Tangipahoa Parish Cemeteries

Known Tangipahoa Parish Cemeteries Addresses

  • HAMMOND: Parklawn Memorial Garden, 41372 Thompson Dr., 985-345-6190 notes

  • HAMMOND: Rose Memorial Park Cemetery, 908 Western Ave, 985-345-5576 notes

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    Tangipahoa Parish Archives - Cemetery Extractions
    ****NOTE: This has lots of cemeteries!!! I haven't had a chance to make links to a lot of them in the list below.****

    Tangipahoa Parish Cemeteries Geographic Locations

    Data from U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information
    GNIS Query Form Mapping Information Home Page
    Maintainer: gnis_manager@usgs.gov
    Last modified: 2DEC1996 rlb
    * Cemetery Extraction Online
    ** Cemetery Extraction Online & published in Louisiana Genealogical Register

    Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeUSGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
    Amacker Cemetery 305423N 0903055W Kentwood
    Amite Cemetery 304338N 0902956W Loranger
    Amite City Cemetery ##PLOT MAP##
    (A's & B's)*
    (C's & D's)*
    (E's - G's)*
    (H's - K's)*
    (L's & M's)*
    (N's - R's)*
    (S's & T's)*
    (U's - Z's)*
    Amite Memorial Gardens 304239N 0903016W Amite
    Arcola-Roseland Cemetery 304637N 0903109W Roseland
    Arnold Cemetery 302904N 0902451W Ponchatoula
    Baham Cemetery 304016N 0903126W Amite
    Bahm Cemetery 303908N 0901910W Husser
    Bailey Cemetery** 303741N 0901641W Husser
    Ballard Cemetery 304258N 0902420W Loranger
    Bankston Cemetery 303114N 0902218W Robert
    Bankston Cemetery(1st Reading)*
    (2nd Reading)*
    304955N 0902633W Chesbrough
    Barnett Cemetery 303843N 0902826W Loranger
    Barron Cemetery 304956N 0902841W Chesbrough
    Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery* ##MAP## Kentwood
    Bell Cemetery 304341N 0901909W Husser
    Bennett Cemetery 303750N 0902736W Loranger
    Bennett Cemetery 304346N 0903243W Amite
    Bennett Cemetery 303407N 0901447W Martinville
    Bezue Cemetery 303838N 0901750W Husser
    Big Zion Cemetery 304533N 0903123W Roseland
    Booty Cemetery 305523N 0902337W Spring Creek
    Bradley Cemetery 304855N 0902651W Chesbrough
    Briar Patch Cemetery** 304222N 0902351W Loranger
    Brown Cemetery 303927N 0901839W Husser
    Brumfield Cemetery* 305148N 0901912W Wilmer
    Burch Cemetery 305432N 0903402W Kentwood
    Butler Cemetery 304259N 0902959W Loranger
    Butler Cemetery 305802N 0902123W Mount Hermon
    Camp Moore Confederate Cemetery* 305307N 0903036W Kentwood
    Carrier Cemetery ** 1998 reading* 304446N 0902017W Husser
    Casanova Cemetery Independence
    Casper-Lea Cemetery* 304852N 0901820W Wilmer
    Collins Cemetery 302552N 0901513W Ponchatoula NE
    Collins Cemetery 302552N 0901955W Ponchatoula NE
    Colonial Cemetery 303707N 0902950W Independence
    Conerly Cemetery 305634N 0902347W Spring Creek
    Conerly Cemetery 305642N 0902350W Spring Creek
    Cooper Cemetery 302737N 0901830W Ponchatoula NE
    Cooper Cemetery 304112N 0902540W Loranger
    Cooper Cemetery 304127N 0902523W Loranger
    Cutrer Cemetery 304236N 0902707W Loranger
    Cutrer Cemetery 305701N 0902744W Spring Creek
    Davis Cemetery 302634N 0902036W Ponchatoula NE
    Dean Cemetery 305920N 0903401W Kentwood
    Dean Cemetery 305651N 0902319W Spring Creek
    Dees Cemetery** 304820N 0902441W Chesbrough
    Donaldson Cemetery 304315N 0902337W Loranger
    Durbin Cemetery 303854N 0903200W Amite
    Durbin Cemetery 303933N 0903124W Amite
    Dykes Cemetery* 305842N 0903346W Kentwood
    Dyson Cemetery* 305226N 0902126W Wilmer
    East Fork Baptist Church Cemetery* Kentwood
    Edwards Cemetery 302601N 0901603W Ponchatoula NE
    Edwards Cemetery 302601N 0901656W Ponchatoula NE
    Edwards Cemetery 304231N 0901542W Husser
    Ellis Cemetery 304454N 0902950W Loranger
    Fairburn Cemetery 304652N 0902408W Chesbrough
    Ford Cemetery 303922N 0902714W Loranger
    Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery*
    Friendship Cemetery**
    Garahy Cemetery 303311N 0902106W Robert
    Gatlin Cemetery 303048N 0903241W Albany
    German Cemetery* 305952N 0902825W Spring Creek
