma, Clara (spouse Tom "Babe" Turner, Monroe Lived in Gordon (about 7 miles from Haynesville) Buired maybe in Gordon's Cemetery

Mary Turner Sun Sep 7 18:52:58 1997
Martha SHARP SPIVEY b. Mississippi or Alabama around 1830. Married to Amos SPIVEY migrated to Claiborne Parish Louisiana. sister may have been Elizabeth TURNER b. about 1862 in Miss.; brother Square/Squire Johnson b. Alabama around 1859. Martha's children: Lemon(n. Premon BROWN; Climon (n.Janie MARTIN) married 1921 in Claiborne Parish;Van, Ruby BISHIP, Sarah BISHOP, Ola WILSON,John and Mattie ELLIS Martha and Amos owned property in Godron-claiborne parish. Marth's father may have been Aaron SHARP. E mail any info to

Pauline Brandy Fri Sep 5 09:11:14 1997
BUTLER - GOODSON - RATCLIFF Seeking info. on William, James & Benjamin GOODSON who were b:c1750- 5, the children of RACHEL RATCLIFF GOODSON b:c1725 who then marr#2 Mr. Butler and had Jethro, Samuel & John BUTLER. This family is on 1814 - 1820 Tax Lists Lawrence Co MS. James Goodson left a 18 Sep 1821 Lawrence Co MS Will naming his wife Elizabeth. William Goodson m: 21 Apr 1825 Lawrence Co MS to Elizabeth Ray and left a 28 Feb 1834 Hinds Co MS Will. Jethro BUTLER d: 9 Apr 1841 in Claiborne Par., La.

George Park Fri Sep 12 15:15:17 1997
seeking family descendants of George Washington SIMS (1854-1915) Arcadia, Bienville, LA. Mar. Rebecca Ursula OWENS (1852-1928) CHILDREN: Floyd G. SIMS (1884)mar. Mamie LEVINS; Flora J. SIMS mar. F.N. ROBINSON; Cordelia Sims (1888) mar. John WATSON; Arminte Belle SIMS (1891) mar. Willie ROBINSON; Alfred Houston SIMS (1894) mar. Evie ROGERS.

Terry Doughty Fri Sep 12 22:17:51 1997
SIMMONS, James H. probably born in Clairborne Parish 27-Oct-1862. His parents are James Hardyman Simmons and Holland Laura McFARLAND. Trying to establish when James H. Simmons married Martha Elizabeth Sheppard. The other Simmons ancestors are the Brinsons that are buried in the Old Athens Cemetary.

Kenneth R.Williams Tue Sep 16 20:04:51 1997
I am looking for information on Thomas(Tom) E. WILLIAMS born 06 Aug 1838 Macon Co. Ala. Lived in Rankin Co. Ms.from abt 1860-1889. Moved to Claiborne Par. in1888. Married Hattie (Hariet) WILSON 21Jun 1888. Then moved to Winn Par. with in a few years, This is were they stayed until his death in 1922.They were my Great GrandparentsI am willing to share what info I have, please contact me at email or snail mail. Kenneth R. Williams 2937 Lancer Ln.

Rachel Bullock Tue Sep 30 09:57:17 1997
I am searching for information on the RODGERS family. What is known is that John Wiley RODGERS was born December 12, 1884 in Lincoln Parrish, LA to James Kirkland (or Knox) RODGERS (dob ??--assuming circa the early 1840's) and Amanda Charlotte (sometimes Catherine) BURGESS (dob 5/18/1866). I am interested in information on James K. RODGERS. We do not know when exactly or where he was born, parents, or brother or sisters. We do know he married first Margaret (Maggie) BURGESS (two children--Maggie and William Augutus). When she died he married her younger sister Amanda Charlotte BURGESS (five children--Marcus, John Wiley, Gabrella, May, and Nolan). Both marriages were done in Claiborne Parrish. James RODGERS later divorced Amanda BURGESS and left Texas (where they moved in 1910) for Arkansas, unknown city or county, and was never heard from again. Any information on this line would be appreciated.

