1940 THS Football Season

Football Practice Will Start Monday Afternoon

About 25 Boys Expected To Report On First Day

Phillips Here To Start Work With Squad

Madison Journal August 23, 1940


All boys planning to go out for football are requested to report for the initial practice Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. About twenty-five boys are expected to report for the first practice with others reporting later. It is urgent that all boys get the practice before school starts as the first game will be played the first week of school. Boys not making these early prac­tice sessions will not get much con­sideration for the early games.


Coach Phillips returned from Nashville, Tenn., Thursday and will be using the short time he has to get everything in readiness. New equipment will be checked and numbered before issuing it out Monday. Mr. Phillips will have to round the team into shape by himself as Mr. Corley is not expected until school starts.


As many of the members of last year's team were lost the coaches have a tough problem ahead. This has usually been hurdled in the past with the boys showing rapid progress. It is believed the team will start slow but expected to fin­ish fast. With such boys as Capt. Elroy Curl, Carlton Curry, Billy Boswell, Roe Cagnolatti, Robert Rodwig, Tommy Leoty and Doyle Penton the coaches will have a good nucleus with which to build the team. Capt. Curl and Boswell are expected to lead the team on defensive with Roe Cagnolatti and Carlton Curry bearing the brunt of the offense. Curry played at guard last year but will be shifted to the backfield in order to use his speed and power. He is the fastest boy on the squad. If two ends who can be depended upon to bear the brunt of end play can be found the coaches feel they can fill the other positions alright. There is no letterman returning for the end position.


The schedule this year will be just as hard as last year: St. Jos­eph, Newellton, St. Aloysius, Lake Providence, Waterproof, Delhi, Farmerville, Winnsboro, Mangham, and Bastrop, with the last four named the class A team.


            Trojans Preparing For First Game With St. Joseph
            Madison Journal September 6, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans have completed two weeks of practice and are rounding into shape for the first game with St. Joseph here on the night of September 13th. There have been some of the boys who have not been able to attend all practices and are a little behind in their training. Others will not be able to start practice until the opening of school Monday.


The sessions this week have been stressing blocking and tackling with the last three days ending up with a short scrimmage. These early scrimmages never look good and you can't tell just what might happen. With some of the key positions filled with inexperienced players, it makes it hard for the team to function as a unit.


There are enough experienced players on hand to get a fair starting team together but the problem of substitutes is staring the coaches in the face. From the way things look now the starting lineup for the first game will come from the following boys: Capt. Elroy Curl at center; Robert Rodwig, Burney Long, or Welton Curry at guards; Billy Boswell, Edward Lewis, or Ray Watts at tackle; Thomas Mur­phy, Doyle Penton at ends; Roe Cagnolatti, Carlton Curry, Jack Gilbert and Tommy Leoty in the backfield; Ray Watts and Welton Curry have not reported for practice yet but are expected soon. It may be that Burney Long will be shifted to tackle as he has put on a lot of weight during the summer months. Coach Phillips says the team will start off slow but will pick up momentum as the season gets along. There is an open date after the St. Joseph game and the team should show a lot of improvement before it meets Newellton.



            September 13, St. Joseph—Here

            September 20, Open

            September 27, Newellton—There

            October 3, St. Aloysius—There

            October 11, Lake Providence—Here

            October 18, Bastrop—There

            October 25, Waterproof—Here

            November 1, Delhi—Here

            November 8, Winnsboro—Here

            November 15, Mangham—Here

            November 22, Farmerville—Here


Tallulah Trojans Meet St. Joseph Tigers Tonight

Madison Journal September 13, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans will meet the St. Joseph Tigers in their first football game tonight at 8:00 p.m. The team is in fair condition and is ready to go. The boys feel they can pick up the good work where last year's team left off.


Nothing is known about the St. Joseph team except this is their sec­ond year of playing and most of last year's team has returned for another season. This is entirely different from the setup of the Trojans. Only one player from the starting team of last year will be back and that is Billy Boswell.


Capt. Elroy Curl took over the cen­ter position in the middle of the season and can be considered a starter. The other positions will be filled by reserves of new players.

In scrimmages this week the offense looked fairly well but the defensive play was ragged. It is hoped the boys can get together by game time and stop the heavy Tiger.


Capt. Curl will hold down the center position and back up the line on defense. Rodwig and Long will start as the guards. Both were third string boys last year but have added a lot of weight and will make themselves known to the opposition. Billy Boswell is the standout man at tackle and will get able assistance from Edward Lewis, Ray Watts, who both started practice late. Murphy and Penton will start at ends, but Penton will be shifted to halfback on defense.


The backfield this year will be better balanced with weight than at any other time. Jack Gilbert, a freshman weighing 170 pounds will start at quarterback and clear the way with his vicious blocking. He is the largest boy to play in this position. He will play at end on defense. Carlton Curry will play at fullback, utilizing his power and speed for line smashes, and will backup the line. Cagnolatti and Leoty will play at the halfback positions; both are experienced players and can take care of their work.


Before the season advances very far these boys will be gaining enough experience to help the start­ers out: W. Curry, Roper, Britt, Stone, Temple, Curtis, Ware, M. Williams, Pemberton, Crosby, McCready, Helton, Watts, and Tingle.


The band will make its first ap­pearance but will not take the field at the half. Special attention is called to the parents of the students in the grammar school about their membership in the "Knot Hole Gang." To be eligible for this the student must attend Sunday School every Sunday in September to be a member in October.


Trojans Take St. Joseph Game With No Injuries

Madison Journal September 20, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans came out of their game with St. Joseph is good condition. They are now preparing for their game next week with Newellton. This game is to be played in Newellton with dedication ceremonies for their new lighted field. All games between the teams have been played in Tallulah but they will be alternated between the two schools since Newellton has installed lights.


In the game with St. Joseph the, team put up an excellent scrap. Most of the boys who played are new and inexperienced. Coach Phillips didn't expect them to do as well as they did. He says the team played better than any team he has had for the opening game of the season. With more experi­ence it should be able to hold its own against all opponents.


There were no outstanding play­ers in the game as all did their part well. The early season blocking was very good. There are many things that will have to be ironed out before the game with Newellton but the team is hard at work at it. Newellton has never beaten the Trojans and the boys say they will not get their first victory this year.


