Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana Genealogy

Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana Genealogy


Tangipahoa Parish Research Items For Sale

  • "What Price Success - A Louisiana Malady" by Sam J. Pingo
    available from Barnes and Noble
    Mr Pingo says "I was Superintendent of Tangipahoa Parish Schools from 1982-90 and I was the Superintendent who had a one penny sales tax passed in 1982 - one month after being appointed Superintendent. This one penny sales tax that took our school system from broken down buildings that were falling apart throughout the parish -- to 35 brand new and renovated schools throughout the parish. Every school you see in Tangipahoa Parish was built during my administration and next we improved student achievement from near bottom in the State to Above National Average for the first and only time in Tangipahoa Parish history." This book "is the true story of my time as an educator in Tangipahoa Parish Schools and was published by FirstBook Publishers. It can be ordered from most any book company and is also listed in Barnes & Noble Books on the internet. The parish library purchased several copies and placed them in the parish library. "

  • (prices and contact information verified as of Jan. 2008)
    Jim Perrin
    14187 Randall Avenue, Hammond, LA 70403.

    "A Community History of Ponchatoula, LA"
    Book (softcover) is $25.00 plus $3.00 postage & shipping

    "Ponchatoula Historical Records, Volume I - Abstracts of Obituaries Appearing in the Ponchatoula Enterprise 1921-1945"
    Book (softcover) is $20.00 plus $2.00 postage & shipping

    "Ponchatoula Historical Records, Volume II - Abstracts of Obituaries Appearing in the Ponchatoula Enterprise 1946-1962"
    Book (softcover) is $20.00 plus $2.00 postage & shipping

    "Ponchatoula Historical Records, Volume III - Abstracts of Early Tangipahoa Parish Deed Records with Special Emphasis on the area around Ponchatoula"
    Book (softcover) is $20.00 plus $2.00 postage & shipping

    The three volume set is available for $50 plus $4 postage.

    "Ponchatoula Historical Records, Volume IV - Abstracts of Early Tangipahoa Parish Deed Records with Special Emphasis on the area around Ponchatoula (1870 to 1900)"
    Book (softcover) is $25.00 plus $3.00 postage & shipping

    "Ponchatoula Historical Records, Volume V - Abstracts of Court Records, Civil Suits, Successions, Police Jury Minutes, and Other Records Relating to the Area Near Ponchatoula, Louisiana"
    Book (softcover) is 220 pages, indexed, spiral bound. $25, plus $3 shipping and handling.

    1930 census every name index for the four enumeration districts in and around Ponchatoula, [EDs 20, 21, 24, 25] and also the ED [26] covering the Eighth Ward. There are just over 9,000 people listed in the index. The census book is 75 pages, perfect binding, and sells for $10, plus $2 postage.

  • (The following is probably from 2003. Contact information is no longer working. Oct. 2005)
    Was John Perilloux at jperilloux@home.com

    Prudent Cambre's "Genealogy of the Cambres" is ready for printing. John Perilloux needs to know how many people actually want to order this 146-page book at $11.00, which includes postage and handling. Don't send any money at this time.

  • (Authors of this book are deceased. No further purchasing information is known.-Jan. 2008)
    This book contains information on the Felder family of early South Carolina, (Orangeburg District) going back to Hans Henrich (Henry) Felder, when he migrated on July 17, 1735. His descendants moved to Mississippi, during the early 1800's. Sons and daughters of those in Mississippi,moved to Louisiana and there is a sizable group there. About 1850, a number of those in Mississippi moved to Texas. Also, included in this book is a detailed record of Peter Felder, a Revolutionary Soldier, and his children. Among these was John Felder, a very prominent and religious man, whose influence consumated in the formation of the yearly camp meetings held in this area of Pike County, Mississippi, since 1828. Contained in this book are a photocopy of the family record from John Felder's Bible; a land plat showing his land; a picture of a home built around parts of the original structure and showing his youngest daughter Minerva, who married a McElween, and her children; a newspaper account of the yearly camp meetings at the Felder Campground; cemetery readings of early Felders in the Felder Cemetery, as well as other cemeteries, where Felders are buried. Pages from the DAR publication Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers- Family Records. The contents of the Bible of Samuel Felder, whose descendants were in early Texas, is also included; this Bible having been purchased in 1803. Known Felder Civil War soldiers are listed. The early history of the Muddy Springs Methodist Church, formed by Rev. Peter W. Sandel(Rev. Elias W. Sandel's, 2nd great grandfather), Rev. Wiley Weeks and Rev. Thomas Simmons, a church, which still holds an annual service and which is credited with preserving Methodism in that section of Mississippi. Magnolia Methodist Church, at Magnolia, Mississipi was the result and some records of this church are included.
    A copy of the funeral sermon of John Felder, by the President of Whitworth Women's Methodist College, in Brookhaven, Mississippi is included. John Felder's first wife was Elizabeth Sandel, a sister to the Rev. Peter Warren Sandel, listed above. His 2nd wife was Patience Simmons; his 3rd wife was Martha Stanfill.
    This book is soft cover & spiral bound; consists of 76 pp.,is 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"; it contains a full index and a bibliography of sources used.
    This book was researched and compiled by Mary E. Sandel and Rev. Elias Wesley Sandel, B.A, ME. Both Rev. Sandel and Mary E. Sandel are now deceased.