CAROL CHILTON Thu Oct 2 20:46:47 1997
Samuel Washington THOMPSON, b. 1820 MO, s/o Ephraim THOMPSON & Mary CREEL. Married Elizabeth Ann WILSON, Seven children. Family lived in Claiborne Co 1850-1910 per census records. Looking for more info on Ephraim, reportedly b. SC bef. 1800

William H. HallOct 1997
William Nathaniel WALLER b. 25 Jan 1850 in Chamber Co. AL, d. 24 Jul 1924, md. Malinda SMITH 12 Nov 1871, d/o Alfred SMITH and Elizabeth HARPER. The had the following children: Mary Elizabeth, Alfred John, Della, Iola, Aylmer Longino, Elmer, William Lannie, George Green, Anna, Claudia, Lilla Mai. Willi am N. WALLER was the s/o Elbert WALLER b. 22 Feb 1822 in GA, d. 10 AP 1897 in Columbia CO. AR. He was married to Mary Gilmore 23 Dec 1845 at Chambers Co. AL.

LEAHFBAKER@aol.comOct 1997
Seeking correspondence with descendants of WILLIAM WHITE / born Alabama 1808 and wife SOPHIA FINDLEY / second wife, Nancy Foster Kilgore. There were 20 children from these 2 marriages. Surely some descendants still in Claiborne Parish.

Brenda MarbleOct 1997
I am looking for descendant information on the following collateral families: -MICHAEL MILLER & MARGARET BOREN: Margaret was born in SC in 1779 and died in Claiborne Parish, LA in 1845 -MORRIS MILLER & CATHERINE BOREN: Catherine was born abt 1780 in SC and died in Claiborne Parsih, LA bef 1850. Morris and Catherine married on Aug 20 1811. -WILLIAM MELTON & AGNES BOREN: Agnes was born 1783 in SC and died in Claiborne Parish in 1881. Agnes and William married on May 3 1804. Any descendant information on the above names would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Brenda Marble

Shelley NewmanOct 1997
Am seeking information on the STRACENER family that lived in Claiborne Parish. In the 1850's, Kneal Stracener, his wife Sarah Ann RACKLEY, & their first 4 children moved here from St. Clair County, Alabama. Two more children were born before Kneal's death in Dorcheat in 1859. In 1862, his widow wed James TALBERT, & in 1863, his son Daniel Alexander Stracener joined Co. A, Claiborne Regiment, LA Militia for the Civil War. Daniel would go on to wed Courtney SIMMONS & Rebecca Ann GREEN. Any further information would be much appreciated. Thank You. Please respond to @ internet

Shelley NewmanOct 1997
Am seeking information on the AUSTIN families that made their homes in Claiborne Parish in the mid to late 1800's. Am trying to connect them to my Joseph Austin, who was killed at the Battle of Mansfield, 1864. Known children included William, Richard & John Isaiah; & there may have been a Joseph. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank You.

Hazel Welch CraigOct 1997
STRANGE/ COLEMAN: Need marriage date of Mary Strange and Willie Coleman. Should be between 1868 and 1872, Claiborne Parish, LA. Their only child, Sarah Ann (Sallie Ann) born Oct. 24, 1872. Sallie raised by Strange Grandparents. What happened to parents. Any info. appriciated. Pls. contact Hazel Welch Craig, P. O. Box 291, Camden, TN. 38320. Thanks.

crafters@hula.netOct 1997
seeking info on Elizabeth J. Harper, born 18 Feb, 1830 in MS and died May 25, 1912 in Claiborne Parish, LA. Married Alfred J. Smith Oct 21, 1847 in Rankin CO MS.

Robert Mark Conger 11/03/97

I am looking for the burial location for my GGG Grandfather,
Rev. William STEVENSON, who was the first Methodist Preacher in
Louisiana and East Texas in 1809. He was a horseback preacher.
He was born in Ninety-Six District, SC on Oct. 4, 1768 and died
on Feb. 3, 1857 near Homer in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. He
was buried reportedly on a farm owned by his son-in-law
Major DYER. His first wife Jane CAMPBELL is reported to be buried
there with his second wife, Elizabeth HOGHLAND. I would like
to locate this gravesite if possible. Please email or write at:
Robert Mark Conger, 38016 Therese Court West, Prairieville, LA

Mary Turner 11/05/97

Surnames: BUGG
Looking for information on Nathan BUGG, my g great grandfather who appears on La census for Claiborne Parish in 1870. Think that he was in Columbia or Columbia County Georgia before La census of 1860 or 1870. Looking for information such as: Who were his parents? When was he freed? Where else did he live? Any information would be helpful in the search for our family heritage.

