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Washington Parish, Louisiana
Historical Information

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The History of Washington Parish

     Washington Parish, named in honor of George Washington,  is one of several parishes known as the "Florida Parishes."  The Florida Parishes were so named because they originally were part of "West Florida," an area east of the Mississippi River, south of the 31st latitude, and north of New Orleans.  The Florida Parishes include East Baton Rouge, the Felicianas, St. Helena, Livingston, Tangipahoa, Washington, and St. Tammany.  The area was originally under French rule, but was donated to the British by treaty on February 10, 1763.  Sixteen years later, Spain seized possession of West Florida by conquest.

     Although the Louisiana Purchase took place in 1803, West Florida was not specifically included in the transfer.  The U.S. made a feeble claim to the territory, but Spain was not willing to relinquish control.  It was not until the Rebellion of West Florida in 1810, that the U.S. was able to take control of the region.  Louisiana became a state in 1812, but West Florida was not made a part of it until several months later.

     During the sixteen years of British West Florida's existence, patriots who had fought for the British in the French and Indian War were offered land grants in the area for their military service. Many Anglo-Saxon families moved into the region from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas.  Some of them later fought enthusiastically against the British with General Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814.  General Jackson marched his soldiers through Washington Parish on what was known as the "Military Road."

     The parishes of Washington, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Livingston were all originally part of St. Helena Parish.  In 1810, St. Helena was split to form St. Tammany Parish.  Then in 1819, St. Tammany Parish was split to form Washington Parish.  The preamble of the legislative act that authorized the split stated that the division was needed because some of the inhabitants lived to far away from the St. Tammany Parish seat to reach it conveniently.  In 1832, St. Helena Parish was again divided to form Livingston Parish.  The final division came in 1869 when Tangipahoa Parish was carved from portions of Livingston, Washington and St. Tammany Parishes.

     Franklinton, located in west central Washington Parish, became the parish seat by legislative act on February 10, 1821.  At that time, Franklinton was known as Franklin. The name was changed  to avoid conflict with another town of Franklin, located in St. Mary Parish.  The town was actually situated five miles south of present-day Franklinton.  In 1819, John Bickham, Sr., donated 30 acres of land to be used as a parish seat.  Apparently, Mr. Bickham anticipated the forthcoming division of St. Tammany Parish.  He stipulated that the  30 acres were to be surveyed into blocks with the center block reserved for the courthouse and jail.  The remaining blocks were to be sold to benefit the parish.

     The courthouse burned twice, first in 1854, then again in 1897. The fires resulted in a loss of nearly 68 years worth of records.  Records from the 1820-1830 decade were kept on file in the state land office and escaped the fire.  Some of the records from the second fire were salvaged and others were brought in to be re-recorded.  So, only the records from the 1840-1860 period are completely lost.

     As of 1992, Bogalusa was the only city in Washington Parish.  It was founded in 1906 by the Goodyears of Buffalo, New York.  In 1908, the world's largest yellow pine sawmill, which brought Bogalusa into existence, began operations.  In just a few months, the city's population surged to 8,000.  Today, Gaylord Container Corporation exists on that site.

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National Register of Historic Sites in Washington Parish
  • Knight Cabin 
  • Sylvest House 
  • Robert H. Babington House 
  • Thomas M. Babington House 
  • Bogalusa City Hall 
  • Sullivan House 
  • Bogalusa Railroad Station 
  • U. S. Post Office 
Other Areas
  • Robert D. Magee House, Angie vicinity 
  • Nehemiah Magee House, Mt.Vernon vicinity 

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Washington Parish Headrighters

     This is a list of "headrights" granted to settlers in Washington Parish by an Act of Congress in 1820.  Most of them had taken up land before 1810, and not later than 1815.
Angie Vicinity
  • John and Robert Mitchell 
  • William and Thomas C. Hunt 
  • John and Elias Ford 
  • Thomas Ard, Sr. 
  • Thomas Ard, Jr. 
Bogalusa Vicinity
  • Steve Stafford 
  • Simon Williams 
  • George Adams 
  • John Richardson 
  • Benjamen Richardson 
Varnado Vicinity
  • Uriah Smith 
  • Tom Wallis 
  • Reubin Mayfield 
  • John Holden 
  • Aaron Adams 
  • Thomas C. Warner 
  • John Thigpen 
  • Sherod Adams 
  • Joseph Adams

Along the Bogue Chitto River
  • Cornelius Cooper 
  • Benjamin Parker 
  • John Talley (II) 
  • William Magee 
  • Ebenezer Ford 
  • Jonathan Taylor 
  • John Galloway 
  • Charles Galloway 
  • William Galloway 
  • William Bickham 
  • Phillip Magee 
Along the Bogue Lusa Creek
  • William Williams 
  • Jacob Miller 
  • John Williams 
  • John Mizell 
  • David Mizell 
  • Fanny (widow of Hardy) Richardson 
  • James Thomas 
Between Enon and Franklinton
  • Amos Duncan 
  • William Simmons 
  • Isaac Roberts 
  • John Simmons 
  • C. Roberts 
  • Thomas Roberts

