1934 Tallulah High School Football Season

Louisiana State Class “B” Champions For 3rd Consecutive Year


The following reformatted newspaper clippings were collected by the late Coach M. A. Phillips. The clippings were scanned by Janet Byram Newsom and converted to a computer-sensible format (OCR) by Dick Sevier. Coach Phillips pencil-critiqued each game, and these are shown in blue after each article.




Coach Phillips Is Forced To Rebuild His Team At Tallulah


TALLULAH, Aug. 18.-(Special)-The Tallulah Trojans, state Class B football champions for the past two years, will begin practice Monday, September 10, according to a recent announcement by Coach M. A. Phillips. At this time uniforms will be issued to each man reporting. The team this year has the hardest job of any Tallulah team as every op­ponent will be playing its best to upset the mighty Trojans. The last game lost by the Trojans was on Armistice Day in 1931 when Oak Grove defeated them 6-0. However, they were tied a week later by Lake Providence.


"It will be hard to replace the men lost," stated Coach Phillips, when asked about the 1934 Trojan machine. "We cannot expect a team like we have had for the past two years but will have to start rebuild­ing for the future. In fact we may not even win a game this year, but I do believe there will be a fighting team on the field at all times." The local coach then said that some of the boys on the squad this year may surprise the fans and that many of them out for football the first time during spring practice showed up exceptionally well.


Lettermen lost by graduation this year include Captain Junior Morton, back; Cy Wixson, quarterback; Her­bert Massey, plunging fullback; Jimmy Spinks, versatile halfback and erstwhile punter; Bill Lindsey, rangy halfback and noted for his off tackle jaunts; Herbert Day, halfback, and Delma Devine, second string quarterback. Ends lost by the same route are Gandy, Bray, Ashton Cagnolatti and Nordri Byrd. William Towne, center, also is lost through gradua­tion. Roy Boswell is ineligible because of the age limit and three non-lettermen are lost to the squad by graduation, Gilbert, Whitfield and Nelson. Lettermen returning number only six men. These six, Captain Watts and Ralph Holloway, tackles;  Sam Scurria, Jr., alternate captain, James Wade and Clyde Wade, guards and Mack Cagnolatti, halfback, will form the nucleus of the 1934 Trojan squad.


Those expected out for the team at the center position are Sam Scur­ria, Bethea, Thomas Edwards and possibly Clyde Wade, guard of last year's team. Scurria, understudy for Towne, will probably get the first call as he is the only man with experience. The guard positions will be sought by the following men: C. Wade, J. Wade, Jones, J. D. Smith, Byram, Capshaw, Dundas, W. Gandy and McGraw. Tackles will probably be the strongest part of the team this year with Captain Watts and Holloway returning to their posts. Others who will be used are Alex­ander and Magee, two boys scaling around 157 pounds, Newman, Popes, Verhagen and Caldwell. Due to the loss of all ends there will be a strong battle for these positions by the following: T. A. Smith, H. Watts, Whitehead, Gilmer, Lynch, Ratcliff, Tucker, Bryant, E. Smith and Taylor.


The greatest loss to the team were the experienced backs. Only one let­terman, Mack Cagnolatti, returns this year. Mack, understudy for Mor­ton last year, will be used at his old position at right half and will have to go hard to keep his place from being taken by other candidates. W. Cagnolatti, Coad, Nettles, Rabb, Whitfield, Freeman and Fray are the other candidates for the backfield. The loss of Massey at fullback will be greatly felt since most of the of­fensive plays were centered around him. Scott and Carter will battle it out for this position with a possi­bility that Jones will be removed' from his duties at guard and sta­tioned there.


With Wixson, Devine and Nelson graduated, the quarterback job is a wide open affair. It is highly possible that James Wade, last year’s varsity guard, may get the call. Wade, is one of the smartest men on the squad, is cool headed, knows his football and may turn out to be "the man of the hour." Others who will be pushing him are H. Smith and Bourne.





Trojans Settle Down To Serious Work For Opening Game


TALLULAH, La., Sept. 15.-(Spe­cial)-Entering their second week of practice, the Tallulah Trojans have settled down to more serious work and with the opening of school ten additional candidates reported to Coach Phillips, to bring the total grid members up to 41.


Work this week has been mainly punting, passing, blocking, passing with plays, and a little dummy scrim­mage. Next week the local mentor plans to give his charges heavy scrim­mage, because of the fact that most of the boys did not report until school opened. As yet an opening game has not been scheduled and Coach Phil-lips is anxious to secure a tilt for September 28 and also games for Oc­tober 5, October 19 and October 26.


The squad received a serious jolt this week with the absence of Sam Scurria, Jr., guard from last year's team, from the list of candidates. It is reported that Sam will not report for practice, although this year will mark his last in a Trojan uniform. If he fails to report, it will make the task of putting a winning team on the field much harder. This will bring a total of 14 lettermen lost with only five around which to build the 1934 squad.


It appears almost certain that the shoes of the speedy Junior Morton will be filled by Mack Cagnolatti who, it seems, is the only replacement for the backfield post left vacant by Mor­ton. Harry Don Morton is continuing to show promise as a valuable back and should prove an asset to the team.


Men who have reported for the squad are: T. A. Smith, E. Smith, H. Watts, Boggs, R. Holloway, R. Alex­ander, Newman, Horne, C. Wade, D. Capshaw. Gandy, B. Jones, S. C. Scur­ria, B. Bethea, Harrington, Towne, H. Holloway, J. Byram, Verhagen, J. Jones, E. Watts, (captain), Magee, McGraw, Dundas, Lancaster, Edwards, Holt, Ratcliff, J. Wade, H. Smith, Bourne, M. Cagnolatti, W. Cagnolatti, Bray, Brown, H. Morton, Bryant, Rabb, W. Scott, R. Jones, Coad.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Lost too many of last years’ team. Many new and experienced players.




Apparent Defeat Turned Into Victory as Locals Score In Final Quarter

(October 5, 1934)


Scoring a touchdown in the last few minutes of play, the Tallulah Trojans, conquerors of all oppon­ents since 1931 and Class B. State champions for the past two years defeated a heavier but well-coach­ed team from Utica, Miss., here last Friday 13-7 after trailing the Mississippian's by a scant one point. With less than five minutes to play, the Trojans took the ball in midfield and with Mack Cagno­latti, Morton and Jones carrying the brunt of the offense advanced to the 7 yard line where Mack Cagnolatti went off right tackle for the winning score.


Utica kicked off to open the game and it was Tallulah's ball on their own 45. Three successive first downs carried the ball to the visitor's 19 yard stripe but after the next three plays a bad pass from center gave the ball to Utica on their own 17 yard line. Ford of Utica punted out of danger to the Trojans 20 yard line, the ball bounding about 20 yards. Morton punted on the next play and the quarter ended with Utica in pos­session of the oval.


The Mississippi team scored their touchdown at the opening of the second quarter. With the ball on the Trojan 40 yard stripe, Ford punted to Tallulah's 7 yard line where M. Cagnolatti fumbled and Utica recovered. Cudd went through right tackle for the score and a few minutes later made the extra point the same route. Score 7-0 in favor of Utica.


Utica kicked off to the Trojan 15 and Morton returned to his own 45. After three plays, Morton punted 55 yards to Utica's 5 yard stripe. Utica then punted to the 32 and it was the Trojan's ball. M. Cagnolatti circled left end for 3 yards and at this point Utica was penalized 15 yards for roughing, giving the locals a first down on the 14. Jones hit right guard for one yard and the Mississippi team was penalized 5 yards for holding, placing the ball on the 8. Ray Jones fumbled and lost 2 yards and on the next play gained nothing. M. Cagnolatti then went off right tackle for a first down on the Utica five yard line. After two plays, M. Cagnolatti passed to Jimmie Wade for the touchdown. Jones fumbled in an attempted line play for the extra point. Just before the whistle blew for the half, Ford of the visitors passed to Scott 45 yards, placing the pigskin on the Trojan 28.


The third quarter found both teams exchanging punts. The pass combination of Ford and Scott for the visitors worked again early in the quarter and the pair gained 50 yards on the play but were unable to go further than the Trojan 15 yard line. After taking the from the visitors on downs, M. Cagnolatti hurled a 30 yard pass to Morton who ran 25 yards to Utica's 35 before being brought down. Both sides intercepted one pass during the quarter.


W. (Odo) Cagnolatti replaced Morton at half to start the period. With the oval deep in Utica territory, the visitors punted out to midfield. The spectators received their first real thrill of the evening when W. Cagnolatti took the punt at the 50 yard line and sprinted out to the right sidelines, weaving and twisting his way down the field, stiff arming and side stepping all interference formed to be finally brought down on the 10-yard stripe of the visitors. It was a great and shifty run and "Odo" received a tremendous hand from the crowd. Tallulah, however, fumbled on the next play and Utica punted out of danger. The Trojans took the ball and on the next play Utica intercepted a pass only to be forced to punt after two plays. The locals re­ceived the ball on the visitor's 45. Morton, replacing W. Cagnolatti, entered the game at this time, with only about four minutes left to play, M. Cagnolatti circled right end for 13 yards and a first down, Mack skirted left end for 5 yards, Jones hit center for 1, and Mack hit left tackle for 6, and it was another first down on Utica's 20. On a spinner through tackle, Morton gained 7 yards and on the next play Mack galloped around right end to score standing up. Watts kicked the extra point.


For Tallulah, M. Cagnolatti, J. Wade and Morton were the ground gainers while on the defense the work of Watts, R. Holloway, Sam Scurria and T. A. Smith were ex­ceptional. In the backfield the work of Jimmie Wade at quarterback was good and his ability at backing up the line was pointed out. T. A. Smith, playing for his first time, was outstanding and time and again he smeared Utica's plays and threw their backs for big losses. In fact, T. A. played the afternoon in Utica's backfield. For Utica, Scott and Ford were best in the backfield while F. L. Scott, Hughes and Fulgham shone in the line.


The Lineups:

TALLULAH                                        UTICA

Lancaster                  R. E.                F. L. Scott

Watts                         R. T.                M. Herren

H. Holloway             R. G.               Hughes

S. C. .Scurria            C                      Carmichael

S. Scurria                  L. G.                S. Cook

R. Holloway             L. T.                J. Herren

T. A Smith                 L. E.                Fulgham

J. Wade                     Q. B.               E. Scott

M. Cagnolatti           R. H. B.          Ford

Morton                     L. H .B.           Barlow

Scott                          F. B.                Cudd
Score By Quarters:

Tallulah         0 6 0 7

Utica             0 7 0 0


SUMMARY: Scoring touchdowns, Tallulah, J. Wade, M. Cag­nolatti; Extra point, Wade. For Utica, Cudd; Extra Point, Cudd.

First downs, Tallulah, 12; Utica, 3.

Officials: Referee, Weathersby, (La. C); Umpire, Cole (L. S. U); Headlinesman, Cassell


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Good game for inexperienced team.



Ouachita Plays Tallulah at Brown Stadium Tonight

            Both Teams Reported In Good Shape For Battle On Local Field


A determined fighting machine of Ouachita Lions today is awaiting the Trojan invasion from Tallulah and the battle which is set for 7:45 o'clock tonight under the bright lights at Brown field.


Fresh from a two week's rest and with their backfield in perfect Physical condition for the first time this season, Coach Ben Rush's Lions are eager to meet the Class B champions, winners of twenty-five consecutive victories in the past three years.


Changes that have taken place on the Ouachita team since its last ap­pearance have been made in the line only. Earl Cobb, a natural tackle that  Coach Rush has been trying to find room for in his backfield, will begin regular duties at left tackle in the place of Thornhill, who has moved to Alabama, and Wheeler Mitchell, regular right guard, will be back in his stall tonight after two weeks of nursing an injured chest.


The end situation that had Coach Rush worried early this week, when Monroe Trimble and John Renwick were benched on doctor's orders because of injured knees, has been smoothed over after a week of hard work in grooming two reserves, Jack Moseley and Jack Warren, for the end positions. Both are expected to appear at the terminals in tonight's starting lineup although Renwick, who was in uniform yesterday for the first time this week, insists he is all right, and Trimble, although he has not worked out all week, will be on hand if he is needed.


The Ouachita backfield is expected to click with precision tonight for the first time this season. Eddie Bowles, the Red and White's fastest ball car­rier, is without an ailment for the first time since the opening of the season, and Milton Butler, fullback, is completely recovered from a leg injury. Bowles and Butler, with Tru­man Staples and Leon McHenry, are expected to give the Trojans' defense plenty of trouble.


Rigged in their new red jerseys with white shoulder inserts, white cuffs and white numerals, and all reserves in complete uniform for the first time this season, the Lions will make their first appearance under the erected lights at Brown field. The Lions have played on Brown field before but never at night. The Trojans, too, have had a taste of the sod on the college gridiron here but this will also be their initial appearance under the lights here.


---- yesterday was confined to short drills in passing, punting and running signals. Wednesday the Lions had their only scrimmage of the week and their team work looked considerably better. Coach Rush said.

The students at Ouachita parish high school are doing all in their power to get a record crowd in the college stadium for the tilt and are holding daily pep meetings at school this morning they will hold their final pep meet and tonight at 6 o'clock will form an automobile parade at the school. They will parade through the city for an hour and a half and then make a dash for the stadium.


            The probable starting lineups have been announced by Coach "Ma" Phillips and Coach Rush as follows:


            Tallulah                     Pos.    Ouachita

            Lancaster                  LE        Warren

.           H. Holloway             LT        Cobb

            Sam Scurria             LG       Horton

            S. C. Scurria             C          Vandenberg

            Watts                         RG       Mitchell

            R. Holloway             RT       B. Trimble

            Smith                         RE       Moseley

            Wade                         QB      Bowles

            Cagnolatti                 HB       Staples

            Morton                     HB       McHenry

            Scott                          FB       M. Butler

            Officials for the game have been an­nounced as: Jim Malone (L. S. U.), referee; Willis (Centenary), umpire, and "Red" McCormick (Tulane), head linesman.


Should any of Ouachita's regulars falter, Coach Rush has a dependable pack of reserves to pick from. Among those who may see service for the Red and White are Renwick, Williams, French, Joe Butler, Peters, Eason, M. Trimble, Stovall, Mayer and Gregg.





TALLULAH, Oct. 11.-(Special)-Pointing for their 26th consecutive win since 1931, the Tallulah Trojans will play their first game under the lights Friday night when they meet the strong Ouachita Lions at Brown field in Monroe. The game will mark the second of the season for the Trojans and the first away from home.


