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          Madison Coordinator’s Note: Many thanks to Janet Newsom for transcribing these articles—mostly written by Odo Cagnolatti. A few words were so illegible that they had to be represented with dashes, but there should be little problem in guessing their meaning. RPS February 2009.


1937 Tallulah High School Football Season

Transcribed by Janet Byram Newsom



Football Boys are asked to Report Monday


All boys who expect to take part in football at the Tallulah High School are requested to meet there Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock.  Many of the boys have expressed their desire to report a week earlier in order to take a little more time in their conditioning work.  This will enable many of the boys who will be new to the game to get a better foundation of the fundamentals, as the coaches will be able to give them more time then.


          With the first game only five weeks away, plenty of work must be done.  New formations with slight variations will be given and it will take some time to master these.  During the first week a lot of time will be given to ways of playing the different positions and what will be expected of anyone who plays them.  All new players will benefit from this work and are especially urged to be present.


Many boys have been going out for the team a year or two before being able to play in a game.  This year an effort will be made to schedule games with some of the second teams and give these boys a chance to play.  Rayville and Mangham usually play games of this sort and games with these teams will probably be scheduled and any others who might want to meet us.


All boys reporting for practice are asked to have three large, bath towels.  All other equipment will be furnished by the school.


Tallulah Trojans Begin Training on August 30 Announces Coach Phillips

(by M.A. Phillips)


The Tallulah Trojans will begin their training for football on August 30.  This will give the players two full weeks of practice before school starts and four weeks before the first game.  The practice sessions will be held in the late afternoons in order to avoid as much heat as possible.  There might be a few night sessions when scrimmage begins.


The question of the prospects for a team this year has been asked many times.  Nothing definite can be said about it except to estimate it with the returning letter men and other prospects.  There are too many things that can arise to tear down all expectations, so bare facts will be given.


Twelve letter men from last year’s squad and one from the squad of ’35 will be on hand for the first call.  This will be a good nucleus to work on, but capable reserve must be developed to give relief to the tired and injured players.  Many of these boys have gained a lot of weight and others have been hanging around the same as they were last year.  From all indications, this team will be heavier this year.  It may be possible to start a team with each player weighing more than 150 pounds.


Co-captain Archie Verhagen will be leading the line from a guard position and should be much heavier after having his tonsils removed a few weeks ago.  Gaines Byram another guard from last year is much heavier and should be a strong defensive man.  At tackles are these boys who played in these positions last year, Harris, Lewis, John Gaines, and Dowell Capshaw.  All are heavier and with last year’s experience should be much better.  At the end positions will be Ralph Taylor and the Watts Brothers.  Taylor may be switched to the left end this year due to his experience and weight with the Watts Brothers fighting it out for the other positions.  Williams, with more weight and speed, will leave the inside tackle, but Harvey says his lay off last year did not hurt his ____  and will be fighting hard for the starting position.  Only one center will return, E.B. Towne.  He is the last of the Townes and shows promise of filling in for William who played center on the first two championship teams.  He did not get so much experience last year but he has learned a lot since he has been going out ever since he was large enough to put on a uniform without help.


Co-Captain Louis Nettles will be playing his third year and will be playing in the tailback position vacated by Mac Cagnolatti.  He is an excellent kicker and a fair passer.  His ability to skirt the ends and run off tackle will be tested this fall but with his power and drive he should be hard to stop.  His running mate at the other halfback position will be the dependable Frenchie Haydell.  With Frenchie in there breaking up passes and playing a bang up game defensively, the opposition will have tough sailing.  J.C. Byram will play in the quarterback position and will be used exclusively as a blocking back.  He was the best blocker on the team last year and should show a lot of improvement.  Lucian Roy is the returning letter man in the backfield.  He is the fastest man on the squad and has turned out to be a good blocker.  This was proven in the spring game in Lake Providence.  He outran the entire Lake Providence team to block two players at once to clear the way for Frenchie to return a kickoff for the second Tallulah touchdown.  When anyone plays that way it is hard to keep him off the team.


There are others who showed up exceptionally well in spring training that will be heard from this fall.  Emmett Lancaster played a lot in the spring games and proved to be a good prospect for a guard position.  He is fast and sharpened hard and may be tried at end.  Bud Kaysar is another who has been progressing rapidly.  A team is not better than its ______and Bud will be able to hold his own with any of them.  He is starting and may make a good center, especially on defense in backing up the line.  His work at guard last fall stood out and then he may be tried at end.  Jug Jones is another who has been going out ever since he was large enough to put on his shoes.  He did not play in but two games last fall but will be ready to make someone work to get a starting position.  He alternated with Roy at full back in the spring and will be used at that position this year.  He is probably the hardest and most earnest worker that has ever been out for a Trojan team.


There are many others who have been putting on weight and by the time the season starts will be making the others sit up and take notice.  Andrew Sevier has put on a lot of weight and should be ready to get into some games.  Fred Edgerton will probably be …….. (I did not get the last of the article.)


Schedule for 1937


Sept. 24 Utica, Miss.  Here

Oct. 1, Newellton, here

Oct. 8, Ouachita Parish, Monroe

Oct. 15, Lake Providence, there.

Oct. 22, Farmerville, here

Oct. 29, Waterproof, there.

Nov. 5, Delhi, here

Nov. 12, Winnsboro, there

Nov. 19, Mangham, here

Nov. 25, Rayville, here


Trojans Work Hard Preparing for First Tilt


With the addition of Jack Jones and J.C. Byram the Tallulah Trojans got down to hard work this week in preparing for their first game of the season with Utica, Miss., here September 24.  The team is in its third week of practice but the past week has been very light and easy.  Scrimmage sessions will be held this week but not much is expected at this time.  More time must be spent on formation and plays before the scrimmage will prove satisfactory.  During the week two teams were used in dummy scrimmage and from these boys will come the Trojans of 1937, says Coach Phillips.


