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Children of the Confederacy
Attend The General Convention
July 2003 ~ New Castle, Delaware

Five Louisiana C of C members attended the General Convention in Delaware: Caitlin Ainsworth, Division President, & Genevieve Walgamotte from the Vilma Jefferson Chapter; Andrew Troquille & Krystina Harden from the Shreveport Junior Chapter; and Robert Vaughn from the Mary Wall Corbin Chapter.

The convention opened with a beautiful Memorial Service at the Christ Episcopal Church, conducted by Chaplain General Jonathan Hicks. The Memorial Wreath was placed in the church cemetery.

The Historical Evening & Official Welcome was enjoyed by all with special speaker, Rev. Fred Seyfert.

Shreveport Junior Chapter members with President General Raymond Davis.

Louisiana delegation during business Session

Caitlin & Kyrstina enjoy lunch with Louisiana UDC members, Mr. Railsback of Arkansas, Mrs. Watson & Mrs. Silek of Virginia.

Andrew Troquille, Shreveport Junior Chapter, wins Second Place in the Catechism Quiz.

Genevieve Walgamotte, Vilma Jefferson Chapter, receives Honorable Mention for her idea of Santa letters to raise money for the Randolph Relief ladies.

Convention Tour
Fort Delaware

This very special tour was enjoyed by everyone. Fort Delaware is located on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River & was completed in 1859. It has 32 foot high solid granite and brick walls that vary from 7 to 30 feet thick. The fort is surrounded by a 30 foot wide moat with a drawbridge at the main entrance.

In 1862, after the Battle Of Kernstown, 250 of Stonewall Jackson's captured troops became the first large group of Confederate prisoners of war. Fort Delaware had not been built to house prisoners & barracks space was soon overcrowded. Wooden barracks were erected outside & to the north of the fort. By June of 1863, 6,000 prisoners were on the island and the prison compound had been expanded to house 10,000 men.

[illustration from Rev. Isaac Handy's Journal, 1864]

Most of the Confederates captured at Gettysburg were imprisoned at Fort Delaware and by August of 1863, there were 12,500 prisoners on the island. Of these, about 2,700 prisoners died while being held there & are buried across the river.

The huge cannon atop the second floor rampart was fired in honor of the C of C convention attendees.

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