Coach Phillips sent his charges through a light practice Monday following their victory over the strong Utica, Miss., eleven. The Tro­jans came out of the contest in fair­ly good shape but minor injuries have cropped out this week which may prove costly for the Lion tilt. Edgar Lancaster, end, has a bad an­kle; Captain Watts also has a slight limp; Ralph Holloway has a bruised shoulder; and the flashy 120-pound Mack Cagnolatti accidentally cut his leg this week. Where these men are not in the best of shape, Coach Phillips reports that they will probably play Friday night.


Practice was rained out Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday found the local mentor stressing timing of plays, blocking, passing and pass de­fense. The Trojans are anxious to run their string of victories to one more and will be pointing for the game with Ouachita. The Lions are reported at their best and with a pair of fast backs and a hard charging Line will be fighting to mar the Tro­jans' record.

Coach Phillips states that he will probably start the same team against Ouachita that started against Utica last week. Odo Cagnolatti, a "find" last week who returned a Utica punt for 40 yards, will see plenty of serv­ice against the Lions.


One of the largest crowds of local football followers of the Trojans is expected to journey to Monroe to watch the Trojans and the Lions mix plays.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Not expecting to win, but will make it tough for them.




Game Played Last Friday Night at Monroe; First Loss Since 1931

(October 12, 1934)


In a spectacular and exciting game played last Friday night at Brown field in Monroe, the Tallu­lah Trojans were defeated by a heavier Class A team, the Ouachita Lions, 13-0. The contest marked the first loss for the Tro­jans since 1931 when Oak Grove beat them, 6-0.


The Lions were led by Truman Staples, hard charging halfback, who scored both touchdowns for his team and turned in a great game. Staples, a 200-pound moun­tain of strength, gained perhaps 90 per cent of the yardage for the Lions, scoring the first touchdown on a 48-yard run and the second after a teammate had blocked a Trojan punt and recovered for Ouachita on the Tallulah nine yard line. The first score was made just before the first half was over and the second came near the end of the fourth.


The Trojans, out-weighed prob­ably 15 pounds to the man, played great ball and for most of the game swept the Lions off their feet. Tallulah made more first downs than the Lions, the final count be­ing 9 and 8. Twice during the game Tallulah marched to the Ouachita 15-yard line on plays featuring the light but speedy Mac Cagnolatti who slipped around the Ouachita ends for long gains and even smashed his way through the bulky Lion forward wall for yardage. Fumbles proved costly for the Trojans and many times the Tallulah backs were smothered on this account. The Lions earned only one of their touchdowns, the last being scored on a blocked punt.


Tallulah elected to kick off to the Lions to open the contest. After several plays, Ouachita was forced to punt and Tallulah took possession of the ball deep in its own territory. Using straight football, the Trojans marched past midfield on several first downs but were finally forced to punt. The remainder of the quarter was a punting duel between the teams.


The Lions took the ball in the second period and carried it deep into Tallulah territory but Bowles fumbled and Ralph Holloway recovered for the Trojans. Before losing the oval, Ouachita had made four successive first downs. The second quarter rocked on until with only a minute to play before the half, Staples gathered in Tallulah punt on the Trojan's 4 yard line and went around the west side of the field for a touchdown. The pass for extra point was intercepted. The Lions led at the half by a score of 6-0.


The Cagnolatti brothers for the Trojans turned in some great work for the night and their thrilling runs brought the large crowd to its feet. The Trojans came back strong in the third period and with Morton and the Cagnolattis alternating with the pigskin, chalked up four first downs to carry the ball deep in Lion territory but the Ouachita team braced and the ball went over to them on downs. The Lions made but one first down in this period.


The Lions scored their last touchdown on a break. In the last quarter after Ouachita had quick kicked to the Trojan 30, a Tallulah back fumbled and lost eight yards. Wade tried to quick-kick but Cobb of Ouachita blocked the ball and the Lions recovered or the Tallulah nine yard line. Or the next play, Staples went through right tackle for the touchdown. Cobb's drop kick was good for the extra point.


For the Trojans Mac Cagnolatti and Harry Morton turned in some shifty running while Odo Cagnolatti also played a spectacular game. The work of Ralph Holloway in the line stood out while S. C. Scurria, Captain Watts, Sam Scurria and T. A. Smith also fea­tured in their defensive work.


Staples for Ouachita was outstanding in the backfield, while Cobb, Mitchell and Renwick were best in the line.


Several hundred local fans journeyed to Monroe to support the Trojans and although the Tro­jans lost were well pleased with the showing against the heavy Class A Lions and predict another great year for the local team in Class B circles.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Should have been a tie game. Whole team played good ball. Tough luck to lose after playing like they did. Had to lose some time. Had won 25 straight games.


            TALLULAH TRIMS NATCHEZ, 26-0

Class B Champions Score In Each Period To Beat Mississippians


TALLULAH, Oct. 26.—(Special)—The Tallulah Trojans scored in each period this afternoon to defeat a stubborn eleven from Natchez, Miss. by the score of 26 to 0.


The first touchdown came five minutes after the game had gotten under way when Scott made a first down on Natchez's three-yard line and car­ried it over on the next play for the first score.


Natchez held the Trojans in check until the closing minutes of the sec­ond period when M. Cagnolatti made a 20-yard run to place the ball on Natchez's 15-yard line and J. Wade circled left end for the second touchdown. Coach Phillips sent in his sec­ond string in the third period and not to be outdone by the first string they scored when Coad shot a 20-yard pass to Bethea. Ray Jones added the first extra point of the day by hitting the line.


The final marker came when little M. Cagnolatti made several nice runs and after making a first down on the 11-yard line, carried it over on the next play. Watts converted from placement for the extra point.


White and Parker were the main threats for the visitors while Living­ston, Thomas and C. Wilson were outstanding in the line.


The two little Cagnolattis made it un­pleasant for their opponents, both making long runs and playing a great defensive game. R. Holloway and Ray Jones were easily the most outstand­ing on the defense.


Tallulah made seventeen first downs to Natchez's five.


            The lineup:

            Tallulah                     Pos.    Natchez

            T. A. Smith                LE        Roberts

            R. Holloway             LT        C. Wilson

            C. Wade                    LG       Simonton

            S. C. Scurria             C          Rhamb

            H. Holloway             RG       Thomas

            Watts                         RT       Liddell

            Lancaster                  RE       Livingston

            J. Wade                     QB      Parker

            M. Cagnolatti           LH       Poole

            Morton                     RH       J. Wilson

            Scott                          FB       White

            Score by quarters:

            Natchez         0 0 0 0— 0

            Tallulah         6 6 7 7—26
            Scoring touchdowns: Tallulah—Scott, J. Wade, Bethea, M. Cagnolatti.

            Points after touchdown: R. Jones, Watts.

            Officials: Hermon (Miss. College) Referee, Vermillion (Emporia), Umpire, Milliner (Texas Tech), Scott (Helena), head field judge.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: The whole team looked pretty good. Offense was working OK. Pass defense was very good. They tried about 40 or more passes.



Engage Third Mississippi Team; Strength of Visitors Is Unknown


Tallulah's Trojans, twice victors over teams from the neighboring state of Mississippi, will take on their third Mississippi foe when they engage the Durant football squad here today. The kickoff will be precisely at three o'clock.


Nothing is known of the strength of Durant but because of this fact Coach Phillips of the Trojans does not intend to take the Missis­sippians too lightly. Early in the season the Trojans defeated Utica, Miss., 13-7 and last week swamped Natchez to the tune of 26-0 with the reserves playing most of the contest. The Natchez game left but few injuries and all these are ex­pected to be right by game time. Ralph Holloway, the 190-pound tower of strength in the Trojan line, has a bruised leg; Mac Cag­nolatti, the 115-pound sensational halfback and his brother, Odo, another light but a crack backfield man, have slight injuries, and Walter Scott, hard-running full-back is laid up with a bad ankle. The local mentor expects these men to be ready but if impossible then the reserves who showed up so well against Natchez will again have the chance to prove their worth.


The offensive work of the Tal­lulah team was rather ragged last week and much work remains to be done to smooth out the rough spots. The Trojans' defensive work proved satisfactory but several mis­takes will have to be rubbed out. In the game last week, Ralph Hol­loway was again outstanding and opened large holes in the Natchez line for the backs to crash through. This boy is playing his third year at tackle for the Tro­jans and his work thus far has ranked him as one of the outstand­ing tackles in North Louisiana. Holloway seems to be headed for a tackle berth on the all-state Class B team. Shining lights from the reserves who played against Nat­chez were Alexander, tackle and Bethea, Jones and Coad.


Coach Phillips is rushing work this week on a driving offense and a pass defense. The main work, however, will consist in trying to get the blocking necessary to send the light Trojan pony backs into the open field.


The manner in which the Trojans have been playing football this season deserves much more support than it has been getting the past games at home. Despite the loss of so many lettermen, the team has been developing fast and thus far is offering a real threat in defend­ing its state class B crown. Sche­duling games for the Trojans this year has been considerably diffi­cult and most of the teams had to be given large guarantees to play. So far the crowds have not been large enough to enable the team to clear expenses. The squad has the fight and deserves the whole-heart­ed support of the town. Boost the Trojans and come out today and treat yourself to a game of football played by a real team, win or lose.



Class B Champions Run Wild To Trounce Mississippi Eleven


TALLULAH, La., Nov 2: (Spe­cial}—Tallulah's blue and gold Tro­jans scored in every quarter here today to swamp a team from Durant, Miss., by a score of 51-6. The game was featured by long runs by the light Trojan backs, one of them good for 95 yards and a score.


Tallulah scored twice in the first period. Taking a Durant punt on the 45 yard line, Morton circled right end after three plays and went 39 yards for the first touchdown. In the same quarter, Mac Cagnolatti returned a Durant punt 22 yards to the visitors' 28. Morton circled left end for 18 yards and a first down on the 10 yard line and on the next play M. Cagnolatti skirted right end for another score.


An intercepted pass by Scott, fullback, gave the Trojans their third score at the start of the second quarter. Two first downs carried the ball to the 11 yard line where M. Cagno­latti went around left end for the score. Durant scored their only touchdown after blocking three Tro­jan attempts to punt out of dan­ger. Winburn, fullback, fell on the ball for a score. He failed for the extra point.


The Trojans scored again when Durant punted and Hunter Coed, sub back, gathered the ball on his 5 yard line and galloped 95 yards. Just before the half, Morton, on a crisscross, slipped around right end for 55 yards and a touchdown. Watts again missed point.


In the third period Durant punted to midfield and on the second play Odo Cagnolatti crashed through left tackle for 50 yards and another score. M. Cagnolatti kicked goal.


The Trojans scored twice in the last period. After taking the ball on downs, Tallulah placed the ball on the visitors 28. J. Wade circled end for the score. Watt's kick was good. Just before the game ended the Tro­jans blocked a Durant punt on the visitors’ 25 yard line and R. Holloway scooped it up and ran for a touchdown.



            Tallulah                     Pos.    Durant

            Lancaster                  RE       R. Elmore

            Watts                         RT       B. Ingram

            C. Wade                    RG       D. Spain

            S. C. Scurria             C          Drane

            S. Scurria, Jr.           LG       Dicken

            R. Holloway             LT        Davis

            T. A. Smith                LE        Humphries

            J. Wade                     QB      Week
            Morton                     HB       York  

            W. Cagnolatti          HB       Miles
            Holloway                  FB       Winburn

            Score by quarters:

            Tallulah         13 18 7 13—31

            Durant              0   6 0   0--- 6

            Scoring: Tallulah, Morton (2), M. Cagnolatti (2), W. Cagnolatti, Coad, J. Wade, R. Hollo­way.

            Extra points, J. Wade, M. Cag­nolatti, Watts. Durant, Winburn.

            Officials: Referee, Holley (La. Nor­mal). Umpire: Regenold; head linesman: Milliner (Texas Tech); field judge, Scott.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: No opposition – Team played good ball but in spots looked ragged.



Trojans Expect Hard Scrap From Bears In First Class B Game


TALLULAH, Nov. 5.-(Special)-Fresh from a 51-6 victory over Durant, Miss., last week, the Tallulah Trojans have settled down to a rigid practice schedule in preparations for their first class B contest here Friday with the Delhi Bears. Practice sessions will start early in the afternoon of each day and continue un­til dark because Coach Phillips and the entire Trojan team regard the game with the Bears as the hardest and most dangerous on the Trojan schedule.


The Trojans came out of their game with Durant with no serious injuries. Captain "Soupy" Watts received a bruised hip and `"Rick" Bethea, sub back"; was forced out of the game with a sprained ankle. Watts is ex­pected to be in shape for Friday's tilt but it is doubtful whether Bethea will be ready.


The Bears are favored over the Tro­jans this year on account of their heavy and more experienced team. Comparing the two teams on a basis of scores, Tallulah lost to Ouachita 13-0 while the same team beat Delhi 6-0. However, comparative scores can be put aside when the two teams tangle because the game is always hard fought, as is indicated by past scores. Last year the championship Trojans whipped the Bears 15-7. The Trojans have won for the past four years and the Bears will be out to stop that winning streak and thereby mark up their initial win since 1930, when the two teams resumed athletic relations.


The contest will be played at the new Tallulah field and will begin promptly at 3 p. m. The admission will be 25 and 50 cents. A large crowd is expected to be on hand to wit­ness the game.



Bears Settle Down To Hard Training For Battle Next Friday


DELHI, La., Nov, 6.-(Special) Smarting under the surprise of an unexpected setback at the hands of the Rayville high school Hornets, the Bears of Delhi high school began rig­orous training for their match with the Tallulah high school Trojans in earnest. If nothing else, the defeat at the hands of the Hornets corrected any false ideas the Bears may have entertained about the calibre of the teams they were playing.


The fans of Delhi feel this game may turn out to do a great deal more for the team than against it. The members of the team insist that they have learned their lesson. The fans feel that now is the time for the boys to wake up and play the football their supporters know they can play. Numerous errors of judgment and otherwise were committed by the players but one look at the vim and fire displayed by the team as they start preparations for the battle at Tallulah will convince anyone that it will be a different team the Tal­lulah boys will be called upon to stop. Several injuries were suffered in the game with Rayville and the first portion of the week will be giv­en over to ironing out these injuries and getting the team in the best of shape for the coming engagement.


This is the second important en­gagement for the Bears, as it is the second class "B" contest they have played. Feeling confident but not overly so, the Bears expect to emerge the victor in the coming fray.


The Trojans are credited with hav­ing the fastest high school backfield in this part of the state. Based upon past performances they have not failed to bring lots of pressure to bear in every contest in which they have met the Bears.




Strong Class B Contenders Wage Thrilling Battle At Tallulah


TALLULAH, La., Nov. 9.—(Spe­cial)—The Tallulah Trojans and the Delhi Bears tied up this afternoon in one of the most stubborn battles ever witnessed on the local gridiron to the tune of a scoreless tie.