Running on one team were Taylor and Watts at ends; Gaines and Capshaw at tackles; Co-captain Verhagen and G. Byram at guards; Lancaster at center; Nettles at quarterback; J.C. Byram and Haydell at halves; Roy and Jones at fullback.  On the other were Sevier and Gandy at ends; Boswell and Harvey at tackles; Kysar and Brown at guards; Bankston at center; Rabb at quarterback; Moberley and Edgerton at halves; Horn at fullback.  Others not out of running with the teams are Lentz, Harmon, E. Lancaster, Towne, Todd, Roe Cagnolatti, Cohn, Bostick and Knight.  There will be many more reporting for the team when school starts and from the sign and looks of some of them should make good material for future teams.


The second team will be given a chance to play this year as there will be from one to four games scheduled for them.  This will give the boys a chance to play and will give them valuable experience for the future games. Some of these boys usually come out for practice a year or two before they are able to play but this will give them a chance to play when they first come out, and a hot scramble for places will be made.


Trojans Meet Utica With 8 Crippled Men

by M.A. Phillips


The Tallulah Trojans will open the season here tonight (Friday) with Utica, Miss., with eight boys on the hospital list.  Some of these will be able to play but the condition of the boys at game time will determine their possibility of playing.  Those injured are Taylor, Roy, Jones and Byram.  The sick list includes Nettles, Haydell, Eula Lancaster and Towne.  Last week Taylor injured his knee but it has been responding to treatment and he will get in the game if he doesn’t start.  Roy hurt his leg when tackled by Gandy in practice Tuesday and it is doubtful if he will get in the game at all.  Jones has a pulled muscle in his back but will be ready for part of the game.  Byram has a broken wrist.  He got this in a wreck near San Antonio, Texas.  It is nearly healed and with the use of a special cast will take part in the skirmish.  The boys on the sick list have been down with colds and chills.  They have missed two days of practice this week and in case they do get in part of the game will not be in the best of condition.  All of these boys are considered as first string players and if they are not in the game, the chances of winning from Utica are mighty slight.


Most of the work the past week has been in developing boys to take the place of those injured and sick.  “Bo” Gandy has been substituting for Taylor and has been improving consistently. He is sure to see service during the game.  Other injured players are backfield men and it will be hard to replace them.  In scrimmage this week Edgerton and Rabb showed up exceptionally well but at present there is no one to play in the fullback position if both Jones and Roy are not able to play.  Moberly is working at the blocking back position and although green, is getting along fine.


The Trojans opened the season with Utica last year and beat them 33 to 0.  They will have their entire team back this year and will be coming over for revenge.  This should be a good ball game and will give the public an idea of what to expect from the team this year.


The band will perform during the game and should add a lot to the game.  Nothing has been heard from the uniforms but the band will play if they do not arrive, but will not parade at the half.  This afternoon a few musical numbers will be given at the Court House square and the public is invited to attend.


Probable starting line-up: 

Watts, left end; Capshaw, left tackle; Verhagen, left guard; Lancaster, center; G. Byram, right guard; Gaines, right tackle; Gandy or Taylor, right end; Byram or Moberly, quarterback;  Nettles or Rabb, halfback; Haydell or Edgerton, halfback; Jones, fullback. 


The kick-off will be at 8 o’clock pm and the admission 25 and 50 cents.


Trojans Defeat Utica in First Game of the Season on Local Field

By Odo Cagnolatti


After going scoreless for the first quarter of the game the fighting Trojans came back strong in the last three quarters to score four touchdowns with Henry “FrenchieHaydell accounting for all the tallies.


The game was a real thriller from the opening kickoff until the final whistle.


To add beauty and color to the game was the performance of the Tallulah High School band under the direction of Mr. Fred Setaro and led by drum major Alice Ware.  The band played throughout the game and at the half, the 85-piece band marched and played.  The performance was very well directed and performed and we should all congratulate Mr. Setaro for the fine work he has performed.  Of course we can’t leave out the cheer leaders who cheered the team to victory, Misses Betty Cagnolatti, Georgia Rose Rountree, Jane Watson, and Bobbie Nelson.


The Trojans had a number of boys to play football for the first time and who turned in beautiful performances.


The locals started their scoring in the second quarter when Utica was forced to punt out of bounds on Tallulah’s 49 yard line.  Haydell passed to Nettles for 15 yards.  Nettles crashed 5 yards off tackle to bring the ball to Tallulah’s 20 yard stripe.  A pass Nettles to Haydell was incomplete, on the next play Nettles’ pass to Haydell was complete and the “Fighting Frenchman” plowed through the Utica’s secondary for the score.  J.C. Byram converted the extra point.


Utica’s lone score came in the same quarter.  With the ball on Tallulah’s 30 yard line Rabb’s pass to Haydell was intercepted by Price of Utica on Tallulah’s 20, who races 80 yards for a touchdown.  The try for point was bad.  Tallulah-7, Utica-6.


The scoring of the visitors regained the Trojans pride.  So within two minutes of play they again turned the _______ on their opponents.  Utica kicked to Rabb on the 5 yard line and he returns to the 18 where Haydell cut off tackle and with beautiful side-stepping and stiff-arming, wiggles his way 82 yards for the Trojan’s second score.  Byram again converts score.  Tallulah, 14; Utica, 6.


