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Miss Ledet dedicated her book "TO ALL MY ANCESTORS" [page b ] and we do the same, including Miss Laïse Marie Ledet with them.

Come along to explore the wonders of this book. Our first section is called The Book. Next, you will find a specially prepared revised and searchable index of the book, followed by the Genealogy section.

Lovince Billiot, Houmas Indian Chief
trawler successful fishing trip
Miss Laïse Ledet
Pauline Brunet
Valrie and Anastasie Dupre
Mrs. Henry Neil and family Iola Duplantis, Yvette Pellegrin and their classes Classes of 1929; Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth

For an easy history lesson, tracing the exploration and development of the Pointe-aux-Chênes/Pointe au Chien** and Isle à Jean Charles area, visit the Timeline section. There you will find a link to the website for the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw indians. For the full experience, get online, first.

For beginning genealogists, we have the Tips area, with some forms, advice, and links for further searching.

Lastly, we included a page to help you contact us with questions and suggestions.

If you get lost or can't find something you had seen, try the Table of Contents page. Here.

Thanks to all the individuals who helped put this work together.
Thanks to Bruce LeBoeuf who scanned all 466 pages, one by one, after helping to decide the format, etc., of the files.
Special thanks to Audrey Barnes Westerman CGRS, who used her many talents to research the Native American population of Pointe au Chien and Isle de Jean Charles to contribute to the Genealogy and Timeline sections.
Thanks to Jess Bergeron who had done a considerable amount of research to correct and add to Miss Ledet's family pages.
Thanks to Chantel Ellender for many recent photographs and updated family information. Click here for a selection of pictures.
I want to specially thank my wife, Gloria Gravois Hicks for all her help, encouragement, and patience during the two or more years I took to finish this project. The places where she influenced the final output are too numerous to mention, here.
**Note: the name of the area is a bone of contention to a number of people, not the least of whom was Miss Ledet, herself. See her obituary, here.
Thanks to Marcie and Essie Cavalier who took the last photographs of Miss Ledet and saved the obituary.

In one of the last known photographs of her, Laïse is shown with the bed which was hand made by her grandfather Ledet. Read the story on pages 342, 343, and 344

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