1935 Tallulah High School Football Season

The following reformatted newspaper clippings were collected by the late Coach M. A. Phillips. The clippings were scanned by Janet Byram Newsom and converted to a computer-sensible format (OCR) by Dick Sevier. Coach Phillips pencil-critiqued each game, and these are shown in blue after each article.



(Alexandria Bolton)

Kickoff Is at 8 o'Clock

Bears Have Heavier Team

Madison Parish Eleven Has Outstanding Record to Uphold in Battle With Blue and White.


Probable Bolton and Tallulah line-ups for tonight's kickoff at 8 o'clock are:

Bolton           Pos.    Tallulah

Pardue          LE        Smith

Williams        LT        Newman

Connally        LG       Byram

Pace (c)         C          Scurria

Durham        RG       Jones

Gaspard        RT       Alexander

Williamson   RE       L. Wade

Dugger          QB      J. Wade

H. Whitten   HB       M. Cagnolatti

Love               HB       Morton (c)

J. Whitten     FB       Coad

Officials: Grove Stafford (L. S. U.), referee; T. S. Fontenot (St. Charles), umpire; U. A. Wilson (L. S. U), head linesman; Nathan Weil (Army), field judge.


Bolton High School opens their grid season here tonight with Tallulah with the kickoff scheduled at 8 o'clock. The Madison parish elev­en has an outstanding record to uphold in the battle with the Blue and White and the contest promises to be a real football show.


The Bears will go into the game with a team averaging 11 pounds per man heavier than the visitors, if the probable lineups are used. Bol­ton has a 160-pound team, a 167-pound line and a 148-pound backfield. The Tallulah team averages 149 pounds, the backs 144 and the line 152.


Two Bolton regulars will not see action because of injuries. Powe is out with a foot injury and Siple has hurt his knee again.


However, the Bears will have a seasoned line to pit against the for­mer Class "B" champions who are advancing to Class "A" tonight for the first time. "Ma"' Phillips, Tallulah coach who formerly toted the pigskin at Louisiana College, is bringing his eleven Into faster com­pany this year after copping all of the "B" titles during the past three seasons.


Coaches Nesom, Allen and Hen­derson have rebuilt a backfield around Dugger, quarter, the only returning letterman. Jim and Harrell Whitten, brothers. and Randy Love, all newcomers, will see action tonight. They will not play the whole game, however, and the fans will probably see Watson, Beaver, Marye, Levee and others in action behind the line.


Smith, end, is also scheduled to take his turn in the line.


Phillips is bringing a seasoned backfield to Alexandria. His line, though, has been rebuilt around Scurria, star center of last year.


Pardue, Williams, Williamson, Durham, Connally, Pace and Gas­pard are the probable starters in the Bolton line.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Can’t expect too much as we lost too many of last years’ players. Many green and experienced players.


Bolton Gridders Win From Tallulah, 6 to 0

Bears' Touchdown Comes on Pass from Watson to Pardue — Madison Parish Team Strong


A fifteen-yard pass from Causby Watson to Thurman Pardue in the second quarter brought a touchdown for Bolton and a 6 to 0 victory over Tallulah high school here last night in the opening game of the season. A. large crowd for the first game of the season looked on.


Coach "Ma" Phillips' aggregation from Madison parish, Class "B" champions for the past three years, showed a well-balanced team with plenty of fight. They were playing in Class "A" for their first time and will be a tough opponent for any grid team in the state this year, although they are not so heavy.


The Bolton running attack netted seven first downs while Tallulah was rolling up three, one on a pass, one on a spinner and another on a trick play.


Thurman Pardue, 134-pound Bol­ton end, led the Bolton attack and defense. He slipped through on sev­eral occasions to throw Tallulah backs for losses. He showed all-state possibilities on defense while he took the touchdown pass on a run to score.


Charles Pace, Bolton center, was up to his usual form and was a pow­er on defense. Williamson, Bass, Durham, Connally, Williams, Gas­pard and Willis showed up well in the line and the Bears show promise of developing a forward wall that will be hard to rout this year.


Bolton was well up on fundamen­tals and the Bears were blocking with precision on many plays. Tal­lulah, except for a few plays, had trouble getting their running attack in action.


The Bears drew 25 yards in off-side penalties while Tallulah failed to violate the rules.


Coaches Nesom, Allen and Hen­derson have prospects of a winning eleven this year when Powe and Siple, regulars out with injuries, return to the fold.


The blue and white backs, the sub­ject of much speculation because of inexperience, came through with flying colors. Dugger, holdover quar­ter, showed a wise selection of plays and was a good punter, blocker and runner last night.