There have been three scrimmage sessions this week with stress being placed on the reserves. These will have to come along fast in order to give the starting team a chance to rest. A newcomer in the backfield, Bob Hall, has looked pretty good and with a little more work he should make a good replace­ment. He weighs about 155 pounds, is a hard driver with plenty of power.


After the Newellton game the Trojans will journey to Vicksburg to avenge their defeat at the hands of the St. Aloysius team and then will return to the home grounds for their game with Lake Provi­dence. Get behind the team and show them you are for them. Many people didn't see the St. Joseph game because they thought the Trojans had no chance to win. They made a good showing and will con­tinue to play good ball if you give them the support they deserve.


Trojans Defeat St. Joseph, 14-7 Friday Night

By Odo Cagnolatti

Madison Journal September 20, 1940

Despite losing 15 lettermen and the old unlucky Friday the 13th, the Trojans pulled through the jinx with a thrilling 14-7 victory over the stubborn St. Joseph team.


Coach Phillips stated that he was well pleased with the way his boys played their first game, a score of his material being green and see­ing their first year of service, made a few errors, but two weeks of practice should help the boys out and I am sure they will be ready to go when they meet New­ellton on the 27th.


Staging a first-period drive, the strong Tigers gave the Trojans scare, but things changed when the Trojans recovered a St. Joseph fumble on the Trojan 15-yard stripe. This was the only threat in the first quarter, but the Tro­jans were alert from then on knowing they had a hard game to play, and trying hard to pull out to victory.


Scoring first in the thrilling game is to the credit of the Tro­jans, when the Tigers got off poor kick to their own 39-yard line. Cagnolatti picked up 15 yards to advance to the visitors' 24. Curry, on the next play, failed to gain at center. Cagnolatti's pass to Gilbert was good for nine yards, the ball resting on the 15-yard stripe Cagnolatti made first down on the 11. A reverse, Curry to Neatz, netted three yards with the ball on the eight-yard line. Cagnolatti advanced another yard to the seven A reverse, Cagnolatti to Curry made it a first and goal to go, the ball now on the 1-yard line. A reverse, Cagnolatti to Curry was good for the score. Gilbert kicked the extra point from placement Thus the Trojans took a needed 7-0 lead.


Coming back strong after a well rested half, the Tigers tied the score after gaining the ball or downs on the Trojan 42-yard line Westbrook hammered the Trojan line to advance to the 29-yard stripe. A series of strong line plays with H. Kirkpatrick and Westbrook alternating advanced the ball to the Trojan five-yard line, when H. Kirkpatrick went over for the score. H. Kirkpatrick made the ex­tra point on a power play to ever up the score, 7-7.


Fighting with all the vigor of a great team, the determined Tro­jans came back strong in the same period to try hard and break the strenuous tie. Their break came when Cagnolatti quickkicked to the St. Joseph 18-yard line. Our Trojan line men held like a stone wall and forced the Tigers to kick to Cagnolatti on his own 45, when he returned to the St. Joseph 40. Cagnolatti held for no gain on the next play.


A pass, Cagnolatti to Penton, was incomplete with third down and 10 yards to go. An old quarterback sneak with Cagnolatti aid­ing by beautiful blocking, races 40 yards to break up the tie and put the Trojans in the lead. Gilbert again kicked the extra point.


The fourth quarter was played more as a see-saw over the field, neither team being able to tally. Turning in great work for the Tro­jans were Curry, Cagnolatti, Neatz and Gilbert in the backfield, Neatz and Gilbert doing a swell job of blocking and playing a great de­fensive game. Cagnolatti and Cur­ry showered glory with their spec­tacular ball carrying and helpful defensive work.


In the line, Murphy, Boswell, Rodwig, Captain Curl, Long, Watts and Penton have the making of a great Trojan line and they all played great ball and added their share to the Trojan victory.


Showing glory for the Tigers were Westbrook and H. Kirkpat­rick in the backfield, while the St. Joseph line had the mighty Tro­jans worried throughout the game.



            ST. JOSEPH               TALLULAH

            Scott                LF        Murphy

            Brown             LT       Boswell

            Kifer                LG       Long

            Prime              C         Curl

            C. Kirkpatrick RG      Rodwig

            Gildbreath       RT       Watts

            Kirkpatrick     RE       Penton

            Prime              OB       Cagnolatti

            Westbrook      LH       Leoty

            Barragona       RH       Gilbert

            H. Kirkpatrick FB       Curry


Trojans Go To Newellton For Game Tonight

Madison Journal September 27, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans journey to Newellton for their game with New­ellton this week The Bears are playing their first year on their newly lighted field and the Trojans will help them in their dedication program.


Last week the Bears lost their opening game to Arcadia. This was their first game of the season and will be making a comeback against the Trojans. Newellton has a veter­an team which will show a lot of power both offensively and defen­sively. Hart and Tullos in the line with Watts in the backfield will be the mainstays of the Newellton team.


The Trojans opened their season with a win over St. Joseph two weeks ago and had an off day last week. They have been working hard for this game and are in good condition. All boys have come through their hard work without any bruises that will slow them down. In the St. Joseph game the team played mighty good ball. The blocking was exceptionally good for the first game of the season. The general play of the team has im­proved and the Trojans will be out for another win.


Scrimmage sessions have been going on nearly every day since the opening game and the reserves have been showing a lot of improve­ment. Many of these boys are small but will be the nucleus of the team within two years. The weakest part of the team will be in backfield reserves. The starting team of Cur­ry, Cagnolatti, Leoty, and Gilbert can't be expected to bear the brunt of the attack game after game without some relief. Bob Hall, a newcomer, has been showing up well but has not had enough practice to know his assignment on plays. Milton Williams has been out with a pulled muscle in his leg. The others are out for the first time and have much to learn, Ed Williams, Pem­berton, Fred Helton, Crosby and Tyner.


Trojans Defeat Newellton Bears With Score 6 to 0


Madison Journal October 4, 1940


Outweighed but not outclassed, the mighty Trojans rallied to up a thrilling 6-0 victory over the powerful Newellton eleven. It was a game of thrills and spills from the kickoff to the final whistle.