The local’s third score came in the third quarter with the ball resting on their own 45 yard line.  Roy crashes center for 5 yards; Edgerton  gains 4 yards off  tackle.  Roy quick kicks out of bounds on Utica’s 13 yard line.  Utica kicks to Edgerton on the 40 and he returns it to mid-field.  Roy races 10 yards on a reverse; Haydell gains 5 yards at tackle.  Nettles falls back and flings Haydell another touchdown bullet pass.  Byram misses try for convertment.  Tallulah, 20; Utica 6.


Tallulah final tally came in the closing minutes of the game when Taylor recovers a Utica fumble on his own 35 yard line.  Haydell on the next play races for the score.  Byram converts the point.  Tallulah, 27; Utica, 6.


The boys all came out of the game with few injuries with the exception of Jack “Jug Head” Jones, who suffered a fractured knee.  He will be unable to enter the Newellton game Friday night.  Dowell Capshaw who did not see much service in the Utica game due to sickness is expected to be in good shape Friday.


The outstanding player of the game was undetermined, all played good heads up football.


The Lineups:


Gaines ________________LT_____________Strong

Verhagen _____________LG ____________R. Price

Lancaster _____________ C _____________Currie

G. Byram ______________RG ___________Beasley

Lentz __________________RT ____________Fulgram

Taylor _________________RE ____________Cantenbury

Nettles ________________QB ____________Brannon

Haydell _______________RH ____________O. Brannon

Roy ___________________LH ____________Owens

Jones _________________FB ____________C. Price


Substitutes:  Tallulah, Towne, J. Byram, Rabb, Kysar, Sevier, Edgerton, Capsaw, Herm Moberly, E. Lancaster, Boswell, Bankston.


Officials:  Barber, Referee; Wells, Umpire; Swanson, Headlineman.


Score by Quarters:

Tallulah _________0          14       6        7=20

Utica ___________ 0            6      0        0= 6


First Downs:  Tallulah, 13; Utica, 1.


Phillips Says Game With Newellton Will Be one of the Hardest

By Coach M.A. Phillips


The Tallulah Trojans will play their second game of the season when they meet the strong Newellton team here Friday (tonight) at 8 o’clock.  This game will probably be the hardest game on the schedule.  The Newellton team is practical the same as last year, only two players missing.  The new members of the squad off-set the loss of these boys and the team now is much stronger than last year.


The Trojans came out of the Utica game with one serious casualty.  Jack Jones, fullback, fractured his leg and will be out of the game for about four or five weeks.  It is fortunate that the fracture is small and he will rejoin the squad in time for the first Class A game with Farmerville, October 22.  Bruises and soreness to other members will be in good condition and the only thing to keep the team back is illness to some few.  Last week Haydell, Nettles and Capshaw were sick with a cold and fever.  This week Capshaw is the only one suffering from bad cold.  He has not been in school this week but is staying in bed trying to rid himself of the high temperature.  He may be in school the latter part of the week and be able to take part in the game.


The playing of the whole squad was a little better than expected.  There were many errors and flaws in their work, but these are being ironed out in trying to get a smooth combination ready for Friday night.  The work of the reserves was very pleasing, especially that of Rabb, Edgerton, and Sevier.  They proved they can step into the shoes of the other boys and keep the ball rolling.  They were playing in their first game and will improve each week.  If others can be developed to step in and give the started a rest, the team should be in for a good season.


The work of the line on defense stood out over every other type of play.  They were continually thwarting offending _______ for no gains or losses. This work will have to continue if Newellton is to be defeated.  The backfield had to be shuffled around due to injuries and sickness and after it gets to functioning smoothly, should be hard to stop.  Haydell’s work promises to be much better than it was last year.  With Nettles running in the other half-back position, throwing passes and kicking, the Trojan offense should develop into one hard to stop.  Roy, at fullback, is using his speed to get around the ends and break through on quick opening plays to make a lot of yards.  Byram at the blocking back position clears the way for the other boys and gets very little recognition, but his work is the hardest on the team.  He has a fractured wrist that is slowing up his play.  He got this in a wreck near San Antonio and did not know it was fractured until a week before the Utica game.  He played with it in a cast and wrapped with a sponge to prevent any sort of injury.  This has slowed him up considerably and when it has healed completely the offense will function better.


Not much is known about the Newellton team as this will be their first game.  The team will as this will be their first game.  The team will outweigh the Trojans about 15 pounds per man.  This will mean that the local boys will have to play their hardest to come out on top.


The band will play during the game and parade at the half.  If the uniforms do not get here by game time, white pants and shirts will be used.  Many people expressed themselves as being surprised at the good work of the band.  The members have worked hard to make the band a success.  Mr. A. L. Setaro, director, should be given much of the credit for the fine performance.  He has worked hard to get the band where it is now.


Trojans Win By Score of 14 to 7 on Local Field Over Newellton

By Odo Cagnolatti


Coach M.A. Phillips’ mighty Trojans put brains against brawn to defeat the powerful Newellton Bear 14-7.  Despite the heavy odds that were against them the Trojans set the Bears in their right place.  Demonstrating a crude game of razzle dazzle football the Trojans out-smarted and out-played their…….


The Trojans backfield played a beautiful brand of ball.  Nettles was put in the shining lights with his beautiful passing and the way he punted his team out of danger was well worth marking down.


J.C. Byram, quarterback, was the main feature of the game.  He kept the visitors guessing throughout the game.  Does he ever miss a kick from placement?


Roy, Trojan fullback, who accounted for the first Trojan tally, is one of the hardest driving fullbacks in this section.  You can depend on him for yardage any time.  Rabb, who saw service, is not a veteran, but exhibited some swell running and before the year is over you’ll hear plenty from him. 