  • (The following is probably from 2003. I suggest contacting to verify pricing)
    "Those Who've Gone Ahead"
    This funeral home extract book went on sale in November, 2000. This book contains the extracts from the records of the E. J. Fielding Funeral Home, Inc. in Covington, Louisiana. These extracts, which are fully indexed contain the genealogical data from the Funeral Home's records containing the information supplied to them by the family, friends or agents of the deceased. The "Those Who've Gone Ahead" book, which was primarily the work of Patricia Gros is available in soft cover only for $19.95 plus $1.75 sales tax.to members of The St. Tammany Genealogical Society, and $24.95 plus $2.18 sales tax to non-members. Postage & Handling is $5.00, if shipment of the book is required.
    Send purchase requests to:
    (Mrs.) Martha Dutsch, STGS President
    P.O. Box 1155
    Covington, LA 70434).
    Phone: 1-985-892-6561

  • (The following is probably from 2003. I suggest contacting to verify pricing)
    FOR SALE; by Ella Hughes; Author; Send order with check or money order to:
    Ella B. Hughes
    22526 Peaceful Pines Road
    Husser, La. , 70442 .

    "Hughes of Tangipahoa Parish"
    A history of the Hughes genealogy, origins, relations, and personalities. $20.00

  • (prices and contact information verified as of Oct. 2005)
    Washington, Tangipahoa, and St Helena Parishes Researchers:
    We have just completed a 308 page fully indexed book on the history of our SHILLING/SCHILLING/SHILLINGS line. It begins with John Henry in SC in the mid 1700's - through John Jacob who moved on to Washington Parish, LA, then John Jr. (whose widow and children moved on to Sabine Parish, LA, TX and OK). It includes the genealogy of John Jacob's children, John, Jr., Rachel, Henry, Michael, Jacob and Valzain. Land Records, some Civil War Records and letters are included. Extra information and pictures are included on some lines with genealogy information up to present. For further information please contact me: Beth Shilling Van Cleave, 8708 Driftwood, College Station, TX 77845 or h-vancleave@neo.tamu.edu
    cost: $40.00 which includes postage and handling

  • (The following is probably from 2003. I suggest contacting to verify pricing)
    "The Descendants of Uriah STEVENS and Nancy KEVIL" by Ronald Evans (1995) is available from Doris Johnston, P. O. Box 865, Hammond, La. 70404, Telephone 985-542-6198, E-mail doris@i-55.com. This 375 page document covers the lives of this family, ancestors and to great-great grandchildren, some lines to present day.
    Cost $25.00 per copy - Includes shipping.

  • (***Sold Out*** may be reprinted at a later date. Oct. 2005)
    "The Kevil Family Cookbook"
    The Kevil Family Cookbook is scheduled for shipment during the first week in November, 2002 - just in time for Christmas. The purpose of the cookbook is to help raise funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the old Kevil family cemetery outside of Princeton, Kentucky. The cost of the cookbook is only $9.50 plus $1.50 for mailing costs for a total of $11.00 per cookbook.
    The cookbook contains 200 recipes submitted by forty-six Kevil family members in thirteen states and England, including several recipes from old cookbooks of eight deceased family members. In addition to the wonderful recipes, the cookbook will contain a dedication page, a brief family history, and several old photos of Kevil family members from the 1850s. The cookbook will also have a large section on cooking tips and household hints. I'm confident there will be something for everyone - collected and bound together in one volume.
    Thomas Kevil, Please feel free to contact me at (865) 690-6351 or Tkevil@knology.net

