Madison Parish, LA

Detailed (7.5’ Quads) USGS Topographic Maps

Detailed topographic maps of Madison Parish are now available online. These maps, prepared by the United States Geological Survey, are individual 7.5 minute quadrangles and were compiled during the period 1962-1994.

To access these “quads” go to the Index Map (or click on the map above) and click on the map name, such as Tallulah. A thumbnail copy of the map will be shown to the left. Click on “HTTP” beneath the thumbnail. This is a link to a list of files. Right click on the .tif file (in Tallulah’s case o32091d2.tif) and select “Save Target as...” Save and rename file to any location desired. The map file will then be downloaded to the selected location where it can be viewed and manipulated with almost any imaging program. Note that these TIFF files are very large, from 2 to 7 megabytes, but can be made smaller by resizing after the download.


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