Madison Parish, LA

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This page was last updated October 21, 2014 and the file now contains 3,915 obituaries

    We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of obituaries, cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. We are particularly interested in obtaining pre-2001 obituaries. If you have a Madison Parish file you'd like to donate to help other genealogists and the Madison Parish USGenWeb Obituary Project, please send it to Dick Sevier at


NOTE: These are obituaries of Madison Parish residents or former residents whether they were buried in Madison Parish or not.


NOTE ALSO: In February 2012 the owner of the Madison Journal, Emmerich Publishing of Jackson, MS, gave permission to scan old bound-volume issues with a hand-scanner. This is an ongoing project and has produced hundreds of new obituaries. Unfortunately, starting in the early 1970’s, almost all of the obituaries were located on the lower left half of page three. This put them in the tightly bound area and effectively made the left inch or two of each obituary unreadable. Therefore missing words or letters that could not be assumed or clearly deciphered were replaced with x’s (Xxxxxx.) Most of these involved names of people or towns.


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Obituaries Added in October

Ruby Nell Elledge October 18, 2014
Alvin M. Ezell, Jr. July 12, 2012
Robert Berry Hasty October 9, 2014


Obituaries Added in September

Mildred Alma Bonner September 4, 2014

Reid Thomas Foster September 10, 2014
Max A. McDonald September 3, 2014
Edgar Carneal Woodyear, Jr. September 4, 2014


Obituaries Added in August

Pauline (Paula) Marie Ainsworth August 2, 2014

Roosevelt Brandly, Sr. July 29, 2014
Henry (Sammy) Bullard August 27, 2014
Ollie Cantrell, Jr. August 20, 2014
Mary Cheek DeMoss August 12, 2014
Sue C. Foster June 20, 2014
Nancy Katheryn Hedrich August 2, 2014
Rachel Frances Medlin August 26, 2014
Eugene Lesley Tilden July 15, 2014
Frank M. “Bilbo” Wilson July 12, 2014


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