The West Side of the 
Bogue Chitto River
  • Delany Bird 
  • James Gay 
  • Sara Slocum 
  • Elisha Roberts 
  • Richard Graves 
  • Henry Hill 
  • Henry (John) Burch 
  • John Irwin 
  • Edwin Fussell 
Bogue Chitto River North of Franklinton
  • James Gwin 
  • Isaac and William Roberts 
  • Jacob Alford 
  • Elisha Roberts 
  • Woody Jones 
  • Tom Bickham 
  • Edmund Hunt 
  • Jonathan Magee 
  • William Carter 
Lee's Creek and 
Pool's Bluff Vicinity
  • William Pool 
  • John Edwards 
  • Jesse, William and James P. Lea 
Pine Vicinity
  • William Morris 
  • Dennis Crane (Crain) 
  • S. Blackwell 
  • Moses Childs
Along Silver Creek
  • Jacob & Lewis Bankston 
  • Enon James 
  • John Smith 
  • Isaac Dykes 
  • Evan Magee 
  • Joseph Spell 
  • Wiley Jones 
  • W. D. Smith 
  • Eliza Self 
  • H. K. Goff 
  • Andrew Smith 
  • William Busby 
  • R. and J. Burch 
  • Richard Burch 
  • John Roberts 
  • Bradford Kemp 

  • (purchase from Wm. Wheat)
The East Side of the 
Bogue Chitto River
and Franklinton
  • Robert Simmons 
  • John Bickham 
  • George Ellis 
  • Gideon Yarborough 
  • James Hays 
  • Joseph Erwin 
  • Jesse Day 
  • John Miller 
  • Abner Bickham 
  • William Henry 
  • James Hayes



North Along Hayes Creek
  • Thomas and William Magee

Along the Tchefuncte River
  • Jim Lea 
  • Lesley Bankston 
  • William F. Dyson 
Enon Vicinity
  • William Fussell 
  • John B. Stewart 
  • Benjamin Toney 
  • George Ellis 
  • James Miller 
  • H. Jarrell 
  • John Kennedy 
  • William Bickham 
  • Issac Irwin 
  • Benjamin Bickham 
Ward One Vicinity
  • Ezekial Brumfield 
  • William Brumfield 
  • William Cooper 
  • Ridley Brumfield 
  • The Gormans 
  • Aaron Miller



1811-1812 Tax List For St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

     If an 1810 census of the Florida Parishes ever existed, it has been lost.  Therefore, this tax is list important, as it enumerates property owners from Washington, St. Tammany, and the eastern portion of Tangipahoa Parishes.  It is derived from the tax list shown in the Memorandum of Tax Money Collected by James Gaines in the Parish of St. Tammany in the years 1811 and 1812.
1811-1812 Tax List For St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
John Adams
Peter Allen
Joseph Ard
R. Baddon
B. Baham
J. Baham
R. Baham
J. Bartle
Z. Barrow
Reuben Beavers
James Bennett
A. Berry
W. Berry
A. Bickham
B. Bickham
Jon Bickham
Thomas Bickham
H. Black
N. Blackwell
A. Bonnybell
Green Bradford
Martin Brown
William Buzbee
W. Carter
Jesse Chapman
John Chapman, Sr.
John Chapman, Jr.
E. Chavers
Joseph Chavers
Isham Chisohm
John Cloud
Daniel Coleman
P. Connally
Henry Cooper
William Cooper, Jr.
J. Corkern
Francois Cousins
Tarrence Cousins
Henry Cutrer
Isaac Cutrer
John Cutrer
Joseph Cutrer
Amos Danily
Jesse Day
William Day 
Church Dixon
Gid Drew
Francois Dubuisson
Nickelas Ducre
Joseph Dunbar 
Amos Duncan
Elisha Eastess
Madam Edwards
George Ellis
Joseph Erwin
Zack Faircloth
Elias Ford
S. Fuller
John Galiway
Charles Galloway
David Glover
J. K. Goff
James Gray
James Gwin
Jon Gustavus
James Hayes
John Hayes
William Hayes
William Hickman
Henry Hill
William Hogan
John Holden
Maylen Holden
Simon Holden
Thomas Holden
Leonard Hornsby
E. D. Hunt
Jon Jamison, Sr.
Jon Jamison, Jr
Absalom Johnson
Moses Jourdan
Erband Judees
R. Singleton (Junn ?)
John Keating
John Lanier
Joseph Lawrance
William Lawrence
James Lea
Luke Lea
William Lea
Franse Leomear
Isaac Lindsey
Polly Loyd
John Lorance
William Lucas
P. Magee
William Magee
William Magee, Sr
William Mains
Johnson Marchbanks
R. Mayfield
B. McClendon
D. McIntyre
Joseph Melone
Z. Melone
James Miller
M. Miller
G. Mitchell
J. Mitchell, Sr.
John Mitchell, Jr.
R. Mitchell
D. Morand
William Morris
B. Nicha
T. Nichols
Alex. Painter
Jesse Parker
H. Pearson
John Peatt
J. Reed
David Rester
F. Rester
Lot Rigdale
Johannan Rix
Charles Roberts
Isaac Roberts
Isaac Roberts, Jr
Susana Roberts
D. Robertson
William P. Rose
B. Richardson
Henry Sodon
.J. Spell
S. Spell
Thomas Spell
John Stephenson
John Stuart
John Talley, Sr.
James Tate (1)
James Tate (2)
Thomas Taylor
William Thompson
Jeremiah Thompson
Ben Toney
William Toney
Caleb Tyner
Jeremiah Vardiman
William Vardiman
John Vernon
Madam Vinsant
Thomas Wainwright
William Wallace
T. C. Warner
B. West
William West
B. White
William Whorton
Caleb Worley
William Wright
L. Young

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