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1861 ~ 1865

This regiment was organized in New Orleans on 28 Apr 1861 and received orders to go to Richmond, and from there to Norfolk. In 1862, they were ordered to North Carolina, but arrived after the skirmish at South Mills on April the 19th. They remained at Weldon until late May, then returned to Richmond.

During the Seven Days' Battle, the regiment fought at King's Schoolhouse on June 25th and at Malvern Hill on July 1st. In those battles, 214 men were killed, wounded or missing.

On July 26th, the regiment was placed in the 2nd Louisiana Brigade. They fought in the Battle of Second Manassas in August, and in the Battle of Sharpsburg in September. During the December Battle of Fredericksburg, the regiment was only lightly engaged & had only a few wounded.

During the Battle of Chancellorsville in May of 1863, the men participated in the attack by General Stonewall Jackson. For the Battle of Winchester, June 15th, the regiment remained in reserve. They fought in the attack on Culp's Hill in July during the Battle of Gettsyburg.

October found the men participating in the Bristoe Station Campaign; then the Mine Run Campaign during November 26th to December 2nd. During the Battle Payne's Farm on November 27th, the regiment lost about 28 of the 112 men engaged.

May 5th, 1864 the men fought at the Wilderness. During the Spotsylvania battle May 7th to 20th, their position was overrun and most of the men captured. The remnants of the regiment were with the campaigns of General Jubal Early in the Shenandoah Valley during the summer and fall. With heavy casualties, the regiment consolidated with the 14th Louisiana Regiment.

By late December of '64, some of the remaining men had rejoined General Lee's Army at Petersburg. They were in the trenches around the city until it was evacuated on 2 Apr 1865. When Lee surrended on April 9th, the regiment had only 1 officers and 18 enlisted men present for duty.

Of the approximately 960 men enrolled during the war, some 162 were killed in battle, 74 died of disease and 1 killed by accident. Some 88 men deserted the regiment.

[For details of this regiment, consult "LA Confederate Units" by Bergeron]

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