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Iberville was the site of numerous plantations and antebellum homes.  Most plantation homes no longer exist, having become ruins because of fire, floods, hurricanes, civil war, and age.  Included on this site is a listing of Iberville Parish plantation homes that exist only in our history.

Of the few surviving, the pride of the region is demonstrated by the stateliness and majesty of Nottoway plantation.  The slave labor that built these majestic marvels may have been justly proud of their accomplishment.  Their endeavor and the conditions under which they toiled are difficult to imagine.  Many of their buildings have survived for more than 150 years.

Iberville's 17 plantations that have ceased to exist, sorted by locale, are listed in this table.

Indian Village Plantation Addis IBP1 301515N 911850W
Indian Camp Plantation Carville IBP2 301158N 910729W

Revenue Plantation

Carville IBP3 301340N 910402W
Sunnyside Plantation Grosse Tete IBP5 302735N 912847W
Woodlawn Plantation Maringouin IBP7 302928N 913110W
Forlorn Hope Plantation Plaquemine IBP8 301815N 910955W
Golden Gates Plantation Plaquemine IBP9 301720N 910743W
Granada Plantation Plaquemine IBP10 301730N 911002W
Graviard Plantation Plaquemine IBP11 301825N 911200W
Hermitage Plantation Plaquemine IBP12 301820N 911043W
Manchac Plantation Plaquemine IBP14 301830N 910840W
Pecan Plantation Plaquemine IBP15 301615N 911330W
Union Plantation Plaquemine IBP16 301835N 911424W
Oakley Plantation Saint Gabriel IBP17 301615N 910615W
Willow Glen Plantation Saint Gabriel IBP18 301610N 910640W
Point Clair Plantation White Castle IBP19 301050N 910830W
Saint Mary Plantation White Castle IBP20 301152N 911940W