    Gill Cemetery 305253N 0902623W Spring Creek
    Gill Cemetery 305401N 0902814W Spring Creek
    Goodbee Cemetery 304628N 0902844W Chesbrough
    Graham Cemetery* 304948N 0901757W Wilmer
    Greenlawn part 1*
    Gunn Cemetery 304713N 0902612W Chesbrough
    Hayden Cemetery 303801N 0902753W Loranger
    Henen Cemetery 303640N 0901949W Robert
    Hennesy Cemetery 304641N 0901732W Wilmer
    Hilbun Cemetery 305944N 0903331W Kentwood
    Hoffman Cemetery 303239N 0902240W Hammond
    Holly Gardens notes Hammond
    Hoover Cemetery 303819N 0903140W Amite
    Hope Cemetery 305510N 0903208W Kentwood
    Howes Cemetery 302525N 0902205W Ponchatoula NE
    Hughes Cemetery 304253N 0902043W Husser
    Hughes Cemetery 304507N 0901633W Wilmer
    Hughes Cemetery 304329N 0901850W Husser
    Hutchinson Cemetery 303521N 0903105W Albany
    Hyde Cemetery 304954N 0902737W Chesbrough
    Johnson Cemetery 303429N 0902529W Hammond
    Joiner Cemetery 303601N 0901935W Robert
    Joiner Cemetery 303648N 0901952W Robert
    Lanier Cemetery 303445N 0902420W Hammond
    Lanier Cemetery 303624N 0902612W Hammond
    Lebo Cemetery* 305138N 0902645W Chesbrough
    Lee Cemetery 304408N 0902406W Loranger
    Loranger Cemetery 303824N 0902545W Loranger
    Lowery Cemetery** 304557N 0902129W Wilmer
    Lynne Cemetery 303919N 0902842W Loranger
    Martin Cemetery 303256N 0903043W Albany
    Masonic Cemetery 305435N 0902647W Spring Creek
    McDaniel Cemetery 305039N 0901856W Wilmer
    McDaniel Cemetery 305440N 0902559W Spring Creek
    McDaniel Cemetery 305244N 0901909W Mount Hermon
    McElveen Cemetery 305722N 0902133W Mount Hermon
    McMichael Cemetery** 304057N 0903047W Amite
    Mitchell Cemetery 302515N 0902241W Ponchatoula
    Mixon Cemetery** 305252N 0902848W Spring Creek
    Morse Cemetery 302545N 0901456W Madisonville
    Mount Stevens Cemetery 303544N 0902736W Hammond
    Myra Cemetery 303937N 0903113W Amite
    Narretto Cemetery 303527N 0902307W Hammond
    Natalbany Cemetery 303835N 0903257W Amite
    Nazarene Cemetery 303136N 0903258W Albany
    Neal Cemetery** 303759N 0901839W Husser
    New Bankston Cemetery 304520N 0902748W Chesbrough
    New Beaula Cemetery 303018N 0903152W Albany
    Noah Cemetery 303912N 0901545W Husser
    Old Bankston Cemetery (Elliot)** 304539N 0902819W Chesbrough
    Olliphant Cemetery 304220N 0901913W Husser
    Painter Cemetery*
    Parker Cemetery 305154N 0901835W Wilmer
    Parkers Cemetery 304852N 0902133W Wilmer
    Parklawn Memorial Garden notes Hammond
    Pierce Cemetery* 305409N 0902316W Spring Creek
    Reed Cemetery 304058N 0901939W Husser
    Reid Cemetery 303354N 0902036W Robert
    Roberts Cemetery 305637N 0902052W Mount Hermon
    Robertson Cemetery 302945N 0902203W Ponchatoula NE
    Robertson Cemetery 303144N 0902124W Robert
    Robertson Cemetery 303226N 0902139W Robert
    Rose Memorial Cemetery notesHammond
    Saint Rock Cemetery 304020N 0901832W Husser
    Sand Hill Cemetery 302637N 0902216W Ponchatoula NE
    Sharkey Cemetery 304250N 0903325W Amite
    Shiloh Church of Christ* Amite
    Silver Creek Cemetery 305355N 0902045W Mount Hermon
    Spring Cemetery** 304435N 0902812W Loranger
    Stanga Cemetery 302633N 0901535W Ponchatoula NE/Bedico
    Statham Cemetery 304735N 0902005W Wilmer
    Stevens Cemetery 303824N 0902934W Loranger
    Stevens Cemetery 304428N 0902117W Husser
    Sylvest Cemetery** 304600N 0902001W Wilmer
    Tangipahoa Cemetery 305209N 0903129W Roseland
    Tangipahoa Cemetery 305224N 0903140W Roseland
    Tycer Cemetery 303548N 0902711W Hammond
    Union Baptist Cemetery* Natalabany
    Varnado Cemetery* 305550N 0903339W Kentwood
    Varnado Cemetery 305128N 0902330W Chesbrough
    Wadesboro Cemetery* 302526N 0903039W Springfield
    Wainwright Cemetery 304426N 0902117W Husser
    Walker Cemetery 304944N 0902023W Wilmer
    Waller Cemetery 305347N 0903250W Kentwood
    Warren Cemetery 303912N 0903047W Amite
    Watson Cemetery** 304756N 0903252W Roseland
    Wetmore Cemetery 302616N 0902839W Ponchatoula
    White Cemetery*
    Wilmer Cemetery*
    Wilson-Willie Cemetery 303459N 0901601W Robert
    Woodland Cemetery 305634N 0903132W Kentwood

