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Past Activities
Of the Calcasieu UDC Chapter #1519

Valery Doiron, Confederate Veteran
Marker Dedication ~ 9 October 2004

Long before the Ship Channel was dug off the coast of southwest Louisiana, a small family cemetery was used by the Doiron family. Now only accessible by boat, this cemetery still exists, but is now on an island. Heading to the island, chapter Vice President Lisa Reed hoists the Daughters Flag. Boat captain is Andrew, Lisa's husband.

A second boatload arrives and the ceremony begins with prayer by Jan Craven.

Flags are presented and posted by Color Bearers Charline Martin,
Brenda Reed, Joyce Bridges, Lisa Reed and Delma Briggs.

A history of each of the Confederate Flags is given by Lisa Reed.

Past Division President Joyce Bridges removes the cover and places a wreath

Chapter VP Lisa Reed presents a Confederate Flag to Mr. Sam Breaux, Sr., descendant and Mr. Breaux expresses gratitude to the UDC chapter for such a meaningful ceremony.

Delma Briggs and Lisa Reed share a quiet moment in their mourning attire.

Burr Ferry Marker Dedication ~ 18 September 2004

Louisiana Division UDC greetings given by Vice President Delma Briggs.

{left to right} Chapter President Delma Briggs, guest, Chapter Vice President Lisa Reed

UDC members attending the ceremony
Leona Cagle, Jan Craven, Charline Martin, Odessa House,
Glyn Perkins, Delma Briggs and Lisa Reed

Chapter President Delma Briggs gives UDC members a ride on the family MULE.

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