1903 Tallulah Phonebook-Business/Residence
Business or Residence Name Number
City Hall Mayor's Office 16
Gen Merchandise Adam Ziegler & Co 14
Gen Merchandise Callman H 9
Gen Merchandise Johnson Com Co 39
Gen Merchandise Speed Broodens Co 15
Hotel New Madison Hotel 37
Ice House Sevier J V 38
Law Office Snyder J B 3
Law Office Spencer George 5
Livery Stable Johnson's Livery Stable 36-3
Livery Stable Smitha H L & Bro 4
Local Mgr's Office Hebert A M 2
Meat Market Collins R C 18
Meat Market Lenard A S 11
Mgr's Office Cumberland Tel & Tel Co
Office Bonney Dr. J. B. 19
Office Levee Board, 5th La 31
Office M H & L RR 46
Office Madison Cotton Oil Co 12
Office Police Jury Rooms, W M Scott Pres 40
Organization Knights of Pythias Hall 56
Pharmacy Madison Pharmacy, J A Stone Mgr 7
Residence Agee J. S. 41
Residence Bynum Lucille 49
Residence Coltharp Charles 53
Residence Coltharp M H 32
Residence Coltharp W F 34
Residence Eisely Geo S 28
Residence Gilpin W A 47
Residence Harvey W H 22
Residence Hebert A M 45
Residence Johnson F 29
Residence Johnson J M 33
Residence Johnson N D 36-2
Residence Jones J C 8
Residence Lane A T 55
Residence Lucas C H 21
Residence McFarland W H 13
Residence Milligan I P 43
Residence Monette Mrs A C 51
Residence Montgomery E C 42
Residence Noland Mrs T B 52
Residence Quince Mary 48
Residence Scott W M 20
Residence Slack A L 23
Residence Smitha W B 25
Residence Span W R 27
Residence Spencer George 24
Residence Stone Miss A R 26
Residence Wilson John L 30
Saloon Bozeman F L 17
Saloon Cason J L 6
Saloon Sevier J V 10
England 35
NOTE: Telephone company was the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Co. of Nashville, TN.
All telephones were listed as "long distance" telephones.