Both teams played a great defen­sive game with E. Watts and C. Wade outstanding for the Trojans while Jackson, Crews and P. Ingram were stopping Trojan plays time after time.


Tallulah threatened the Delhi goal four times, having the ball on the 11-yard line after E. Watts blocked Wood's punt but the Delhi line held and the half ended in a few minutes.


Delhi went to the air in the last three minutes of the game a pass from Bruce to K. Ingram was good for 15 yards, placing the ball on Tallulah's 35-yard line. Bruce then went off tackle for 11 more yards to place the ball on the 24-yard marker only to lose it when a pass went over the goal line.


The punting of Morton and Woods was a great factor in the game, each getting good kicks when they were in their own territory.


Both teams made seven first downs and most of the game was played inside the two 30-yard lines.


            The lineups:

            Delhi              Pos.    Tallulah

            Tamburo       LE        C. Wade

            Mitchum       LT        R. Holloway

            Coleman       LG       S. Scurria, Jr.

            Copes             C          S. C. Scurria

            Crews            RG       H. Holloway

            Jackson         RT       E. Watts
            Simms            RE       Lancaster

            Bruce             QB      J. Wade

            K. Ingram      HE       Morton

            Woods           HB       M. Cagnolatti

            P. Ingram      FB       Jones

            Score by quarters:

            Delhi              0 0 0 0— 0

            Tallulah         0 0 0 0— 0
            Penalties: Tallulah, 30 yards; Delhi 20 yards.

            Officials: Geisler (Centenary), ref­eree; Faircloth (La. College), umpire; Holley (La. College), head linesman


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Still think we have the better team. Breaks against us – Mac hurt – caused let down.



Tallulah - Bastrop Grid Game Is Feature Of Day-Long Program


BASTROP, Nov. 15.-(Special)-Hundreds of people from all parts of northeast Louisiana are expected to come to Bastrop Friday to take part in the special program which has been arranged in honor of Lynwood "Schoolboy" Rowe, famous Detroit baseball pitcher and a former member of the Bastrop baseball team. An elaborate program has been arranged for Rowe's "homecoming" by a spe­cial committee of the Bastrop Ki­wanis club, who together with citizens of Bastrop are sponsoring "Rowe day."


"Schoolboy" and his wife, the for­mer Miss Edna Mae Skinner of El Dorado, are expected to arrive in Bastrop Friday morning about 10 o'clock. At noon Friday there will be a luncheon at the Louisiana hotel in honor of Rowe and his wife which is to be given by the Kiwanis club. The regular weekly luncheon was postponed from Tuesday to Friday in order to fit in with the "Rowe day" program. An interesting program for the occasion has been arranged, and friends and former local baseball associates of "Schoolboy" have been in­vited to attend the luncheon.


One of the outstanding features of the day's celebration will be the football game Friday afternoon between the Bastrop high school Rams and the Tallulah high school Trojans, last year's Class B champions, The game will begin at 1:30 o'clock. A program in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rowe will be rendered between the halves. The high school band will play sev­eral selections and the student body of the school will stage a special stunt. Mayor J. R. Ludlum will then officially welcome "Schoolboy" and Mrs. Rowe to Bastrop and a gift to the couple from the citizens of Bastrop will be presented by District Attorney Frank W. Hawthorne.


In the evening at 6:30 there will be a barbecue in the cafeteria of the high school in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rowe. The climax of the day's activities will come Friday night with a special dance in honor of the Rowes which has been arranged by the local Boone-McDowell post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The dance will begin at 9 o'clock at the V. F. W. home on Madison Street, formerly the Village club.


Unusual interest is being taken in the Bastrop-Tallulah grid game and high school officials are making arrangements to take care of the larg­est crowd that has ever attended a football game here. The Rams finished their workouts for the game Thurs­day afternoon and Coach "Dutch" Binion announced that his team is in fine shape for the contest.


The student body of the high school is taking unusual interest in the game and several pep meetings have been held during the week. A monster pep meeting and parade was held through the business district tonight by the students of the school.


Mayor J. R. Ludlum issued a proc­lamation today asking the merchants to close their places of business be­tween the hours of 1:30 and 3:30 in order to allow their employees to attend the game.


The Kiwanis club committee in charge of all arrangements for "Rowe Day" is composed of Sol Snyder, S. G Lucky and Isaac Chapman.


Officials for the game will be Percy Brown of Monroe, referee, Willis, um­pire, and Neal, head linesman.


            The probable starting line-ups of the two teams as announced by the respective coaches are as follows:


            Bastrop                     Pos.    Tallulah

            Rogers                       RE       Lancaster

            Handy                        RT       Watts

            Talley                         RG       C. Wade

            Orr                             C          S. C. Scurria

            McCormick              LG       S. Scurria, Jr.

            Naff                            LT        R. Holloway

            T. Duckworth          LE        T. A. Smith

            Byrd                           QB      J. Wade

            Fife                             HB       Morton

            Spear                         HB       M. Cagnollatti

            Gray                           FB       H. Holloway


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Wouldn’t be surprised to lose by one or two touchdowns – maybe more..



Trojans Spoil ‘Rowe Day' By 19-0

Halts Passing Attack: Colorful Program For Hurler


BASTROP, Nov. 16 — (Special)—By stopping the Rams' forward passing attack which has been its main offensive all season, the Tallulah high school Trojans, last year's class B champions, today defeated the Bastrop high school Rams by a score of 19 to 0 in the feature attraction of an all-day program that had been arranged in honor of Lynwood "Schoolboy" Rowe, famous Detroit baseball pitcher and former resident of Bastrop. A crowd estimated at 3,000 persons, the largest ever to witness a sport event in this city, saw the game.


Between the halves, a special program in honor of "Schoolboy" was presented. Mrs. Rowe was presented with a bouquet of flowers from the student body of the Bastrop high school and "Schoolboy" was presented with a beautiful easy chair from the people of Bastrop. The presentation was made by E. L. Gladney, Jr., local attorney. Prior to the presentation, Mayor J. R. Ludlum welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Rowe to Bastrop. Music was furnished by the high school band and the student body presented a special stunt on the field, forming the word "Rowe" in the center of the field.


All the stores in the city were closed this afternoon for the game. Sports fans from all parts of Northeast Louisiana witnessed the game.


"Schoolboy" and Mrs. Rowe arrived here this morning, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Pete Fox, Detroit right fielder who is visiting the Rowes. A luncheon at noon today started the "Rowe Day" activities, which was climaxed with a dance held tonight by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in honor of Rowe. The luncheon at noon was sponsored by the Kiwanis club and an interesting program in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rowe was presented. More than fifty people attended.


Another feature of the "Rowe Day" celebration was a barbecue held this evening in the cafeteria of the high school which was attended by over one hundred people.


The football game, the outstanding feature of the celebration arranged for Rowe's "homecoming" was a listless affair, with the Tallulah team showing a defense that stopped the Rams' highly touted passing attack. Out of 18 passes attempted by the Rams, only four were completed, and four were intercepted by Tallu­lah, three of which were responsible for Tallulah's touchdowns.


Tallulah scored its first touchdown in the first quarter when Scott, fullback, intercepted a pass from Byrd on the Ram's 20 yard line and ran for a touchdown. The kick for the extra point failed.


An intercepted pass again paved, the way for a touchdown when Mor­ton intercepted a pass on Tallulah's 30 yard line. M. Cagnolatti went off tackle for a first down. Three more plays failed to gain a first down and Morton punted to Spear on the 33 yard line. A bad pass from center was responsible for a 25 yard loss for Bastrop, as Byrd attempted to punt on the fourth down and the bail went over to Tallulah on Bastrop's 5-yard line. Jones crashed center for the touchdown and Watts kicked goal.


The Rams had an opportunity to score in the third quarter when Tal­ley blocked Tallulah's punt and the ball was recovered by Bastrop on the Trojan's 1-yard line. A short pass from Byrd to Duckworth and a thrust at center by Spear gave Bastrop a first clown and the ball on Tallulah's 11-yard line. The Trojans' line held and the Rams were unable to gain the one yard necessary for a touchdown and the ball went over to Tallulah.


In the fourth period, on an exchange of punts, Bastrop received the ball on its 10-yard line. W. Cagnolatti intercepted a pass on the 15-yard line and brought it back to the 10-yard line. J. Wade, on a spinner play, went over for a touchdown standing up. The kick for the extra point was blocked.


            The Iine-ups:

            Bastrop                     Pos.    Tallulah

            T. Duckworth          LB        C. Wade

            Naff                            LT        R. Holloway
            McCormick              LG.      Scurria, Jr.

            Orr                             C          S. C. Scurria

            Talley                         RG       H. Holloway

            Handy                        RT       Watts

            Rogers                       RE       Lancaster

            Byrd                           QB      J. Wade

            Spear                         LH       M. Cagnolatti

            Wren                         RH       Morton

            Gray                           FB       Scott

            Score by quarters:

            Tallulah         6 7 0 6—19

            Bastrop         0 0 0 0— 0

            Summary: Substitutions: Bastrop B. Duckworth for Orr, Fife for Wren, Gilbert for Nail; Tallulah, Byram for S. C. ScurrIa, Jones for Scott, W. Cagnolatti    for M. Cagnolatti, Smith for S. Scurria, Jr.

            First downs: Bastrop 9, Tallulah 6; penalties, Bastrop, 10 yards, Tallu­lah 35.

            Officials: Brown (L. S. U.), referee; Neal (Georgetown), umpire; McCormick (Tulane), head linesman.



Defending Class B Champions Expect Hard Fight This Afternoon


TALLULAH, Nov. 22.-(Special)-Jubilant over defeating the strong Bastrop Rams last week, the Tallu­lah Trojans will be pointing for another win Friday when they meet the Forest high school at the Tallulah stadium at 3 o'clock, A victory over Forest will give the Trojans the right to enter the playoff for the district championship as Forest is the last Class B opponent on the Trojans' schedule.


Against Bastrop the Trojans played an unusually good defensive game and the Rams seldom gained through the strong Tallulah line. Coach Phillips was not pleased with the offense and spent much time this week brush­ing up on running plays. Most of the men came out of the Bastrop game in good condition and only a few bruises were reported. Against the Rams the Trojans realized they had a fine team to tackle and the line showed its worth but the backs felt they should have made a better show­ing. Practice this week included dummy scrimmage, passing, punting and blocking.


In playing Forest the Trojans are going up against one of their hard­est rivals. Last year Forest threw a scare into the Trojan ranks by bat­tling them on even terms for the first half but the Trojans finally eked, out a 12-0 win. The Forest team has been unable to get their full strength together since they played Ferriday but will be in top form Friday.


A large crowd of local supporters is expected to see the Trojans and Forest battle and a good game is expected.



Morton Leads Trojans To Hard Earned Victory Over Bulldogs


TALLULAH, La., Nov. 23.-(Special)-Harry Don Morton led Tallulah’s Blue and Gold Trojans to a 14-0 victory over the strong Forest Bulldogs here this afternoon in a thrill­ing battle. The Trojans won the right to enter the district playoff for class B next week.


The visitors presented a dangerous passing attack which constantly threatened the locals' goal but could not gain through the strong Trojan line. Tallulah scored early in the first quarter and again about two minutes before the game was over.


Morton not only scored the first touchdown but was responsible for the second and his quick kicking was a feature of the game. Early in the initial period the Trojans made two successive first downs to place the ball on the Bulldog 22. Three plays failed to gain and Morton quick-kicked to the 14. Forest punted to the 29 and Morton quick-kicked to the three-yard line. Forest punted out to the 21 and after two plays, M. Cagnolatti passed 16 yards to Mor­ton for the score. Watts kicked the extra point.


Just before the half ended, the Bulldog passing combination, Bass to Wil­liamson, clicked for two straight first downs, taking the ball to the Tro­jan 12-yard line, but the oval finally went over to the Trojans.


Recovering a Forest fumble on the visitors' 25-yard line the Trojans scored just before the final whistle blew. Two plays gained a first down on the Bulldog 15 and on the next play; Morton shot a flat pass to Harry Watts, substitute end, who stepped over the goal line for the second score. Watts again kicked goal.


Morton was easily the backfield star for the Trojans and his passing and off-tackle jaunts brought the crowd to its feet. Lancaster, R. Holloway, C. Wade and E. Watts played a great defensive game. For the visitors, Bees and Williamson combined for an ex­cellent pass attack and Everett was outstanding at right guard.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Played ragged all the way through. No blocking and pass defense something terrible. Completed two passes for both touchdowns. Everything we did seemed to have been wrong.



Battle For District Two Crown Starts Today

Delhi Plays At Tallulah And Choudrant Goes To Waterproof


Four strong northeast Louisiana teams will stage the first battles for the district Class B championship today, with Delhi playing at Tallulah and Choudrant playing at Waterproof. The winners of today's two games will meet for the district title next Tuesday, the champion to play Arcadia for the north Louisiana championship next Friday.


Delhi and Tallulah played a scoreless tie earlier in the season and their meeting at Tallulah today is expected to attract a record crowd. The largest crowd ever to attend a game at Waterproof is also expected to turn out for that game.


The four teams are fairly evenly matched and two real football games undoubtedly will result. Delhi and Tallulah have been in the thick of the northeast Louisiana battle for several years, but this year is the first time that Waterproof and Choudrant have been contenders. Both have excellent teams this season.



Game Last Thursday Played In Downpour of Rain; Second Tie Between Teams


Playing in a downpour of rain, the Tallulah Trojans and the Delhi Bears battled to a 6-6 tie on the local field last Thursday but the Trojans were declared winners by having 7 first downs to two for Delhi. A crowd of approximately 1500 saw the contest despite the inclement weather.


The Trojans struck swiftly in the first period after recovering a Delhi fumble on the Bear 20-yard line and held the lead until the third quarter when Delhi scored on a pass to tie the score after both teams failed to make the extra point. The Trojans outplayed the Bears, making more first downs, penetrations and yards from scrim­mage. Morton's punting and ball-carrying were sensational and he turned in a fine game despite an injured leg.


Tallulah kicked off to open the game to the Bear 10-yard line and Woods returned to the 20 where he fumbled and Sam Scurria recovered for the Trojans. Three plays gained a first down on the 9-yard line. W. Cagnolatti went off left tackle for 5 yards, Jones picked up at right tackle and then Morton crashed right tackle for the touchdown. Watts missed the extra point. Ralph Holloway kicked off to the Delhi 25 and Bruce returned to the 35. Three plays gained but 8 yards and K. Ingram punted to the Trojan 30, Morton returning to his 42. Morton then kicked to the Delhi 35. Bruce lost two yards through center but on the next play K. Ingram went off left tackle, reversed his field and lugged the ball to the Trojan 32, a distance of 35 yards and the longest run of the game. However, four plays advanced only 3- yards and the ball went over to the Trojans on their own 29. Morton then    got off a 65 yard punt to the Delhi ? Ingram punted back to the Tallulah 45. M. Cag­nolatti hit left tackle for 4 yards, Morton got 1 at right tackle, Delhi was penalized 5 yards for off-sides and Jones got 8 yards at left tackle for a first down on the Bear 30. Three plays gained 4 yards and the Trojans were penalized 5 yards for off-sides. Morton kicked to the Delhi 19. Two plays gained nothing for the Bears as the quarter ended.


