Madison Parish Louisiana - Twelfth Census: 1900

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The 1900 census images are stored by numbered pages in the order they were taken by the enumerator. Locate the person in question on the 1900 Census Index or check in many local libraries. Then go to the page listed. If the person is not listed on that page, go to the other image on that page (e.g. 107a to 107b.) To enlarge the image click on the image’s enlargement button or right-click the image and “zoom in.” NOTE: These are reproductions of the actual census ledgers and vary in quality from very poor to fair. Because of the poor quality, many of the names are illegible. If the person for whom you are searching does not appear to be in the index, try other possible spellings.


The twelfth census of the United States lists information that should reflect living status on June 1, 1900 (Census Day). The 1900 census was indexed completely using a Soundex system.


Many thanks to the Allen County Library of Fort Wayne, Indiana for the use of their census images.


Information recorded:


·         Name of every person whose place of abode on June 1, 1900 was in this household

·         Relationship of each person to the head of the family

·         Sex

·         Color or race

·         Month and year of birth, and age at last birthday

·         Single, married, widowed, or divorced

·         Number of years married

·         Mother of how many children, and how many of those children still living

·         Whether attended school

·         Whether can read, write, or speak English

·         Whether own or rent home, and if owned, whether owned free or mortgaged

·         Whether property is farm or house, and number of farm schedule

·         Place of birth, and father's and mother's place of birth

·         Year arrived in the United States, and number of years in the United States

·         Naturalization status

·          Occupation and number of months unemployed

Ward & Quality

Image Numbers

Madison Parish Area Covered



v. poor-poor

001a thru 014b

Ward 1 — Enumeration District 64.


v. poor-poor

015a thru 033b

Ward 2 (part of) — Enumeration District 65. That portion lying in T.16 N. Range 15 E., and that portion of T.16 N., R.14 E east of sections 28, 33, 35, 40, 45, & 50, including Desoto Island.

018b blank,



034a thru 040b

Ward 2 (part of) — Enumeration District 66. That portion lying in T.16 N R.14 E., just west of No. 65.



041a thru 046b

Ward 3 (part of) — Enumeration District 67. That portion lying in T. 17 N., R.14 E., and including Pawpaw Island.



047a thru 057b

Ward 3 (part of) — Enumeration District 68.



058a thru 067b

Ward 4 (part of) — Enumeration District 69. Includes that part of T. 16 N., R.13 E., lying east of Sections 5, 8,17,20,29, & 32, and that part of T.15 N., R.13 E., lying east of Sections 90,93,96 & 99 extending in N & S line to T.14 N., R.13 East.



068a thru 092a

Ward 4 (part of) — Enumeration District 70. That portion lying west of No. 69 and north of T.14 N., Ranges 11 & 12 East.



093a thru 106a

Ward 5 — Enumeration District 71.



107a thru 115b

Ward 6 — Enumeration District 72.



116a thru 130b

Ward 7 — Enumeration District 73.


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