Randy Love, Bolton speedster, will be hard to stop when he adds a change of pace to his stepping. He is hard to hold and one of the fastest gridders in the state.


Causby Watson, coming up from the Cubs, was the most consistent ground gainer last night. He prom­ises to be a dangerous back on cut-backs, showing good form in side stepping and pivoting.


This was the first time the two teams had met and the fans were commenting on the fine sportsmanship. This contest, if renewed an­nually, should prove to be one of the year's most interesting grid spectacles in high school circles there.


The Whitten Brothers, Harrell and Jim, played steady football, proving to be good defensive men, especially. They also did some good blocking.


Bolton's score came on the only pass they tried, except for one hide-out pass to Pardue which was called back because of an off-side penalty.


Next week the Bears go to Lafa­yette.


Bolton kicked and Tallulah defend­ed the south goal. Pace kicked to Coad on the Tallulah 20 and he returned 14. W. Cagnolatti made eight at right end. James Wade lost one on a criss cross at left end. James Wade quick kicked to Dugger on the 4 and he returned to the Bears 18. Love failed to gain at left tackle.


Dugger kicked to W. Cagnolatti on the Tallulah 40 and he returned 5. Morton made three at right end. Coad fumbled and Williams recover­ed on the Tallulah 49. Love failed to gain. Dugger made two at left guard. Jim Whitten kicked out on Tallu­lah's 15. W. Cagnolatti made five at left tackle. Coad kicked to Dugger on the Bolton 36 and he returned 24 to Tallulah's 40. Love fumbled and recovered for an eight-yard loss. Love lost five at right end. Jim Whitten kicked to J. Wade on the Tallulah 17. Coad kicked to Bolton's 41. Jim Whitten made three at cen­ter. Love at center made two. Jim Whitten kicked to Morton on his ten and he returned to the 23. Morton lost ten at right end. Morton kicked to Dugger on the Bolton 48 and he returned to Tallulah's 27. Jim Whitten made two at left tackle. Watson four at right end. Watson made six at left tackle for a first down on Tallulah's 15. Score: Bolton, 0 Tal­lulah, 0.


Watson no gain at center. Wat­son failed to gain at right tackle. Watson to Pardue was good for 15 and a touchdown. Jim Whitten fail­ed to make the point from place­ment. Alexander broke up the kick. Score: Bolton, 6; Tallulah, 0. Time out, Bolton.


Pace kicked to Coad on his 15 and he returned it to his 37. Morton made one on a criss cross at right tackle. Morton kicked to Dugger on his five and he was nailed in his tracks. Jim Whitten kicked to W. Cagnolatti on the Bears' 43 and he returned to Bolton's 37. Morton made five at right tackle, but Bol­ton was offside. W. Cagnolatti lost ten at left end. Morton quick kick­ed over the goal line. Watson no gain at right end. Watson on a cut-back at left tackle made 14 and first down on his 33. Watson made nine at left end on a cutback. Dugger over left tackle made three and first down on the Bears' 44. Watson lost two at right end. Watson quick kicked to W. Cagnolatti on his 15. He fumbled and Morton recovered. Morton failed to gain at right end. On a Statue of Liberty fake kick Morton passed to W. Cagnolatti for 20 yards and a first down on their 35. Morton no gain on criss cross. Coad one at center. Pace partially blocked Morton's punt and the Bears took the ball on Tallulah's 43. Watson at left end made 18 yards and a first down on Tallulah's 27. Watson made 5 at right tackle. Watson made five and a first down as the half ended. Score: Bolton, 6; Tallulah, 0.


Morton kicked to Levee on Bol­ton's 18 and he returned to the Bears' 34. Levee no gain. Watson made eight at left tackle. Watson at right tackle made nearly two and missed first down by inches. Dug­ger punted to W. Cagnolatti on his 20 and he returned to the 30. James Wade made five at right tackle. W. Cagnolatti made one at left guard. Morton kicked to Dugger on his 28 and he returned to his 40. Watson lost a foot at right end. Dugger made three at right guard but Bolton was offside. Watson made two at right end. Dugger punted to W. Cagnolatti on his 15 and he fumbled. Scurria recovered on his 25. Morton punted to Dugger on his 35 and he returned 5. Watson made two at right end. Levee fum­bled and Dugger recovered for a yard gain. Dugger punted to Morton on his 20 and he returned to the 34. W. Cagnolatti failed to gain but Bolton was offside. Coad on a spinner made 17 and first down on Bolton's 43. J. Wade made 6 on a criss cross. W. Cagnolatti no gain at right end. Pardue threw J. Wade for a loss of 7 yards. Morton quick kicked over the goal line. Love made seven at right end. Love no gain at left end. Score: Bolton, 6; Tallulah, 0.