The Trojans line was hard to penetrate.  Taylor, Watts, and Sevier held down the ends, few yardage was run over them and can they block an offense?  Holding down the center of the line and playing football like he was taught to do, E.B Towne did swell.  Lentz, Capshaw and Gaines played the brand of football college teams would like to play.


Captain Verhagen and G. Byram played the whole game and a game that will hold the fans spell bound for some time to come.


The Trojans opened their scoring stack in the first quarter with the ball resting on their 48 yard line.  Roy plowed through center for four yards, Nettles picked up one yard, Haydell, on a reverse makes a first down on Newellton’s 42-yard stripe.  Haydell picks up five yards off tackle; nettles pass to Haydell was good for 35 yards, the ball resting on the three yard stripe.  Roy then……


…..minutes before the half after Tallulah had been penalized 30 yards.  White of Newellton scored standing up.  Tallulah, 14; Newellton, 7.


The last half of the game was played in drizzling rain.  Neither team being able to push across a tally.  It was this half that Nettles punting came in as handy.


All of the boys came out of the game pretty sore and bandaged up, but no serious injuries were reported.


The line-ups:


Watts………..         LE…….         P. Vines

Gaines……....        LT…….          Old

Verhagen (C)…..  LG……..       G. Synder

Towne ……..          C. ……..       Curl

G. Byram …..         RG ……        Beasley

Lentz …………        RT ……..       Pierce

Taylor ……….         RE ……         Outlaw

J.C. Byram ……     QB …….       Fizer

Haydell ………..     LH ……         White

Nettles (C)…….     RH ………     Thompson

Roy …………..        FB ……..       Smith


Substitutes:  Tallulah, Capshaw, Sevier, Rabb, S. Brown


Officials:  Barber, Referee, (Old Miss); Casselby, Umpire, (Miss. State); Well, Headlineman, (Miss. State).


Trojans Defeated First Time This Season in Game with Monroe

By Odo Cagnolatti


The Tallulah High School Trojans went up against the heaviest odds they expected to face this season and were leased to hold the heavy team to just one touchdown lead.


The Ouachita Lions had a running attack which was their main threat.  While the Trojans main threat was the beautiful kicking of Louis Nettles, who many times kept the Lions deep in their own territory.  The Trojans line was strong at all times, but the Lions slipped through many times to stop the backfield from getting their plays in execution.  The Trojans’ pass combination, Nettles to Haydell, was well watched at all times and they were unable to get them underway.  As a matter of fact, all the Trojans backfield seemed to have been well scouted.  Despite the defeat handed them, the Trojans played hard, clean football throughout the game and never gave up or weakened at any time.


Tallulah’s score came early in the first quarter.  After a hasty exchange of punts and fast running plays the Trojans were forced to punt out of bounds on the Lions 35 yard line.  After two plays failed to gain Patterson, Lions’ star was forced to punt, Dowell Capshaw, veteran tackle, broke through the Lions defense and blocked the punt, neatly picks it up and runs the remaining 30 yards to score standing up.  Byram converted the point.


The players came of out the game in fairly good shape and are expected to run up a neat score on Lake Providence today.


The outstanding players of the game was hard to be determined.  For Tallulah in the backfield, Haydell, Nettles, Byram and Roy were excellent  While holding down the line, Taylor, Lentz, Capsaw, Verhagen, Towne, Byram, Gaines and Watts were all outstanding.


Coach Phillips’ Trojans will invade Lake Providence Friday.  Let’s all come along and boost the Trojans to victory.


The Line-ups:


Taylor……………….          LE………………..     Funderburk

Capshaw…………….       LT……………..         Boss

Verhagen…………….      LG……………….     Edgar

Towne………………….     C………………..     Younse

Byram………………..        RG……………..       Peters

Gaines………………..       RT…………….         Averette

Watts………………..         RE…………….         Selvers

J.C. Byram……………      QB…………….        Stron

Haydell………………        LH…………             Mitchell

Nettles……………….        RH…………..           Fleming

Roy…………………..         RB………….            Patteson


Substitutes:  Tallulah, Lentz, Sevier, and Freeman.


Score by Quarters:

Tallulah……………            7        0        0        0=7

Ouachita……………        0        7        0        7=14


Officials:  Referee, Bendal; Umpire, Malone; Headlineman, Spillar.


Blocked Punt responsible for Trojans only Score to Beat Lake Providence

by Odo Cagnolatti


Bucking a stiff, stubborn defense, surprised by all, the Trojans were unable to penetrate the strong Lake Providence goal but one time, this coming early in the first quarter by a block of a punt by Capshaw.


The spark of the Trojans did not seem to click as was expected.  The running plays were hard to get underway.  The ball being slippery on account of heavy dew, the passing combination of Nettles to Haydell were gummed up at all times.  The Trojans and Panthers played one of the fastest games of the year on Providence’s new field.  The game was played fast because of the line plays that were run, passing being impossible or inaccurate because of a slippery ball.  The fighting Trojans drew more penalties Friday than they have drawn all season this was one of the main causes the Panthers were handicapped with so many first downs.  The Trojans have not been defeated by Lake Providence since the two schools began scheduling games, which began in 1930.  The Panthers played the Trojans to a 6-6 tie in 1931.


Taking advantage of an early break in the first two minutes of play, came the Trojans lone score.  Capshaw kicked to Bagby on the 20 yard stripe and he returned to the 35.  Searles lost two yards at end.  Hughes failed to gain at center.  Searles faded back to kick when Capshaw broke through and blocked his punt.  Gaines Byram picked up the blocked punt and raced to the Lake Providence’s one yard line before being stopped.  Nettles, on the next play, goes over for the score.  Byram’s kick from placement was low.


