1850 Letter from F. B. Minyard of Carroll Parish

 to Mr. William Blake of Georgia

Written on the outside


Grand Lake, Ark

June 21th

Mr. William H. Blake

Mulbury Grove



Written on the inside:


May the 26 A.D. 1850

Louisana  Carol Parish


Mr. William Blake.  Dear Sir I avale my Self of the present opertunity of writing you a few

Lines to let you now that I am well at  presant hoping allso that these few lines

may find you and familey injoying the same Blessings    You wold now ask whare I am at &

what I am doing   I am working on a farme at tenn dolars per month with a man by the name

of Thomas Smith nar the line of Arkansas five miles from the mississippi River     I Expect to

stay hear until Some time in July and the I Expect to Return to Vicksburg and then I Expect

to go out to See Seebron.     Dear Sir I left Vicksburg on the 10th of April and John Leppord and family was well at that time and Miss Julyann was to bee maried in too weeks from the time that

I left thare .    She was to get one Ritchard Clark and I Expect you may now Stile hear as

mistress Clark .   Dear Sir times hear are tolarble good cotton is worth a good price and every thing els in propotion   thee country hear is very Rich and productive tho I think it is very

Sickley .   Range is very good for hogs or cows and grate for game as you will fined out

by what I am going to Say about green Leopar(d) hee went out hunting one day last week


Continued on the back side of the page:


And killed five Bare and one deer and was not gon all day.      I live within 2 miles of green and

there all well or was the other day     I have nothing of importance to write to you there fore you will Excuse The Shortness of my letter      When you Receive this

letter I want you to write to me and direct your letter to Vicksburg      Nothing more at present

But Remain yours till deth        Fare well at preasant             

                        William Blake


F. B. Minyard


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