Betty Jo Atkins Good 11/05/97

Surnames: ATKINS
Father: Millard Winfield Atkins II 1910 - 1978
GFather: Grover Talmadge Atkins 1888 - 1926
GGFather: Millard Winfield Atkins 1857 - 1928 State Rep
GGGFather: William Blufford Atkins 1818 - 1884
All the above buried in Atkins Cemetery in Athens.

GMother: Mary Orie Mosley 1890 - 1976
GGParents: Sallie Love Lewis 1867 - 1958 Robert M. Mosley 1862
GGGParents: Mary Ann Aubrey 1833 - 1910 David Henry Lewis

Grover Talmadge Atkins' Parents: Eva Lou Knox 1857 - 1924
M. W. Atkins I 1857 - 1928
Eva Lou Knox's Parents: John Anderson P. Knox
Anne Thornton

I'd like ALL info available on the above. I'd especially like info on
Knox/Thornton and William G. Mosley and wife, Mary Ann Killgore they m
1859 in Claiborne Parish. Mary Ann b 1834 d 1905.
Betty Jo Atkins Good

Terrance 11/15/97

BARKER, EVANS, ALLISON –Bossier, Claiborne , Caddo -Shreveport, LA
James BARKER, b 1826-KY married Amanda EVANS b 1832- TN (dau of Henry EVANS and Elizabeth UK) Nov 14 1851, Bossier Pr, LA. There were 3 witness listed , J C Hancock, John Alison and Emanuel Ruple. It appears from the analysis of the census data from 1830 -1860 that there was a connection between these families.

In 1830 Henry EVANS was in Smith Co, TN and is on the same page with Isaac ALLISSON, in 1840 both EVANS ans ALLISSON are found in Winston Co, MS. Henry EVANS migrates to Bossier PR, LA in 1850 , and to Bradley co AR in 1860 ,1870.

The BARKER family, Parents of James BARKER b 1826 are not known and there are no families with a son age 24 in the 1850 census for Bossier and surrounding LA counties can any one help me find the BARKERs in 1850 ? And are any of you all LA researchers active with Henry Evans or Isaac ALLISSON?

Cheryl Niemeier 11/16/97

Surnames: AKIN
Seeking info/descendents of Wiley E. AKIN b. 1819 Pike Co. Miss. m. Nancy GUINN b. 1820 Tenn. their first 8 children were all born in Claiborn Parish between 1837 and 1853. they are in order of b. Louise, Wesley McKindree m. Sarah Ann FASTER, Mary C. m. James RENSHAW, William Fletcher m. Amelia Jane LOWRIE, Bascum m. Mary Francis WILLIAMS, Frances M. m. David H. PEED, Laura A., Fedonia m. John WILKES, .. the last two children were b. in Kaufman Co., Tx., Alunna and Elzena
I have a web-site with more detailes
thanks Cheryl

Ron Shelley 11/17/97

Surnames: Shelley
I have a need to find information on the following surnames:
Shelley or Hanie (sp)? Hayne or Haney (sp)? Grandfather was
born in Bastrop or surrounding area. His son's name;
Horace G. Shelley,
was born in or around 1925. He (Grandfather) must have been
born around the the late 1800's. He was a sharecropper by

Susan 11/17/98

Surnames: McMahen
I am looking for info on Hugh McMahen who was listed on 1850 and 1860 census
in Haynesville.He was married to Elizabeth. Their children were David,
Mathew,Mary, Sarah,Williamson,Hugh,Martha,and Ann.I was wondering if there
are any Marriages listed for this surname. Is this family listed in any
county history books? I don't have much on this line so I would be grateful
for anything. Are they buried anywhere Claiborne Co.? Thank you for your


Denise TINSLEY Harman

Surnames: TINSLEY


Interested in corresponding with anyone descending from these familes. Especially the STRANGE and COLEMAN surnames. Thank you very much. Pls contact me at:

Margie R. Pearce 11/24/97

There are several CHRISTIAN family members buried in the Colquitt Cemetary. Would love to know their relationships as my husband is descended from Elijah O. (1811-1891) and Mildred Arnold PEAVY (1818-1880/85) who are buried in that cemetary. Any help with the LA branch of the Christian family would be much appreciated.