Jim Whitten punted out on Tal­lulah's 47. Coad made three at cen­ter. Coad passed out of bounds. Morton no gain at right end. Mor­ton punted to Dugger on his five and he returned to his seven. Love made 11 at right end for first down on his 18. Love lost five at left end. Love at right end made five. Jim Whitten kicked to Morton on his 35 and he returned to Bolton's 46. Morton to W. Cagnolatti was good for eleven and a first down on Bolton's 39-yard line. Pardue threw W. Cagnolatti for a loss of ten on a criss cross around right end. Love Intercepted Morton's pass on his 40 and returned to Bolton's 49. Love lost five at right end. Dugger one at center. Jim Whitten kicked to Tallulah's 29 where a flock of Bears covered it. James Wade made three on criss cross at left tackle. W. Cagnolatti made two at right tackle. Morton fumbled and lost ten on an attempted kick. Morton kicked to Dugger on his 35 and he returned 8. Love fumbled on a bad Pass from center and lost four. Dugger made five at center, but Bolton was off-side. Love fumbled and Scurria recovered on the Bears' 33. Morton to W. Cagnolatti was incomplete. Mor­ton's pass was knocked down by Harrell Whitten who barely failed to intercept the ball. Morton's pass incomplete. Morton's pass incomplete again as Bolton took ball on their own 33. Love at left end made 16 and first down. Love four at right end. Love to Pardue was good for twenty, but Bolton offside. Love three at right tackle Score: Bolton, 6; Tallulah, 0.



Bolton (6)    Pos.    Tallulah (0)

Pardue          LE        Smith

Williams        LT        Newman

Connally        LG       Byram

Pace               C          Scurria

Durham        RG       Jones

Gaspard        RT       Alexander

Williamson   RE       C. Wade

Dagger          QB      J. Wade

H. Whitten   HB       W. Cagnolatti

Love               HB       Morton

J. Whitten     FB       Coad
Score by quarters:

Bolton            0 6 0 0—6

Tallulah         0 0 0 0—0
Scoring touchdown for Bolton: Pardue on pass from Watson.

Substitutes: Bolton: Bass, Levee, Lee, Marye, Watson, Willis. Tallulah: M. Cagnolatti, Taylor.

Officials: Stafford (L. S. U.) referee; Fontenot (St. Charles) umpire: Wilson (L. S. U.) head linesman; Blanchard (L. S. U.) field judge


Coach Phillips’ Comments: The whole team played good ball. Work of Sam Scurria was best on field. We had many nice compliments about the whole team. Every one showed up mighty well. Harry Don averaged over 40 yards on kicks.



Bolton Hi Beats Tallulah Eleven by 6 to 0 Scare

(Special to The Times-Picayune)


Alexandria, La., Sept. 21.-Bolton High school's Bears opened their football season here Friday night by defeating Tallulah, class B cham­pions for the past three years, 6 to 0. The lone score of the ball game came early in the second quarter when Watson passed 15 yards to Pardue into the end zone. It was the only pass Bolton used in the game.


Tallulah, coached by M. A. "Ma" Phillips, former Louisiana college star, invaded the Bears' territory only in the last quarter. Near the close of the contest, the visitors recovered a fumble on Bolton's 33, but four passes were incomplete and the ball went over.


Scurria's defensive play for Tal­lulah was one of the game's fea­tures.



Bolton           Position        Tallulah

Pardue          L E                   Smith

Williams        L T                   Newman

Connally        L G                  Byram

Pace               Center           Scurria

Durham        R G                  Jones

Gaspard        R T                  Alexander

Williamson   R E                  C. Wade

Dugger          Q B                 J. Wade

H. Whitten   H B                  W. Cagnolatti

Love               H B                  Morton

J. Whitten     F B                  Coad




Trojans Battle Entire Game Through Driving Rain To Win, 14 To 0


TALLULAH, La., Sept. 27.-(Spe­cial)-Playing in a driving rain dur­ing the entire game, the Tallulah high school Trojans defeated the strong Utica high school football team here today, 14 to 0, before a large crowd that braved the elements to attend the game. Coach Phillips' boys played heads-up football all the way and took advantage of all the breaks to completely outclass the invaders from Mississippi.


The locals blocked a punt on Uti­ca's 12-yard line early in the first quarter, after making a first down on the Mississippians' two-yard line, Coad plunged over for the marker. The attempt for the extra point was futile.


