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Bishop Leonidas Polk


Leonidas Polk was born April 10, 1806 in Raleigh, North Carolina.
In 1821 he attended the University of North Carolina, earning an appointment to West Point in 1823 and becoming a leader in the Cadet Corp. He graduated in 1827 - eighth in a class of 38 - and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Artillery. Soon after graduation, on December 1, 1827, he resigned his commission.

In 1831, he attended Virginia Theological Seminary and was ordained at age 24 as an Episcopal minister. As a minister in Louisiana and Mississippi in the 1830's, he traveled by boat, mail coach and horseback spreading the word of God. He was named Mississionary Bishop of the southwest and the next year he held the first religious service in Shreveport. In 1841, he became the first Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana. He and his wife, Frances, operated Leighton Plantation near Thibodeaux from 1842 to 1854, and in 1855 he was the rector of the Trinity Church in New Orleans until 1860.

June 25, 1861, he was appointed a Major General in the Confederate Army. He accepted this commission in the new army as his duty to God and severed his relationship with the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, discontinuing prayers to the president of the U.S. He was known as the Battling Bishop.

He was promoted to Lieutenant General on October 10, 1862 and on October 23, 1863, made Commander of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana.

Polk was killed by Union artillery at Pine Mountain, Georgia in 1864. He and his wife were buried in Augusta, Georgia, but in 1944 they were returned to New Orleans and reburied at the Christ Church Catherdral.

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