K. Ingram punted to the Trojan 40, M. Cagnolatti returning to the Bear 46. M. Cagnolatti went around left end for 6 yards, Scott got 3 more at right guard and M. Cagnolatti went off left tackle for a first down on the Delhi 35. Mor­ton with excellent interference swept off right tackle for 11 yards and another first down on the Delhi 14. The Trojans were then penalized 5 yards for off-sides and Morton kicked over the goal. Delhi took the oval on their own 20 and K. Ingram kicked to the Tallulah 45. After two plays, Morton quick‑kicked to the Bear 11. Woods kick­ed out to the Trojan 45, M. Cag­nolatti returning to the Bear 43. After two plays, Morton quick-kicked to the Delhi 1-yard line. K. Ingram punted out to his own 40. Morton kicked to the Bear 34. After two plays, K. Ingram punted to the Tallulah 20. Morton kicked to the Delhi 45 and after three plays the half ended.


At the beginning of the third period a downpour of rain began and the remainder of the game was played in a sea of mud. Both teams found it difficult to handle the ball and fumbling was frequent. Delhi kicked off to the Trojan 10. An attempted kick by Morton was blocked and Delhi recovered on the 6-yard line. Woods lost one yard at center, K. Ingram lost another at left tackle. Woods lost 5 more and P. Ingram gained 2 yards but the ball went over to Tallulah on their own 12. Morton punted to his own 45 and Delhi returned to the 32. Bruce was stop­ped for no gain at center. On a lateral to K. Ingram 4 yards were gained, and a pass Bruce to K.  Ingram gave the Bears a first down on the Trojan 5-yard line. P. Ingram failed to gain at center, Woods failed to gain around left end, a bad pass from center lost 10 yards but on the next play Bruce hurled a pass to Bryant, sub end, who was standing over the goal line. Several  Trojans batted the ball down but it fell squarely into the arms of Bryant for a Bear touchdown. The kick for goal was not good.


Delhi kicked off to the Trojan 30 and the ball was returned to the 40. Tallulah was penalized 5 yards for off-sides and Morton was finally forced to punt, the ball going to the Bear 30. Woods finally punted to the Trojan 45 and Mor­ton returned to the Delhi 38. A fumble lost 7 yards but on the next play M. Cagnolatti crashed off right tackle for 20 yards and a first down on the 25.


The ball finally went over to Delhi on their own 15. The Bears punted out to midfield and M. Cagnolatti returned to the Bear 31 in the beginning of the last quarter. Morton punted to the 18 and Delhi punted to the Trojan 45 after los­ing ground on two plays. M. Cag­nolatti returned to the Bear 40. A fumble lost 4 yards, the Trojans were penalized 5 yards for off-sides and Morton kicked to the Delhi 25. Ingram punted to mid-field. Three plays and a penalty gave the Trojans a first down on the Bear 38. Morton circled left end for 11 yards and another first down but the Trojans were finally forced to punt, Morton getting off a nice one to the Bear 4. Ingram punted out as the game ended.


Morton, J. Wade and the Cag­nolatti brothers were shining lights of the Trojan offense and R. Holloway, S. C Scurria, Watts and C. Wade played a great defensive game. For Delhi Bruce, Woods and Ingram shone in the backfield and Crews, Copes and Jackson starred in the line.


            Tallulah                     Pos.    Delhi

            Smith                         LE        Tamburo

            R. Holloway             LT        Mitcham

            S. Scurria, Jr.           LG       Crews

            S. C. Scurria             C          Copes

            H. Holloway             R G      Coleman

            Watts                         RT       Jackson

            Lancaster                  RE       Simms

            J. Wade                     QB      Bruce

            Morton                     RH       K. Ingram

            W. Cagnolatti          LH       Woods

            Jones                          FB       P. Ingram

            Score by Quarters:

            Tallulah         6 0 0 0— 6

            Delhi              0 0 6 0— 6


            Scoring touchdowns—Tallulah, Mor­ton. Delhi. Bryant (sub).

            First downs—Tallulah 7; Delhi 2. Officials, referee, Moffett (La. Tech.); umpire. Wells (Howard); head lineman; Wojecki (Howard); field judge, Borland         (Howard).


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Field was muddy – should have won 6-0. All played OK. Watts hurt. Harry Don kicking wet ball exceptionally well.




Tallulah and Choudrant Play For Title Today

Aggies Rule Favorites in Game to Be Played Here For Championship


In what is believed will be one of the best games of the season, Tallulah's Blue and Gold Trojans will take the field this afternoon against the powerful Choudrant Aggies in a contest to determine the Class B championship of Dis­trict Two. The game will be play­ed on the high school field at 2:30 p. m., and a crowd of 2,000 is ex­pected to be on hand.


The Aggies probably will rule slight favorites because of their great power and weight but on the other hand the Trojans are not willing to concede them a thing and will match this weight with their own speed, deceptiveness and strategy. Choudrant is built around Williams, a huge, power-full 200-pound fullback, whose slashing off-tackle thrusts against Waterproof caused local fans to name him as a dangerous threat to any team. The visitors’ line averages somewhere around 175 pounds and the backfield is equally as heavy. However, the Trojans boast of one of the best lines in high school circles themselves and they do not believe that the big Wil­liams will tear their line to shreds as he did the Waterproof line.


The Tallulah team will probably enter the fracas minus the services of Captain "Soupy" Watts who re­ceived an eye injury in the game with Delhi last week. Watts has been laid up all week but has been getting special attention to his eye and Coach Phillips hopes that the star tackle will be able to play at least part of the important contest. It is also possible that Ray Jones, fullback, and Clyde Wade, guard and end, may not play against the Aggies. Both men are laid up with injuries received in recent games. The remainder of the squad are in the best of condi­tion and will be ready to give the Aggie plenty of trouble.


The local mentor has been driv­ing his charges at a rapid pace all week and has been polishing up on both offense and defense. A dry field will give the team a chance to try their passing attack which may also deal the Choudrant team a bit of misery. Against Waterproof the Aggies tried few passes but at that the Trojans have been drilled on pass defense in case the visitors start anything.


Football fans from the surrounding section and even from the Mississippi towns are expected to trek to Tallulah and watch the Trojans and the Aggie tangle. The winner of today's contest will meet Arcadia Hornets next week for the championship of northeast Louis­iana.

Probable starting lineups:

            Tallulah                     Pos.    Choudrant

            Smith                         LE        W. Pipes

            R. Holloway             LT        L. Hammons

            S. Scurria, Jr.           LG       T. Hammons

            S. C. Scurria             C          McCann

            H Holloway              RG       D. Pipes

            Alexander                 RT       Campbell

            Lancaster                  RE       Leachman

            J. Wade                     QB      Vining

            Morton                     RH       Holtzclaw

            M. Cagnolatti           LH       Terry

            Scott                          FB       Williams


Coach Phillips’ Comments: They have large team but think we can win if team keeps low and drives hard.





Northeast Class B Champions To Meet Arcadia Next Friday


TALLULAH, Dec. 7.--(Special) — In a game to determine the champion-ship of district two, the Tallulah Tro­jans defeated the Choudrant Aggies 6 to 0, here Friday afternoon before a crowd of 2,000 fans. The Trojans will meet the Arcadia Hornets next Friday for the championship of northeast Louisiana.


Throughout the contest the Trojans kept their eyes on Williams, Aggie 200-pound fullback, and the big boy made few gains against the Tallulah line. Outweighed probably 35 pounds to the man, the Trojans put up a de­fense which kept the visitors from scoring as well as stopping their pow­er drives. The Aggies presented an aerial attack which constantly kept the locals on edge but the Trojans always managed to either take the ball on downs or force the visitors to punt.


Tallulah struck early in the second period when Vining, Choudrant quar­terback, punted from his own 35 to the Tallulah 20. Harry Don Morton, Trojan flashy halfback, gathered in the punt on his own 20 and with beautiful interference and blocking by his teammates, darted down the left sideline, reversed his field, and lugged the ball to the Aggie 19-yard line, a distance of 61 yards. On the third play J. Wade, Tallulah's great little quarterback, on a reverse around left end, scored standing up. His drop kick for the extra point failed.


The Trojans missed an opportunity to score early in the first quarter. Morton kicked from his own 30-yard line over the Choudrant goal line. Taking the ball on their own 20, Vining punted poorly to his own 22. M. Cagnolatti circled right end for 11 yards and a first down on the 11. Scott went through left tackle to the Aggie five-yard line but fumbled and Choudrant recovered. Just before the half ended the Aggies, aided by a 15-yard penalty against the Trojans and two completed passes, advanced to the Trojan 22 but the half ended to halt their drive. The third period was listless with the ball changing frequently.


Midway in the fourth period, Tallulah again missed an excellent op­portunity to score. Jimmy Wade in­tercepted a pass on the Aggie 35-yard line and ran it to the 14. With Ray Jones hitting the line, the Tro­jans advanced to the four-yard line for a first down and goal to go. Four plays carried the oval to the one-foot line where the ball went over to Choudrant. The game ended with the Trojans again traveling goalward when H. Holloway, Tallulah guard, intercepted a pass on the Choudrant 13-yard line.


The work of Jimmy Wade at quar­terback for the Trojans was outstanding and Morton's punting and his sensational run in the second quarter were the contributing factors to the victory. The Cagnolatti broth­ers turned in some nice work and came in for great applause. Every man in the line played outstanding ball. Ralph Holloway, big Trojan tackle, repeatedly threw the Aggie backs for losses, and sharing his hon­or were both Scurrias, H. Holloway and C. Wade. Williams and Holtzclaw were the big guns of the Aggie attack and Bill Pipes, Leachman and the Hammon brothers played a good defensive game.


            Tallulah                     Pos.    Choudrant

            Smith                         LE        W. Pipes

            R. Holloway             LT        L. Hammons

            S. Scurria, Jr             LG       T. Hammons

            S. C. Scurria             C          McCann

            H. Holloway             RG       D. Pipes

            Alexander                 RT       Campbell

            C. Wade                    RE       Leachman

            J. Wade                     QB      Vining

            Morton                     RH       Holtzclaw

            M. Cagnolatti           LH       Terry

            Scott                          FB       Williams
            Score by quarters:

            Tallulah         0 6 0 0—6

            Choudrant    0 0 0 0—0
            Summary: Scoring touchdown, Tal­lulah, J. Wade.

            First downs: Tallulah 6, Choudrant 8. Penalties: Tallulah 40 yards, Chou­drant 5.

            Officials—Referee, McFarland, (L. S. U.); umpire, Fox (Georgia): head linesman, Brown (L. S. U.); field judge, Cole (L. S. U.).


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Had much better team – playing without Watts. Should have had at least two more touchdowns. Every one played good ball.




Win Over Visitors for District Title for the Third Straight Year


Scoring early in the second quar­ter, Coach "Ma" Phillips' Tallulah Trojans won the district championship last Friday by defeating the heavy Choudrant's Aggie 6-0. The contest was witnessed by a crowd of 2000 fans.


The Tallulah team outplayed the visitors throughout the game and were extremely successful in stopping the slashing drives of Wil­liams, Aggie 200-pound fullback. The big fellow couldn't get started and time and again was thrown for heavy losses by the Trojan forwards and backs. An almost perfect game was turned by the Tallulah line playing without the services of Captain Watts. Alexander, reserve tackle, capably replaced Watts in the line and play­ed stellar ball. The vicious tackling of Ralph Holloway, Trojan tackle, was a feature of the game. The big fellow played half the day in the Choudrant backfield and made things uncomfortable for the opposing backs. It was Harry Don Morton's brilliant return of a punt early in the second period that led to the Tallulah score. His run was good for 61 yards and he was finally brought down on the Aggie 19 yard line. A few minutes later Jimmy Wade, Tallulah's great little quarterback, crossed the enemy goal line on a reverse around left end.


Choudrant kicked off in the opening period, Williams kicking to Mack Cagnolatti on the 10-yard line, Mack returning to his own 31. Morton dashed around right end for 18 yards and a first down on his own 49. On the next play Choudrant was penalized 5 yards for off-sides but the following play saw the Trojans penalized 15 yards for holding, taking the ball back to the 39. Morton then kicked over the visitors’ goal line. The punt was good for 70 yards. Taking the ball on their own 20 the Aggies lost 5 yards and gained 1 and Vining punted poorly to his own 27. Vining returned to the 22. Morton gained nothing around left end but M. Cagnolatti circled right end for 11 yards and a first down on the Aggie 11. On the next play Scott went off left tackle to the 5-yard line where he fumbled and Choudrant recovered. Tallulah was penalized 5 yards for off-sides on the next play. Holtzclaw went off left tackle for 4 yards and Williams added 2 more to make a first down on the Aggie 18. Three more plays brought only 1 yard and Vining punted to the Tallulah 49. J. Wade picked up 2 yards at left end, M. Cagnolatti got 7 more of right tackle, and Scott got 2 more off left tackle for a first down on the invaders 40 yard line. M. Cag­nolatti crashed left tackle for 5 yards and Scott fumbled on the next play, losing 6. Morton, quick-kicked over the goal line.


Taking the ball on their own 20 to start the second quarter, the Aggies gained 5 yards in three plays and Vining punted to the Trojan 25. Morton punted back to the Choudrant 42. After three plays, Vining punted from his own 35 to the Tallulah 20. Morton gathered in the punt and struck out to the lift sidelines, reversed his field and was caught from behind after carrying the leather to the Red and White 19-yard stripe. His run was good for 61 yards. W. Cagnolatti picked up 2 yards off right tackle, and added 1 more around right end. On a reverse around left end J. Wade crossed the goal line standing up. His drop-kick for the extra point was wide. Score Tallulah 6, Choudrant 0. Ralph Holloway kicked off to the visitors 10 and the oval was returned to the 25. Three plays gained only 5 yards and Tallulah drew a 15-yard penalty for rough­ing the kicker, giving the Aggies a first down on their own 35. Wil­liams hit center for 1 yard and a pass, Holtzclaw-Pipes gained another first down on the Choudrant 49. Holtzclaw circled left end for 3 yards, Williams hit cen­ter for 4 and a pass Williams-Leachman gave the invaders another first down on the Tallulah 22. Williams got 2 yards off right tackle as the half ended.