In the second quarter Cagnolatti took in a punt on Utica's 40-yard line and galloped behind perfect in­terference for a touchdown. Again the attempt for the extra point failed.


A few minutes later Tallulah smothered a Utica player behind his own goal line when he fumbled the ball on an attempted punt and gain­ed two points. This was the last scor­ing of the game.


Morton, Cagnolatti, and Coad stood out in the backfield for the Tro­jans, while Scurria, at center, was the defensive star of the game. Jackson, at tackle, stood out for Utica.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Played game in mud and really didn’t get our offence to work.


Farmerville Defeated In One-sided Game

Tallulah Wins Game Here By Score of 50 to 6 Last Friday


Displaying a smooth powerful running attack, and a defense equally efficient, the Tallulah Tro­jans defeated the visiting Farmer­ville eleven 50-6 on the local grid-iron last Friday afternoon. A good sized crowd was present, the weather was perfect.


At times the game was very in­teresting despite the lop-sided score. Numerous passes, both com­plete and incomplete, and some in­tercepted, combined with some very good broken-field running on the part of Morton and M. Cagnolatti, Trojan backs, kept the crowd on its toes. At other times, however, the game took on the resemblance of a race track, with the visiting gridsters literally "trailing" the home eleven. Three touchdowns were scored during the first quarter by the Trojans, and from there on, Coach Phillips did a lot of substi­tuting in the Trojan ranks, and nearly every Trojan had oppor­tunity to get in the game.


The Farmerville bunch made their single touchdown in the last quarter, after the locals had been weakened by excessive substitu­tions. Most of the visitors' gains were made through the completion of one special pass the Trojans couldn't seem to stop. Aside from this particular play, however, the home team displayed an extraordinarily strong pass defense.


Powerful running plays and some intercepted passes, with per­fect interference at all times, accounted for the Tallulah score. Numerous long runs and long returns of punts were the highlights of the game. Tallulah made three  touchdowns in the first quarter, three in the second and two in the fourth.


Much improvement was shown in the Trojan ranks in this game, and they promise to develop soon into a team that will be hard to defeat.


The starting Trojan line-up was as follows:

Smith, left end; Newman, left  tackle; Byram, left guard ; Scurria, center; Jones, left guard ; Alex­ander, right tackle; C. Wade, right end; J. Wade, quarterback; M. Cagnolatti, halfback; Morton, halfback; Coad, fullback.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Score could have been as large as we wanted it. Used many substitutes during game & all game out OK.


Ouachita Noses Out 6-0 Victory Over Tallulah

Lions And Trojans Put Up Snappy Battle Before Big Crowd


Treating the biggest crowd to wit­ness a football game here this year with the best high school game of the season, the Lions of Ouachita parish high school subdued the hard-fighting, powerful Tallulah high school Tro­jans, Louisiana Class B champions, 6 to 0, at Brown stadium last night.


It was a hard earned victory and a fight to the finish. Ouachita was nev­er assured of winning the game, even after the touchdown, as the well drilled Tallulah aggregation repeated­ly burst forth with a show of aggres­siveness that rivaled that of the Lions. The tension was not relieved until the final whistle, and then the sta­dium vibrated with the victory cry of Ouachita supporters.


The score that decided the battle in Ouachita's favor came near the end of the final period when Bob Staples, Lion fullback, smashed into the sturdy Tallulah line from the Trojans' one-foot line for the touchdown.


A pass, deflected by a Tallulah, back into the hands of a wary Lion, gave Ouachita the break they had been awaiting for nearly four quarters and paved the way for their touchdown. A Tallulah fumble which was recov­ered by Ouachita on the invaders' 33 yard line started the touchdown drive.


Taking the ball on the visitors' 33. Solly Mayer, stellar Lion back, slash­ed through left tackle and then stretched out for an 18-yard sprint to Tallulah's 15 yard line and a first down. Eddie Bowles lost four on the next play as the Trojans swarmed over him, but Staples regained the lost yardage on a six yard drive through the middle.


Then Bowles, backing up to Tallulah's 23-yard stripe, shot a pass toward Earl Cobb, end, who was almost on the goal line. But Cobb fell to his knees and then a Tallulah back, running in to knock the pass down, barely tipped the spiral enough to deflect it directly into Cobb's arms and the ball was down on Tallulah's one-foot line. Staples' line drive fol­lowed for the tally.


Tallulah's best showing was in the first quarter and the power and drive that featured that display of football sent Ouachita fans deep into their seats. From all appearances of the early part of the opening quarter, the Lions were due for a scalping. But Coach "Lefty" Haynes' boys managed to stave off the severe attacks and turn the tables on Coach '°Ma" Phillips' charges. And from then on the game was played first deep in one team's territory and then threatening­ly close to the other's goal.