By upsetting the Bears the Trojans keep their slate clean by never being defeated by Newellton.  The games between the two schools have always been close. Whenever they clash it is just a toss-up affair, but the Trojans seem to have been superior on all occasions and we all hope they continue to go on throughout the season undefeated.  Featuring highlights of the game were the outstanding kicking of Roe Cagnolatti and the mighty fair strength of our great line. Cagnolatti's kicks were greatly needed in the game and time after time his educated toe found precious yards inside the ten-yard stripe where the opposing team really gets in a hole, and it takes such holes to hold the Bears down. The Trojan line was outweighed 15 or 20 pounds per man, but the improvement in their blocking and tackling was greatly shown and greatly needed when they broke up all the threats the Bears attempted to run.


Scoring came for the Trojans  about five minutes after the second quarter began when a pass intended for Doyle was intercepted by Cagnolatti on his own 40-yard  line, and with all interference   formed, Cagnolatti made the 60 yards for a Trojan score Jack Gilbert's kick for the extra point was blocked.


Newellton also threatened in this quarter after a sensational drive down the field to the Trojan 2, two-yard line, where the mighty wall of the Trojans showed their great strength and ability and refused to give up the remaining yardage. Gaining the ball on downs, the Trojans kicked out of danger.


Picking the outstanding player in this game is a problem. The line men, Murphy, Rodney, Boswell, Curie, Long, Penton, W. Cur ry and Watts, were all outstanding players. Boswell played the greatest game of his career, while Rodwig showed his glory until he was retired with an injury. Curry, Watts, Penton, Long, Murphy and Captain Curl showed great performance in their blocking and tackling. If they continue their great work, the opponents of the Trojans will really know the boys.


Shining in the Trojan backfield was the great work of Cagnolatti, Leoty, C. Curry and Gilbert. All played a bang-up game. Cagnolatti blocking and running and Curry quarterbacking were swell, while Tommy Leoty, despite a sprained ankle, ran like a fleet animal and blocked with experi­enced ability. Curry, a powerhouse in the Trojan backfield, crashed the Newellton line time after time and played a great de­fensive game.


Last, but not least, Jack Gil­bert proved to be a regular threat to his opponents. Jack is a blocking back and does his work well, while on defense he is shifted to end, as his ability as a good tackle is needed there.


Accompanying the Trojans was the band, which for the first time this year has demonstrated a march and shows great improve­ment over last year. Our town is proud to have such a fine band and football team. Let's all boost and support them.



            NEWELLTON            TALLULAH

            Mahoney         LE       Penton

            Hart                 LT       Watts

            Davidson         LG       Rodwig

            Aly                  C         Curl

            Tullos              RG       Long

            Newnon           RT       Boswell

            Davidson         RE       Murphy

            Doyle              QB       Cagnolatti

            Parrott             LH       Gilbert

            Watts               RH       Leoty

            Hart                 FB       Curry
            Substitute                    W. Curry.


            Newellton       0 0 0 0

            Tallulah          0 6 0 0


Trojans Upset S. A. C. In Thrilling 13 to 7 Victory


Madison Journal October 11, 1940


Spoiling a record that S. A. C. was so sure of holding, the fighting Trojans took a 13 to 7 fireball victory home and sewed it in the bag. This was the third in a row for the Trojans, and if you saw the game last Thursday you can truly say the boys are onto greater victories.


Suffering their first loss in three years on their home grounds, the Flashes were well aware after the first quarter that they had a tough game on hand even though they were leading by a 7 to 0 margin. The Trojans came through in fine form, coming from behind to upset a confident and very good ball team by a thrilling 13 to 7 score.


The Trojans came out of the game in very fine shape, with the exception of Tommy Leoty, who suffered a slight concussion. Tom­mie played a good game and I know he is sorry he will not be able to help the Trojans give the Lake Providence Panthers, a re­venge beating over the loss of last year.


Scoring came first for the Flashes a few minutes in the second quarter on a 75-yard drive with Battalio and Hude carrying the ball. Battalio went over from his own 2-yard line. Evans made the extra point.


Trailing by a big 7 to 0 score, the Trojans did not give up an inch and scored in the same quar­ter to make the score 7 to 6.


Gaining possession of the oval in the same period when Cagnolatti kicked over the goal line, Mahoney faded back to pass and Jack Gilbert intercepted his pass on the 28 and returned to the 18-yard stripe. Cagnolatti advanced eight yards to the 10. Curry was held for no gain at center. A pass, Cag­nolatti to Murphy, was good after S. A. C. interference, giving the Trojans a first down on the eight-yard stripe.


Cagnolatti sliced off tackle for four yards to advance the oval to the four-yard stripe. A running pass, Cagnolatti to Gilbert, on the next play, was good for a Trojan score. A pass, Cagnolatti to Mur­phy, was incomplete for the extra point.


The score was 7 to 6 at the half, the Trojans trailing by one point.


Starting the third quarter, the Trojans took the ball on an exchange of punts on their own 24-yard line when a 76-yard drive was good for their final score.


With the ball on their own 24 yard line, Cagnolatti got off a beautiful quickkick down to the Flashes 20-yard line. The oval be­ing called back and S. A. C. penal­ized fifteen yards for clipping, giving the ball to Tallulah on their own 37. Cagnolatti picked up 11 yards, advancing to the midstripe. Leoty, on a reverse, advanced to the S. A. C. 40. Cagnolatti ran five more to the 35. Leoty fades back and heaves Cagnolatti a pass on the 20, where he goes to the 15. Curry loses six yards on a reverse. Tommie Leoty, on a beautiful masked reverse play, picks up a precious 15 yards to place the ball on the six-yard line. Cagnolatti hit right tackle for the score. Gilbert kicked the extra point, giving the Trojans a needed six-point lead, which they kept throughout the existing game.

An outstanding feature of the game was our game little line. They figured out all the Flash's moves and stopped them cold in their tracks. Such linesmen as Murphy, Penton, Curl, Long, Boswell, V. Curry, Rodwig and Watts are the answer to a coach's dream. Playing with every ounce of strength they have, they work together so well as to be reason for the Trojans' success.

Shining in the backfield was Roe Cagnolatti, whose clever backing, kicking, passing and run­ning were a real threat to the Flashes throughout the game, while Leoty played a very brilliant game. His running and blocking were good, while his defensive work was greatest. Curry and Gil­bert played their best game on defense, both playing bang-up ball. Their offense work was chiefly blocking, but when they carried the ball, power and strength were behind them.


