Madison Parish Louisiana - Eighth Census: 1860

Submitted by Richard P. Sevier March 2002 – Revised September 2004


The 1860 census images are stored by individually numbered pages. If you haven’t already done so, locate the person in question on the 1860 Census Index. Then click on the hyperlink for that page. These are reproductions of the actual census ledgers and are of good quality. To enlarge the image click on the enlargement button or right-click the image and “zoom in.”


This edition of the census was revised to include everyone in the parish; not just those age 20 or older. As a consequence the index has almost doubled in size. It also now includes the household number, which is useful to place people with the same family name into the correct family group.


The eighth census of the United States lists information that should reflect living status on June 1, 1860 (Census Day).


Many thanks to the Allen County Library of Fort Wayne, Indiana for the use of their census images.



Information recorded:


·         Village, town, city, township, or district

·         County (Parish)

·         Page Number

·         State

·         Date

·         Name of enumerator

·         Dwelling or house number (not an address)

·         Family Number (Note: Dwelling and family numbers differ because a dwelling may have housed multiple families.)

·         Name of every person whose place of abode on June I, 1850 was in this household

·         Age

·         Sex

·         Color

·         Profession, occupation, or trade of each male person over 15 years of age

·         Value of real estate

·         Value of personal estate

·         Place of birth

·         Married within the year

·         Attended school within the year

·         Persons over 20 years of age who cannot read or write

·         Whether person was deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, a pauper, or a convict