Football Boys And Guests Are Given Banquet

From January 17, 1936 Madison Journal
(Scanned and edited in November 2013 by Richard P. Sevier)


The annual football banquet was held last Friday evening at the Community Club with one of the largest gatherings the players have ever had.


A sumptuous supper of barbecued beef, salad and cake was served in the lower floor, the guests later going to the ballroom where M. A. Phillips, popular principal and football coach, was master of ceremonies. He made a splendid talk telling of the accomplishments and aims of the team, and calling on the following players who responded with their experiences: Woodrow Cagnolatti, Harry Don Morton, captain the past year; Mac Cagnolatti, newly elected captain, Ray Jones, as the outstanding tackle; Robert Alexander, Jimmie Wade and Clyde Wade, who has four years of football to his credit. 


A musical program followed with Mrs. Myles Hopkins, music instructor for Tallulah High School, accompanying. Betty Cagnolatti sang "Twenty-four Hours a Day and "On Treasure Island." Ralph Taylor singing "I'm In the Mood for Love" and "When I Grow Too Old To Dream." Naomi Alexander in costume of schools colors gave a tap dance number. Helen Margaret Yerger sang "Eenie, Meenie Minie, Mo," and "I Got a Feeling You're Foolin," Bobby Nelson concluding with "A Little Bit of Independence."


Dancing was enjoyed later in the ballroom of the club. The players and their guests, enjoying dancing were:

Harry Don Morton, Joan Kathan; Mac Cagnolatti, Margaret Cal­houn of Vicksburg; Woodrow Cag­nolatti, Julia Williams; Robert Alexander, Laverne Waters; J. C. Byram, Eunice Renfrow; T. A. Smith, Elaine Tyner; Ray Jones, Barbara Harington; Hunter Coad, Helen Margaret Yerger; Clyde Wade, Rena Clay Carpender of Newellton; Jimmie Wade, Patty Calhoun of Vicksburg; Sam Scurria, Marian Boswell; Louis Nettles, Georgia Rose Rountree; Ralph Taylor, Carolyn Sevier; Tony Scurria, Carolyn Coad; Harry Holt, Anna Belle Moonhead of Vicksburg; Donald Newman, Mary Lee Smith; Willie Rabb, Bettie Cagnolatti; E. B. Towne, Marguerite McDonald; Archie Verhagen, Ruth Smith; Patron Carney, Ellen Hart; Edward Sistunk, Mildred Jenkins; Frank Graves, Virginia Thompson; Charles Abrahms, Margaret Folk; Tom Barber, Sue Fairly; Dowell Capshaw, Janie Witherow of Lake Providence; Elmer Dalfume, Sallie Abernathy; Charles Brown, Naomi Alexander; Billie Bray, Marguerite Boswell; Harry Watts, Fredrick Gandy, Billie Eakers, Will Harvey, James Frey, Pat Bourne, Elmer Olsen, Jack Jones, Harris Lentz, Bud Kaiser, Lucien Roy and Bobby Nelson.


Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R. Linton, Mr. and Mrs. Myles Hop­kins, Mr. and Mrs. John Devine, Mr. and Mrs. Cagnolatti, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Rountree, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sevier, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Fossett, Mr. and Mrs. Stone Pierce, Mrs. Holloway, Mrs. Wade, Mrs. Calhoun, Mrs. Will Yerger, Miss Kemp, Miss Thompson, Mrs. Barber, Mr. A. J. Boswell, Mr. E. P. Jones, Mr. Jimmie Yeates and Mr. H. C. Massey.