Tinker Strother 11/25/1997

Surnames: Terry, Malone, Malloy
Charles Clifton TERRY m. Elvie Virgina MALONE. They had 14 children, seven of which lived to adulthood:
Mary, Claude (his twin did not survive to adulthood), Grady, Beatrice, Dottie, Mildred and Gladys A'dell (my mother).
Grandpaw Terry died in his home in Claiborne CO in 1977. His father's first name is not known to me, his mother was a BALLARD. Grammaw Terry's father was only known to my mother as "Boney" Malone, who was supposed to have been from Ireland. Her mother was known only Mamie, maiden name MALLOY. Elvie Virgina Terry neeMalone may have been born as early as the beginnings of the 1870s and I have no idea of how many siblings she had.
As far as I know, all of Charles and Elvie Terry's children were born in this county as well. They are both buried in this county, but I don't remember the name of the cemetary. Only that it was well out in to the country and very pretty.

Sammy Stockwell 11/26/97


Jeff Dyer 11/29/97

Surnames: DYER
Trying to find family of JAMES DYER and POLLY STEVENSON.
James DYER was first state representative of Claiborne Parish
in 1829. Was John L. DYER one of his children?

Richard S. Boswell 11/28/97

Surnames: WELCH
Looking for info on Robert Lacy Welch, b.Dec.15,1842 in Winston Co., MS; m. Feb.4,1864 in Floyd Co., GA to Cynthia Ann Varger Patman. Before moving to TX they had children born in Claiborne Par., LA: 1)Sibbell Patman Welch 1867, 2)Floyd Patman Welch 1868-1868, 3)Elizabeth Louise Lee Welch 1869-1870

Any info on this family appreicated. It is believed he was the grandson of M. G. Welch and wife Sibbell who also moved to TX with other family members. Any Welch people in your tree in this parish and time? Email me.

Sam Samuel 12/02/97

I am researching the JARRELL, GARRETT, LAY, FORTSON, AND ALMOND lines. Will exchange information.

Sam Samuel 12/02/97

I am researching the JARRELL, GARRETT, LAY, FORTSON, AND ALMOND lines in Claiborne Parish. Will exchange information.

Randy Powell 12-02-97

Surnames: POWELL
Looking for any imformation on, Williamson Henry Powell. His wifes name was, Ann. Joined the confederacy in 1862. He had a farm and was a resident of Homer, La.

Claudia Kennerly 12-02-97

Surnames: POWELL
Looking for any imformation on, Williamson Henry Powell. His wifes name was, Ann. Joined the confederacy in 1862. He had a farm and was a resident of Homer, La.

Wayne Langston 12/06/1997

I am researching William S.COPELAND who married Sarah STRINGER. WIlliam and Sarah were born in Marshall Co, Ky. I will be glad to share what I have on them.


Bob Valentine 12/6/97

In the Salem and Tulip Cemeteries of Claiborne Parish are the
graves of a large # of VOLENTINES, birth dates ranging from
1813 to 1920's and death dates up to 1979.Yet I do not see
this surname in the 1830 or 1850 census of Claiborne Parish.
I would like to make contact with anyone who knows anything
about these VOLENTINES. I have VOLENTINE relatives buried in Caldwell Parish, Catahoula Parish, Grant Parish and East Baton
Rouge Parish. These Claiborne Parish Volentines must be related, but how?? Any help on them would be appreciated.

Carole J. Hays 120897

Surnames: DAVIS
Samuel W. DAVIS and his wife, Malena, moved to Claiborne
Parish, LA, after 1844; they had moved to Bossier Parish, LA,
from Troup Co., GA, in 1844; later they moved to Winn Parish
and then back to Claiborne, etc., etc. Their son, James Lewis
DAVIS, born in 1837 in Troup Co., GA, married Amanda Jackson
Stone of Winn Parish, LA. If you have connections about this
family, please contact me. Thanks!

Jinks Pate Lee 12/12/97

Surnames: Pate
I would be interested in corresponding with anyone working on the Pate family from Claiborne Par, LA. I have many old records on them, and will be glad to share and exchange.
Peyton Jerome Pate moved to Claiborne Par, in early 1840's from TN. He md Martha Ann Varner.