The Trojans came out of the game in pretty bad shape.  Nettles, star halfback will probably be out for several weeks due to a fractured shoulder.  Taylor hurt a sore knee, but is expected to see service tonight.  Haydell received a bruised leg, but he also will be ready for the Farmerville Farmers.  Lentz, who having suffered a broken nose from the Newellton game and also a hurt back in the Ouachita game, will probably be out until the Delhi game.


The boys hope to redeem themselves against Farmerville, “boost the Trojans” and help them win their first game in their Little A contest.


Adding beauty and color to the game, was the 80-piece Tallulah High School band.  Parading and playing in their new uniforms was a beautiful sight.  They have been doing a swell job to help the team and as long as the band is there—there’s hardly a chance to lose.



The line-ups:


Tallulah                                                                      Lake Providence

Watts                                          LE                           Wiley

Capshaw                                   LT                            King

G. Byram                                    LG                          Stampley

Towne                                        C                            Channey

Verhagen ( C )                          RG                          Shockly

Gaines                                        RT                           Watley

Taylor                                          RE                           Howard

J. Byram                                     QB                          Searles

Haydell                                       RH                          Bagby

Nettles                                        LH                           D. Davis

Roy                                             FB                           Hughes


Substitutes:  Tallulah, Gandy for Taylor; Brown for Gaines; Sevier for Watts; Rabb for Roy.


Score by quarters:

Tallulah                  6        0        0        0=6

Providence            0        0        0        0=0


Officials:  Waldon, Referee; Robertson, Umpire; Harrison, headlineman.


Trojans Beaten by Waterproof by 19-7 Score

By Odo Cagnolatti


The Tallulah High School Trojans lost their second game of their 1937 schedule when they bowed to the Waterproof Tigers at Waterproof last Friday on the short end of the score 19-7.


The weather was very unpleasant for the Trojans who are used to playing in the cool night air.  The weather being hot and sluggish was a great disadvantage to the Tallulah boys.


Captain Archie Verhagen was Tallulah’s main threat throughout the game.  He was in every play regardless to which way it was run.


The Trojans lone score came in the early part of the third quarter.  Tallulah recovered Waterproof’s fumble on their own 49 yard line.  A pass, Byram to Haydell, netted eight yards, Haydell makes it a first down on the 35.  A reverse Jones to Byram and a lateral play carried the ball to the 20 yard stripe.  Haydell fades back to pass on the next play, but couldn’t find his end open, so he neatly reverses his field and runs wild to the five yard line before being brought down by half of the Waterproof team.  Haydell picks up two yards off tackle, again Haydell carries the ball one yard, Haydell scores on the next play.  Byram kicked the extra point.


The rest of the game was played mostly in mid-field until Waterproof pulled a trick play and Wells got loose for a 50 yard run.  Waterproof scored shortly afterwards.


The boys came out of the game in fairly good shape.  Dowell Capshaw will be out in the Delhi game tonight due to sickness.  It is hoped that Louis Nettles will be ready to play; he will be needed very badly.


Delhi promises one of the hardest games of the season.  They have never beaten Tallulah and will be out for blood when they crash with the Trojans here tonight.  The team will need all the encouragement it can get, so don’t walk up to one of the players and say, Like, I’ve heard many persons say lately, “Delhi is going to beat you.”  Tell the boys they can win, they’ll know you are for them and it will enable them to play better ball.


Due to the fact that the Waterproof coach would not give his lineup, we are giving you Tallulah’s lineup:


Taylor, left end; Lentz, left tackle; Verhagen (Captain), left guard; Towne, center; Ga. Byram, right guard; Gaines, right tackle; Watts, right end; J.C. Byram, quarterback; Edgerton, right half; Jones, left half; Roy, fullback.


Substitutes:  Haydell for Edgerton; Capshaw for Lentz; Lancaster for Towne; Carver for Roy; Brown for Gaines.


Score by Quarters:


Waterproof            6                   0                   7                  6—19

Tallulah                  0                   0                   7                  0—7


Trojans Defeat Delhi Bears by Score of 12-7

By Odo Cagnolatti


The alert determined Tallulah Trojans turned back an equally determined pack of Delhi Bears by a score of 12-7, here Friday night on Legion Field.


Led by their fighting Captain, Archie Verhagen, the Trojans were able to send a team back to Delhi dreary and down-hearted ever the game they had lost, and which they have been scheming and planning to win so badly.  The locals played inspired ball throughout the game, featuring a beautiful third period touchdown drive, which was just too thrilling.  Not one time letting the ball go until the pay-off dirt had been reached.


Everyone will have to give the Trojans credit for playing a grand game of football.  Going into the game as underdogs and coming out on top with such a great comeback after a loss to Waterproof the week before.


Despite the trailing score which led on to the closing minutes of the game, Delhi didn’t give up for a minute.  They played ball until the final whistle and everyone can truthfully say that they were afraid until the final whistle had blown.  No one knew what Delhi would do next.  A very tricky team, but not so tricky that the Trojans couldn’t figure out their plays.


The first quarter of the game was played without a score, with both teams feeling the other out.


The second quarter was a different tale, both teams hit the pay dirt.  The fighting Trojans were first to take the invaders blood. Nettles kicked a beautiful punt to Byran on Delhi’s 10 yard line.  Simms gathered up 5 yards, Simms fumbles on the next play and Tallulah recovers on the 10.  A pass, Nettles to Haydell, incomplete.  Haydell makes 5 yards, Nettles carries the ball over for the score.  Byram failed to convert, Tallulah 6; Delhi 0.


