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Farnell Vaughn, April 26, 1998 Sun. 9:00 PM
Would look up the marriage of Mr. Harlan to Lillie Sue, she was born in 1906 East Carroll Par LA. Father was William Wesley McNair and mother Lonnie Lang. Would like date of marriage and name of Harlan. Thank you

Margie R Pearce, April 30, 1998 Thurs. 11:00 PM
MCINTYRE, Angus (1788-bef. 1860) m. 1824, Elizabeth STILLEY (b. 1808) I am looking for place/date of deaths for both. Believe they died in E. Carroll Parish. They had 8 children: John H. McIntyre (1824-1867, Pioneer, LA) m. Margaret Jane OLDHAM Mary J. McIntyre (b. 1827) Rueben McIntyre (b. 1829) m. 1870, Susan Jane KILCREASE Margaret A. McIntyre (b. 1832) m. Robert WRIGHT Hugh L. McIntyre (b. 1837) Flora McIntyre (b. 1840) Nancy Elizabeth McIntyre (b. 1846, E. Carroll-c1897, Floyd, LA) 1st m. in 1867, E. Carroll, Darrell WRIGHT 2nd m. in 1879, W. Caroll, Malcolm OLDHAM Daniel C. McIntyre (b. 1846) Information on any of these folks would be greatly appreciated! Genealogy URL: http://www.angelfire.com/la/

Linda, May 6, 1998 Wed. 5:00 PM
My mother was born in Oak Grove, EAST CARROLL PARISH, La. on Nov. 20, 1931. She was the daughter of Dewey Miller Copeland and Ora Gertude Rosequist. Ora Gertude died in Oak Grove in the 1940's. I do not know the date, and she is said to be buried in the cemetery there. Dewey Miller Copeland worked for the man that owned the theater (movies) and the funeral home. He was a projectionist at the picture show. Could someone enlighten me on the area. What is the name of the cemetery? Where is Oak Grove located? Is there someone in the area that is the local historian? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance Linda

Diane B. White, May 11, 1998 Mon. 9:00 PM
I am particularly interested in Perry Burnett, enumerated in Carroll Parish Census in 1850, (Western Div) p. 43, house 420/420. I believe he is my elusive Commodore Perry Barnett. He supposedly married in LA and had 2 children, Molly, born in 1856 and William, born in 1858. He remarried 13 July 1862, in Phillips County, Arkansas, and is well documented there after. Can you help me find this first wife, and/or these 2 children in 1860? Later census records reflect that Molly & William were born in Arkansas.

Glenn and Helen Williams, June 15, 1998 Mon. 10:00 PM
My wife and I are doing genealogical research that has led us to your website. We have a possible lead that may involve West carrol. I am writing to you to get your advice on where we should go next.

My wife, Helen Ann Bullen Williams, is researching her family. All we know for sure is that her grandfather, Robert Henry BULLEN, was born in Dermott, Chicot County, AR on 10 Dec 1910. His father, Helen's great-grandfather, is known to us only as F G BULLEN and was convicted of murdering a man in Ashey County in 1921. He was executed in the state prison in Little Rock in Feb 1922.

The specifics are as follows, F G BULLEN and two others Ben and Duncan Richardson were convicted of murdering another Ashey County resident, Ira Culp, over a despute about grazing/watering rights. All three were executed for the crime. Helen's grandfather (and we believe his two sisters) were placed in an orphanage in New Orleans. Her grandfather was later adopted and grew up in Bogalusa LA where he met and married Helen's grandmother. Helen's uncle, Robert Henry BULLEN Jr, made a trip to Ashey County in 1960 and retrive copies of the newspaper articles about the murder and talked to several of the local residents who remebered the murder. One of the names his was given as significant (but not what significance) was a Gadi BULLEN.

Here are the clues that we had going into the search:

F G Bullen was 56 years old when he was executed (that is from newspaper articles and his death certificate). That means he was probably born in 1865/1866. I sent for a copy of his death certificate. Not much information, just his age. You would think they could have asked him a couple of questions so they could fill out the forms before they executed him.

His body was sent to Eudora for burial, possibly because it was the home of the Richardson brother's parents.

One of the newspaper articles refer to F G BULLEN as "Phelin" and "Felix" (guess they couldn't make up their minds).

He has three kids at home when he is sent to prison, they are placed in an orphanage.

His son (Robert Henry BULLEN) was born in Chicot County, Arkansas in December 1910.

