Madison Parish Louisiana - Sixth Census: 1840

 Submitted by Richard P. Sevier  2/22/2002


This was the first census since Madison became a parish in 1838. To locate a person on these census images, first go to the 1840 Census Index to find the correct page number. Then click on the hyperlink for that page. The 1840 census images are stored two images per page shown by the page number followed by an "l" or "r" (left or right). The left hand page contains the names of the heads of household. The right hand page contains additional data and the page number. To enlarge the image click on the enlargement button or right-click the image and “zoom in.” These images are reproductions of the actual census ledgers and are of fair quality.

The sixth census of the United States lists information that should reflect living status on June 1, 1840 (Census Day).


Many thanks to the Allen County Library of Fort Wayne, Indiana for the use of their census images.


Information recorded:

·         Name of county and city, ward, township, parish or precinct

·         Name of head of family

·         Number of free white males and females, in the same age brackets as 1830

·         Number of male and female slaves, in the same age brackets as 1830

·         Occupations of employed family members (mining, agriculture, commerce, manufacturing and trade; navigation of the ocean; navigation of canals, lakes, rivers; learned professions and engineers)

·         Number of persons in school

·         Number of persons over 21 who cannot read and write

·         Number of persons who are insane

·         Name and age of Revolutionary War pensioners