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This company was organized of men from the parish of Orleans.

John AGAN, private
J. BARNES, private
G. B. BLONDELL, private
James BOLEN, private
James BOWERS, private
James BRENNAN, private
Benjamin BROWN, private
John BROWN, private
Christian BURNS, private
James BURNS, private
J. P. CAMP, private
John CAMPBELL, private
W. S. CAMPBELL, private
James CARROLL, private
Patrick CASTELLO, private
James CLARE, private
Joseph COLLINS, 1st sergeant
Larkin COLLIS, private
William COOPER, 3rd sergeant
James COURSEY, private
Michael CRESHAM, private
S. M. CRONANDER, private
John CROWLEY, private
Lewis CUNNINGHAM, private
Peter CURLEY, private
William S. DAVIS, private
Manuel William DeBOLLE, 2nd lieutenant*1
James DOUGHERTY, private
Michael DOYLE, private
John DWYER, private
James EAGAN, private
Peter EVERETT, private
Michael FITZGERALD, private
Daniel FITZPATRICK, 1st corporal
James GALLAGHER, private
Thomas GALLAGHER, private
John GILLESPIE, private
Lawrence GING, private
John GRIFFIN, private
John HAGGERTY, private
Frank M. HARNEY, 1st lieutenant
Thomas HARRIS, private
Patrick HAYES, private
David HEARN, private
Thomas HEARN, private
John HENRY, private
John Bronaugh HEREFORD Jr., 2nd lieutenant
Daniel HINES, private
William HUGHES, private
James JOHNSON, private
John JOHNSON, private
William JONES, 2nd sergeant
Patrick KELLEHAR, private
Patrick KELLY, 4th sergeant
Barney KENNEDY, private
Charles LOGAN, private
William MADDEN, 4th corporal
Cornelius MAHANEY, 2nd corporal
Patrick MAHANEY, private
William MALLARD, private
William McALPINE, private
John McCOY, private
John McDERMOTT, private
James McGLINN, private
Isaac MICHAEL, private
Louis MILLER, private
James MONAHAN, private
J. E. MOORE, private
Davis MORROW, private
James MULLEN, private
Michael MULLEN, private
John J. MURPHY, private
Patrick MURPHY, private
Francis Joseph NEWMAN, captain
David NORMAN, private
Charles PARKER, private
Henry F. PIPER, private
James POWERS, private
Patrick QUIGLEY, private
James QUILKEN, private
William H. RAINEY, private
Auguste RANDOLPH, private
Wilbur J. ROBBINS, private
George W. ROBERTSON, private
Lawrence RYAN, private
Andrew SEEBEY, private
Edward SHYLOCK, private
George SINCLAIR, private
Charles SMITH, private
Frederick SMITH, private
John SMITH, private
Joseph SMITH, 3rd corporal
William SMITH, private
Thomas SULLIVAN, private
Frank TANZAS, private
J. Henry THOMASON, private
Thomas THORDALSON, private
John TURNER, private
John WARD, private
Henry WILLIAMS, private
Henry WOOLSEY, private

Roster Sources:

1. From the records and files of:
N. Wayne Cosby
P. O. Box 372
Watson LA 70786
email: Bedford@gs.verio.net
Mr. Cosby lists his sources as the Compiled Service Records, of the 8th Louisiana Infantry, located at the Louisiana State Archives, and the Record Rolls of 8th Louisiana Infantry, LHA Collection located at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University in New Orleans LA. He has additional information on most of the men and will be happy to share via email.

2. from "Hispanic Confederates" by John O'Donnell-Rosaler:
*1 - Manuel DeBOLLE, 2nd Lt.

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