The visitors chalked up four first downs so fast the minute they got their hands on the ball that the Oua­chita defense was completely baffled for several minutes.


Harry Morton, Trojan halfback, received the opening kickoff on his own ten and returned to the Trojan 30, but promptly kicked it back to Ouachita and Bowles returned it to Tallulah's 49. Ouachita was offsides on the play and the ball was called back, the Lions getting a five yard penalty. Morton picked up four yards at left tackle and Hunter Coad followed it with a five yard stab through the middle for a first down. James Wade was held to a one yard gain around left end but Malcolm Cagnolatti went wide around left end for 25 yards and f a first down on Ouachita's 40. Ouachita was offsides again on the next play and received a second 5-yard penalty. Coad was held for no gain but James Wade slashed through right tackle for six and another first down.  Three more smashes at Ouachita's line by Morton and Malcolm Cagnolatti put the ball on the locals' 11-yard line and there the Lions made their first stubborn defensive stand, Ouachita finally getting the ball when Sol Mayer intercepted one of M. Cagnolatti's passes.


Mayer intercepted the pass on his own five-yard line and returned it to his 29 but Ouachita soon netted another penalty, this time for ten yards, and the ball was moved back to their 19. Then it was the Lions time to turn on the steam. Netting 37 yards on four successive plays, the locals made three first downs just before the half ended with the ball in their possession on Tallulah's 44.


The rest of the game was a battle such as has not been witnessed here this season and both teams were play­ing exceptionally good ball.


One of Tallulah's best plays of the game was a fake kick early in the second period that netted 34 yards. In possession of the ball on their own 16, Morton dropped back as if to kick but Woodrow Cagnolatti came around fast and took the ball around left end to the Tallulah 40. Ouachita held them there and Morton was forced to kick.


Two Ouachita passes, Bowles to Cobb, also featured the game near the end of the half. One was good for a 31 yard gain and the other should have been a touchdown but Cobb was behind the end zone on the catch and the ball went over to Tallu­lah on their own 20.


With the ball on Tallulah's 36-yard marker, Bowles hurled his first pass to Cobb, who took it to the invaders' 5-yard line before being dragged down by the Trojan Pack. Three stabs at the Tallulah line netted a three-yard loss, and then Bowles shot another heave toward Cobb, who ran through the end zone out behind the goal posts to make the catch. It was ruled no good, behind the end zone.


 Every man that played was playing his best and the offense of both elevens was at its peak, even though they were unable to put over the scoring punch when within scoring distance.


Cobb, Monroe Trimble, John Ren­wick, Rudy Vandenberg, Wheeler Mitchell, Joe Butler, F. C. Eason and Moise Peters all played hard in the Lion line, while Sam Scurria, Tallu­lah's veteran center, was a power in the invading line. Clyde Wade, Rob­ert Alexander, T. A. Smith, Donald Newman, J. C. Byram, Ray Jones and Ralph Taylor all shared in the heavy duty work for the Trojans.


The combination of James Wade, Woodrow and Malcolm Cagnolatti, Coad and Morton was hard to beat but Ouachita's backs, Harvey Gregg. Bowles, Mayer, Staples and Watson Stron were equal to the occasion.


The lineups:

Tallulah (0)              Pos.    (6) Ouachita

Smith                         LE        Cobb

Newman                   LT        Eason

Byram                        LG       Mitchell

Scurria                       C          Vandenberg

Jones                          RG       Peters

Alexander                 RT       Trimble

C. Wade                    RE       Renwick

J. Wade                     QB      Gregg

Morton                     HB       Mayer

M. Cagnolatti           HB       Bowles

Coad                          FB       Staples
Score by quarters:

Tallulah         0 0 0 0—0

Ouachita       0 0 0 6—6
Scoring touchdowns: Staples. Sub­stitutes: Tallulah, W. Cagnolatti and Taylor; Ouachita, Butler and Stron. First downs: Tallulah, five; Ouachita, eight. Penalties: Tallulah, none; Ouachita, 40 yards. Officials: Milani (Tu­lane), referee; Bendel (Tulane), um­pire; and Binion (Centenary), head linesman.     


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Had tough luck again. All breaks went against us. Should have been a tie – Harry Don & Sam hurt & will be out a week or two.




LAKE PROVIDENCE, La., Oct. 19.-(Special)—In one of the most excit­ing games ever played on the local gridiron, the Tallulah Trojans defeat­ed the hard-fighting Lake Providence Panthers, 25 to 13, here yesterday.


