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Children of the Confederacy
Take Bus Tour to Virginia & Gettsyburg
Going to Convention

Louisiana C of C members and adults, joined a group of others from Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama for several days of special tours in Virginia and Gettsyburg. Five C of C members attended with parents, grandparents and aunts to learn more of historic areas.

The following pictures are in no special order, but are some of the places we visited. Special interest was given by our tour guides to areas that Louisiana Confederate troops went through.

Our Bus

Jackson Cemetery
The Stonewall Jackson Cemetery

Jackson Statue

Confederate Museum
Krystina, Andrew & our group gathers to visit the Confederate Museum in Front Royal.

Guide Sam tells of Asbury Chapel
One of our guides, Sam Riggs, tells about how Louisiana troops walked down the road beside Asbury Chapel and perhaps rested in the shade of its trees.

A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the bus.

Prospect Hill Cemetery

Grave of Traveller ~ horse of General Robert E. Lee

Rose Hill Plantation was sitting in the direct path of Louisiana troops as they charged the Yankees up the hill in the Battle of Front Royal. An eye witness account was written by a young lady from the balcony of this home. Krystina & Joyce Bridges, LA UDC President, had ancestors who were in that charge.

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