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Louisiana Division Convention
May 11 ~ 13, 2000
Lafayette, Louisiana

Prior to the opening of the convention, a reception was enjoyed at the lovely home of Mrs.Wallace LeFleur.
Division President, Pat Gallagher, enjoys a quick rock on the front porch of the LeFleur home.

Inviting guests and President Gallagher to "Come On In",
is Barbara delaHoussaye, member of the Alfred Mouton Chapter.

Mrs. LeFleur, hostess, explains to President Gallagher some of the beautiful collections in her home.

Sharing a visit at the refreshment table is President Gallagher
with Robert E. Lee Chapter member Zoe Lassman,
and chapter president Shirley Smith.

The 2000 Convention is officially opened by President Patricia Gallagher.

Paul Gramling, Louisiana Commander, Sons of Confederate Veterans, brings greetings to the Louisiana Daughters.

President Gallagher compliments Convention Chairman Theresa Maturin.

Barbara Crocker, Louisiana Treasurer,
presents her report to President Gallagher.

Recording Secretary, Lou Ann Rigby, gives her report.

Mrs. Amy gives her report on the Battle Park and Museum
located at Mansfield.

Historical Evening was very special by the first person presentation of the program by Dr. William L. Calloway, and his lovely wife.

Commander Gramling and President Gallagher attend the Memorial Service at the Asbury Untied Methodist Church of Lafayette.

SILLY ~~~~~ SILLY ~~~~~ SILLY ~~~~~ SILLY

Officers at the final executive committee meeting
before their term of office expires.

President Gallagher and 3rd Vice President Rosemary Troquille

Secretary Lou Ann Rigby and Poet Laureate Corine Watson

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