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    Tangipahoa Parish Cemeteries Profiled in the Louisiana Genealogical Register

    Published by Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society, P.O. Box 82060, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70884-2060

    This list obtained from Vol 29 No 2 p 252, article submitted by Lila M. Settoon of Amite, LA.

    Amite CemeteryVol 22 No 4 P. 309
    Vol 23 No 1 p7
    Vol 23 No 2 p 179
    Vol 23 No 3 p 272
    Vol 23 No 4 p 359
    Arcola CemeteryVol 24 No 4 p 331
    Bahm CemeteryVol 28 No 3 p 244
    Bailey CemeteryVol 26 No 2 p 185
    Bankston Cemetery (Old and New) Vol 27 No 1 p 29
    Bell Cemetery Vol 25 No 1 p 100
    Bennett-StathamVol 26 No 1 p 76
    Briar PatchVol 28 No 2 p 115
    BrownVol 19 No 3 p 264
    BrownVol 25 No 2 p 171
    BrownVol 26 No 2 p 158
    CarrierVol 26 No 3 p 272
    DeesVol 24 No 3 p 214
    EdwardsVol 26 No 4 p 363
    Elliot (Old Bankston)Vol 25 No 1 p 25
    FriendshipVol 27 No 1 p 69
    GunnVol 25 No 2 p 164
    Hayden, JesseVol 24 No 3 p 252
    HennesyVol 27 No 3 p 263
    HughesVol 24 No 4 p 377
    Vol 26 No 3 p 272
    HughesVol 27 No 3 p 249
    HughesVol 26 No 2 p 112
    HydeVol 25 No 3 p 264
    JoinerVol 27 No 2 p 168
    LeeVol 28 No 1 p 19
    LowreyVol 28 No 3 p 261
    McDanielVol 26 No 1 p 27
    McElveenVol 28 No 3 p 270
    McMichaelVol 26 No 2 p 128
    McMichaelVol 26 No 3 p 275
    MixonVol 26 No 3 p 269
    Mt. Zion ChurchVol 28 No 3 p 217
    NealVol 26 No 1 p 58
    Oak Grove ChurchVol 27 No 2 p 165
    SandersVol 26 No 1 p 61
    SandersVol 24 No 3 p 246
    SandersVol 24 No 3 p 254
    SharkeyVol 28 No 3 p 221
    Shiloh ChurchVol 24 No 3 p 268
    SpringVol 27 No 4 p 315
    StevensVol 27 No 4 p 378
    SylvestVol 26 No 4 p 308
    Vol 26 No 2 p 110
    TangipahoaVol 25 No 3 p 253
    Union ChurchVol 21 No 3 p 273
    VernonVol 28 No 1 p 8
    Vining ChurchVol 26 No 1 p 43
    WainwrightVol 26 No 2 p 141
    Waller, HomerVol 27 No 2 p 160
    WatsonVol 25 No 4 p 311

    Notes about Tangipahoa Parish Cemeteries

  • Rose Memorial was started in 1927 by a private organization for Italians only. It is still private and the care takers phone number is 1-(985) 345-3519.

  • Parklawn was started about 1968

  • Holly Gardens and Greenlawn are city owned and part of the City cemetery computerized database. A search by surname can be done, and the city office is very, very helpful. Holly Gardens was started in the 1960's, but Greenlawn is the only old, old cemetery. Return to Tangipahoa Parish Home Page
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