Delhi takes the lead a few minutes later when Byran threw Moore a pass from the 10 yard line for the score.  Simms crashes over for the point.  Delhi 7, Tallulah, 6.


Trailing at the half the Trojans came into the game fresh and determined to upset the over-rated Delhi eleven.


Delhi kicked to Haydell to start the third quarter on the 25, who criss-crosses to Roy, who carries the ball to his own 40 yard line.  Roy nets 4 yards on a fame spinner, in goes Haydell to Byram picks up 8 more yards, Nettles breaks ____ ___ up off tackles joins and setup to Delhi’s 60 yard line.  Nettles on a triple reverse behind beautiful ____picks up 10 ­­­­­­­_____________


team but not so tricky that the Trojans couldn’t figure out the plays.


          …..beautiful pass to Haydell for the score.  Byram failed to kick the point.  Tallulah 12; Delhi 7. 


The last quarter of the game was played _________, neither team being able to penetrate the other’s goal lines.


The outstanding players in the Trojans backfield were Nettes, Roy, Haydell, Jones, Byram and Edgerton.  Netlles played one of the best games of his high school career.  Although handicapped by a bad shoulder he gave all he had to beat Delhi.  Haydell played his usual grand of good football.  While Jones and Roy at fullback were all any high school coach could ask for.  Byram called an extra good game of ball and did every very nicely on his running and kicking.  He is due a great deal of credit for his determination.  Edgerton saved the day with his touchdown pass to Haydell.  He will never be forgotten for that play, it’s down in Tallulah High School’s history.


As you all can recall, the man who stole the honors in the Trojans’ line was no other than Captain Archie Verhagen.  His football will never be forgotten and if he is not an all-state candidate, I’d like to see one.


Delhi fans wonder why their star Billy Byran didn’t get loose for any gains.  Ralph Taylor can account for that.  While he was in the game, Delhi was well bothered.  William Watts also shone in the glory of a nice end.  He broke up interference and threw the visiting players for losses many a time.  Gandy and Sevier did their duty and performed well.  Lentz and G. Byram, two standbys and 60 minute men, played their usual fine game.  Lancaster and Towne were small in the middle of the line, but ask some of the Delhi players how much misery they dealt them.


Tallulah made 12 first downs to 11 for Delhi.


The Trojans will try to add another Class “A” game to their credit when they meet Winnsboro here tonight.


The Tallulah eleven will be in good shape with the exception of Louis Nettles who suffered a broken collar bone and will probably be out of the lineup for the rest of the season.


Everyone come out and help the Trojans win their second Class “A” contest.


The Lineup:


Tallulah                                                           Delhi

Watts                                RT

Lentz                                 LT

Verhagen                        FB

Towne                              C

Lancaster                         RG                          P. Travis

G. Byram                          RT                           Dickins

Taylor                                RE                           Dunnam

J.C. Byram                       QB                          Byran

Haydell                             LH                           Modre

Nettles                              RH                          Harrell

Jones                               FB                           Simms


          Substitutes:  Tallulah, Gandy for Taylor, Sevier for Watts; Gaines for Lancaster; Edgerton for Nettles.




Score by Quarters:

Tallulah                  0                   6                   6                   0--                   12

Delhi                      0                   7                   0                   0--                   7


Officials:  Brown, Referee; Fletcher, Umpire;  Cassidy, Headlineman; Ruper, Field Judge.


Trojans to Play Class “A” Game Here Tonight


The Tallulah Trojans will meet the Winnsboro Wildcats in their second conference game here tonight (Friday) at 7:45.  This game was first planned for the afternoon but the Winnsboro people want it at night.  They will bring their high school band to help boost their players in their effort to win.  This band has been organized a few months longer than the Tallulah band and many local people are anxiously awaiting their arrival to see how they will compare to ours.  They will bring 40 members to play and drill at the half.


The local team came out of the Delhi game with injuries that will handicap them in the game this week.  Louis Nettles broke his collar bone and will be out the remainder of the season.  He had previously been out with an injury to the other shoulder and it was his first game since the Lake Providence game.  His presence will be missed.  With his kicking and passing the offense is much stronger.  His punts have pulled the team out of many tough spots.  J.C. Byram will fill in for Nettles and Jack Jones will take over Byram’s place at half.  In case anything goes wrong, Willie Rabb and Fred Edgerton can be used at either half and will not weaken the team except in experience.  Edgerton proved his worth last week when he went in for Nettles and threw the winning touchdown pass to Haydell like it was an everyday affair with him.  Rabb has been out with an injured ankle and is ready to get in the game.


The line will be weakened without Taylor at end.  This will be the first time in three years he has not been ready for a game.  During the week-end he went to bed with a boil and as it did not respond to treatment as expected he will not be able to play this week.  His place will be taken care of by Andrew Sevier.  This boy has been in every game and has improved steadily with every game.  He can play at either end position and do a good job of it.  Capshaw has been out with illness but he claims he is ready for Winnsboro.  Just how he will be able to play will have to be seen.  Even if he does not get in the game, Lentz and Gaines can take care of the tackle posts.  Both have been improving and if they play as they did in the Delhi game, the Winnsboro team will be in for a lot of trouble.  The guards of a football team are usually the unsung heroes.  In Captain Archie Verhagen the Trojans have one of the best guards to ever play on the local team.  He has been an inspiring leader and in the game playing his best at all times.  His play during the year has been outstanding, both offense and defence.  He should be given a lot of consideration when the all star teams are selected.  At the other guard post is Gaines Byram who has been running Verhagen a close race for outstanding line play.  His value comes from his ability to play at the tackle position as well as the guard spot.  When the tackles have been out with injuries, he has stepped in to fill their place and full proof can be given with his play against.



