From January 5, 1940 Madison Journal


(By Edith Kuhn)

Well, well, well, New Year is here again! This day marks the coming of the end of the semester and that means half of the school term will have vanished into mem­ory. But that isn't all that this day brings to mind. It also marks the time when everyone makes reso­lutions, but making them is easier than keeping them. So while you make them, make good ones and promise even more faithfully to keep them. Let's make this year the best of all.


(By Cordes Williamson)

We the students of Tallulah High have organized a safety committee for the New Year of 1940. During the latter part of 1939 it proved almost a failure. Due to the fact of unsuccessfulness we ask for the cooperation of our citizens as well as students of Tallulah to help us make our school not only a place to be proud of but safe as well and we sincerely think that by a little cooperation we can make our program one to be proud of.



The Health and Sanitation Com­mittee met Monday during the first period. The meeting was called to order by the president, John Gaines. The Aims were then read. A committee was appointed to get sheets, blankets and a mattress for the sickroom and to make rules to be posted. The meeting was then adjourned.



(By Frank W. Ritchie)

Tuesday, December 19, 1939 the 4-H club of Tallulah held a meeting with Lee Elmo Renfrow, president, presiding. The club sang songs which helped to put some spirit into the gathering. Later in the meeting we had talks from both of our leaders. Mr. Hester talked to us about our projects. All enjoyed the talk by Miss Williams, too. We are not sure when our regu­lar meeting time shall be but will soon know and we are going to try to make this the best 4-H year of all.


(By Aubrey Covington and Billy Benjamin)

This home room has chosen for their program on January 12th, a one act play entitled "A Perfect Secretary." The cast consists of:

            Mr. Lawrence Ralph Bessonette

            Mr. Arthur—Will Harvey

            Miss Reed—Edith Kuhn

            Flossie Morton—Jane Bratton Tom Bryant—"Baby Joe" Colli­gan

            Marjorie Fisher—Nell Coad Helen Johns—Joyce Day

The rehearsals are to begin as soon as possible.



(By Jane Bratton)

We have in our school some mighty nice things such as new desks, nice library books, and freshly painted walls. Just stop a minute and look at the new desks—scratches on them all, even names carved.

We know some of T. H. S. students are accomplished carvers but how about not carving on public property. Go home and whittle on your mother's piano or dining table. She won't mind, I hope.

Next let's look at the library. Some knowledge seeking students have torn ten or twelve pages out of some of the encyclopedia while others have mutilated some back issues of magazines, looking for Christmas material and the sad dog-eared books the library holds—it's really bad.


You know our school was com­pletely worked over last year and everything was freshened up. The walls were painted a nice cream color but look at some of them now, streaked with dirt and pencil marks. Some people, including me, prop themselves up on the wall behind them while reciting and leave dirty footprints. Let's try and stop this and keep our school nice as possible.


T. H. S. contains some of the worst pencil and paper borrowers that has ever been. We are given pencils and paper ever so often so let's try and keep up with our own.


It's the first of the year so let's make resolutions to improve T. H. S. and ourselves and let's keep these resolutions.



(By Sidney Houghston and Junior Abrahm)

The T. H. S. Band has been divided into two separate bands, the A and B Bands. The A band will participate in the State band contest. No one in grammar school will be eligible for the A band.


This is the third week and still no news has been heard about the missing instruments, but Chief Massey has been working hard on the case.



(By Bob Freeman)

A meeting was held before the Christmas holidays for the purpose of starting a boy's basketball team this year. This was mostly to see just who and how many are com­ing out for this sport.


Practice started Tuesday, Jan­uary 2nd. Easy workouts will prob­ably be the most of the first few days’ assignments. These will be increased every day as the funda­mentals and rules of the game are learned.


Prof. Robert Corley is the in­structor.



(By Y & Z)

We saw that everyone enjoyed the Christmas holidays and really had a swell time.

We saw all the college crowd home and we know they had a good time.

We saw a big crowd at the "Soph" dance Friday, December 22. Couples such as Roe and Teresa Mae, Beta and Abie, Bob and Doris, Margaret and James and many others.

We saw Roe and a Delhi girl win a Jitterbug contest over his good friends, Bob Fairly, Will Harvey and Ophelia who was with an out of town boy.

We saw Baxter with his heart-throb at the dance also. But that's nothing new.

We saw Bud, Birddog, Emmitt and Eula celebrating New Year. Don't think they were able to see the New Year come in though.

We saw that Bob Fairly and Roe Cagnolatti went to Lake Providence two or three time during the holidays. Cute girls up there, espe­cially F. V. and B. B., huh, boys.

We saw Beta and Ophelia with two boys last Tuesday night a week ago, but it wasn't with their true loves—What about flames?

We saw Geraldine T. again with that new "fellar"-My ! My!

Happy New Year—but be care­ful.


(By B. E. E.)

Ask Mark Freeman what was in the "guess what" package he want­ed to buy at Ellis's store Saturday night. It couldn't have been for your girl, could it Mark.