We meet Lake Providence tonight on Legion Field. They have a strong team and a good game is sure to be seen. The Trojans need all the support they can get to win this game, so let’s all come out and boost our good ball club.



            S. A. C.                       Tallulah

            E. Vann           LE       Murphy

            Lambert          LT       Boswell

            McKinney       L G      Long

            Piazza             C         Curl

            Weimar           RG       W. Curry

            Hogan             RT       Watts

            Mahony           RE       Penton

            Stewart            QB       Cagnolatti

            Hude               LH       Gilbert

            King                RH       Leoty

            Battalio           FB       C. Curry


            Tallulah          0 6 7 0—13

            S. A. C.           0 7 0 0— 7

            Substitutes—Rodwig and Hall.

            Officials — Campbell, Referee; Burghard, Umpire; Herman, Head Linesman, and Slay Field Judge.


Tallulah Trojans Meet Providence Panthers Tonight

Madison Journal October 11, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans will meet the Lake Providence Panthers on Legion Field Friday night at 8 o’clock. This game should be nip and tuck all the way through as both are undefeated this season. The Panthers have a much better record in their three wins, taking them by large scores while the Trojans wins have been by one touchdown margins. If this game is to be like those of the past it should be nip and tuck all the way through.


The Trojans have been playing outstanding ball in their three games and have gained a lot of re­spect and praise from the local fans. Starting the season with so many green players, Coach Phillips didn't expect to have the team working as it now is. It wouldn't have surprised him to see them lose the first four or five games. The team started fast and has been playing as a unit. There have been no individual stars in any game. The whole team has played outstanding ball.


The loss of Tommy Leoty, hurt in the St. Aloysius game, will be a hard blow to the team. Tommy was playing hard and consistent football. His loss will be felt by shifting Gilbert to his place and moving Rodwig to the blocking back post, Coach Phillips thinks he will have an effective combination.


Lake Providence is coming with a veteran team and is a heavy fa­vorite to trim the Trojans. They lost only three players for their first team last year while the Tro­jans have only two returning. If the team plays together as they have in the past, it will make a good showing.


All fans who have not seen the games played have missed a real treat. Those who stayed away because they thought we would lose have been angry with themselves ever since and have declared they will be present for the game Friday night. Lake Providence is coming down strong and will be backed to the limit by their fans.


The newly organized Knot Hole Gang and Pep Squad will be out for the first time. The band has promised something new at the half. A big parade and pep meeting will be held Friday morning just before noon.


Lake Providence Defeats Trojans By Score of 18 To 14


Madison Journal November 18, 1940

Fighting with every ounce of strength to preserve a nice lead was too strenuous for the Trojan as an overpowered Lake Providence eleven worked the boys down in the last period and took a hard-earned 18 to 14 football game.


This game was the most thrilling contest the Trojans have so far played and a nice crowd of perhaps 1,500 saw the thriller. I know that everyone who saw the game can say: "Even though the Trojans lost, they have a great ball club and a very fine coach."


Losing to Lake Providence has been the Trojans' first defeat of the season. This was not a conference game and will not hurt the Trojan record in Class A competition as the Panthers are playing Class B ball.


Coming out of the game in fairly fine shape, the Trojans will tackle their first Class A team when they go to Bastrop Friday. I am sure this will be a great game and your support will be badly needed.


Scoring first in the game was Lake Providence after about six minutes of the first quarter, with Goode and Salemi of Lake Providence carrying the ball down to the 19 yard line, where Lively on an end around play scored. Goode's a kick was bad for the extra point.


Starting the second quarter trailing 6-0, the Trojans put in a great exhibition of football when C. Curry intercepted Goode's pass on the Panthers' 45 and went to the 39-yard line. Cagnolatti picked up one yard on a lateral. A forward pass, Gilbert to Cagnolatti, was incomplete. A line play failed to gain with Curry carrying the ball. With four downs and nine yards to go, Cagnolatti showed his skill in quarterbacking when he dropped back to punt, but instead threw a perfect pass to Murphy on the 10-yard line. The pass was good for 30 yards, giving the Trojans first down on the 10. Cagnolatti, off tackle, pushed up two yards to place the oval on the eight. Cagnolatti then faded back and heaved Murphy a pass for the score. Gilbert kicked the point, making a 7 to 6 lead.


The Trojans scored again in this quarter when Lake Providence led off a poor punt that went out of bounds on the Panthers' 25. Curry picked up five yards on a reverse. Cagnolatti hit center for two more yards. C. Curry, on another reverse, made a first down on the 10. A pass, Cagnolatti to Rodwig, was good for four yards to the six-yard stripe. Curry hit center for four yards, placing the ball on the two-yard line. Curry held for no gain at center, with fourth down and goal to go. Cagnolatti hit center for the score. Gilbert kicked the extra point, giving the Trojans a 14-6 lead at the half.

The band paraded at the half, forming the letters: U. S. A., and playing "America." Small Ameri­can flags were on their caps. It was, indeed, a beautiful, colorful sight.


Lake Providence came back strong and scored in the third period on a sensational 80-yard drive from their own 20-yard line. Lively scored again in the end around play from the Trojans' 16-yard line. Tallulah did not threaten in this quarter but Curry and Cagnolatti got loose for nice gains.


Providence again scored in the fourth period when Cagnolatti's pass was intercepted by Goode on the 42 and a series of line play at our much weakened line gave them a score with Goode going over from the 6-yard line. Goode again failed to connect but four points was enough to defeat a weary Trojan team.

Picking the star of such a swell game is indeed a problem; all play­ed such a good game in the line. Watts, Curl, Long, Murphy, Penton, Boswell and W. Curry were swell, but I do believe I'd say that W. Curry played an extra swell game. In the backfield, Roe Cagnolatti was a great little star, call­ing a nice game, passing, kicking and running with great ability, while, C. Curry, a hard-charging fullback shared the glory, making nice going on his running plays and backing up the line well.


While Rodwig and Gilbert play­ed their best game defensively, Gil­bert has tried to kick six extra points this year and succeeded on five, a very nice average for high school play.