Trojans Beat Winnsboro by Score of 21-0

By Odo Cagnolatti


Determined not to be defeated in Class “A” competition, the Tallulah Trojans turned back the Winnsboro Wildcats here Friday night by a score of 21-0, in a game that was very important for the locals, having only two more games to win to become eligible for the district championship playoff.


The Trojans main threat of the evening was the skillness of J.E. Smith, the Winnsboro captain and quarterback.  His passing and kicking kept the team a little worried.


Running plays and forward passes didn’t seem to get underway for the Trojans until about the last three minutes of the first half, when Roy intercepted Smith’s pass intended for Humphries on the Trojans’ 30 yard line and returned it to the 40.  Roy at this point was hurt when tackled from behind and Edgerton replaced him at fullback.  Here is where the fireworks began Edgerton on the first play breaks loose and exhibited a beautiful brand of broken field running and stiff-arming by ripping off 20 yards.  With the ball resting on Winnsboro’s 40, Edgerton heaves Haydell a pass to the 20 where he raced to the 3 yard line before being checked.  Byram goes over for the score on the next play.  Byram’s kick for goal was good.  Tallulah, 7; Winnsboro, 0.


Color and beauty paraded at the half with the small, but loud Winnsboro band taking the field first.  They played and paraded, led by two drum majors, two girls carrying the American Flag and the school colors.  Then came the __________ band in North Louisiana led by a prancing, strutting drum major, Alice Ware.  Forming a beautiful “T” and playing the school song was the biggest attraction.


Then came the thrilling third quarter with another beautiful 70 yard drive just like the one against Delhi the week before.  Winnsboro kicked to Rabb on his 15 and he returned to the 35.  Haydell steps off 6 yards at tackle, Byram on a triple reverse made it a first down on the 42.  A pass, Haydell to Rabb, was incomplete.  Haydell picks up 10 yards on a hard off tackle drive, Byram is held for no gain, Rabb rips off 7 yards, Haydell likes 3 inches of a first down on Winnsboro’s 23 yard stripe.  Haydell makes a first down on the 18, Rabb neatly picks up 9 yards off tackle.  Byram makes a first down on the 5 yard line, Haydell picks up 2 yards at center, Rabb scores standing up on the next play.  “Dead-Eye” Byram again converts.  Tallulah, 14; Winnsboro, 0.



The last and final touchdown came in the final periods after Tallulah takes the ball on their own 20 yard line on down.  Byram picks up 5 yards on a spinner, Haydell breaks through to the 25, Edgerton breaks loose on a beautiful broken field run, cut back, springs and recovering his field, goes 40 yards to the invaders 35 yard line.  Byram bucks the line for 2 yards, Haydell rips off 6 more at center, Edgerton breaks loose again and goes to the 15 yard line before being stopped by three secondary men, a reverse to Haydell and a lateral to Jones carries the ball to the 9 yard stripe, Edgerton goes to the 5 yard line, Byram nets 2 yards.  With the first down and a goal to go, Edgerton is held to no gain, Haydell loses 2 yards, Edgerton heaves Haydell a touchdown pass from this point.  Byram again converts the point.  Tallulah, 21; Winnsboro,0.


The Trojans made 15 first downs to 5 for the visitors.


The outstanding players of the Trojans’ line were Lentz, Capshaw, Verhagen, Watts, Sevier, Towne, Byram, Gaines and Lancaster.  While the shining lights of the backfield were Edgerton, Roy, Haydell, Rabb, Byram and Jones.


With all the team fit and fine, we are expecting a good game today.  This is going to be a hard game, both teams being undefeated in Class “A” competition.


The line-ups:


Tallulah                             Pos                                              Winnsboro

Sevier                               LE                                                Farmer

Lentz                                 LT                                                Wollerson

Verhagen                        LG                                               Lord

Towne                              C                                               Sikes

Byram                               RG                                              Westerburg

Gaines                             RT                                                Alexander

Watts                                RE                                               Martin

J.C.Byram                        QB                                              Smith

Jones                               LH                                               Humphries

Haydell                             RH                                               Lettice

Roy                                   FB                                               Kimbrough


Substitutes:  Tallulah, Capshaw for Gaines; Edgerton for Jones; Rabb for Roy:  Lancaster for Towne, Gandy for Watts.


Score by Quarters:


Tallulah                             0                   7                   7                  7---21

Winnsboro                        0                   0                   0                  0--- 0


Officials:  Referee, Thompson; Umpire, Barber; Headlineman, Coates; Field Judge, Fleischman.


Mangham Wins in Game Friday with Tallulah

By Odo Cagnolatti


Bucking a stiff north wind, trouncing and slipping on a muddy field, the Trojans went down for the first time this year, unable to penetrate the enemy goal line.  A stubborn defense was shown by the Dragons, and passes which surprised the Trojans were capable of making nice gains, and also accounting for their only tally.


The Trojans, by losing this game, were knocked out of the run for the North Louisiana championship.


The Trojans’ line was up and alert at all times, the Mangham Dragons being unable to gain yardage, while the backfield played a nice brand of ball, but were fooled at times by the tricky power of the Dragons.


Fine plays and power didn’t seem to click for the Trojans; it was just an off day.   Just when their plays began to click and get under way the players bogged down and the local boys gave way to the mysterious Dragons, who were ruled the underdogs by a wide margin and came out on top.  The Dragons upset the Trojans in the same way two years ago, when they turned the Trojans down to an 18-0 victory; also being the underdogs.


