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Organized about August of 1862, this company joined with Stewart's battery in early 1862. In February and March of 1862, they were at Island No. 10 and helped repulse enemy advances. They were then moved to Fort Pillow and served there until June, when the Confederates evacuated the post.

By February of 1863, the company had moved to Fort Pemberton near Greenwood, Mississippi and gave good services in the defence of the fort during March and April of that year.

By mid April, 1863, they were in or around Jackson Mississippi. Falling back to Vicksburg in May, they became part of the garrison there during the Siege, May 19th through July 4, 1863.

The men of this company that survived were captured and paroled at Vicksburg. No records have been located that shows that this company existed beyond Vicksburg.

Information included: name, rank, and miscellaneous information [be award that at times this listing appears to be in alphabetical order, but it is not always. Also, there are 2 separate groups of names included]

William A. Davidson, Captain, desert
J. J. Thompson, First Lieut, desert
E. Legendre, Second Lieut
M. D'Aubigne, Lieut, killed at Vicksburg
J. G. Wall, Lieut, transferred
J. H. Warden, Sargent
D. Stocking, Sargent
M. L. Laurence, Sargent
S. ?. Bachemin, Sargent
C. Vautier, Corporal
H. ?. Vienne, Corporal
Chs. Brulard, Corporal, wounded at Vicksburg, killed in NC 14 Sep 1874
J. A. Lambert, Corporal
A. Archinard, Private
H. Bourgeois, Private
J. W. Barbarin, Private
M. Carruth, Private
L. Courcelle, Private
C. Dutch, Private
A. H. Green, Private
N. W. Gonzales, Private
H. Gener, Private
L. L. Holland, Private, disabled from wound
M. A. Heard, Private
J. V. Aime, Private
W. Blair, Private
J. Burge, Private
C. H. Cubberston, Private
J. Geoge, Private, disabled from wound
F. Gener, Private
Z. Hardell, Private
A. Brulard, Private
V. Bellaume, Private
S. ?. Brocard, Private
S. E. Courcelle, Private
Devenport, Private
J. N. Fagot, Private
Edgard Guenon, Private, died from wounds rec'd at Nashville 16 Dec 1864
H. Hoffman, Private
P. A. Hebrard, Private
H. Jones, Private, wounded at Ft. Pemberton, leg amputated
W. G. Heady, Private, wounded, arm amputated
S. Kohlman, Private
E. Laforest, Private
L. L. Lambert, Private
P. F. Coiron, Private
Piere Lanaux, Private
E. Marques, Private
N. A. Murray, Private
M. C. Montaut, Private
Jas. Marsh, Private
P. Power, Private
B. E. Pickets, Private
E. Weysham, Private
T. Mount, Private
R. E. McAlton, Private
J. W. Michel, Private
R. Nenez, Private
R. Oriol, Private
D. Perret, Private
Adolf Scharniski, Private
W. Story, Private
J. Sharkey, Private
W. Thompson, Private
J. Toomey, Private
M. S. Wall, Private
E. V. Weaver, Private
J. Young, Private
G. Rosiere, Private
Amede Gastinel, Private, killed at Vicksburg
Avetant, Private, killed at Vicksburg
J. Laforest, Private
J. Dossat, Private
M. A. Penn, Private
J. B. Easterly, Private
J. G. Ruffier, Private
P. E. Drew, Private, transferred, killed at Franklin TN
A. Stevens, Private
B. Fletcher, Private
F. N. Kennedy, Private, wounded at Vicksburg
A. Shumaker, Private
A. Arrisa, Private
E. Auzant, desert, Private
E. Couligney, Private
Chs. Bonnemer, deserted, Private
M. Bradford, Private
B. Boulet, deserted, Private
M. C. Blasco, deserted, Private
E. Cannonge, deserted, Private
A. Cagnon, deserted, Private
L. D. Crittenden, Private
B. P. Crittenden, Private
S. Charlton, Private
L. A. Cruzat, deserted, Private
W. Donohae, Private
A. Dumerge, Private
Dubertrand, desert, Private
F. Dubas, desert, Private
J. Denning, Private
O. Desforges, desert, Private
J. Evans, Private, wounded
G. Fletcher, Private
H. Foster, Private
P. Hussey, D, Private
J. Hill, Private
M. Harper, Private
J. A. Johnson, Private
J. Kemp, Private
W. King, Private
A. King, Private
T. King, Private, killed at Vicksburg
J. Maloney, Private
D. McCall, Private
T. R. McNeil, Private
P. McKittrick, Private, killed at Ft. Pemberton
J. ?. McNabb, Private
McDonnell, Private
G. W. Petterson, Private
P. Perry, Private, deserted
D. Richardson, Private
E. Segers, Private
B. Spiller, Private
G. Setton, Private
G. Slocumb, Private
R. Self, Private
J. W. Kinchen, Private
H. Kinchen, Private
Numa Patin, Private, killed at Nashville
G. E. Green, Private
S. H. Sparks, Private, deserted

This is a copy as reported by Lieut. E. C. Legendre from a book located in Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Names added to Co. B, Pointe Coupee Artillery:

Maurice Delmas, killed at Ft. Taylor
Brunville Joubert, killed at Vicksburg
S. Elliot, killed at Vicksburg
M. Fielder, killed at Vicksburg
P. McNabb, killed at Vicksburg
Ernest Guenon
Geo. Quinland
J. G. Blanchard
T. King, erroneously reported killed at Vicksburg
[signed] A. H. Brulard
1602 N. Dupre Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

This listing taken from the March 1968 LA Genealogical & Historical Society publication, "The Register".

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