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This company was organized of men from the parishes of Ascension and Assumption.

Jean Leopold ACHEE, 4th sergeant
Octave AUCOIN, private
Joseph BABIN, private
Numa BABIN, private
Charles W. BENNETT, private
Benjamin F. BIRDSALL, 3rd sergeant
Pierre BLANCHARD, private
Pierre Theophile BLOUIN, private
Joseph Armand BRAUD, private
Joseph Justinien BRAUD, private
Gustave BRUYERE, 3rd corporal
Joseph Edmond BUJOL, private
Eugene CALLAHAN, private
Dennis CARNEY, private
John CARROLL, private
Desire CHAMPAGNE, private
A. Charles CHIASSON, private
Augustin COGNO, private
Louis Charles COMES, private
Frank A. CROW, private
Edward CURRAN, private
Rosemond DAIGLE, private
Charles DUBOIS, private
John Edward DUFFEL, private
Leonce DUFFEL, private
Francois Frederick DUFFELL, 2nd sergeant
Pierre Navy DUPLESIS, private
Anatole DUVERNE, private
James M. FAY, private
Richard FLETCHER, private
John FOLEY, private
Joseph GARCIA, private*1
Cyrile Armand GAUDIN, private
Eusebe Theodule GAUDIN, private
Joseph GAUTREAU, private
Alexandre Desire GIROIR, private
Honore Alexandre GIROIR, private
Alphonse GODFREY, private
John GOMES, private*2
Theodore GORDON, private
Michael GORMAN, private
J. GOURNER, private
John C. GRAHAM, private
Albert GREEN, private
Charles GREEN, private
Albert GREGORY, private
Charles GRILHI, private
Joseph Ettienne GUILFOUX, private
Steven Ettienne GUILFOUX, private
Daniel HAIRES, private
D. L. HAYS, private
Michael HEIM, private
Pierre Joseph Edgard HELLUIN, private
R. A. HERBERT, private
Joseph McKenner HIGGINBOTHAM, private
Robert William HILL, private
Victor JAMBOIS, private
Edward KEARNEY, private
Michael KELLY, private
Matthew KENNEDY, private
Edward Nicholls KIERN, private
George Richard KIERN, private
Joseph Victor LANOIX, private
Jean Baptiste LANOUX, private
Amedee LeBLANC, private
Joseph Raphael LeBLANC, private
Julien Augustin LINOSSIER, private
Joseph Blount LITTLEJOHN, private
Eugene LUSSAN, private
Michael MALONEY, private
Henri MARCEILLE, private
Alexandre MARCHAND, private
Joseph MARCHAND, private
L. Burrell MARCHBANK, private
Adolphe MARQUETTE, private
E. L. MARTIN, private
James Bryan MARTIN, private
William Whitmell MARTIN, 2nd lieutenant
Hugh McCANNEY, private
John McCORMICK, private
Michael McGRALE, private
John R. McMANUS, private
Prosper MELANCON, private
Henry MELLAN, private
Christian/Christopher MENSLAGE, private
Joseph Arthur MOLLERE, private
John MORRISON, private
David MURPHY, private
Adam NAVARRE, private
Joseph Homaire NICHOLAS, private
Lawrence Drake NICHOLLS, captain
Auguste PERARO, private
T. PERKINS, private
Joseph Justin PERTUIT, private
Robert Lawrence PUGH, 4th corporal
James REEVES, private
Thomas M. REYNOLD, private
James F. RICHARDSON, private
Thomas Mile ROUGEAU, private
John Pleas ROUTON, private
Emile Joseph ST. MARTIN, 1st corporal
Victor Joseph ST. MARTIN, 1st lieutenant
Eugene Joseph SANCHEZ, private*3
Thomas P. SEYMOUR, private
William SIMS, 1st sergeant
Jefferson P. SMILEY, private
David SMITH, private
James Doddridge SMITH, private
Joseph Marie Cleophas SMITH, private
John M. STEVENSON, private
William H. STEVENSON, private
Antonio Andre SUAREZ, private
Stephen SYNOTT, private
Thomas TAYLOR, 2nd corporal
Gustave Adolphe TEMPLET, private
Leon TETREAU, private
Bernard TULLY, private
Numa Martial VERRETT, private

Roster Sources:
1.From the records and files of:
N. Wayne Cosby
P. O. Box 372
Watson LA 70786
email: Bedford@gs.verio.net

Mr. Cosby lists his sources as the Compiled Service Records, of the 8th Louisiana Infantry, located at the Louisiana State Archives, and the Record Rolls of 8th Louisiana Infantry, LHA Collection located at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University in New Orleans LA. He has additional information on most of the men and will be happy to share via email.

2. from "Hispanic Confederates" by John O'Donnell-Rosaler:
*1 - Joseph GARCIA, private
*2 - John GOMES, private
*3 - Eugene SANCHEZ, private

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