Alton Boyd Ott Dec.12,1997

Surnames: HARRISON
I am seeking info on Lewis Harrison that moved to Livingston
Parish, abt.1850,wife's first name Sarah.This couple had
four children all born in Alabama.Nancy J. b-1838,Mary Elizabeth
b-1843,William Henry b-1847,and James Louis b-1849.

Could this Lewis Harrison be the Louis Harrison that shows on
Land Records Claiborne Pr. in 1838 also census of 1830.
Alton B. Ott

Mary Evers Wilson 12/12/97

I am looking for information concerning the following last
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Any one who has tried to contact me before may address has
to the following:

Pat Tennon 12/15/1997

Surnames: MILLER
searching for any info on Morgan MILLER...there were two, one in St Helena Parish and one in Claiborne Parish...would like to hear from descendants of both...I have totaly confused these two, the more I research, the worse it gets..Please, can someone help me ...Thanks, Pat in OK

George G.Nelson, Jr. 12-12-97

Surnames: NELSON, CAMP
Looking for information on my great great grandfather, James Franklin
NELSON, who married Delilah P. CAMP in Walton County, Georgia, and moved to
Claiborne Parish soon after 1850. They are buried in the Mt. Zion cemetery
near Homer. I know that James Franklin NELSON was born in Virginia on
August 11, 1805, but I do not know the names of his parents or siblings, if
any, and I do not know where in Virginia he was born." Thanks, George G.
Nelson, Jr.,

Mark Hill 11/27/97

I am researching the Kinnebrew branch of my family tree, and I believe Alabama
Kinnebrew (est b.1880 - est d.1935) came from Claiborne Parish. Also, he had
a brother named Stonewall Jackson Kinnebrew who married Mollie J. Knighton. I
believe they owned a plantation near Homer, LA. The parents of Alabama &
Stonewall may have emmigrated from Ireland. Any help or advice you can
provide will be very much appreciated.

Arlene 11/27/97

I am looking for my great grandmother, Susan Holmes Davis Snyder. I
think she is buried in Haynesville, Claiborne, LA. Her first husband,
William Crofford Davis may be buried there also in Claiborne. Susan was
married to a Zeke Snyder at the time of her death about 1922. William
C. Davis d. 08Oct1907. My e-mail is (Arlene)

Jack E. Burk 11-25-97

I am attempting to locate information on my great grandparents, and
information I have is that my great grandmother PHIPPS, Virginia
(Virgenia) b. about 1852 possibly in Claiborne Parish, and died there
about 1884 of Pellagra. She was married to REEDER, Amos b.27 Aug 1847
Claiborne Parish, and they are believed to have married there about
1878. Any information that you might locate I would greatly appreciate,
thanking you in advance for your efforts.

Jack E. Burk
1523 Third St.
Susanville, CA 96130

Rusty 12/18/97

Surnames: McCLENDON
Rusty is in search of information on Mary Elizabeth "Polly" (Cook) McClendon or her husband Samuel
McClendon, b.24 Dec 1787, d. 19 Apr 1846 or 1849.

Suzanne Sowell 12-1-97

Surnames: PATE
She is researching the PATE family of Claiborne Parish.

Sam Samuel 12-02-97

I am researching JARRELL, GARRETT, LAY, ALMOND, and FORTSON families in
Claiborne Parish. Will exchange information.

Sam Samuel

Monnette Depue 12/18/97

Surnames: KENDRICK
I have been the happy recipient of the Kendrick Family researched by a cousin, but am interested in any history of Claiborne Parish that might be available. Families connected with the Kendricks are Dinkins, Erwin, Gipson,McGaughey, McKenzie,and others, so if interested, e-mail me. Happy Hunting!

Connee Kroeger 12/21/97

Surnames: DREW, GEREN
I have found some marriage records in the Claiborne Parish records that I need to identify. Who are these people? Sarah J. DREW who Wm. W. ARBUCKLE in 8155; E.S. DREW who m. Herriett C. McINTYRE in 1856; Laura DREW who m. Lewis HENDERSON in 1868; and Sallie DREW who m. George TAYLOR in 1869. Could these be children of James Cloyd DREW and Amy Laura LARCHE? Who is the Nancy GEREN who m. James A. DAVID in 1859? Any help would be appreciated. Connee Kroeger

chris menefee 12/26/97

Surnames: MENEFEE

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