                        THE LINE-UP:

            L. PROV.                    TALLULAH

            House              LE       Murphy

            Ezell                LT       Watts

            Clements         LG       Long

            Parker              C         Curl

            Nelson             RG       W. Curry

            Sullivan           RT       Watts

            Lively              RE       Penton

            Goode             QB       Cagnolatti

            Parker              LH       Gilbert

            Garner             RH       Rodwig

            Salomi             FB       C. Curry


            OFFICIALS: McKinsey, Arkan­sas; Fleishman, Michigan; Hend­rix, L. S. U., and Swanson, S. S. W.

            THE SCORE: Tallulah           0 14 0 0-14

                                    L. Prov.           6   0 6 6-18     

            SUBSTITUTES: Tallulah, M. Williams, E. Williams, Curtis, Roper and Temple.


Trojans Bow To Rams, 27 To 0


Madison Journal October 25, 1940

The fighting Trojans suffered a 27 to 0 defeat in their first Class A game of the season. Losing to Bastrop was not a disgrace for Bastrop has a good ball club, although they did get all the breaks.  Handicapped from the first quarter, the Trojans stood up well before the powerful Ram who outweighed our boys perhaps 20 lbs. per man. It was in the first quarter that Billy Boswell, a great lineman, and Roe Cagnolatti, the sparkplug of the Trojan backfield, retired from the game on account of injuries. Some may say, "Why should we lose the game on account of two players being hurt?" Well, all the boys on the first team are used to working together, and if two of their main standbys leave the game, naturally the morale of the team is weakened.


Losing to Bastrop did one good thing for the Trojans. They've made up their minds to go on throughout the season undefeated and if you want to see a bunch of boys get back in the winning col­umn, watch them take Waterproof tonight. I am sure it will be a great game.


The Trojans were held scoreless last Friday for the first time this year. They threatened once in the last few minutes of play when Jack Gilbert began showing his ability as a passer and heaved the Trojans to within 10 yards of the goal line when the game ended.


Accompanying the team to Bastrop was the Tallulah Band, a colorful sight on the field. They outshone the Bastrop Band all over the field. Dressed in blue and white with small American flags on their caps, the drum majors' batons also were red, white and blue.


Getting back to the game, a headache where we see Coach Phillips using a great number of new substitutes, such stars as you will see in the coming games and next year. Boys like Riley Curtis, J. O. Pemberton and Roper. These boys did real well in their first game and will show great improvement a as the year rolls on.


Boswell, who is on the sick list and also suffering from a cut eye, may not be a sure starter tonight, but Cagnolatti, who suffered a leg injury, is showing improvement and may start the game. All should come out and cheer the boys back into the winning column.


Hard Workouts Prepare Trojans For Waterproof

Madison Journal October 25, 1940

Not downhearted by the defeat at the hands of Bastrop last week, the Trojans have been working hard for their battle with the Waterproof Tigers here Friday night. Due to six weeks tests this week the team was given a holiday Monday afternoon in order to use that time in study for tests. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the hardest workouts the team has had  since the beginning of school.  Blocking, tackling and charging have been stressed more than anything else.


The team knows it did not play ball it is capable of playing and promises to make a much better showing this week. Coach Phillips stated that he was not surprised at the letdown of the team as it has played four hard games with only 12 players taking part in these. He can't expect the team to play that way for the entire season without some help from the reserves.


Injuries from Bastrop game will hurt the offense this week. Cagno­latti, W. Curry, and Boswell are the ones showing the worst injuries but all are expected to be ready by game time. Coach Phillips had his first chance to use his reserves and found some of them show good promise. He should be able to use more in the games to come.


With Cagnolatti and Boswell going out in the first quarter of the Bastrop game it hurt the offensive play. With Leoty already out it left the backfield in such a shape that there was no player in his regular position. Gilbert showed up well in his passing but the deception of the attack was lost as each boy did not know the finer points of the play in the new position.


Last year was the first time the Trojans have won over Waterproof since the rivalry began in 1935. The team is ready to continue the victory march and it is expected to get back in its hard charging, hard playing ways.


The band and pep squad members have been working on their  program for the half-time and will d present something that should be new to the people who attend the game.


Trojans Defeat Waterproof In Last of Game


Madison Journal November 1, 1940

Fighting three-quarters of scoreless football, the Tallulah Trojans pushed over a last-quarter touchdown to defeat a very stubborn pack of Waterproof Tigers by a narrow score of 7 to 0. This game was not a thriller but a real ball game that kept the fans guessing all the time with this thought in mind, "Now I wonder what our side's going to do?" It looked as if it would end up in a scoreless tie, but when 11 men (Trojan men) get desperate they are bound to make a touchdown, and so they did in the last four minutes of play to pull the game off the ice.


The Trojans may have looked rather slow Friday but these boys have been playing 60 minutes in every game practically this year and if they looked a little down at times you know the strain is getting them down. But as long as they have an ounce of strength they'll be slinging leather.


Threatening in the third quarter was all the locals could do as their drive was halted on the 10 yard stripe. Waterproof kicked poorly out of bounds on their own 27-yard line. Cagnolatti picked up t 7 yards to advance to the 20. Curry gained two more to the 18. Cagnolatti made it a first down on the 12. Curry loses three yards on a reverse. A pass, Cagnolatti to Murphy was incomplete. Cagnolatti advances 5 more yards to the 10-yard stripe, with the fourth  down and still yardage to go, Cagnolatti heaves Gilbert a pass over the goal line and Waterproof intercepts the pass and runs it out to the 31-yard line, thus breaking  up the Trojans' chance.


It was a different story in the fourth period when the Tigers kicked out of bounds on their own 49-yard line. Cagnolatti hits the center of the line for 9 yards advancing to the visitors' 40. Gilbert on a power play drives hard to go to the 30, but a clipping penalty brings the ball back to the Waterproof's 45. Cagnolatti skirts off tackle for 10 yards to advance to the 35. Curry drives hard to the 30 where Waterproof is penalized 15 yards for "unnecessary roughness," placing the ball on the 15. Cagnolatti hits right tackle of for 5 yards advancing to the 10. Cagnolatti hits the same spot for 3 more yards. Murphy on a beautiful end around play goes to the one foot line where he is forced out of bounds. Gilbert on the next play hits center for the score. Gilbert kicked the point after touchdown.

