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Raphael Semmes
Chapter No. 2218

Commander Raphael Semmes 1809 ~ 1877
Confederate States Navy

Commander Semmes gained fame as the captain of the CSS Alabama, a respected sea raider. Historical accounts show that in the 22 months that Semmes skippered the ship, its crew captured more than 60 Union merchant ships and their cargoes, boarded 386 other ships, took 2,000 prisoners and destroyed more than $5 million in Union war materiel. In June 1864, the CSS Alabama was sunk by the USS Kearsarge near Cherbourg, France.

Semmes, born in 1809 in Charles County MD, was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a veteran of the Mexican War. He also was a soldier, briefly commanding Confederate troops in Virginia near the end of the War. He later was a lawyer, taught school and wrote several books including "Memoirs of Service Afloat During the War Between the States."

Semmes died 30 Aug 1877 after eating spoiled shrimp. He was buried beside his wife Ann in the Mobile Catholic Cemetery.

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