First, as I mentioned earlier, I sent for F G and Gadi Bullen's death certificates. F G 's was useless. Gadi's proved that he was a single male who died in Ashey County at the age of 42 in 1916. That would make him born in 1874, and make him 8 years younger than F G Bullen ( born in 1865/66). The certficate is signed by a J R Bullen, whoever he is, and lists Gadi's parents as John Bullen and Mary Estlin all from Georgia.

Not much to go on there so we moved on. We worked primarily with the US Census reports. Here are the results:

There was no F G Bullen in Ashey County AR in 1920. There was a Caroline Bullen but that doesn't help.

There was a Fielding G Bullen living in Chicot County Arkansas in 1910 (that is just 6 months before Helen's grandfather was born). He is 44 years old (the right age), a farmer (the right profession) and has a wife Lizzie age 44 with one child Mary age 7. They also have a step daughter Mary E Bullen age 22 who is married (to another Bullen?) who has a child Elizabeth K. age 5, living with them. Looks really good, but I can't prove this is our man.

Moved back to the 1900 census and we find Fielding G Bullen living in West Carrol Parish LA (just southwest of Chicot County). He is 34 (still the right age) married to Lizzie age 34 and living with two step daughters Clara age 17 and Flora age 13. Ther is also Fielding's brother George G. Bullen age 25 living with them. That would make George the right age to be a possible link to "Gadi". But again nothing to tie it together.

Moved back to 1880 census. Found Fielding Bullen age 14 (right age) living with his father D G Bullen age 50, a widower, living in West Carrol County LA. Also living in the home is Fielding older sister Etta Bullen (age 18) and brother Gadi Bullen age 6 (8 years younger than Fielding)! That means that George G. Bullen is Gadi Bullen. Doesn't prove that Fielding is the F G Bullen we want, but makes us wonder a little bit.

Moved back to the 1870 census and we find David G Bullen age 40 living in West Carrol Parrish with his wife Gertrude age 30. They have a son David age 15, a daughter Etta age 12, and a son Phelon age 4. That really caught my attention. I can easily tie Phelon and Fielding together since they have the same father and sister, and they are the same age. So Fielding was also know as Phelon, the same name used in the article (spelled "Phelin") about F G Bullen in 1922!

So there you are. If I could convict on circumstantial evidence, I would say that Fielding G. Bullen is our man. He is the right age. He is living in the county Helen's grandfather was born in 6 months before his birth. He has a brother named Gadi. He was called Phelin/Phelon, the same name used by the newspaper reporter talking about F G Bullen in 1922. I just can't find anything solid that ties F G Bullen to Fielding G Bullen, or Fileding G. Bullen to her grandfather.

That's why I am asking your advice on where to go next. If F G Bullen is really Fielding Bullen from West Carrol Parish, then there might be information about him or his son Robert henry Bullen in the West Carrol archives. I just don't know where to search.

I am looking for possible sources, genealogical societies, researchers, etc. Anything you can give me would be helpful. Thank you for your time.

Carl Phillips, June 15, 1998 Mon. 10:00
LATTIN/LATTING Would like to communicate with anyone with connections to the name LATTIN or LATTING. Andrew and Abraham LATTING lived in E. Carroll Parish in 1850. Family tradition says that Abraham and his wife were killed in a wagon accident about 1850. Need any information regarding them or this incident. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/4723/HOMEPAGE.HTM

Jackie Holman, June 15, 1998 Mon 10:00 PM
I'm looking for information on TEMENTO. Any TEMENTO. According to the 1900 census, the brothers lived in E. Carroll Parish in the Fourth Ward in 1900. They were Frank, Martin J, Percy, and John. The father's name was Rosaline. We are not too sure of the spelling Could be Rosalina. Thank you so much for your help

Hank Johns, June 24, 1998 Wed. 3:00 PM
JOHNS ............... would like to talk to anyone in E or W Carroll Parish that has a JOHNS connection. My gggrandfather, Matthew David JOHNS (b. 1829 TN d. 1882) is buried in Oak Grove, LA. Would like to know more about the cause of his death. He is shown on the W.Carroll 1880 census as being in jail? You may check my webpage http://member.aol.com/HJohns3/arhome. For more information about our JOHNS Research Group, a national group of folks that research the JOHNS surname.

Carol Gatewood, July 15, 1998 Wed. 1:00 PM
I am searching for information on a John Lewis MCMANUS. I am led to believe that he lived in E. Carroll Parish in 1878. I have no other information on him, but would appreciate any help I can get.


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