The boys came out of the game in rather fine shape. W. Curry, veteran guard, who did not see action against Waterproof on account of illness, will be ready Friday. Gilbert suffered a fractured nose, but should be O. K. Cagno­latti, who is still suffering a leg injury, should be in the best con­dition tonight and will be ready to hand Delhi some running and kicking.


Outstanding stars in the Tro­jan line was centered chiefly around Captain Elroy Curl, Billy Boswell and Burney Long. These boys played a grand ball game, both offensively and defensively. While in the Trojan backfield, Curry and Cagnolatti were hard to hold. Cagnolatti passed and ran with the ball and called a grand game. John Gilbert and Curry played their best game on the defense. They also got off with some nice gains and these two boys are really hard on their opponents. J. O. Pemberton, a speedy back, showed up well, but retired after he sprained his ankle. It is doubt­ful whether he'll be ready to play against Delhi tonight.


                        The lineups:

            Tallulah          Pos.     Waterproof

            Murphy           LE       Butler

            Boswell           LT       Rhodes

            Brit                  LG       Eckfork

            Curl                 C         Gcarnette

            Long                RG       Cason

            Watts               RT       Rife

            Penton             RE       Butler

            Rodwig           QB       S. Chennault

            Gilbert             LH       Gould

            Curry               RH       Stockstill

            Pemberton       FB       B. Chennault
            Substitutes: Tallulah— Cagno­latti, Lewis, Roper, Ware.


            Score by Quarters:

            Tallulah          0 0 0 7— 7

            Waterproof     0 0 0 0— 0
            Officials — Herman, Referee;, Hardison, Umpire; May, Head linesman; Swanson, Field Judge,


Trojans Prepare For Game Tonight With Delhi Here

Madison Journal November 1, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans have been working hard for the game with the Delhi Bears tonight (Friday.)  The boys left nothing unturned in preparing for this game. Last year the team did not take the game as it should and came out on the short end of a 7 to 6 score.


Coach Herbert Massey's boys completely outplayed the Trojans last year and has another hard fighting a team this year. The Delhi team lost many of last year's players but Coach Mas­sey has placed a hard working team on the field for each game. He has not won as many games as last year but when Delhi plays Tallulah all previous games can be marked off the books because a hard fought game is always anticipated.


The victory for Delhi last year was the first for a Delhi team in over ten years. All other games were won by the Trojans except two played in 1934 and each game ended in a tie. All games except two have been close, hard fought games.


The Trojans are expected to be in good condition for the game. Welton Curry, guard, was out of the Waterproof game due to illness, and Roe Cagnolatti was not at his best. Both boys will be ready to go this week. A switch in posi­tions in the backfield, placing Jack Gilbert at his old blocking back post and Robert Rodwig at the halfback position vacated by the injury of Tommy Leoty, and Carlton Curry moving back to his fullback position should make the of­fense show improvement.


J. O Pemberton is the only player who saw service in the vic­tory over Waterproof last week who will not be ready to play. He went out with an ankle injury. The line of Murphy, Boswell, Long, Captain Curl, W. Curry, Watts and Penton will be in good shape and ready to go. Captain Curry has played in every minute of every game while the others have had very short time replacements.


Next week, November 8, the Winnsboro Wildcats will be here for a game. The Winnsboro team is much stronger than in the past and is coming over to try for its first win since 1931. The team has been pointing for this game and has said it will consider having a good season if it can beat the Tro­jans. This game will be played on Friday night as the school plans to send its band, student body and faculty to the game and does not want to play on a school night as they will be so late in getting home after the game.


Trojans Downs Delhi Friday Night 39 to 7


Madison Journal November 8, 1940

Scoring in every quarter to send a pack of weary Delhi Bears home with a 39 to 7 defeat, the Tallu­lah Trojans rolled on to more vic­tories, making it five wins and two defeats, a very splendid record for the Trojans. They will be out for the sixth game when they meet Winnsboro tonight (Friday). This will be a Class A game and promises to be a good one.


The locals are not at the height of their strength as a few of the boys are still nursing bruises, none serious, and all expect to be at their best tonight.


Running up 39 points against Delhi has been the largest score the Trojans ran up this season. All the first few games were hard ones and some were close. They showed the fans how they could score Friday and tallied six times. Cagnolatti made three; Penton two, and Rodwig accounted for one.


The Trojans scored in each quar­ter, making two touchdowns in the first, the first coming when the game was only three minutes old.


Delhi kicked to the 46, Cagno­latti pushed up 15 yards advancing to the Bears' 31-yard line. Cag­nolatti in a lateral from Curry picked up two yards. Cagnolatti passed to Penton for  a first down on the 19. A reverse with Curry carrying the ball goes to the 16. Cagnolatti off tackle rips off 8 yards, going to the Bears' 8-yard line. Curry bucks center for 4 more yards. Cagnolatti hits right tackle for the score. Gilbert kicked the extra point. Tallulah 7 Delhi, 0.


The Trojans tallied again in this quarter when Delhi kicked to Cag­nolatti on his own 40, who returns to the locals 44. Cagnolatti heaves Gilbert a beautiful running pass on the visitors' 38-yard line and he goes to the 30. Rodwig on a reverse picks up 2 yard to advance to the 28. Curry drives hard to the 20. Rodwig around end races to the 4-yard line before downed. Cagnolatti picks up one yard. Curry advances to the 1-yard line where Rodwig goes in for the score. Gilbert failed to kick the point. Score: Tallulah 13; Delhi, 0.


Delhi came back strong in the second quarter and scored on the Trojans. McKnight and Webber alternating in carrying the ball down to the Trojans' 9-yard line where Webber passes to Watson for the score. McKnight hits cen­ter for the extra point. Tallulah 13; Delhi, 7.


The Trojans scored in the second quarter when Cagnolatti gets off a beautiful quick kick which set the Bears back on their own 10-yard line. Delhi kicked out to Cagno­latti on the 45 and he returned to the Delhi 32-yard line. Cagnolatti's pass to Gilbert was incomplete. With only one play left before the half, Cagnolatti heaves Penton a nice pars on the 10-yard line and Penton goes over for a third Tro­jan score. Gilbert failed to kick the point. Tallulah 19. Delhi, 7.