Ask Sidney H. where his rings have gone ? It couldn't have been to Texas and a few other places, could it?

Gosh, E. R. has it bad. What do you think M. G.?

Ask Eleanor where she got heap big black eye. It couldn't be she hit a door, or could it? (Ask Wen­ston)

It seems Geraldine was doing all right New Year's night or Eve.

Jeff Goza calls his girl grapefruit cause every time he squeezes her she hits him in the eye.

Puzzler--If they have a New Year's Eve, why don't they have a New Year's Adam?



(By Knight and Day)

Sidney Houston—To tear up at least one car in 1940.

Harry BankstonTo make one of those A plus's he's always talk­ing about.

Eleanor Gandy—Not to get any more shiners.

William Ray Knight—To really learn Tommy Dorsey's style.

The Trojans—To win the State Championship.

Doyle Penton—To beat Mr. Yeates in storytelling.

Billye Davis — To keep that schoolgirl figure.

Margaret Webb—To pay atten­tion in class and quit floating.

Emmitt Lancaster—To graduate in 1940.

Mr. Phillips, Yeates and Cor­ley--To grow more hair to protect those dignified heads.

Trent Palmer—To be more ambi­tious.

Stuart Moberly and the Bob F's—To go to Lake Providence instead of Delhi.

Homer Erwin—To go (deer)—(dear) hunting more often.

Knight and Day—To write better columns for the paper.

Fred McDuff—To learn more algebra.

Bud Renfrow—To make up her mind.

The Editor—Not to accept the blame if these are broken.



(By Ducky, Bud and Eula)

Cordes W. and Betty W. were seen together quite a few times during the holidays.

Guess who we saw at the show the other night, it was Eleanor Gandy and Bill Yerger.

Amy seems to be a very happy boy, could it because Ruth S. is back home?

We are all sorry Jack and Hazel Frost moved back to Kentucky.

Well, Welton is in love again, his time it's with Doris Speaks.

Welton and Eula spent a delight­ful three days in Mississippi.

So long folks until next week.


(By Ed Cole, Emmitt Lancaster and O. B. Frazier)

A. C. Parker—To court every hula dancer.

Eula Lancaster—To limit his drinking to two gallons a week.

 Bird-dog Curry To be Tallulah's Number one fullback next year.

Andrew Sevier To settle down and raise a family.

Margaret Webb—To be a hula-pretty gal he sees.

Jug Jones—To be a perfect "mamma's" little man.

Aubrey Covington—To quit being a hen pecked man.

Butch Moberly—To live up to his name "Cut more steaks."           

Elroy Curl To quit being so noisy.
Homer Erwin—To leave all short women alone.

Mr. Moncrief—To quit running and start dodging.

Edward Cole—To grow another tooth.         



(By We Wonder Who)

If Welton Curry is really mar­ried.

Why "Bird Dog" didn't get married Xmas. It couldn't have been a brother, could it?

How Geraldine and her true love is getting along.

If Vivian really thinks, "If I can't get him I'll get his brother."

If Mrs. Moncrief is pleased with what Santa brought her this Xmas.

How Eleanor Gandy got her black eye.

If Vivian enjoyed her trip to Woodville.

Why Eula got sick during his visit to Mississippi. It couldn't be la "white mule" could it?

If O. B. Frazier found a senorita while in Mexico.

Where William Ray Knight was New Year's Eve night.



(By Ammy, Ed, Trent and Baby Joe)

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your holidays as much as we have, and we want to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year.

We hope the Frazier boys en­joyed their trip to .Mexico.

The boys of Tallulah High can hardly study, because they are so full of that "New Year" and Christmas spirit.

We are certainly glad that Dick Ware is back home again, and we hope he will soon be back in school.


            A freshman swallowed a watch

            And now the watch is gone

            And when the freshman walks along

            Time marches on.


(By Nell and Jane)

Agent to farmer: "You ought to buy an encyclopedia, now that your boy is going to school."

Farmer: "Not on your life, let him walk, the same as I did."


City man (on tour of country side) : "What time is it?"

Farmer: "Twelve o'clock."

City Man: "Only twelve o'clock? I thought it was much more than that."

Farmer: "It’s never more than that around here. It goes up to twelve and then starts all over again.


Mrs. Colligan: "Joe, there were three pieces of cake in the pantry, and now there is only one. How did that happen?”

Baby Joe: "Well, it was so dark in there I didn't see the other piece."


Jane B.: "Can you type?" Eleanor: "Yes, I use the Co­lumbus system"

Jane B.: "What's that?" Eleanor: "I discover a key and land on it."



(By Rich, Ann and Joy)

Where Baby Joe was New Year's morning at a quarter 'til two.

Who Minnie Mary was with Friday night.

Why Billye Davis's had a good reason to complain New Year's Eve.

Where Howard Sevier took Edward Thomas on New Year's Eve.

How the Wilkins feud is coming along. We hear they are pretty good shots.

Where Bob Freeman spent the holidays—We couldn't keep up.

Who Wiefred was with Thursday night.

What Baxter got Gayle for Christmas.