The Panthers got the jump on the Trojans in the first quarter when they surprised the invaders with an aerial attack that netted two touchdowns and an extra point.


In the second quarter Tallulah tried the overhead route and netted two touchdowns also but failed to convert the extra points, the half ending 13 to 12 for the locals. But the Trojans got their running plays to clicking in the last half and wasted no time raking in two more touchdowns and an extra point.


The Panther passing attack of Brice to Lightsey and Bonner was the chief ground gainer for the locals. They completed 15 passes and first downs were about even.


Lake Providence has a clean slate in Class B circles. Next week they meet Forrest.


Whatley, Erwin, Trim, Davis, Shochley, Howard, Lightsey played in the local line with Bonner, Brice, Goode, Braswell and Murray in the backfield. The Cagnolatti brothers, Morton, Coad and Wade were outstanding for Tallulah.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Things looked bad at first. Finally got to working & they looked more like a football team. Odo hurt in this game.




FERRIDAY, La., Oct. 21.—(Special) —Several hundred Ferriday fans will accompany the Bulldogs to Tallulah Friday afternoon for the annual struggle between the local eleven and Coach M. A. Phillips' Tallulah Tro­jans, more than 100 members of the Ferriday "F" club being among those who have pledged themselves to attend the contest. It is expected that the largest crowd in the history of the rivalry will go from here to see the teams in action.


Although Ferriday is entering the engagement crippled by recent injuries to such stars as Baker Newton, Milt Wilson and Donald Pennington, all regulars, they hope to hold the Trojans to a close score.  




TALLULAH, La., Oct. 25.—(Special) —The Tallulah high school Trojans. scoring almost at will, ran up 29 points during the first half of the game here today with the Ferriday high school eleven and then took things easy the remainder of the  game to emerge victorious over the visitors by a score of 29-0.


Coach Phillips substituted players freely during the game in an effort to keep the score down, but the Tro­jans played brilliant football all the way and threatened time and again during the last half but were never able to push across for a score.


S. Scurria in the line and Morton, Cagnolatti, Coad and Wade in the backfield were outstanding for Tal­lulah while Welch and Belgard, ends, played brilliant defensive ball for Ferriday.


The most spectacular play of the game occurred in the second quar­ter when Cagnolatti took the pass from center on his own 45 yard line and ran the remaining 55 yards for a touchdown.


Coach Phillips’ Comments: Played best ball of season. Scored all in 1st half & could have beaten them a lot more but used plenty of substitutes.



Two Strong Teams Ready to For Important Battle This Afternoon


WATERPROOF, La., Nov. 1.-(Special)—Waterproof high school's Tigers and Tallulah's Trojans were ready for the opening whistle of their game here Friday with both squads in tip-top shape. Fully 1,500 fans are expected to witness the first meeting of these two teams.


Tallulah, featuring two hard running, shifty backs in Harry Don Morton and Mac Cagnolatti and the smashing Scurria in the line, rules a slight favorite by virtue of its 29 to 0 win over Ferriday last week, while the Tigers were running over Jena 25 to 6 in their first Class B game.


The Tigers' threat men, Jimmy Lancaster, passer deluxe, and Bob Fife, bone crushing fullback, are ready for the opening signal. Both these men, injured in early season games, are back in form and ready for their duel with the Trojans. Bennette will be back at center and Wiggins at end for the game.


Both coaches, Phillips of Tallulah and Crosby of Waterproof, were noncommittal about the outcome of the game. Each expects a hard battle with the team getting the breaks coming out in front.




 TALLULAH, La., Nov. 1.—(Special) —The Tallulah Trojans will have their full strength to throw at the Waterproof Tigers in the first battle between the two teams at Waterproof Friday.


The Tallulah backfield showed up exceptionally well against Ferriday last week and the practice sessions this week have been devoted largely to molding an attack which will get the backs out into the open. Blocking has been the main objective. Mac Cagnolatti is ready to go and so is Scurria. Scurria's defensive work has been the best in high school football this year.


Waterproof will outweigh the Tro­jans 15 pounds per man but Tallulah fans believe the locals will win if they can get Cagnolatti or Morton loose consistently.




Tigers Come From Behind To Defeat Trojans In Thriller, 14-7


WATERPROOF, La., Nov. 1.—(Spe­cial)—Uncovering a new ball carrier in Paul Welsh, Waterproof's high school Tigers tamed the Tallulah high Trojans, 14 to 7, in a battle witnessed by 1,500 fans here Friday. The Tigers came from behind to win the decid­ing battle of their 1935 campaign.