Pushing over two more tallies in the third quarter put the Trojans well out in front. The locals got possession of the ball on their own 40. Rodwig passed to Cagnolatti who puts on speed and races the distance for the fourth score. Gilbert kicked the extra point. Tal­lulah 26; Delhi, 7.


The Trojans scored again in this quarter when Penton intercepted Webber's pass on his own 42-yard line. C. Curry drives hard in a reverse to advance 30 yards to the Delhi 32. E. Williams picks up five yards. Curry knifes his way down to the 11-yard line where E. Williams passes to Penton for the fifth touchdown. Gilbert misses the extra point. Tallulah 32; Delhi, 7.


The Tallulah boys made their sixth touchdown in the fourth quar­ter when Delhi kicked to the Trojans 47. C. Curry gets loose and works his way down to the visitors' 29-yard line. Cagnolatti makes it a first down on the 16. Cagnolatti on a triple reverse goes over for the last score. Cagnolatti kicked the point. Tallulah 39; Delhi, 7.


Shining in the Trojan's line were Penton, Curl, Watts, Boswell, Long, W. Curry and Murphy. All played a bang-up game. While Cagnolatti, C. Curry, Rodwig and Gilbert show­ed the Trojans fans a few lessons about scoring touchdowns.


                        The line-ups:

            Tallulah          Pos.     Delhi

            Murphy           LE       Abrom

            Boswell           LT       Eldridge

            Long                LG       Crane

            Curl                 C         Bradley

            W. Curry         RG       Allen

            Watts               RT       Boggs

            Penton             RE       Coleman

            Cagnolatti       QB       Merryman

            Gilbert             LH       Webber

            Rodwig           RH       Watson

            C. Curry          FB       McKnight

            Substitutes: Tallulah—M. Wil­liams, E. Williams, Lewis. Temple, Helton, Ware, Curtis.

            Score by Quarters:

            Tallulah          13 6 13 7— 39

            Delhi               0  0  0   0— 7

            Officials: Herman (Miss. Col­lege), Referee; May (Centenary), Umpire; Carroll (La. Tech), Head-linesman; Swanson (L. S. U.) Field Judge.


Tallulah Beats Winnsboro By 12 To 0 Score

Madison Journal November 15, 1940

The Trojans won their annual game with the Winnsboro Wildcats Friday night by the score of 12 to 0. A small crowd watched the Trojans march down the field in scoring distance 9 times but score only two times and failed in both attempts in kicking the extra points.


The Wildcats put up a stubborn defense, especially on the goal line but failed to make any progress on offense. The Trojans kept their ball carriers bottled up and held them to a total of two first downs The Winnsboro line outcharged the Trojans and were breaking through to throw the Trojans back for a loss or hold them to no gain.


The Trojans offense worked alright in the middle of the field but bogged down when getting near the goal line. Cagnolatti, with nice blocking by his teammates, broke loose off right tackle and reversed his field several times for nice gains, but the other backs were not able to gain consistently. Tommy Leoty played his first game since his injury in Vicksburg and played a fine blocking game.


All notes of the game were lost in the wreck of Odo Cagnolatti's car Saturday and not much can be given about the statistics of the game. The touchdowns were made by Roe Cagnolatti, on a spinner off left tackle; and by Tommy Leoty on a pass from Cagnolatti. This is Tommy's first touchdown since play­ing football.


The entire line played good de­fense ball with Billy Boswell show­ing his usual drive and hard tackling. He was closely pushed for honors by Murphy, W. Curry, Long, Curl, Watts and Gilbert. Many people at the game have remarked that they thought it was one of the best games on the local field this year.


For Winnsboro the work of Clau­sen, and Lord in the backfield, and Martin at tackle, stood out.


Trojans To Meet Mangham Dragons Friday At 2:30

Madison Journal November 15, 1940

The Trojans will meet their ancient rival the Mangham Dragons on the local field Friday afternoon at 2:30. This game is being moved up to the afternoon due to the cold weather we are having. It will be much better for players and fans to be out in the sun than in the night air.


The Dragons have always put up a stiff fight with the Trojans. They last defeated the Trojans on the local field in 1937. The Trojans were headed for a chance at the Class A play-off at that time and the Dragons put the skids under them by a 7 to 0 score. The Drag­ons started off with a slow start this year but have been picking up momentum with each game. They can be expected to be at their peak for the game this week.


The Trojans came out of their game with Winnsboro with only one player showing an injury that might keep him out of the game this week. Thomas Murphy came up with an injured knee and more than likely will not be ready for play by Friday. Handy Andy man Rodwig will be switched to his end position and can be expected to play a steady game. He has played at guard, in the backfield, and last year lettered at center. This will be his first try at end. Dick Ware will be ready to step into the game if Rodwig falters.


The blocking of Tommy Leoty made Coach Phillips take notice and gave him hopes of his offense starting to click like it did at the first of the season. Tommy hits hard and fast, and it can usually be heard all over the field. His block­ing will help this week. His understudy will be Milton Williams, who will be expected to play at least half of the game.


Coach Phillips has been working the boys on blocking in the line, pass offense, and charging on the bucking machine. The Wildcats outcharged them last week and he doesn't want the boys to do the same thing this week. He has been working with the offense in order to get a more varied attack and to keep the opposition guessing. They pulled one play last week that had everyone guessing where the ball was until Burney Long was tackled on the two yard line.


The team has the plays to use but must learn to use them at the right time. The players must work together in order that they may gain ground. The game Friday should be a nip and tuck affair from start to finish.


Since many of the members of the Knot Hole Gang live in the country, they have not been able a to attend many of the games. This will give all of them a chance to attend the game and get home before dark.


The next game and last game of the season will be played Thurs­day afternoon, November 21. This will be with Farmerville. Farmerville is said to have their best team in years. If you recall the game last year they had some mighty large and powerful boys on the team. Most of these boys are back for this year. Come out on Thanksgiving Day and boost the Trojans. The team is working to have its best season since 1934.


Tallulah Trojans Defeat Mangham Dragons 32 To 0

Madison Journal November 22, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans started clicking in the second half to roll over a lighter Mangham Dragon eleven 32-0 here Friday afternoon.


The Trojans scored only one touchdown in the first half, that on a slash off tackle by Roe Cag­nolatti in the second period.