Ralph Holloway kicked off in the third period over the Aggie goal line and it was Choudrant's ball on their own 20. Vining punt­ed to his own 47. Morton hit right tackle for 4 yards, on a triple criss-cross M. Cagnolatti got 4 more and Morton went off left tackle for 3 yards and a first down on the visitors 35. Eight yards were gained on the next four plays and the pigskin went over to the Aggies on their own 30. Holtzclaw got 5 yards at left tackle and got 5 more at the same place for a first down on the 40. Holtzclaw hit the same spot twice for 9 and 2 yards for another first down on the Tallulah 49. Williams lost a yard around right end but Holtzclaw picked up 4 off left tackle and pass Williams-Holtzclaw gained a first down on the Trojan 33. On the third play the Aggies fumbled and Tallulah took the ball on their own 27. Morton punted from his own 10 to the Choudrant 9 yard line, a distance of 81 yards.


As the final period began, Scott intercepted a pass on the visitors 23 yards line. Two plays and a fumble gave the oval to the Aggies. Vining punted out to his own 44. Morton circled right end for 21 yards and a first down on the Red and White 23 yard line. After three plays Terry intercepted a pass on his own 27 and the ball went over to Choudrant. Three passes were incomplete and on the next play, J. Wade intercepted a pass and carried the ball back to the Aggie 14. On three plays Ray Jones advanced the ball 11 yards for a first down on the 4-yard line. Four line plays with Jones carry­ing the leather advanced one-foot and the ball went over to Chou­drant. A pass Williams-Vining was good for a first down on their own 20. A pass was then intercepted by H. Holloway and Tallulah took the ball on the visitors’ 13 yard line as the game ended.


J. Wade, Morton and the Cag­nolatti brothers were the chief ground gainers for the Trojans, while the whole line played great ball. Williams and Holtzclaw play­ed well in the Aggie backfield and W. Pipes and the two Hammons, turned in some good defensive work.


            The lineups:

            Tallulah                     Pos.    Choudrant

            Smith                         LE        W. Pipes

            R. Holloway             LT L. Hammons

            S. Scurria, Jr.           LG T. Hammons

            S. C. Scurria             C          McCann

            H. Holloway             RG       D. Pipes

            Alexander                 RT       Campbell

            C. Wade                    RE       Leachman

            J. Wade                     QB      Vining

            Morton                     RH       Holtzclaw

            M. Cagnolatti           LH       Terry

            Scott                          FB       Williams

            Score by Quarters:

            Tallulah         0 6 0 0— 6

            Choudrant    0 0 0 0— 0

            Summary: Scoring Touchdown, Tallulah, J. Wade. First Downs, Tallulah 6, Choudrant 8. Penalties: Tallulah 40, Choudrant 5. Officials: Referee, McFarland

            (L. S. U.) ; Umpire, Fox (Georgia) ; Head linesman, Brown (L. S. U.) ; Field Judge, Cole (L. S. U.).


Trojans Meet Arcadia in Tallulah Friday for ‘B’ Crown


Watts Expected To Be Able To Play Against Northwest Champs


Tallulah's Trojans and Arcadia will meet at Tallulah next Friday afternoon for the Class B championship of north Louisiana. Coach M. A. "Ma" Phillips of Tallulah announced here yesterday, following his return from a meeting at Arcadia. The game will start at 2:30 o'clock.


Coach Phillips and several Tallulah fans attended the meeting, which was held yesterday morning to determine a place for the championship battle.

The Trojans defeated Choudrant, 6-to 0, in a hard fought game last Friday to capture the championship of District two, which embraces northeast Louisiana. Tallulah had previously defeated Delhi on first downs, and Choudrant had eliminated Waterproof.


Arcadia was declared champion of northwest Louisiana, or district one, when Dubach was ruled ineligible to compete because of players over the age limit, and St. John's of Shreveport, was declared to have played only two Class B games, whereas three are required to enter the playoff. Thus Arcadia has been idle two weeks while the Trojans have been playing in the northeast Louisiana eliminations.


Coach Phillips said yesterday that he expects his squad to be in tip-top shape for the Arcadia tilt. Watts, stel­lar lineman, was kept out of the Choudrant game because of injuries but Phillips believes the big fellow will be ready to go against Arcadia. No other injuries will handicap the Trojans, unless ailments crop up in practice sessions this week.


Arcadia has a good team this year, headed by "Red" Anders, hard charg­ing fullback. Anders will be remem­bered by Monroe fans for his activi­ties in the ring. He made quite a name for himself as a member of Arcadia's boxing team and if he's as good at football, the Trojans will find him troublesome next Friday. Several other outstanding players are members of the Arcadia squad.


Another large crowd is expected to turn out for the Friday fracas. Last week, some 2,000 fans saw the Tro­jans trim Choudrant's husky eleven.


Coach Phillips announced that the officials will be McFarland (L. S. U.), referee; Fox (Georgia), umpire; Brown (L. S. U.), head linesman, and Cole (L. S. U.), field judge.


The Tallulah team has won the Class B championship for the state for the past two years.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Here’s hoping we can win & I firmly believe we will. Hope to get a crack at Class B crown for third straight year. Can’t be over-confident. Watts should be ready to play.



Tallulah Prepares For Defense Of Its Crown

Captain Watts Is To Be Available For Arcadia Battle Friday


TALLULAH Dec. 11.-(Special)-With the district crown in their pos­session for the third straight year, the Tallulah Trojans began prepara­tions this week to meet the Arcadia Hornets here Friday at 2:30 p. m. for the north Louisiana championship.


The return of Captain Watts to the squad this week has helped the sit­uation considerably and he will see plenty of service against the Hornets. The Tallulah team will be in the best of shape for the game and will be fighting hard for a victory. Against Choudrant, the lighter Trojan line outfought and outplayed the Aggie husky forward wall and as a result local fans do not believe it will have much difficulty in holding its own. Even without the aid of their regu­lar tackle, Watts, last week the line played as near a perfect game as is possible to play.


Headed by Red Anders, fullback, the Hornets of Arcadia will come here with a fine team. Anders is a hard driver and may deal the Trojans plen­ty of misery before the game is over. The Hornets and the Trojans will weigh about the same. Reports say that Arcadia has a fast and light team with a backfield that really can go places when their equally as good line opens up big holes for them. However, in the Trojans the Hornets will not only run up against a classy line but will see several of the fastest backs in this section.


Tallulah has a record this year that is good despite the fact that it is marred by one loss and that to Ouachita, a Class A aggregation. This loss is the only one suffered by the locals since they became state champions in 1931. They have scored a total of 135 points in the nine games played against 32 for opponents. In the two Class A games, Ouachita shaded the Trojans 13-0 and the Trojans beat the Bastrop Rams 19-0.


The Tallulah team is being groom­ed by Coach Phillips this week to perfect not only their running attack but mainly a pass defense. Work is also being stressed on passing, punt­ing, blocking and dummy tackling. The local mentor is taking no chances on having any of his charges injured and consequently only a few light scrimmages have taken place.


Enthusiasm is running high here in Tallulah and fans are eager to see their classy little team capture the Class B grid title of the state for the third successive season.


The winner of Friday's contest will meet the victor of the southern dis­trict for the state championship. Ca­thedral high of Lafayette and Var­nado high school will battle Saturday for the southern crown.


ARCADIA, La., Dec.11.--(Special) —After two weeks of idleness the Arcadia high school gridiron war­riors have returned to practice in earnest in preparation for the class B title playoff for north Louisiana  with Tallulah. The game will be played in Tallulah Friday at 2:30 p. m.


Much enthusiasm is being shown this year by Arcadia fans over the small team that has gone through the season successfully. After two weeks of rest, Coach Hassell expects to put his full strength into the game as all injuries have healed. The rest also has served to give the boys their "second wind" and they are ready to give their best performance of the year, the coach states.


The football players will Ieave Arcadia Friday morning at 8:00 and arrive at Tallulah in plenty of time to rest. If enough students plan to go the game, a part-holiday will be declared, enabling the faculty and others to see the contest. Quite a number of Arcadia fans have expressed their intentions of seeing the  game, despite the distance.


The winner of the game Friday in Tallulah will meet the south Louis­iana representative.


Tallulah and Arcadia Meet Today For Title

Both Teams Reported To Be At Best for North Louisiana Championship


The Tallulah Trojans and the Arcadia Hornets will battle it out here today for the championship of North Louisiana. The game will be played at the new high school field, and will begin promptly at 2:30 p. m.


Visitors from all over this sec­tion are expected to come here to see the contest and those who have not seen the Trojans perform will be in for a rare treat. Fans are expected from Monroe, Arcadia, Rayville, Delhi, Lake Providence, Newellton, St. Joseph, Waterproof and other towns.


Both teams will be in top shape for the tilt and each will be out to capture the crown. In weight the two are about equal, the Trojans' line averaging 153 and the Hornets line averaging 150 pounds. The starting backfield for the Trojans will weigh in at 135 pounds while that of the Hornets will better this slightly, averaging 139 pounds. The largest man on the Hornets roster is Charles Daniel who tips the scales at 170 while Ralph Hol­loway takes the honor for the Trojans, his weight being 180. In the Hornet backfield Gerald Hightower weighs 115 while Mac Cagnolatti of the Trojans weighs 125.


With Captain Watts back at his starting position, the Trojans ex­pect to be even stronger than ever and hope to turn in a better game than last week. Against the Chou­drant Aggies the line played almost as near a perfect game as was possible to play. If they can play this brand of football today than they will be hard to beat. The Hornets are reported to have sev­eral fast backs and the Tallulah team will have to see to it that these boys do not get out into the open. On the other hand, the Hor­nets are tackling one of the best little high school teams in this part of the country and will have plenty of trouble on their hands.


The winner of today's contest will meet the victor of the southern crown at a later date. Cathedral High of Lafayette, the team Tal­lulah defeated last year 20-13 for the state championship, will meet Varnado High School tomorrow for the title.

            The probable starting lineups:

            Tallulah                     Pos.    Arcadia

            Smith                         LE        Daniel

            R. Holloway             LT J. E. Beard

            S. Scurria, Jr.           LG       R. Beard

            S. C. Scurria             C          Madden

            H. Holloway             RG       Murphey

            Watts                         RT       Simpson

            C. Wade                    RE       Goff

            J. Wade                     QB      Edens

            Morton                     RH       Hightower

            M. Cagnolatti           LB        Ursery

            Scott                          FB       Anders




Record Crowd Expected As Two Strong Teams Meet At Tallulah

TALLULAH, Dec. 13.‑(Special)-'Coach "Ma'' Phillips' Tallulah Tro­jans will trot out on the field full strength and with fighting spirit when they meet the Arcadia Hornets here Friday for the Class B championship of north Louisiana. The contest will begin at 2:30 p. m. and will attract visitors from all over this section and from the neighboring state of Mis­sissippi.


Rounding out another week of strenuous practice, the Tallulah team is all set for the title battle. The squad wound up its work Thursday with a snappy signal drill intermingled with a bit of passing, punt­ing and a polishing off of formations. The local mentor instructed his team of some thirty-odd players to retire early on the eve of the all-important, game.


Every man on the squad is reported to be at his best and the Trojans will be ready to put up the greatest bat­tle yet. With two weeks rest, Captain Watts is in fine shape to play sixty minutes of football at right tackle. The fleet Tallulah backs, Morton, the Cagnolatti brothers, Jimmy Wade, Scott and Jones are all ready to start the fracas. Every man in the line is "raring to go" and the Trojans will "shoot the works," if necessary, against the Black and Gold eleven.


In weight the two teams will stand at about the same. The starting Hornet backfield will average 146 pounds to 135 for the Trojans; the Ar­cadia line shows a 150 pound average and the Tallulah line 153. The largest man on the Hornet roster is Charles Daniel, at left end, who tips the scale at 170. Ralph Holloway of the Trojans weighs 180. The Arcadia team lost only one game this season and that was to the Dubach Plungers, who were later ruled ineligible. They played Ruston a tie game and from a standpoint of comparison, Ruston beat Ouachita while Ouachita whip­ped Tallulah. However, Ruston de­feated Bastrop and so did the Trojans. The Hornets, accompanied by several hundred fans, will arrive here around noon Friday.


            Probable starting lineups:

            Tallulah                     Pos.    Arcadia

            Smith                         LE        Daniel

            R. Holloway             LT        J. E. Beard

            S. Scurria. Jr             LG       R. Beard

            S. C. Scurria             C          Madden

            Holloway                  RG       Murphey

            Watts                         RT       Simpson

            C. Wade                    RE       Goff

            Wade                         QB      Edens

            Morton                     RH       Hightower

            M. Cagnolatti           LH       Ursery

            Scott                          FB       Anders





TALLULAH, La., Dec. 13—Rally­ing to the defense of the first class "B" Louisiana gridiron championship, the blue and gold shirted Trojans of Tallulah High school will attempt Friday to repulse the invasion if a mighty band of Ar­cadia gridders in a battle which will determine the winner of the northern Louisiana title.


Winners of the "B" division crown last year, the Trojans have worn it like real kings this year, losing but a single game and tying two, in spite of the loss of 13 out of 19 lettermen from last year's squad.


But what makes the Tallulah supporters shudder with fear as they look toward the Arcadia contest is the fact that the only team the Trojans lost this year was to Ouachita parish High school, a team which defeated Tallulah 13 to 0 and in turn was easily licked by Ruston, a team which Arcadia battled to a tie in a game it should have won without a strug­gle.


Comparative scores, if they mean anything, point to Arcadia as the favorites to dethrone the Trojans who have overcome insurmountable odds to amount to a really great team under the tutelage of Coach M. A. Phillips, who starred at halfback for Louisiana College six years ago.

Big Crowd Expected

Favorites or no favorites, the Trojans will be out for blood Friday. The kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 and one of the largest crowds of the season is expected to turn out for the game. A large crowd must pass through the turnstiles, or else the Tallulah High School Athletic Association will find itself in the red, because the expenses of bringing Arcadia to Tallulah for the game, have been greater than was at first anticipated.


Out of the 13 lettermen lost by the squad this year, seven were star backs. Coach Phillips found himself faced with the necessity of developing an entire new team to carry on and a light array of ma­terial greeted him at the first practice session last fall.


The green eleven improved from game to game. Showed increasing strength and won over tough foes. Phillips was pleased, because in the youngsters of this year he could see the veterans of tomorrow.


When the Trojans face Arcadia, it will be the first time this season that they have played a team that did not outweigh them. As a matter of fact the visitors will be light but plenty fast, deceptive and air minded. They are expect­ing to win by at least three touchdowns, which according to Tallulah dope is about right, only Arcadia does not figure in the win column with them.

