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Crowley Signal May 21, 1904

The case of Adelas Guillory, charged with attempted criminal assault, was brought to a sudden end Thursday, after the first States witness, Francoise Deshotels, had concluded her testimony. The witness was the complainant, but failed to identify her supposed assailant although he sat in the courtroom not twenty feet from her. The fact that the assault to have been committed less than six weeks ago and that the girl had known the accused from childhood, caused a ripple of amusement in the court room. The District Attorney moved to dismiss the case and asked the court to instruct the jury to bring a verdict of acquittal which was done.

Chas. Armstrong was placed on trial on a charge of larceny this morning and a jury impaneled. This will probably be the last jury trial in the criminal division.

James Thornton, indicted for cutting with intent to kill entered a plea of guilty and was remanded for sentence.

Joe Sias, alias Lulu, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary.

A motion in arrest of judgment was filed in the case of Paul Fauley convicted of larceny.

In civil court, during the morning hour, the case of West Bros. & Rakestraw vs. Albert Lyons was dismissed at plaintiffs cost on motion of their council.

John Eakright vs. frank Scanlan; judgment for the plaintiff.

Dr. W.T. Patterson vs. Acadia Drug Co.; judgment for defense, reserving to plaintiff for amount claimed; judgment for defendant for her reconvential demands.

Succession of Mrs. A. Comeaux; final tableau homologated.

The spring session of the criminal and civil district court of the 18th judicial district adjourned Saturday at 10:30 oclock. The term convened on April 25th and has held a busy session. In the criminal division twenty cases have been tried resulting in fourteen convictions, five acquittals and one mistrial.

In the civil and probate courts about seventy five cases were called. The next term will begin on June 6.

In the criminal court Saturday James Thornton, charged with stabbing with intent to kill, plead guilty and was sentenced to six months in the penitentiary.

Chas. Armstrong, tried Friday on a charge of larceny and convicted, was sentenced to thirty days in the parish jail.

Frank Flash, convicted on a charge of carrying concealed weapons, was sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and cost of prosecution.

The case of Emelien Miller, indicted for shooting with intent to kill, was nolle prossed.

In the case of Paul Fauley, convicted on a charge of burglary and larceny on a motion in arrest of judgnment was argued and submitted and overruled.


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