  • (The following is probably from 2003. Suggest contacting to verify pricing)
    Yvonne Lewis Day
    14723 Stoneberg Avenue
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Tombstones of Tangipahoa: Asurvey of Community, Church & Family Cemeteries In Rural Tangipahoa Parish, 1800 - 2000 [984pages] $59.00

    A Soldier's Grave: Military Burials in the Rural Cemeteries of Tangipahoa [with Genealogical notes on veterans prior to World War I] $21.50

    Gone To Be An Angel: The Cemeteries of Tickfaw, La. [1st in series of publications On urban cemeteries of Tangipahoa Parish] $14.95

    Gone But Not Forgotten: Cemeteries of the Town of Kentwood, La. [2nd in urban cemeteries series] $24.95

    Gathering Home: The Cemeteries of Amite City, La. [3rd in urban series] $28.95

    To Memory Dear: The Cemeteries of Arcola-Roseland, La. [4th in urban cemeteries series] $25.75

    Forever in Our Hearths: Cemeteries in the City of Ponchatoula, La. [5th in urban cemeteries series] $39.75

    Cost shown includes shipping and Handling. Send orders to author at the address shown above.

  • (The following is probably from 2003. I suggest contacting to verify pricing)
    Livingston Parish History Book To Be Reprinted
    History of Livingston Parish, Louisiana
    The "big" history book first published in 1986 will be reprinted, hopefully in time for Christmas 2003. It is 640 pages long and will be printed using the original plates.
    The pre-publication price is $50.00 plus $6.00 postage if the book is to be mailed. It can be picked up after publication at the Livingston Parish Library. The post-publication price will be $60.00 plus $6.00 postage.
    NOTE: This is a reprint of the original book—no corrections, additions or changes have been made.
    Please send your order in ASAP!
    To order, complete the following form and return:

    $50 + $6.00 postage = Prepublication price for the Livingston Parish History Book

    ______Mail ______Pickup

    Enclosed is my check for $_____ for ____ (number) books.

    *Make checks payable to ELHA - Edward Livingston Historical Assn., Inc.

    (City) (State) (Zip)
    ______________________________ __________________________________
    (Phone) (E-mail)

    Mail to: ELHA - Edward Livingston Historical Assn., Inc.
    P.O. Box 67
    Livingston, LA 70754-0067

  • (The following is probably from April, 2002. I suggest contacting to verify pricing) St. Helena Historical Association, 6370 Hwy 43, Montpelier, LA 70422-8227

    Publications (as of Apr, 2002):
    Price Postpaid:
    1820 Census $ 6.00
    1830 Census $ 3.00
    1840 Census $ 6.00
    1850 Census $11.50
    1860 Census $00.00 > Sold Out
    1870 Census $12.00
    1880 Census $12.00
    1890 Census $00.00 > Not Available
    1900 Census $17.50
    1910 Census $30.00 > 3 Volumes
    1920 Census $24.00 >
    St. Helena War Veterans $ 9.00
    Old Montpelier 1804 - New Montpelier 1904 $17.00
    St. Helena Vets - Remember WW II $14.00
    Echoes From The Past $34.00
    Cemetery Records $00.00 > Sold Out
    The Saint Helena Rifles - By: A. P. Richards $7.50
    St. Helena World War I veterans $18.00

    The latest publication of the St. Helena Historical Association, Inc. is St. Helena Remembers Her World War I Veterans. This all came about when Inez Tate located a book pertaining to the World War I veterans of St. Helena Parish in the Clerk of Court's office. It was a summary of the discharged, listed three on each page and in alphabetical order.
    A contact made with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Baton Rouge produced little information. The officer was familiar with the book and stated that until 1987, these books were in all parishes in Louisiana. At that time, they were turned over to the Louisiana State Archives for safekeeping. He did not know the origin of the books, and the Louisiana State Archives had no information regarding the origin of them either.
    Some veterans took their discharge papers to the Clerk of Court, and copies were made and retained there. A review of the St. Helena Cemetery reveals there were World War I veterans buried in the various cemeteries who were not included in the book of discharges nor was a copy of their discharge filed in the Clerk of Court's office.
    The book includes interesting information on the veterans' service time. Noted in this publication are the addresses of the little post offices no longer in existence. Also included are interesting stories and data on the veterans.
    The price of this soft-cover book is $18.00, postpaid.
    Order directly from St. Helena Historical Association,
    6370 La. 43, Montpelier, LA 70422-8227.
    The cover picture shows the type of uniform worn by the doughboys.
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