Trojans Have Good Line

The strength of the Trojans lies in their great line where S. C. Scurria, playing his first year at center and Sam Scurria, senior guard, are showing worlds of speed and power. H. Holloway, a newcomer at guard, tipping the beam: at 165 is playing his first year at that position and is playing it like a veteran. At tackles there are the stars of several seasons, Captain Watts and Ralph Holloway. Watts weighs 176 and is one of the best linesmen in the state, but so is his mate who carries 180 pounds and is exceedingly fast and hard to stop.


T. A. Smith and Lancaster, the Trojan ends, both of them young­sters, have made Tallulah fans forget all about the all-state pivot men of the past, so efficient and air-tight has been their offensive and defensive tactics this season. Smith has been out all week because of illness but will probably be in shape for the Arcadia battle.


The backfield, composed of J. Wade at quarter, a great blocker, M. Cagnolatti, only letterman back from last year's ball carrying de­partment and a capable halfback, Harry Don Morton, brother of the famous Junior Morton, member of last year's state champion squad and Jones and Scott, who have al­ternated at fullback with marked success.


But these are not all. There is Odo Cagnolatti, who works in line when his brother is on the bench, is a valued member of the team. Coad is doing fine work in the backfield, subbing for J. Wade and once this year he raced an enemy punt back for 95 yards and a touchdown. Bethea, who injured his knee early in the season, and H. Smith, are other Trojans who are sure to develop into consistent ground gainers.

C. Wade Slated to Play

C. Wade, the most versatile man on the team will replace Smith at left end if Smith is unable to start against the Arcadians. Although he does not usually start, Wade seldom misses a game, and he can  perform equally well at any posi­tion in the line.


Byram at guard, Newman at tackle and Bryant at end are in good shape for the approaching contest while Alexander and H. Watts are likely to see service in the game.


The winner of the Tallulah-Ar­cadia game will meet the winner of the Varnado-Lafayette (Cathe­dral) game for the state class B title. This is the third straight year Tallulah has won the district championship and Coach Phillips attributes the long string of Trojan wins to the fact that his boys have been the inspired underdogs in every game this season.


            The probable lineups for Friday's game:

            Arcadia                     Pos.    Tallulah

            C. Daniel                   LE        C. Wade

            J. Beard                     LT        R. Holloway

            R. Beard                    LG       S. Scurria

            R. Madden               C          C. Scurria

            M. Murphy              RG       H. Holloway

            Simpson                    RT       E. Watts (c)

            Goff                            RE       Lancaster

            Edens                         QB      J. Wade

            Hightower                LH       M. Cagnolatti

            Ursery                       RH       Morton

            Anders                       FB       Jones





Cagnolatti, Morton And Wade Lead Attack Against Hornets


TALLULAH, Dec. 14.—(Special)—The Tallulah Trojans successfully defended their north Louisiana Class B football championship here this afternoon by routing the Arcadia high school Hornets, 25 to 0.


The two teams battled on even terms during the first period, when several Tallulah fumbles proved costly, but from then on, the visitors were helpless. The Trojans made 19 first downs to four for the Hornets.


The game was featured by the fine ball carrying of Mac Cagnolatti, the Trojans' brilliant halfback, who not only scored a touchdown himself but put the ball in scoring position by returning a punt to the Hornet 22 yard line midway in the second pe­riod for another score. Harry Don Morton came in for his share of the glory by scoring two touchdowns for the Trojans and he turned in an ex­cellent brand of football. Sensational off tackle runs were recorded by Jimmy Wade, Tallulah quarterback, who played a great game, both of­fensively and defensively.


Each team made one first down in the opening quarter which found the ball changing hands frequently. Tal­lulah chalked up a score at the outset of the second period. Taking the oval in midfield, the Trojans marched straight down the field to the invaders' goal line without a hobble. On line plays with Wade, W. Cagnolatti and Morton carrying the brunt of the attack, the locals, on successive first downs, went to the visitors' six yard line. On the second play, Morton shot through left tackle for the first score. Watts kicked from placement and the score was 7 to 0 for the Trojans.


The Blue and Gold eleven marched down the field for another touchdown in less than 10 minutes after scoring the first. Tallulah kicked off to the 10 yard stripe and "Red" Anders, Hornet fullback, returned to his own 33. Three plays and a five yard penalty against the Trojans gave Ar­cadia a first down on their own 45. The Hornets then punted to M. Cag­nolatti on the Tallulah 40. Mac streaked into a mass of players in the center of the field, crossed over to the left sideline and was finally brought down on the Black and Gold 22 yard line, the run being good for 37 yards.


Morton then hit center for two yards and M. Cagnolatti circled right end for 10 yards and a first down on the nine yard line. Morton went around left end for the second score. Watts missed the extra point from placement and the score at the half stood 13 to 0 for the defending cham­pions.


The Trojans scored another touchdown almost at the start of the third period. Arcadia kicked off and Tallulah took the ball on their own 39. On a sustained drive from this point, with Wade, Morton and M. Cagnolatti toting the leather, the Trojans ad­vanced the oval to the Hornet one-foot line where M. Cagnolatti hit left tackle for the touchdown. The drive was featured by four successive first clowns and a 17-yard run off left tackle by M. Cagnolatti. J. Wades' drop kick for the extra point hit the goal post and bounded back into the field of play.


Just before the third period ended, the local team started another drive and scored on the first play of the fourth period. Taking a Hornet punt on their own 40, four Trojan first downs carried the oval to the in­vaders' 10. This drive was featured by a 14 yard run around left end by Morton. With the ball on Arcadia’s 10 yard stripe, Tallulah was penalized 15 yards for holding, placing the oval on the 25, but on the next play, M. Cagnolatti sprinted around left end for 20 yards and a first down on the three yard line. J. Wade picked up two yards on a reverse and then he scored on a fake through right tackle.  Watts missed the extra point.


The contest ended with the Trojans pushing another drive from their own 21 to take the ball to the nine yard stripe. Six successive first downs were made in this final effort to shove over another touchdown. It was in this quarter that W. Cagno­latti occupied the spotlight, turning in an excellent performance.


Shining lights the Trojan backfield included both the Cagnolattis, J. Wade and Morton. On defense the work of R. Holloway, C. Wade, S. C. Scurria, Watts and Herman Holloway was outstanding. Anders, hard driv­ing Hornet fullback, was the only threat for the Arcadia team, and his work was good, despite the fact that he was forced to carry the brunt of his team's attack.

            The lineup:

            Arcadia         Pos.    Tallulah

            Daniel            LE        C. Wade

            J. Beard         LT        R. Holloway

            R. Beard        LG       S. Scurria

            Madden        C          S. C. Scurria

            Murphy         RG       H. Holloway

            Simpson        RT       Watts

            Goff                RE       Lancaster

            Edens             QB      J. Wade

            Hightower    HB       Morton

            Ursery           HB       M. Cagnolatti

            Anders           FB       Jones
            Score by periods:

            Arcadia          0   0  0 0— 0

            Tallulah         0 13 6 6—25
            Scoring touchdowns: Tallulah, Mor­ton (2), M. Cagnolatti, J. Wade. Point after touchdown: Watts (placement); First downs: Tallulah 19, Arcadia 4.    Penalties, Tallulah 30 yards, Arcadia 5 yards.

            Officials: McFarland (L. S. U.), referee; Fox (Georgia), umpire; Brown (L S. U.), head linesman; Cole (L. S. U.), field judge.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Had less opposition than we had thought. Nothing but straight football all the way through. One of best offensive games of year. The whole team worked smoothly all the way through. No outstanding players – all did exceptionally well – lost Scott with torn ligament in ankle.


Tallulah Goes into Finals Of Football Race


Evening Post Sports Writer


TALLULAH, La., Dec. 14--Tallulah High school's Trojans football hosts served notice on South Louisiana gridiron teams here Friday that for the second consecutive year they are the team to beat for the Class "B" championship of Louisiana.


The warning that the blue and gold platoon will be extremely hard to stop in the title clash at either Varnado or Lafayette next week was posted along with news of the team's impressive victory over an Arcadia eleven too outclassed to occupy the same stadium with the Trojans, but game enough to make things interesting for the spectators at spasmodic intervals.


The score, which doesn't mean so much in this particular game, was 26 to 0. It might have been larger, but could have been no smaller with Morton, M. Cagnolatti, J. Wade, Jones and Company running wild over the frost-bitter greensward—running with the reck­lessness of a thundering herd, the speed of a rocket, the daring of old Hector's tribe.


The reason the score isn't as important is because it fails to tell the whole story of the vast supremacy of the Trojan machine, a machine invented by M. A. Phillips looked upon as a genius among Louisiana high school football coaches.


With an abundance of starting and reserve power to spare, Coach Phillips held his rip-snorting charges under tight rein throughout most of the game, allowing them to steam roller their oppon­ents only in the second period, and then only because the team had gotten off to a poor start and needed some running to get warm­ed up.


Although he scored two touchdowns and performed brilliantly in every play, it was not Morton who won the game for Tallulah. The touchdowns of Wade and M. Cagnolatti, while aiding materially, did not win the game for the Trojans and neither did Captain Watt's extra point from placement.


A great, perfectly balanced and minutely timed football team of eleven cracker-jack players won the game, what was generally routed conceded to have been the most formidable eleven produced in Northwest Louisiana in many years.


Like a sputtering ear on a code morning, the Trojans took the entire first period to get then machine to hitting on all cylinders. Then, without warning, they started a race toward the goal—a race which was not finished until the Hornet defended white stripe had been crossed four times by three hip-twisting, side stepping, stiff arming ball carriers.


Running into a line no heavier than their own for the first time this year, the Trojan forwards went through the golden phalanx like tea through a strainer, circled ends with thrilling exhibitions of blocking to amass a total of 201 yards from scrimmage and roll up 19 first downs to four for the visitors, two of which were made on passes.


The Arcadians didn't have a song on the defense and had it not been for Red Anders would have been hopelessly beaten. Anders, a big strawberry blonde with hands like hams, did the only gaining of the game for his team, played a stellar defensive game and gave fans a thrill in the fourth stanza when he pulled three forward passes in succession from the air, only to drop the one that would probably have meant a touchdown.


But by himself, Anders was helpless. He fumed and he fussed with his mates trying to rally them, but after the first quarter the Hornets had lost all of their sting and most of their strut and that left nothing for Red to do but brood over his worries.


With the Arcadia defense gone haywire, Tallulah's fast moving backs scored their first touchdown midway the second quarter on a sustained drive down the field. Taking the ball on their own 43, the Trojans moved it up to within striking distance on a series of smashing line plays and end sweeps and Morton lugged it over from the two yard stripe for six points. Watts dropped back and kicked a perfect placement


W. Cagnolatti's brilliant 44 yard return of an Arcadia punt paved the way for the second Trojan touchdown before the period ended. With the oval on the 20 yard marker, M. Cagnolatti stepped off nine yards to the 11 from where Morton sprinted through a big opening off left tackle and crossed the goal line without so much as having been touched. The attempt­ed placekick was blocked.


Substituting freely, Coach Phillips sent a changed lineup into the contest as the second half opened and the combination proved suc­cessful, because the Trojans took the opening kickoff and worked it back to the Arcadia goal in breathtaking style.


After Holloway had returned the long kickoff six yards, Mac Cag­nolatti scooted through a maze of Hornets and sprinted 25 yards before being pulled down by the safety man. J. Wade hit the line four times for a total of 26 yards and shortly after M. Cagnolatti had made first down on the one yard stripe, he shot through a gap off tackle and scored.


Sending in more reserves as the fourth quarter began, Phillips saw the first play of the period produce another touchdown as Wade got through from the three yard line to tally. This touchdown came as the result of a weak Arcadia punt and some fine running by Morton, who was every bit as dazzling in this game as his brother was last year.


The entire Tallulah line perform­ed spectacularly with Captain Watts and S. C. Scurria, Jr., stand­ing out. The backs were all good, with those not showing dazzling running ability turning in some excellent interference.


Murphy, a light guard and Daniel 170 pound end, were best in the Arcadia line.


            The lineups:

            Arcadia         Pos     Tallulah

            Daniel            LE        C. Wade

            J. Beard         LT        R. Holloway

            Beard             L G      S. Scurria

            Madden        C          S. C. Scurria, Jr.

            Murphy         RG       H. Holloway

            Simpson        RT       Watts

            Goss               RE       Lancaster

            Edens             QB      J. Wade

            Hightower    L H      Morton

            Ursery           RH       Cagnolatti

            Anders           FB       Jones
            Score by periods:

            Tallulah         0  13 6 6—25

            Arcadia          0   0  0  0 _  0

            Scoring touchdowns: Morton (2);M. Cagnolatti and Wade.

            Points after touchdown: Watts, from placement.

            Officials: McFarland, (L. S. U.), referee; Fox, Georgia, umpire; Percey Brown, (L. S. U.), head linesman; Cole, (L. S. U.), field judge.


            First downs; Tallulah 19 Arcadia 4

            Punts: Tallulah two for average of 33 yards.

                         Arcadia four for average of 24 yards

            Passes attempted: Tallulah none.

                                                Arcadia 6.

            Passes completed: Tallulah none.

                                                Arcadia three for 40 yards.

            Passes intercepted: Tallulah 1. Arcadia 0.

            Penalties: Tallulah 30 yards.

                               Arcadia 5 yards.

            Fumbles: Tallulah 2. Arcadia 1.

            Fumbles recovered: Arcadia 2. Tallulah 1.

            Yards gained from scrimmage: Tallulah 203,

                                                                       Arcadia 45

            Yards lost from scrimmage: Tallulah 8.

                                                                 Arcadia 23.



Battle For Class B Grid Title Is Slated At Madison Capital


TALLULAH, La., Dec. 17.-(Spe­cial)-The battle for the Class B - football championship of Louisiana will be fought here Friday afternoon between the Varnado high school eleven from Washington parish and the Tallulah Trojans. defending champions. The game is scheduled to begin at 2:30 o'clock.


Varnado hasn't been defeated this season and in one game scored 126 points against its opponent. They won the south Louisiana championship by defeating Cathedral high school of Lafayette, 19 to 13, the same team Tallulah beat for the title last year, 20-13.


The invaders will average 160 to 165 pounds per man in weight and are a "long and rangy" crew that depends chiefly on passing to win their games. A Tulane system of plays and formation is employed.


Coach Blake will bring his squad here Thursday.


The Trojans will go against the Varnado eleven without the services of their regular fullback, Scott, who is out with a torn ligament. The rest of the squad is in fine shape, however, and eager to start.


Officials for the game will be Fox and Moffett from Louisiana Tech, "Red" Swanson and Jimmy Francis from Southeastern college of Ham­mond.



