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This company was organized of men from the parishe of Orleans.

Alexander AIKEN, private
George ALLEN, private
Anthony BAKER, private
George BAKER, private
John Thomas BAKER, private
Sebastion BASENFELDER, private
Casimere BOOS, private
Frank BORGE Jr., 2nd lieutenant
B. David BOYD, private
Henry BRANDECKER, private
John B. BRENNAN, private
Michael BRENNAN, private
James BROOKS, private
B. E. BROSLER, private
Christian BROWN, private
George BROWN, private
John BROWN, private
H. BRUCE, private
D. CABOCEL, private
John CAIN, private
James CARRIGEE, 3rd sergeant
Michael CARROLL, private
Justin CASPERGUE Jr., private
Serapio CERILO, private*1
Pierre CHARPOT, private
H. CHRISTIAN, private
William M. CLARK, private
Frank P. COLLAHAN, private
John CONROY, private
Ettiene Victor COUDRAIN, private
Louis A. COUDRAIN, private
William CRAYON, 1st lieutenant
Robert CURRENT, 1st sergeant
W. J. CURRY, private
Eugene H. DAMIENS, private
W. B. DASHER, private
Elisee DAUNOY, private
Edward DAVERN, private
John S. DEA, 2nd sergeant
Felix DELBELVRE, private
Emile DELSERIES, private
A. DEVINE, private
Samuel DeWOLF, private
John DOHERTY, private
Amedee DOLHONDE, private
Phillip DOUGHERTY, private
Ernest Wm. DREIBOLTZ, private
George DUCKMAN, private
John P. DUCOING, private
Albert DUDENHOFER, private
Adam EBERLE, private
Henry Andrew ECKHARDT, private
Theophile ENGLE, private
Thomas W. FARRAR, private
Emile FAUST, private
John FISHER, private
Thomas W. FISHER, private
Robert FRELINGHAUS, private
Michael FREY, private
Patrick GAFFNEY, private
Joseph Ramire GARCIA, 4th corporal*2
Louis Francois GARIC, private
Henry GASPAR, private
John B. GERARD, private
Bernard GLOEING, private
Anthony GONZALES, private
Henry GOUGH, private
Pat GREBILL, private
Herman GROVERMAN, private
Able GUILLOU, private
Anthony GUTHENS, private
George B. HAMILTON, private
Joseph Napoleon HARDY, private
Walter HART, private
William HATTON, private
Edward HAVEN, private
D. HAYNES, private
Humphrey HENNESSEY, private
Michael HERMANN, private
Francois HOFFMAN, private
Henry A. HUARD, private
Christian HUCK, private
Edward B. HUTCHINSON, private
Charles INGLES, private
Benjamin JAGER, private
Jemison, George, H. JEMISON, private
Charles M. JOHANSSON, private
Charles A. JOHNSON, private
Gustave KATZLER, private
John E. KEISER, private
Timothy KENNELLY, private
John KESSLER, private
Peter KREBELL, private
William KRUM, private
William LANG, private
Augustin LAROSE, captain
James Octave LAROSE, 4th sergeant
Matthew LEHMAN, private
Frank LEIBOLTZ, private
Francis LENDHER, private
William LEWIS, private
Christopher LINDT, private
Phillip LINDT, private
John Julius LUGENBUHL, private
Michael LYNCH, private
Paul L. MAILLOUX Jr., 2nd lieutenant
Victor G. MANSION, private
John MAYER, private
Randall McCULLUM, private
John McGINNIS, private
John McGRATH, private
John McLAUGHLIN, private
Samuel McLELLAND, private
Peter MELIFE, private
V. MILLER, 2nd corporal
David MORGAN, private
Edward MYERS, private
Frank NELSON, private
John NOEL, private
Frank NOLAN, private
Paul NORELL, private
Charles O'CONNELL, 3rd corporal
Charles OLFF, private
Celestin OLIVERAS, private
Felix PADRON, private*3
Samuel PAGE, private
W. PAGE, private
John PAQUETT, private
Alexander PARIS, private
R. B. PAYNE, private
Charles H. PEABODY, private
Edward P. PEABODY, private
Hugh PHELAN, private
John PIERCE, private
Louis PRADOS, 2nd lieutenant
John REANEY, private
Valentine REIL, private
Jacob REY, private
Casimer RITTLER, private
Clement RITTLER, private
Antoine Hilaire RIVAS, private*4
Frank ROBERTS, private
W. T. ROBERTS, private
James W. ROBINSON, private
James RODGERS, private
Anthony ROMAN, private
Matthew ROTH, private
J. C. ROUSSEAU, 1st corporal
Charles H. RUGG, private
Anthony SCHINDLER, private
Schindler, Joseph SCHINDLER, private
David SCHMIDTT, private
Etna SCHMIDTT, private
Gaspard SCHREEFLE, private
Isidore SCHROEDER, private
Hermann SEIDELL, private
William SIMPSON, private
James SMITH, private
Andrew STEACH, private
Charles STEWART, private
George H. STEWART, private
Manuel TURLA, private*5
Frederick VERNER, private
Charles VOGT, private
Richard WALLS, private
H. Thomas WALTHALL, private
William H. WEBB, private
M. WELLS, private
Michael WELSH, private
Charles WHITE, private
George W. WHITE, private
George WOLFF, private

Roster Sources:

1. From the records and files of:
N. Wayne Cosby
P. O. Box 372
Watson LA 70786
email: Bedford@gs.verio.net
Mr. Cosby lists his sources as the Compiled Service Records, of the 8th Louisiana Infantry, located at the Louisiana State Archives, and the Record Rolls of 8th Louisiana Infantry, LHA Collection located at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University in New Orleans LA. He has additional information on most of the men and will be happy to share via email.

2. from "Hispanic Confederates" by John O'Donnell-Rosaler:
*1 - Serapio CERILO, private
*2 - Ramire GARCIA, corporal
*3 - Felix PADRON, private
*4 - Hilaire RIVAS, 2nd lieutenant
*5 - Manuel TURLA, private

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