3 October 1704, Fountainbleu
List of Girls and Families
Who Left from Paris and Rochefort for
Fort Louis in La Louisiane

  • Francoise Marianne de Boirenaud
  • Jean Catherine de Berenhard
  • Jeanne Elizabeth le Pinteux
  • Marie Noel du Mesnil
  • Gabrielle Savarit
  • Genvieve Burel
  • Jeanne Burel
  • Marguerite Burel
  • Marie Thereze Brochon
  • Angelique Drouin
  • Marie Briard
  • Marguerite Tavernier
  • Elizabeth Deshayes
  • Catherine Christophe
  • Catherine Toussaint (did not make the trip)
  • Marie Philipe
  • Louise Marguerite Housseau
  • Marie Madeline Ouanet
  • Marie Dufresne
  • Marguerite Guichard
  • Renee Guilbert
  • Louise Francoise Le Fevre -
    died of yellow fever on day of arrival
  • Gabrielle Bonet
  • Marie Jeanne Marle, Conductrice


  • Etienne Burel
  • Marguerite Rousseau, wife of Burel
  • Louis Burel, son
  • Laurent Cloquinet, servant of Mme Moulois
  • Catherine Moulois, midwife
  • Henry Savarit, cousin of Gabrielle Savarit (Savary)

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