Tallulah To Be Outweighed In Battle For Title Next Friday


TALLULAH, Dec. 19.-(Special)-With probably their toughest assign­ment of the year facing them, the Tallulah Trojans, class B defending champions, settled down to serious work this week in preparation for their game here Friday with Varnado high school for the championship of the state. According to dope and records, the Madison parish squad will enter the contest as the underdog.


Outweighed by a wide margin, the Trojans will see plenty of trouble before the contest is finished. Not only will weight be against them but the boys from Washington parish are practically all six-footers and can really move around on a gridiron. The south Louisiana champions fea­ture a pass attack as their chief ground gainer and against Cathedral high of Lafayette last week, four out of every five plays wore passes. The visitors also have a powerful run­ning attack and to prove this, they were on the short end of a 7-0 count at the half against the Catholics. Var­nado scored once in the third quar­ter and twice in the last eight min­utes of play to win the game after Cathedral had scored another touchdown to take the lead 13-6 at the start of the last period.


Coach Phillips hopes to perfect an air-tight pass defense by the end of the week in order that his Trojans may be able to protect their goal line. The local mentor does not intend to ease up on running plays and will polish up on formations which will feature Mac Cagnolatti and Harry Don Morton, the two backs who ran wild against Arcadia last Friday. Both men are in great shape and the other backs. Jimmy Wade. Ray Jones, W. Cagnotlatti and Hunter Coad are all "raring to get going." Walter Scott, who was injured in the game  with Arcadia, will not play Friday. His regular position at fullback will be taken care of by Ray Jones who has played consistent ball all season.


This year's Trojan team is due for much worthy mention since at the outset of the season, the chances for a championship outfit were none too bright. Local fans predicted another good team but didn't quite see championship possibilities for the third straight year.


However, first honorable mention go to Coach Phillips, former Louisi­ana college star, who has produced another winning squad despite the fact that he practically had to rebuild this year's Trojan machine as the entire backfield last season was grad­uated and most of the line went by the same route. Exactly 41 men reported to Phillips on the first of Sep­tember, all new material with the ex­ception of seven returning lettermen. And now the team whose outlook looked none too bright at the open­ing of the season is entering the finals of the state championship for the third successive year. Much credit is due Coach Phillips for his excellent coaching abilities and for his placing the Tallulah team in the high rank they now hold.


Tickets for the game are selling for 25 and 75 cents and the largest crowd of the season is expected Friday.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Scouted game with Cathedral at Lafayette. Varnado played rather ragged. If they play the same kind of ball against us we should win by not less than three touchdowns. However, I expect to win by two touchdowns.




Record Crowd Expected At Tallulah For Annual `B' Classic


TALLULAH, Dec. 20.-(Special)-For the third successive season, Talllulah's Blue and Gold Trojans were all set to defend their Class B state championship when they tangle with the Varnado Wildcats from south Louisiana here Friday at 2:30. Vis­itors from all over this section of the state are expected to wend their way to the capital seat of Madison parish to witness the contest between the two best Class B football representatives in the state.


The Varnado team was expected to arrive here early this afternoon and to establish their headquarters at a local hotel to await game time. Some fifteen players accompanied by their coaches, to be later followed by several car loads of south Louisiana fans, were expected here as guests.


In the meantime, preparations were going forward to handle the large crowds and circulars have been dis­tributed in all the surrounding par­ishes as well as in the neighboring town of Vicksburg, Miss., where there are many Trojan supporters who will take time out from other activities to see the clash. A huge banner float­ing gayly in the breezes, stretches across the town's main thoroughfare and announces in large crimson let­ters that there is a "game Friday, playing Varnado." The weather beaten sign had withstood the rain and wind of three seasons, counting the 1934 campaign, and hopes to see the Trojans through their third state championship with a glorious victory.


Football gossip is nothing new here in Tallulah because the town is na­turally football conscious, having so many well posted on the nation's sport. Nothing much is known of the, strength of the invaders but the facts are known that the squad averages 165 pounds, are practically all six-footers, and have one of the best passing games possible for a high school team. Even at that, Trojan supporters have every faith in their team and believe that they will take the south Louisiana huskies into camp.


The local eleven was declared to be in great shape for the game after another week of severe practice which included a going over of everything they knew. Both Cagnolatti brothers were reported in fine condition.  M. Cagnolatti, the elder of the two, has been one of the chief ground gain­ers for the Trojans throughout the 1934 season. Mac can not only run with the ball but is adept at passing it. Odo Cagnolatti is seeing his first year of service and has turned in a fine brand of ball. Odo is shifty and is a fleet runner who is hard to catch. Harry Don Morton, Trojan back, is also playing his first year and has been a sensation the whole year. Morton is a real triple threat. He is noted for his returning of punts and mainly for his punting ability, many of his kicks going for as far as 65 yards. Jimmy Wade has proved to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to play with Tallulah high. Jimmy lugs the ball in fine style and his calling signals is unexcelled. Ray Jones and Walter Scott, fullbacks, have alternated at the position and both have handled the job in a capable manner.


In the line, the work of R. Holloway and Captain Watts at tackles has been outstanding the whole year. Both tackle hard and block better and they combine to make it two reasons why so few gains have been made through the Tallulah line this season. C. Wade has been the most consistent player on the Trojan team during the 1934 campaign. Every game this young­ster plays is good and he can be called upon to fill almost any job in the line. The two guards, Sam Scur­ria and Herman Holloway, have also been outstanding. Scurria is the old­est man on the squad in point of service. Herman Holloway is a newcomer to the team but his great defensive work gave him the starting assignment in every game. At center the work of S. C. Scurria has been so far above par that his worth to the team has been a necessity. As a tac­kler little Sam is hard to beat. The two ends, Smith and Lancaster, have taken care of their flanks in a pleas­ing manner and both come in for their share of merits.


Ten members of the Trojan squad will be given their "swan song" as­signment, one of these, Scott, being unable to play. These ten are: Ralph Holloway, Herman Holloway, Sam Scurria, Clyde Wade, Ray Jones, Wal­ter Scott, Edgar Lancaster, J. H. Bry­ant, Joe Magee, and Herman Smith. Probable starting lineups:

            Tallulah                     Pos.    Varnado

            C. Wade                    L.E       Adams

            R. Holloway             L.T       G. Warner

            S. Scurria, Jr             L.G      J. Fornea

            S. C. Scurria             C          N. Fornea

            H. Holloway             R.G     G. Frazier

            Watts                         R.T      Simons

            Lancaster                  R.E      C. Fornea

            J. Wade                     Q.B     B. Thompson

            Morton                     R.H     S. Fornea

            M. Cagnolatti           L.H      C. Warner

            Jones                          F.B      B. Williams




Tallulah Captures Third Successive Grid Crown In Close Game


TALLULAH, La., Dec. 21.—(Special) —For the third successive year the Tallulah Trojans captured the state Class B football championship here this afternoon by defeating the Var­nado Wildcats, 14 to 6. Trailing six to nothing at the end of the first period, the Trojan squad came back strong to score once each in the second and third quarters and convert both extra points to win the game.


The Tallulah team had to cope with a powerful passing attack presented by the visitors in the second half and time and again was backed up against its goal line, only to make a staunch stand to prevent a score. Thompson, the invaders' weighty quarterback, was the boy who hurled the passes and he played great ball for the visitors eleven, aided by Adams, right end


M. Cagnolatti and Harry Morton were the Trojans who started the initial touchdown drive for their team after Varnado had scored on a powerful drive from the champions' 43 yard line to take an early lead. Morton was hard to stop and could have contributed much more had he not been injured late in the second period. M. Cagnolatti was the star of the day and the little fellow sliced off tackle and swept around end in a manner that bewildered the Wildcats. Thus this fleet Tallulah back ended his 1934 season with the Trojans in a blaze of glory.


But due credit must be given to James Wade, declared to be the best quarterback ever to wear a Tallulah uniform. His calling of plays against the heavy Varnado squad was ex­ceptionally good and he won the ad­miration of the large crowd. The entire Trojan line covered themselves with glory and the last half saw the boys from south Louisiana take to the air in a last desperate attempt to escape. They couldn't penetrate the Blue and Gold line.


Varnado took the lead just before the end of the first period on a smashing drive down the field. Tak­ing the ball on the Trojan 43, Wil­liams, S. Fornea and Thompson al­ternated to advance to the local one yard line where Thompson bucked right tackle for the score. An attempted pass for the extra point fell wide but the invaders were off to a good start.


Midway in the second period Tal­lulah recovered a Varnado fumble the visitors' 48 yard line from where they marched straight down the field for a score. Ray Jones, Tallulah back, slipped off tackle for 5 yards and Morton circled left end for 12 yards and a first     down on the enemy 31 yard line. M. Cagnolatti skirted right end for 14 yards and another first down on the 11. Jones hit center for 5 yards and on a reverse off right tackle M. Cagnolatti lugged the oval to the two yard stripe. In two attempts Jones crashed center for the touchdown and Cap­tain Watts kicked goal to give the Madison parish lads a 7-6 lead as the half ended.


The Tallulah team came right back in the third period to chalk up another score kick the point and clinch the game. With Morton out the two Cagnolattis  started at the half. As the quarter got under way Varnado took the ball on their own 19 and punted out to their own 45. W. Cagnolatti returning to the visi­itors' 27. Four plays gained a first down on the invaders 15. J. Wade on a criss-cross around left end gained three yards, and W. Cagnolatti picked up one more and Jones another, and M. Cagnolatti dashed around right end to score standing up. Watts kicked another perfect goal.


The visitors filled the air with long passes in the last few minutes of play and made a great march to the Tro­jans two yard line but here the line stiffened and the ball went over to Tallulah.


In the Tallulah backfield every man played well. The entire line played brilliant ball with Watts, R. Holloway, H. Holloway and S. Scurria, Jr., outstanding. Williams, S. For­nea and Thompson played well for Varnado while Adams at left end, C. Fornea and G. Warner starred in the line.


The contest was played under ideal weather conditions and a crowd of 2,000 or more saw the Trojans take the title for the third straight season.


            Tallulah                     Pos.    Varnado

            T. Smith                     LE        Adams

            R. Holloway             LT        G. Warner

            S. Scurria, Jr             LG       J. Fornea

            S. C Scurria               C          N. Fornea

            H Holloway             RG       Frazier

            Watts                         RT       Simmons

            Lancaster                  RE       C. Fornea

            Wade                         QB      Thompson

            Morton                     HB       C. Warner

            W. Cagnolatti          HB       Fornea

            Jones                          FB       Williams

            Score by Quarters

            Tallulah         0 7 7 0—14

            Varnado        6 0 0 0— 6

            Scoring touchdowns. Tallulah, Jones, M. Cagnolatti; Varnado, Thompson

            Extra point Tallulah, Wade one from placement

            First downs: Tallulah 8, Varnado 9.

            Penalties Tallulah 30 yards, Varnado 20

            Substitutions:  C. Wade for Smith, M. Cagnolatti for W. Cagnolatti, Alexander for S. Scurria, Coad for Morton.

Officials: Referee Francis (Millsaps), Umpire Swanson (LSU), Head linesman Fox (Georgia)


Tallulah Wins Louisiana Title For Third Time

Trojans Score in 2nd, 3rd Quarters To Chalk Up Close Victory, 14-6


Post-Herald Sports Writer


TALLULAH, La., Dec. 22 -- If courage meant most, Tallulah would have won, if skill was su­preme, Tallulah would have won and if power, speed and deception were considered, Tallulah would have come out ahead.


Tallulah, by the way, did win 14 to 6.


Speaking about the state cham­pionship game Friday between the Trojans and Varnado's pack of fighting Wildcats. It was a nip and tuck, '"whip" of a game, filled with color, alive with excitement and thrills. First one team and then the other threatened to carry off the lead, but Tallulah finally did, which more than pleased the 2,000 fans who had turned out for the gridiron classic, the battle of the century.


Which meant, of course, that the Trojans had won the Louisiana class B title three times in a row, something that no other team before them had ever done. A tribute to the coaching prowess of M. A. (Ma) Phillips, former Louisiana College halfback star, more glory to the men in blue and gold.


Stunned by the fierceness of the Wildcat attack, the fans, including scores of spectators from Vicksburg and northeast Louisiana towns whose school elevens the Trojans had conquered in their march to the finals, sat bewildered throughout the first quarter, awe stricken as the visitors from south central Louisiana pushed over a touchdown, promised to hold the Trojan backs in complete check and break the team's long chain of victories.


But the scene changes. We move into the dramatic second quarter. Tallulah is trailing 6 to 0. The blue and gold warriors cut loose with a rip-roaring, bone-crushing attack, score a touchdown, take a one point lead at the half as Captain Watts makes good an extra point kick from placement and fight off every rally of the 13 man team from the south and become the football idols of Madison parish, of the Louisiana class B realm.


"They are simply great," an ar­dent Varnado rooter remarked at the close of the greatest gridiron contest in Tallulah's history. "We thought we had them licked, but they were too good for us. The best team won. We congratulate you. Salute you as the best team we have met this year."


Thus it was throughout the entire city which had turned out en masse for the encounter which brought together two smooth, evenly match­ed teams, for Varnado presented a dangerous passing, hard tackling team with no reserves, poor field generalship.


The veteran Watts, captain of the Trojans led his line to a giant job, attempting to smother the power-house plays of a great set of backs, The two ends, Smith and Lancaster performed smoothly, drove in Var­nado interference, the tackles tac­kled, the guards tackled, the cen­ter smeared enemy plays right and left.


But to Mac Cagnolatti, race horse of a famous family of football players went the glory of carrying the school's colors in the determined assault on the Varnado ramparts. He steaked off tackle, squirmed through center, dashed over guard for gain after gain. He could not be stopped. Neither could Morton, as long as he remained in the game, as long as he played before going down with an injured leg late in the second period. Ray Jones was in there too, putting over a Tallulah marker, backing up the line perfectly, blocking like a de­mon, playing the greatest game of his career.


The visitors had a chance only as long as the first quarter sur­vived. When that twelve minutes ended, their hopes died as the Tro­jans took courage, manned their of­fensive guns, shot bolt after bolt of golden lightning into the ranks of the visiting hosts, won without being extended.


To come from behind in a cham­pionship game is a task. The men of Troy were equal to the task.


The Wildcats tallied first in the middle of the opening quarter after taking a poor punt from Morton on Tallulah's 45 and working the ball to within striking distance.


After advancing the pigskin to the 8-yard stripe on a series of daz­zling spinners, reverses and passes, the visitors sent L. Thompson across the touchdown line on a powerful off tackle buck which op­ened a hole big enough for a freight train to run through. After that there were no holes in the Tallu­lah line and a pass for the Varnado extra point was incomplete.