The going told on the reserve Dragons, however, and the Tallulah eleven rolled across for two touchdowns in both the third and final periods.


Cagnolatti again was the spark in the second touchdown drive, finally scoring on an off tackle play from the nine-yard line. Cagnolat­ti passed to Leoty later in the same quarter for the third score. Cagnolatti added the extra point, the first for the Trojans, from place­ment. A pass from Leoty to Gilbert counted another marker for the Trojans in the opening seconds of the final period. A few minutes later, C. Curry capped another drive by going over on a spinner from the ten yard stripe. He also kicked the extra point.


Coach M. A. Phillips of the Tro­jans played every man on his squad in the last half, the subs holding the Dragons, but not being able to make any headway themselves. The first eleven played just about half of the final half.


The Trojans had one more contest on their schedule, meeting the Farmerville Farmers Thursday afternoon in a traditional hard fought clash.

The starting lineups:

            Tallulah          pos       Mangham

            Rodwig           LE       Dickens

            Boswell           LT       Tillman

            W. Curry         LG       Duncan

            Curl                 C         Hixon

            Long                RG       Roberts

            Watts               RT       Williams

            Penton             RE       Holdiness

            Cagnolatti       Q B      Chambers

            Gilbert             LH       McConnell

            M. Williams    RH       Allen

            C. Curry          FH       Haire
            Score by periods:

            Tallulah          0 6 13 13—32

            Mangham        0  0  0  0— 0

            Officials : Referee, Fleischman, (La. Tech. ; umpire, Hardison, (Miss. State) ; head linesman, Mas­sey, (La. Tech) ; field judge, Swanson, (L. S. u.).


Tallulah Takes Game Wednesday From Rayville

Madison Journal November 29, 1940

Scoring a touchdown and conversion in the first, third and fourth periods here Wednesday night, the Tallulah Trojans downed a fighting band of Rayville Hornets, 21-12.


The Hornets counted first in the initial period but the lead was short-lived, as the Trojans power­ed their way to a touchdown after receiving the kickoff. Gilbert's kick from placement gave them the lead and they were never headed.


The Rayville score was set up by Silk, who galloped around the Tallulah right end for 41 yards, placing the pigskin on the Trojan eight. Four line plunges by Shoemaker gave the Hornets the mark­er, but Walker missed the try from placement.


The Trojans received the kickoff and marched 80 yards with Roe Cagnolatti featuring the drive with a 50-yard slash off left tackle. He was pulled down from behind by Shoemaker on the two. C. Curry then hit the center of the line for the score. Gilbert booted the ball squarely between the uprights and the Trojans led, 7-6.


The Tallulah offense clicked for 31 yards and another touchdown in the third period, Cagnolatti taking the kickoff to open the half and racing it back to the Trojan 39. Cagnolatti, Leoty and C. Curry alternated in carrying the ball to the Rayville 38, where Cagnolatti again slipped off tackle for the score. He had perfect blocking on the jaunt, not a Hornet player getting near him. Gilbert again made his boot good.


The Trojans scored again on the opening play of the final period when Cagnolatti passed to Leoty for the score. Gilbert's boot was again good. Penton had set up the score by recovering a fumble on the 50.


After an exchange of punts, Ray­ville took the ball on the midfield stripe and marched for a score, Shoemaker going over from the three-yard line with only a minute to go. Walker again missed the try for extra point, leaving the score 21-12 in favor of the Tro­jans.


                        Starting lineups:

            Rayville          Pos.     Tallulah

            Rogers             LE       Murphy

            Tatum             LT       Boswell

            Davis               LG       W. Curry

            Christian         C         Curl

            Thornsberry    RG       Long

            Biddy              RT       Watts

            Temple            RE       Penton

            Walker            QB       Cagnolatti

            Bryant             LH       Gilbert

            Silk                  RH       Leoty

            Shoemaker      FB       B. Curry
            Score by periods:

            Rayville          6 0 0 6—12

            Tallulah          7 0 7 7—21

            Scoring touchdowns: Rayville—Shoemaker, 2. Tallulah—C. Curry, Cagnolatti, Leoty. Points after touchdowns: Tallulah—Gilbert, 3 (placements).

            Officials: Referee, Fleishman (Louisiana Tech); umpire, Swanson (Louisiana State University), head linesman, Massey (La. Tech).


Trojans Down Farmers Here By 16-0 Score

Madison Journal November 29, 1940

The Tallulah Trojans struck of twice here Thanksgiving afternoon in the second and final periods he and added a safety in the third to down the Farmerville Farmers 16-0 in the final regularly scheduled game of the year for both elevens.


 The Trojans staged a 71-yard march which was climaxed by a 27-yard reverse off left tackle by C. Curry, netting a score. Gilbert place-kicked the extra point.


In the third period, Junior Roan, ace Farmer back, had a kick blocked by Rodwig on the goal line, the ball rolling out behind the end zone for an automatic safety.


With Roe Cagnolatti, the last of several brothers, and Tom Leoty alternating in carrying the ball, the Trojans drove for another touchdown in the final period with Cagnolatti taking the ball from Gilbert on a reverse and twisting his way 31 yards for the score. Gilbert again added the point from placement.


Roan was the chief ground gainer for the Farmers working inside and outside of the tackles for nice gains. Elliott and Buck Albritton were standouts on the defense.


                        Starting lineups:

            Tallulah          Pos.     Farmerville

            Murphy           LE       Booth

            Boswell           LT       Davis

            W. Curry         LG       A. Green

            Curl                 C         Elliott

            Long                RG       C. Green

            Watts               RT       F. Taylor

            Penton             RE       Patterson

            Cagnolatti       QB       D. Albritton

            Gilbert             LH       Roan

            Leoty               RH       M. Taylor

            C. Curry          FB       B. Albritton


            Score by periods:

            Tallulah          0 7 2 7—16

            Farmerville     0 0 0 0— 0

            Scoring touchdowns: Tallulah C. Curry, Cagnolatti. Point after touchdowns— Gilbert 2. Safety: Tallulah.

            Officials: Herman, (Miss. Col­lege), referee; Fleischman, (La. Tech), umpire; Massey, (La. J Tech), head linesman; Darling, (La. Tech), field judge.