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David Crockett Volunteer Fire Company #1
Chapter No. 2631

Officers 2006 ~ 2008

President ~ Dr. Mary Grace Curry
Vice President ~ Laura Jane Swilley
2nd Vice President ~ Joyce Dolores Hughes
3rd Vice President ~ Adrienne Pertuit Pierce
Recording Secretary ~ Anne Escoffier Gauthreaux
Treasurer ~ Carol Lee Drumm Maness
Registrar ~ Laura Jane Swilley
Historian ~ Judy Dobbins Mills
Recorder of Military Service Awards~Roberta Burchett DuPont
Custodian of Flags ~ Ruth Campbell Walker
Chaplain ~ Mary Anne Humphreys
Parliamentarian ~ Val Maness Coles
Corresponding Secretary ~ Laurie Hourguettes Ledet
Poet Laureate ~ Eileen Perrien Krush
Chairlady of Music ~ Betty Charping "Marty" Ernewein
Photographer ~ Ursula Hilda Ramm

A Brief History of the Chapter

David Crockett Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 Chapter No. 2631
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Louisiana Division

One hundred seven years after the national lineage society known as the United Daughters of the Confederacy was organized in New Orleans and 105 years after the first chapter was started in the New Orleans area, a new chapter of the UDC began to organize in Jefferson Parish. Its first organizational meeting was held in November 2001, at the Gretna Historical Society’s Museum Complex on Lafayette Street. The complex was selected as the meeting site for a very special reason. It included the ancestral home of the David Crockett Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, which, during the War Between the States, also served as the armory of the Gretna Fire Guard, officially known as Company G of the Fire Battalion of the Louisiana Militia. The location of the formative meeting was carefully planned, because the new chapter was to be named for the Crockett company.

As the ladies began to arrive for the meeting that Saturday afternoon, it quickly became apparent that they radiated great pride of family and a strong interest in identifying the people, places, and events that defined that period of great sacrifice in their community and throughout the South. Their interest clearly paralleled the need to promote and preserve their Confederate history.

By April 1, 2002, Dr. Mary Grace Curry and Laura Jane Swilley, the two ladies who started the movement to form the new chapter in Gretna, felt confident that it was time to submit the chapter’s charter application. The applicants included four ladies transferring from a New Orleans chapter and 23 other ladies, many of whom had no idea that they descended from a Confederate veteran prior to being recruited by Curry and Swilley. All ladies, however, had one very important thing in common – they took great pride in knowing that they descended from a man, who had fought and, in some cases, died in the great battle for Southern independence.

The long-awaited charter was granted on January 30, 2003, and the charter presentation was made on May 4, 2003, by Louisiana Division President Joyce Shannon Bridges of Shreveport. For Curry and Swilley, this event was clearly just the beginning, as they accelerated their efforts to actively discuss the new chapter among their friends and encouraged other chapter members to do the same. By May 2004, the chapter’s membership had grown to an astonishing 55 members. It had more than doubled within its first year. In November 2004, the chapter’s 68th membership application had been submitted for approval by the general organization. By then, the word had spread from Gretna throughout the state to Baton Rouge, Chalmette, Kenner, Lafayette, Marrero, Metairie, New Orleans, and St. Bernard. The chapter even has members in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

November, 2004

Confederate Veteran Ancestors of the Ladies of Our Chapter

James ALFORD, La.; John ALFORD, La.; L. ALGIER, La.; Saul Lewis ALLEY, La.; John ANDERSON, La.; George AURER, La.

Louis Joseph BARTHE, La.; Asbury Banks BRYANT, Ala.; Richard BURKE, La.; Edward BUTLER, La.; Bartlett S. BYRD, Miss.;
George Campbell COCHRAN, Ga.; Marquis de Lafayette COCHRAN, Ga.; John R. COCHRANE, La.; Ernest COURTOY, Ga.; Augustus Slaughter COX, La.; Benjamin B. CURRY, Ala.; Lafayette CURRY, Ala.; Thomas Almuth CURRY, Ala.

Marcus DAUENHAUER, La.; Michel DAUENHAUER, La.; Henry DAY, La.; Eugene M. DeLAGARRIGUE, La.; Marshall Thomas DIXON, Ga.; Philip Edward DUVERNAY, Sr., La.

Tobias EBERHARD, La.; Charles ESCOFFIER, La.

William FROLICH, La.

Joseph GEHRING, La.; John GEIGER, La.; David Simeon GEORGE, Tex.

George Washington HAMAN, Ga.; William Taylor HAMNER, Sr., Ala.; Anton Christian HAUSKNECHT, La.; John HEIN, La.; Frank HENNING, La.; John HOOD, Ga.; William Henry HOOD, Ga.; Cicero HUMPHREYS, Miss.; Joseph HURST, La.

Lorenze ISENMANN, La.; Michael ISENMANN, La.

Joseph John Francis JETER, Ga.; Thomas JETER, Ga.; Pierre Aristide JUNOT, La.

John KAISER, La.; Robert Garlick Hill KEAN, Va.; Jean Baptiste Adolphe KELLER, La.; William P. KERNER, Sr., La.; Martin KLEIN, La.; Henry KLEINPETER, La.

Arthur Joseph LAMBERT, La.; Marcelin Theophile LEDET, La.; John LINDEN, La.

Nicholas MARTZLOFF, La.; Harmon Lawson McELVEY, Fla.; Lawson Gamble McELVEY, Fla.; Samuel Williams McELVEY, Fla.; Martin MOLL, La.; Thomas G. MOORE, N.C.; Andrew J. MOREE, Ga.; James Harrison MOREE, Ga.; Silvain MORVANT, La.; James MULLEN, La.; Robert MULLEN, Jr., La.; Peter MUNTZ, La.

Jacob NEIBUL, La.

Michael O’KEEFE, La.

Leopold PERTUIT, La.; James Abijah PHILLIPS, N.C.

Thomas REYNOLDS, Sr., La.; M. G. ROBES, La.; David ROSS, La.; James ROSTRUP, La.

Gregory SAUER, La.; Theodule SAVOIE, La.; William S. SAWYER, La.; John SHITTENHELM, La.; John SMITH, La.; J. W. SPRAGUE, La.; Jasper Lafayette STOREY, Ga.; Newton A. STOREY, Ga.; Frederich STREHLE, La.; William STROWMAN, La.; Charles SWILER, Sr., La.

Hypolite TEMPLET, La.

Francois Octave VALLETTE, La.; James VAUGHAN, La.; Henry VIERING, La.

George W. WARREN, Ga.; William P. WARREN, Ga.; Peter WEIGEL, La.; William WEIMER, La.; Adolph WESER, La.; William WILKIN, La.; John WILKINS, La.; William WILSON, La.

John George ZIIFLE, Sr., La.

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