Madison Parish Louisiana - Fourteenth Census: 1920

Submitted by Richard P. Sevier


The 1920 census images are stored two images per page number shown (1) by the page number - right hand (front) A page and (2) by the left hand "B" page which is actually the reverse side of the A page (e.g. pages 185a & 185b.). If you havent already done so, locate the person in question on the 1920 Census Index. Then go to the page listed. To enlarge the image click on the enlargement button in the lower right-hand corner or right-click the image and zoom in. These are reproductions of the actual census ledgers and vary in quality from very poor to good. Because of the poor quality of the images (or poor penmanship of the enumerator), many of the names are not completely legible or have been misspelled. Be especially wary that an upper case L resemble anS and a lower case double s (ss) sometimes resembles a ps (e.g Cross becomes Crops and Miss becomes Mips.) If the person for whom you are searching does not appear to be in the index, try other possible spellings.


NOTE: The 1920 Census Index now attempts to include the names of ALL persons residing in Madison Parish regardless of age. However, rather than relying on the Index, Always go to the actual images.


Many thanks to the Allen County Library of Fort Wayne, Indiana for the use of their census images.


The fourteenth census of the United States lists information that should reflect living status on January 1, 1920 (Census Day). The 1920 census was indexed using a Soundex system.


Information recorded:


         Name of every person whose place of abode on January 1,1920 was in this household

         Relationship of each person to the head of the family

         Age at last birthday

         Sex and color or race

         Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced

         Whether own or rent home, and if owned, whether owned free or mortgaged

         Year of immigration to the U.S.

         Whether naturalized or alien

         Year of naturalization

         Whether attended school any time since September 1, 1919

         Whether able to read or write

         Place of birth and mother tongue

         Father's place of birth and mother tongue

         Mother's place of birth and mother tongue

         Whether able to speak English

         Trade, profession, or particular kind of work done

         Industry, business, or establishment in which at work

         Whether employer, salary, or wage worker; or working on own account

         Number of farm schedule


Ward Quality

Image Numbers

Madison Parish Area Covered


1 Fair to Good

185a thru 196a

Police Jury Ward 1. All in township 14, R 14 E, township 15, R's 14 and 15 E. bounded north by Ward 2, south and east by Mississippi River and west by Ward 7

196b Blank

2w Fair to Good

197a thru 207b

Police Jury Ward 2 (part of). The west one half of township 16, R 14 E.

2e Poor to Good

208a thru 218a

Police Jury Ward 2 (part of). All except the west one half of township 16 R. 14 E.

3 Poor to Good

219a thru 226b

Police Jury Ward 3. Bounded by: Ward 5, Mississippi River, Ward 2, Ward 4, Including Paw-Paw Island

4-Tallulah Fair to Good

227a thru 240a

Police Jury Ward 4 (part of). Tallulah village, Madison Parish Jail and Poorhouse.

4n Fair to Good

241a thru 249a

Police Jury Ward 4 (northern part of).

4s Fair to Good

250a thru 265a

Police Jury Ward 4 (southern part of), excluding Tallulah village. All south of the VS&P RR except that section of Tallulah village lying south of said road.

5 Fair

266a thru 276a

Police Jury Ward 5. All of that part of T 18 N., R 11 E., east of Tensas River, all of T 18 N., R 12 and 13 E including Edrington's Island in T 18 N., R 14 E.

6 Very Poor to Poor

277a thru 287b

Police Jury Ward 6, Bounded by: East Carroll parish line, Tensas River, Ward 8, Bayou Macon

7 Poor to Good

288a thru 295a

Police Jury Ward 7. All that part lying south of ward 4 in township 14 N., R's 12 and 13 E Bounded by: East by Mississippi River South by Bayou Vidal, West by Tensas River.

8 Fair to Good

296a thru 299b

Police Jury Ward 8 Bounded by: Ward 6, Tensas River, Tensas Parish line, Bayou Macon


2004 Richard P. Sevier