The Trojans scored early in the game when Sam Scurria blocked Wiggins' punt on the 2 yard line. Morton recovered and then one play later, Morton crashed over for the score. Coad's kick was good and the Trojans lead 7 to 0 after ten minutes of play.


The Tigers, not to be denied, came back with a bang and when Welsh took in Morton's punt on his own 49 yard line and ran it back to the Tro­jan's 33 yard line, the Tigers crashed over for the touchdown. Welsh got 11 yards at end and Bennette, playing fullback today, crashed through cen­ter for 4 yards. Fife then hit left guard for 12 and first down on the 7 yard line. On a double fake spinner, Welsh took the ball around right end for the score. Bennette hit the line for the extra point.


In the second half, Welsh ran the kickoff back 55 yards to Tallulah's 41 yard line. Fife hit center for 12 and then Fife hit center for 10 more yards and first down on the 20 yard line. Bennette went over guard for five and then Fife hit right tackle for the score. Welsh placekicked the extra point.


Waterproof made 13 first downs, and Tallulah 5. The passing of Ben­nette, in the absence of Lancaster, was sensational, but the ball carrying of Fife and Welsh was the spear head of the Tigers offense.


Coach M. A. Phillips showed two good ball carriers in Harry Don Mor­ton and Mac Cagnolatti and a good center in Sam Scurria. The Tigers weight was too much for the Class "A" Trojans as Waterproof began its drive for Class "B" honors.


In the line the play of Wiggins at end Goldman at tackle and Crews, a new man at center, was outstanding.



Trojans Score In Final Minutes To Win Thrilling Battle


DELHI, La., Nov. 9.-(Special)-The fighting Bears of the Delhi high school went down to defeat Friday afternoon before the Tallulah Tro­jans in the greatest game of football ever witnessed here.


The hard running of Woods and Ingram for the Bears and the blocking of Copes and Bryan gave the above boys many opportunities for spectacu­lar gains throughout the game. The playing of the Delhi line consisting of Tamburo and Simms, ends; Gilli­land and Leggett, tackles, and Hal­bert and Johnston, guards, and Crawford, was the best thing that could be presented to the fans. This bunch of Bears, seven of which are playing their first year, held the Tallulah Trojans for four downs on the one yard line, only to be scored on later by a pass in the closing minutes of play.


Tallulah received the opening kickoff and returned to their own 20 where they were forced to punt and then the Bears took the ball and marched down the field but failed to score. Then Ingram intercepted a Tallulah pass and ran it back to the Tallulah ten yard line, where again the Bears fumbled their opportunity to score.


The half ended with the Bears in possession of the ball on the Tallulah 22 yard line.


The second half was a thriller. First one team then another would be in position to counter but the strong de­fenses which the two teams offered would bog down the polished offenses of the two teams at the critical mo­ment and the other team would march into a threatening position.


Finally with only two minutes and 45 seconds left to go, Cagnolatti of Tallulah intercepted Wood's pass to Ingram and ran it back to the Delhi 40 yard line. Then with the Trojans coming out of the huddle on the run and snapping into a set formation, Coad passed to Morton deep in Delhi territory and so high that Morton barely touched it on his leap but held it and carried it over for a touchdown. The try for point was blocked by seven Delhi Bears. The Bears received and made a desperate last bid for a tie and possibly a win, carrying the ball deep into Tallulah territory, but time was not long enough and the game ended the battle.


Mangham Beats Tallulah 18-0

Dragons Earn Crack At Class A Crown As Result Of Victory


MANGHAM, La.. Nov. 22.—(Special) —Mangham earned an opportunity to contest the Class A championship of north Louisiana by decisively defeat­ing the strong Tallulah Trojans by a score of 18-0 on the local field this afternoon.


Mangham showed a powerful line and a deceptive backfield, which pass­ed and ran their plays all around the Trojans. The first score was made by L. Booth, who grabbed a partially-blocked punt and ran 50 yards for the touchdowns. A pass to Piro and another to McConnell paved the way for the second score. The third touch-down came as the result of an inter­cepted pass by L. Booth, who carried to the one yard line before being stopped, from where it was shoved over by D. Booth.


The Tallulah team presented a strong line and a pair of halfbacks that were consistent in their defensive and offensive playing. The stellar playing of G. Piro, fullback for the Mangham Dragons, kept the Tallulah team from making much headway.


Tallulah Loses Game To Mangham By 18-0

Victory Entitles Mangham To Place In Class A Playoff


The Tallulah Trojans lost to Mangham Friday by a score of 18 to 0. Although several of the first string players were out with injuries, the team played a nice game, but were not strong enough to hold the Mangham eleven.