Tallulah countered just before the half ended after recovering a Var­nado fumble in midfield and march­ing to the goal line. Jones picked up five from the forty-five. Mor­ton scooted around end for 16 and a first down. Mac Cagnolatti brought the crowd up with a 14-yard sprint and another first down while Jones took the ball twice and scored the first Trojan touchdown. Watts kicked a perfect one from placement and the champions took the lead.


M. Cagnolatti's 14 yard return of a long Varnado punt opened the trail to the Wildcat goal line for the second time after 6 minutes of hard play in the third period. The little Frenchman was pulled down on Tallulah's 27 yard marker from where Wade, Cagnolatti and Jones alternated in moving the ball up to the Varnado 16 on a series of thrusts at the line and deceptive reverses.


Jones made a first down on the 15 yard line and a pass from W. Cagnolatti put the ball on the Wildcat 5 with first down and five to go. Wade was tossed back on an attempt to tackle but on

the next play Mac Cagnolatti got loose around right end and carried the ball across to give the blue and gold a 13 to 6 advantage. Watts made it 14 to 6 when he booted the oval through the uprights from placement and the game was won.


The last quarter was fought most­ly in Varnado territory, but the Trojans were satisfied to play de­fensive football, with their oppon­ents needing two touchdowns to win.


The Fornea, pronounced as though it were For-Nay, boys, play­ed bang-up games for the Wildcats and so did Williams, a plunging fullback who was hard to stop, espe­cially in the opening quarter, Thompson, quarter, and J. Adams, end, were also outstanding for the visitors.


The entire squad performed ad­mirably, impressed their coach and the fans, won the title, which was all anybody could ask.

The lineups:

Varnado        Pos.    Tallulah

J. Adams       LE        T. A. Smith

G. Warner    LT        R. Holloway

J. Fornea       LG       S. Scurria, Jr.

N. Fornea     C          S. C. Scurria

Frazier           RG       H. Holloway

Simmons       RT       Watts

C. Fornea      RE       Lancaster

Thompson    QB      J. Wade

C. Warner     LH       Morton

S. Fornea      RH       W. Cagnolatti

Williams        FB       Jones
By periods:

Tallulah         0 7 7 0—14

Varnado        6 0 0 0— 6

Scoring touchdowns: For Tallu­lah—Jones and M. Cagnolatti. For Varnado—Thompson. Points after touchdown for Tallulah, Watts (2) from placement.

Officials: Francis (Millsaps) ref­eree; Swanson (L. S. U.) umpire; (Georgia) head linesman; Moffett (Louisiana Tech) field judge.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Varnado played much better game than they did against Cathedral. We had the better team and played good football to win. Had to come from behind to win.




Large Crowd Sees Tallulah Win State Championship For Third Straight Year



Scoring in the second and third periods and converting both extra points, the Tallulah Trojans won the State Class B championship for the third straight year by defeat­ing the Varnado Wildcats here last Friday by .a score of 14-6 More than 2,000 saw the contest.


Throughout the first quarter the visitors from South Louisiana com­pletely outplayed the defending champions but the blue and gold eleven same back strong in the last quarters to gain an impressive victory. In the second half Varnado staged an aerial game which kept the Tallulah team on edge but the Wildcats never got anywhere with it. On several oc­casions the invaders marched deep into Trojan territory only to have the locals come to life and take over the ball on downs.


M. Cagnolatti, Tallulah's flashy back, was the star of the day, scoring one touchdown and getting off several nice runs which eventually led to the other. Harry Don Morton contributed his share towards accounting for the first Tal­lulah score and could have done more had he not been forced out of the game late in the second period with an injured knee. Odo Cagnolatti also turned in some nice work and many times his ball carrying brought the crowd to its feet. Ray Jones, Tallulah's hard charging fullback, tore some nice holes in the Varnado line and reeled off much yardage besides tallying the second touchdown. The Trojan line ended the season in a blaze of glory and it was because of their great playing that finally forced the visitors to take the air in a desperate attempt to score. The Varnado team played the entire game without a substi­tution.


The Trojans elected to kick off in the opening period, R. Hollo­way kicking off to Varnado's 20 yard line. The ball was returned to the 30. Williams of the visitors hit right tackle for 8 yards but gained nothing in two more plays and punted to the Tallulah 20. On the second play Morton punted poorly to his own 25 but the Tro­jans recovered. Varnado drew a 5 yard penalty for off sides and Morton then punted poorly to his own 30. Williams was thrown for a 3 yard loss but Thompson passed to Adams for 8 yards and a first down on the Trojan 22 and S For­nea got 3 yards off left tackle. After two plays the Wildcats fumbled and the local lads recovered on their own 13. Morton punted out to his own 43. Williams hit left tackle for 2 yards, S. Fornea got 6 more at the same place, and S. Fornea dashed through center for 12 yards and a first down on the Trojan 23. Thompson then went around right end for 14 yards and another first down on the 9. S. Fornea picked up a yard at center, and 3 more at left tackle. Thompson got 4 off right tackle and then hit the same spot for the touchdown. A pass for the extra point was wide to the receiver. The invaders kicked off to the Tallulah 5 and M. Cagnolatti carried the oval back to his own 28. Two plays and Morton kicked to his own 48. S. Fornea, lost 4 yards around right end as the first period came to a close.


S. Fornea found a large opening at right tackle and dashed 12 yards for a first down. A pass Thompson to Adams was good for another first down on the locals 22. On the next play Varnado drew a 15 yard penalty for holding. Thompson got nothing at center, Adams picked up 4 yards at right end and Thompson passed 10 yards to S. Fornea but the next play gained nothing and the ball went over to the Trojans on their own 14.


Morton got off a nice kick to the Varnado 43. Thompson got 4 yards at right end, Williams got 2 more at left tackle, S. Fornea 2 more at left tackle and S. Fornea 3 more at right tackle and a first down on the Tallulah 46. A pass was incomplete and a Varnado fumble was recovered by the Troy-men on the Wildcat 48. Jones hit left tackle for 5 yards and Mor­ton circled left end for 12 yards and a first down on the visitors 31. M. Cagnolatti then skirted right end for 14 yards and a first down on the 17. Jones crashed center for 5 more yards and M. Cagnolatti then lugged the pigskin to the invaders 2 yard line. On two tries Jones hit center for the score. Watts kicked a perfect placement to send the Trojans into a 7-6 lead. It. Holloway kicked off to the Varnado 46. Three plays gained nothing and Williams punted to the local 28. Morton got 2 yards at right end but was hurt on the play and replaced by Hunter Coad. Jones crashed cen­ter for 3 yards and Coad punted from his own 20 to the Varnado 30 as the half ended.


The Trojans kicked off to the visitors 20 to open the third quar­ter, Varnado returning to their own 36. Three plays failed to gain a first down and Varnado punted to the Tallulah 35. The Trojans were then penalized 15 yards for roughing, but came right back and made a first down, finally being forced to kick, Mack getting off a nice one to the invaders 30, the ball rolling to the 19. Varnado kicked back to their own 45 and W. Cagnolatti made a great return to the 27. On a criss-cross around left end James Wade reeled off 5 yards, Jones hit center for 2, Mac got 2 at right tackle and Jones made it a first down on the 15. Another first down carried the ball to the 4 yard line. On a criss-cross of left tackle J. Wade gain­ed nothing, Jones lost a yard on a fake off tackle but on the next play M. Cagnolatti ran around right end for the score. Captain Watts again kicked a perfect placement. Holloway kicked off to the visitors 30 and the south Louisiana boys started flipping deadly passes. Thompson passed to Adams for a first down and Thompson tossed another to Adams, good for 20 yards, for another first down on the Tallulah 41. Three passes, however, were incomplete and Varnado punted to the Trojan 8 as the last period got under way.


W. Cagnolatti fumbled and the visitors recovered on the blue and gold 10. Adams, Varnado end, then dropped a pass as he stepped over the goal line, Williams hit center for 5 yards, and got 3 more at the same place. With the oval on the 2 yard line S. Fornea attempted to carry it over but found a stone wall and the Trojans took possession of the oval on their own 3. M. Cagnolatti kicked out to his own 25. A pass was then intercepted by W. Cagnolatti on the local 19. M. Cagnolatti finally punted to his own 38. After three plays Varnado punted but Tallulah was penalized 15 yards for roughing which gave the invaders a first down on the 28. The ball finally went over to the Trojans on their own 24. Two first downs carried the oval to the Tallulah 45 as the game ended.


In the Tallulah backfield the playing of J. Wade, quarterback, was excellent and his calling of plays was unexcelled. Jimmy play­ed a consistent brand of ball the entire year and deserves much credit. For the visitors Thompson, S. Fornea and Williams did outstanding work in the backfield while Adams, G. Warner and Frazier played great in the line.


The lineups:

Tallulah                     Pos.    Varnado

Smith                         LE        Adams

R. Holloway             LT        G. Warner

S. Scurria, Jr.           LG       J. Fornea

S. C. Scurria             C          N. Fornea

H. Holloway             RG.     Frazier

Watts                         RT       Simmons

Lancaster                  RE       C. Fornea

J. Wade                     QB      Thompson

Morton                     RH       C. Warner

W. Cagnolatti          LH       S. Fornea

Jones                          FB       Williams

Score by Quarters:

Tallulah         0 7 7 0—14

Varnado        6 0 0 0— 6

Summary: Scoring Touchdowns: Tallulah, M. Cagnolatti, Jones; Varnado, Thompson. Extra Points: Tallulah, Watts (2). First Downs: Tallulah, 8; Varnado, 9. Officials : Referee, Francis (Milsaps); Um­pire, Swanson (L. S. U.) ; Head-linesman, Fox (Georgia) ; Field Judge, Moffett (La. Tech.).




R. Holloway, Tackle and H. Holloway, Guard, Honored On Grid Team


The Tallulah Trojans, State Champions of Class B for the third successive year, placed two men on the all-state football team for the 1934 season. The two men were Ralph Holloway, tackle, and Herman Holloway, guard. Both men played excellent football through the entire Trojan schedule and caused comment from coaches, sport writers and officials throughout this section.


Captain Edward Watts, tackle, and Harry Don Morton, halfback, received berths on the third team. Honorable mentions went to sev­eral other Trojan players.


On the Shreveport Times all north Louisiana Class B grid team Ralph Holloway of the Trojans was again chosen unanimously but he was the only Tallulah player to receive a position. J. B. Harrist of Dubach, who was on the 1933 all north Louisiana team, had to make room for Ralph Holloway and Charles Daniel of Arcadia. Dubach placed three men on the first team, Arcadia three and Tal­lulah, Choudrant, Sarepta, St. Joseph and Springhill, each fur­nished one player.


The following eleven players were selected to represent the first team:

J. L. Mount,              Dubach         L. E.

Chas. Daniel             Arcadia          L. T.

Cater                          Sarepta         L. G.

L. Smith                     Dubach         C.

M. Murphey            Arcadia          R. G.

R. Holloway             Tallulah         R. T.

B. Pipes                     Choudrant    R. E.

James Allen              Springhill      Q. B.

C. Chelette                St. John         H. B.

H. Ferguson             Dubach         H. B.

Horace Anders        Arcadia          F. B.

The following players made up the second Class B Team:

Johnson                    Dubach         L. E.

J. B. Harrist               Dubach         L. T.

S. Scurria                  Tallulah         L. G.

M. Green                  Springhill      C
Paul De Broeck       St. John         R. G.

Ed Watts                  Tallulah         R. T.

Perritt                        Doyline          R. E.

Colvin                        Dubach         Q. B.

Harmon                    Watenproof H. B.

Chic Pipes                 Choudrant    H. B.

E. Schuler                 Dubach         F. B.


The Trojans received the fol­lowing mentions in the Shreveport Times: End, C. Wade; backs, Morton, J. Wade.



All-North Louisiana `B' Team

PLAYER                              POSITION              TEAM

WIGGINS                              END                            WATERPROOF

P. HOLLOWAY                    TACKLE                      TALLULAH

COLEMAN                            GUARD                      DELHI

McCANN                               CENTER                     CHOUDRANT

H. HOLLOWAY                    GUARD                     TALLULAH

WATTS                                  TACKLE                      TALLULAH

WELCH                                  END                            FERRIDAY

COLVIN                                 QUARTERBACK       DUBACH

HARMON                              HALFBACK                WATERPROOF

WILLIAMS                            HALFBACK                CHOUDRANT

P. INGRAM                           FULLBACK                 DELHI



Mount, Dubach                  End                             Williamson, Forest

Jackson, Delhi                     Tackle                        Hammons, Choudrant

N. Norred, Dodson            Guard                        Tubb, Dubach

Bennette, Waterproof      Center                       S. C. Scurria, Tallulah

Everett, Forest                    Guard                        Crews, Delhi

Brown, Wisner                    Tackle                        Shelton, Waterproof

W. Pipes, Choudrant         End                             Belgarde, Ferriday

J. Wade Tallulah                Quarterback            Bruce, Delhi

Oglesby, Wisner                 Halfback                   M. Cagnolatti, Tallulah

Morton, Tallulah               Halfback                   Fife, Waterproof

Anders, Arcadia                  Fullback                    Loomis, Ferriday




Nineteen Players And Two Managers Receive Letters; Watts Reelected Captain


Edward Watts, tackle, was re-elected captain of the Trojan football team for 1935 at the annual banquet held at the community club last Friday night. Harry Don Morton, halfback, was elected al­ternate captain.


At 7 p. m. members of the squad and their dates, former Trojan players and friends, numbering around 105, gathered at the club for the delicious barbecue prepared for them. After the barbecue the crowd adjourned to the beautiful ball room where dancing was en­joyed until a late hour.


About 9 p. m. the presentation of sweaters was made by Coach M. A. Phillips. In giving out the sweaters Coach Phillips gave some interesting data on each man receiving the award and predicted what each man would accomplish in football for 1935. He also spoke of the 1935 schedule and of Tallulah's chance in football this year in class B circles.


Nineteen players and two man­agers received sweaters with the usual gold T over blue and gold stripes indicating the numbers of years of service. Coach Phillips was also presented with a sweater by the team.


After the awards were presented Captain Watts was called upon to say a few words. Short speeches by Alternate Captain Sam Scurria and this year's alternate captain, Harry Dam Morton, ended the program.


When the team reports early in September only three or four men will be missing. The local mentor expects a large number to report to him when the call for spring practice is sounded.


The following received sweaters: Captain E. Watts, Alternate Cap­tain Sam Scurria, Harry Don Mor­ton, James Wade, Malcolm Cagno­latti, Woodrow Cagnolatti, Walter Scott, Ray Jones, Hunter Coad, Clyde Wade, S. C. Scurria, Ralph Holloway, Herman Holloway, T. A. Smith, Edgar Lancaster, Robert Alexander, J. C. Byram, Harry Watts, and Donald Newman. Bar­ber and Shelton, managers, also re­ceived a sweater.