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The Shreveport Rangers was the 4th company of men to leave Caddo Parish for the War under the command of Captain Gillmore.

James ALLEN, private
Sam ALLEN, private
E. W. ATTAWAY, private
James H. ANDERSON, private
J. B. ATTAWAY, private
Thomas J. ATTAWAY, private
William C. BELL, private
Thomas C. BICKHAM, private
Ed BIRD, private
Robert S. BRANING, private
John BROSI, private
John L. BROWNLEE, private
John BRYANT, private
Ed CARROL, private
John CHARLTON, private
Jas. CHASTEEN, private
M. J. CHASTEEN, private
Louis CHASTEEN, private
M. O. CLARK, private
Ransom I. COLE, private
Jas. COLLINS, private
Jack COON, private
D. COURSIGHT, private
Jno. CRAIG, private
L. A. DARDEN, corporal
B. DAVIS, 2nd sergeant
F. A. DAVIS, private
Pat DEVYER, private
Anthony DEVINE, private
Robert DICK, private
Thomas M. DILL, private
Dan I. DODEZ, private
J. DONAHUE, private
Richard DONAHUE, private
James B. DOUGHERTY, private
Dan S. DUVALL, private
G. M. EFNER, private
John C. FRANK, private
William C. FRANK, private
Tom GALAGHER, private
Peter GARITY, private
Jerome B. GILLMORE, captain/lieutenant colonel
Jas. GRAHAM, private
T. W. HECOX, corporal
Nat I. HOEY, private
Jacob HORN, corporal
Jas. HOWARD, private
T. S. HUDSON, private
William P. HUDSON, private
Jas. H. JEFFERSON, private
A. W. JEWELL, 3rd lieutenant
John D. JINKS, private
Jas. W. JONES, private
Jules F. JUS, corporal
Daniel KELLEY, private
J. KIDD, private
James KIMBLE, private
William KINNEY, 1st sergeant
W. A. LACY, 1st lieutenant
John LARMIER, corporal
Jas. LAWSON, private
William M. LAWSON, private
H. P. LILES, private
Michael LYNCH, private
George W. MANNING, private
S. J. MANNING, private
J. W. MAYES, private
Jas. McGINTY, private
Austin McGRAY, private
J. J. MILLER, private
M. MILLER, private
J. MOINSEY, private
J. MORRIS, private
William W. MURPHY, quartermaster ensign
Albert NICHOLAS, private
C. W. NOLAN, private
R. R. OLIVER, private
R. PARKER, private
J. T. PATTERSON, private
P. L. PERRY, private
F. PIERCE, private
F. PIESKER, private
William H. PURCELLE, private
William V. REASON, private
J. ROBERTS, private
James ROBERTS, private
T. M. ROBERTS, private
J. H. ROSSI, private
G. W. RUFF, private
John SCANLAND, private
R. SCRUGGS, private
S. SHANNON, private
T. A. SHARPE, 3rd sergeant
G. F. SHEFFIELD, private
William J. SHELDON, private
Pat SHERIDAN, private
J. M. SHOWERS, private
Ben SIMPSON, private
J. Q. SIMPSON, private
L. J. SINGER, private
J. SMITH, private
Jacob SMITH, private
Thomas D. SMITH, private
J. H. SOWELL, private
J. M. STEPHENS, private
W. H. C. THOMAS, private
J. THOMPSON, private
B. A. WARD, private
William WEAVER, private
O. J. WELLS, 2nd lieutenant
J. WHITE, private
Thomas J. WHITE, private
Jno. WILLIAMS, private
Jas. WILSON, private
C. WOLLS, private
J. YOUNG, private

Roster Sources:
1. Notes from the correspondence of Alfred FLOURNOY, located at LSUS Archives.

2. The W. F. ARLEGE collection, located at the LSUS Archives.

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