The Dragons made their first score in the first quarter, on a part­ially blocked punt, which was recovered by a Mangham player who ran fifty yards for a touchdown. They failed to convert. In the second quarter the play was fairly even, with neither team getting in scoring position.


With the aid of long passes and short plunges, the Dragons crossed the Trojans' goal line twice in the third quarter, but failed both times to make the extra point. In the last quarter the Trojans settled down and held them to short gains, and neither team got into scoring position.


This game entitles Mangham to be considered in the Class A play-off this year, as they have won five Class A games, tied two, and lost none.



Hornets Hope To Close Season With Win Over Trojans Thursday


RAYVILLE, La., Nov. 26.—(Special) —The Rayville high school Hornets will complete their 1935 campaign when they tangle with the Tallulah high school Trojans at Tallulah on Thanksgiving day.


The game with the Trojans will end the hardest, most extensive campaign ever attempted by a Rayville eleven. The Hornets will have played eleven games this year when they finish at Tallulah. With only four dependable men at the start of the season, the locals lost their first four games in succession to Ferriday, Haynesville, Dubach and Bolton, all powerful elevens that have good rec­ords for the year. They then came up to beat Delhi's Bears, tie Mangham, which is claiming an undefeated rec­ord in Class A, and beat Winnsboro and Oak Grove. They fell before the powerful Ouachita Lions a couple of weeks ago but came back to trim the Rams of Bastrop last week. The rec­ord thus far is five defeats, four vic­tories and a tie. A victory over the Trojans, who have been slipping the past few weeks, would give the Hor­nets an even break for the year.


The game with the Trojans will be one of the Hornets' hardest of the year, but the Trojans will be nearer their weight than any team the locals have met this season and Coach John Whatley is planning an attack for his charges that may upset the Trojan war horse.


Alternate-Captain Meeks, Hornet fullback, will be playing his last game with the Hornets against the Trojans. He has been a consistent ground gainer for the locals and will be sorely missed next season. Captain Meadors, tackle, is making a strong bid for all-state honors and will attempt to strengthen his claim Thursday.


Donald, guard, was crippled in the Ouachita game and may not see ac­tion. Either Landrum or Izner will start in his place. Nickols and Wiggin­ton, first string ends, are still injured and if they have not recovered by game time, Scheeler and Statham, 125 pound substitutes, will start instead.


Dickens, guard Leary, tackle; Carey O'Neal, center, and Carlyle O'Neal quarterback, will all be ready to take their usual places.




Trojans Close Season In Spectacular Victory Over Hornets


TALLULAH, La., Nov. 29.—(Spe­cial)-The Tallulah Trojans were in a scoring mood Thursday and down­ed the Rayville Hornets by a score of 52-0 before a large Thanksgiving crowd.


The local eleven started scoring in the first three minutes as M. Cagnolatti with the aid of his brother made it possible for Coad to run 24 yards and a goal to give the Trojans their first tally.


Not only did Tallulah outplay their rivals but they completely outclassed them in every department, The Ray­ville line could not check the fast charging Trojans who had been crip­pled for the last six weeks.


W. Cagnolatti, Morton and M. Cagnolatti were too much for the vis­itors as each gained on every play, M. and W. Cagnolatti averaging 8 yards per try, with Morton running a kickoff for 50 yards. Coad proved to be what the locals needed when he plunged over the Rayville line time after time for an average of 4 yards. The Trojan line was invincible.


This ended Coach M. A. Phillips' season with a record that had not been blemished until this year in Class A competition and Thursday's victory assured him of a strong elev­en for the coming season.


The line-up:

Rayville                       Pos.    Tallulah

Nickols                         LE        C. Wade

Leary                            LT        Newman

Dickens                        LG       Byron

Carlyle O'Neal            C          Scurria

Donald                         RG       Jones

Meadows                    RT       Alexander

Wigginton                   RE       Taylor

Curey O'Neal              QB      W. Cagnolatti

Savage                         LH       Morton

Adcock                         RH       M. Cagnolatti

Meeks                          FB       Coad

Rayville            0      0    0 0— 0

Tallulah            14 14 18 6—52
First downs: Tallulah 14, Rayville 6. Officials: Barbour (Ole Miss), referee; Arnold (N. E. C.), umpire; Devine (L. S. U.), head linesman.

Scoring touchdowns: Tallulah, Coad (2), Morton (2). M. Cagnolatti (2), W. Cagnolatti, Bourne. Points after touchdowns: W. Cagnolatti (2), Mor­ton.