The Trojans face another Class A battle close at hand when they play the Rayville Hornets on Thanksgiving Day on the local field.


Despite the cold north wind and the dreary skies, the Tallulah Band kept right on with their duties by playing during the game and parading at the half.  Ask some of the band players if they were cold, “Good Old Red Flannels.”


The boys all came out of the game in good shape and Tallulah is expected to be in tiptop shape for Rayville.  Ralph Taylor probably will break into the lineup again, his wound  being healed.  Louis Nettles will be out but we hope Edgerton will carry on his duties.  Good luck on Turkey Day, Trojans.


The Line-ups:


Tallulah                             Pos.                                  Mangham

Watts                                LE                                      Logan

Lentz                                 LT                                      Burgess

Verhagen                        LG                                     Hale

Lancaster                         C                                     Hill

G. Byram                          RG                                    Jones

Capshaw                         RT                                     Alexandris

Sevier                               RE                                     Creswalt

J.C.Byram                        QB                                    Reban

Edgerton                          LH                                     Griffin

Haydell                             RH                                     Moon

Jones                               FB                                     FauntberryR


Score by Quarters:


Mangham                        0                   7                   0                  0—0

Tallulah                             0                   0                   0                  0—0


Officials:  Cassidy, Referee; Guisier, Umpire; Hulley, Headlineman; Fliesman, Field Judge.


Rayville Takes Tallulah’s Last Game of the Season

By Odo Cagnolatti


It was a beautiful day for football, no wind, no mud or rain, not too cold, not too hot, but the Rayville Hornets were a little too good and a little too hot for the Tallulah Trojans to handle.  This was the last game of the season for the Trojans and as far as I can remember it was the first time in the history of Coach M.A. Phillips coaching career that he has lost a game on the last day of his sending football season. 


You’ve heard the old saying “It was just an off day,” well it was in all ways, shape and form.  In the first place, Haydell broke loose for all but a touchdown twice, but the locals lost the ball by costly fumbles and the Hornets kicked out of danger.  Also a great handicap was the injury of some of the players who were unable to enter the game in the last half.  Well, all the reasons and no excuses, the Trojans lost and Rayville won.  Why cry over spilt milk, why not give them a game, it’s the first time they’ve beaten Tallulah in six years.


Ending the season with a fair record the Trojans have won six games and lost four.  They won from Utica, Miss, Newellton, Lake Providence, Delhi, Winnsboro and Farmerville and lost to Monroe, Waterproof, Mangham and Rayville.  It was a pretty good season, not perfect, but not everyone or everything expect to end up every year with a perfect record.  Give the boys, Coach Phillips and Corley credit for a successful season.


Playing their last game of football for the good old Trojans was quarterback J.C. Byram.  He has done a fine job as pilot.  Of course he has called a few “boners” as some would call it, but give him due credit for the fine plays he has called, his ball carrying fine blocking and tackling.  I am sure the locals will miss him, he has served four years with the team.


All eyes of an ordinary football fan were on another player than Henry (Hank) Haydell, a real hard playing 60 minute man.  He will always be remembered for his beautiful pass snatching, broken field running and fine ability to bring a man down after he is loose on an open field.  Frenchie has played two years with the Trojans and he will deeply be missed by the coach and players as well as the fans.


Losing Louis Nettles will deeply hurt the Trojans.  He has served three years, as well as being co-captain this year.  His passing, punting and ball carrying was need all the year.


Lucien Roy, a hard driving fullback broke into the lineup this year and proved to be very capable of handling the job.  He played a hard game at all times.  This is his second year with the team. 


We break into the line now and take out part of its stone wall, Dowell Capshaw, a two year letterman, standing 6 feet 2 inches and tipping the scales at 180 pounds.  The description alone will tell everyone how his absence will be greatly missed He has played good ball all season, he was out a couple of games due to illnesses.


Last but not least are Charles Brown and Thomas Howard Gandy.  These boys were not what you call regulars, but if you needed a good substitute these boys were ready at all times to do their duty.  This was their first year of football and they showed up exceptionally well.


To leave the seniors and get back to the Thanksgiving game in which the Trojans bowed to the Rayville Hornets by a score of 14-0.


Rayville’s scores came in the first and fourth quarters with both of their touchdowns coming on fourth down and goal to go.  One a side reverse and the other resulted from a pass.  Some called it luck but I called it good football.


The Trojans made two threats after Haydell carried the ball to the Rayville 10 yard line twice, but the Trojans were unable to push it over.


We wish you a good year in 1938, Trojans.  Don’t disappoint us.


The line-ups:


Tallulah                                       Pos.                                             Rayville

Watts                                          LE                                                H. Statham

Gaines                                        LT                                                Leary

Verhagen                                   LG                                               O’Neal

Towne                                        C                                               Pipes

G. Byram                                    RG                                              Inzer

Capshaw                                   RT                                                Cockran

Sevier                                          RE                                               O. Statham

J.C. Byram                                 QB                                              McCoy

Haydell                                       LH                                               Silk

Roy                                             RH                                               Whaterly

Rabb                                          FB                                               Green


Substitutes:  Tallulah, Taylor for Sevier; Freeman for Verhagen; Bankston for Gaines; Lancaster for Towne; Edgerton for Rabb; Lantz for Gaines; Brown for Lancaster; Jones for Roy.


Score by Quarters:


Rayville………….    0                   7                   0                   7----       14

Tallulah………….    0                   0                   0                   0-----        0


Officials:  Barber, Referee; Wells, Umpire; Swanson, Headlineman