Madison Journal June 6, 1930


Sixteen Tallulah High School seniors were awarded their diplomas in the high school auditorium last Friday night by Hon. Jeff B. Snyder.


The seniors began their march in single file to the stage at eight fifteen o'clock with Mrs. Myles Hopkins, Tallulah High School music instructor, at the piano.


The invocation was given by Rev. Chas. N. Kimberlin. Prof. P. W. Byrd then addressed the audi­ence and cited the wonderful record made by the class and several students. He stated that it was the best class that had ever graduated at Tallulah High School under his administration.


Miss Eileen McDonald, a student with a four year average of 92, delivered the salutatory. Following the salutatorian's address, Miss Evelyn Kimberlin, a gifted pianist of the graduation class, played a piano solo—Allegro Moderato—from Schubert's "Un­finished Symphony."


Miss Agnes Lacy Smith was the last student to take part in the program. She delivered the valedictory for the graduating class. Miss Smith's four year average was 95.


Mr. P. H. Griffith, Secretary of the Louisiana Teachers Associa­tion, delivered the commencement address to the graduates. He was introduced by Mr. Byrd, who presided as master of ceremonies, as the man who had probably done more for the teachers association than any other man, Mr. Griffith's talk was concerning education in Louisiana. He pointed out the fin­ancial situation that most of our schools were now facing. He stated that Madison was a favored Parish in school standings.


Hon. Jeff B. Snyder made the presentation of diplomas following a very impressive talk that he made. Miss Agnes Smith was awarded a scholarship from Louisiana State College and the Snyder award for the student with the highest average, Miss Evelyn Kimberlin was awarded a ten dollar gold piece, a prize offered by the Tallulah State Bank & Trust Company to the winner in high school declamation contest for girls.


Prof. Byrd gave a summary of improvements made by the school during his administration and stated that this was his last year as principal of the school.


The benediction was pronounced by Rev. Jas. Y. Smith.


The stage was decorated by the Junior Class.


Those who were awarded diplo­mas were Katherine Boswell, Re­becca Boswell, Evelyn Kimberlin, Elizabeth Holt, Evelyn Hendricks, Eileen McDonald, Vera Van Zelfden, Agnes Smith, Annizine Thrash, Clara Texada, Nat Bray, Albert Cummings, Bryant Foster, Howard Massey, James Sevier and R. H. Wiggins.