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This page is being placed here as a memorial to
Mrs. L. Ernestine Coyle Collins.
August 12, 1906 - July 8, 1968
She did a tremendous amount of genealogical research during her life time 
and her son Mike Collins graciously donated her work to our web page.
Most of these are scanned images of her work.
(Note from Rhonda: I have no information on this line except for what will be posted here 
and there is no guarantee as to the accuracy. 
As with any research information you should always double check the sources.)
Cemetery Records
Trial Notes
Marian Roddy Peer Letters
Military Records
 Coyle History by Mrs. L.E. C. Collins
Spanish West Florida Notes
Howard Coyle Letters
Deck-Miller Conveyances
 Albert & Mike Collins, Springhill
Collins, Albert & Mildred Jarnagin
Albert Collins
 Collins, G W & Family
 Carl & Mike Collins on Locomotive, Springhill
Collins, W H, Jack H & Lorena McLaren
 Carl and Eva 1906
Grace, LA School 
Carl Collins & Cousin Elmer Tapp
JMC abt 1933, Springhill
 Collins children c1912
 Mildred, JMC & Gordon Jarnagin, Springhill
 Collins fam, Winnfield, LA c1912
 Mildred, Mike, Gordon
 Collins, Albert & dog
WH Collins, J Clary
 Adair, Nancy Lavonia
  Coyle, Martha Ann
 Adam Abraham Miller family with names
 Coyle, Melvin Lee
 Augustus & Jennie Boucher
  Coyle, Robert M, Lillie Mae Elkins & Estelle
 Basketball Team
  Coyle, Robert M, Linda May Young
 Baton Rouge-Port Allen Ferry
  Coyle, Rev David Elder, Jr
 Coyle Brothers Store, Inside view
 Coyle, Robert Martin & Fam
 Coyle Brothers Store, Outside
  Coyle, Robert Martin 1
 Coyle Brothers
 Coyle, Robert Martin 2
 Coyle, Barbara Ann
  Coyle, Robert Martin, Residence
 Coyle, Charles Crandal
 Coyle, Scott & Carryebel Thrumond
 Coyle, Charles Graves 1
 Coyle, Scott & Ernestine
 Coyle, Charles Graves 2
 Coyle, Scott 1
 Coyle, Charles Graves in Cart
 Coyle, Scott 2
 Coyle, Charles Graves on Frank 1
Coyle, Scott 3
 Coyle, Charles Graves on Frank 2
  Coyle, SPD & Callie Lewis 1
 Coyle, Charles Graves, Carryebel Thurmond
  Coyle, SPD & Cart
 Coyle, Charles Graves
  Coyle, SPD & fam
 Coyle, Charles, Carryebel Thurmond, Mike C
  Coyle, SPD, BA, & RM & LM Young, K DeMoss c 1932
 Coyle, Clark Garnhart
  Coyle, SPD, Callie Lewis
 Coyle, Cora & Bud Nickerson
  Coyle, SPD
 Coyle, Cora & Geo Benton
 Coyle, SPD's Bicycle
 Coyle, Dave Elder Maggie Burk
 Coyle, Sybil & Catherine, Nora Hathorne
 Coyle, Dr Charles Graves
  Coyle, Sybil & Elvin
 Coyle, Earline & Sybil,( I think)
  Coyle, W.E., & Wilburn Slack
 Coyle, Elda Scott 
  Coyle, William Lafayette II, family c 1893
 Coyle, Elda Scott 2
  Coyle, William Clark II
 Coyle, Ernestine & Friends
  Coyle, William Lafayette I
 Coyle, Ernestine on Bench
  Coyle, William Lafayette II
 Coyle, Ernestine, 6th from left, bottom row
  Coyle, William Lafayette III, Family
 Coyle, Ernestine
  Coyle, William Lafayette III, Lucy Fletcher
 Coyle, Espie
  Coyle, Willaim Laffayette III
 Coyle, Estelle & Raymond Douglas
  Coyle, L.E.
 Coyle, Estelle 1
  Coyles & Wives
 Coyle, Estelle 2
  Creel Boucher
 Coyle, Estelle 3
  Deck, Mary Catherine
 Coyle, Estelle, center
  DeMoss, Katie
 Coyle, Estelle, Elda Mae Matlock
 Dredgeboat Texas, near Plaquemine
  Coyle, George Benton & Cora
  Elkins. Lillie Mae
 Coyle, Hugh Benton, Primitive Baptist Preacher
  Fletcher, Lucy
 Coyle, Hugh Benton, Mary Catherine Deck
 Frye, J. B.
 Coyle, Hugh Benton
  George Isaac Miller & 
Mahalia Virginia Barclay
 Coyle, Hugh Jacob, Residence, sepia
 Hathorne, Nora Stewart,( maybe)
 Coyle, Hugh Jacob, Residence
  Lewis, Callie
 Coyle, Hugh Jacob
  LSU 1923
  Coyle, Ivy Ann
  LSU Band 1923
 Coyle, James Henry Clark and Wife, at Home
  Red Cross Drug Store Closeup
 Coyle, James Henry Clark 
  Red Cross Drug Store, Springhill
 Coyle, James Henry Clark1
  Slack, William Marion & Martha Ann Coyle
 Coyle, John Henry Clark, Clipping
  Springhill High School Football Team
 Coyle, John Henry Clark
  Springhill, LA, abt 1933
 Coyle, L.E., Moon shot & writing
  Taylor, Isaac C & Family
 Coyle, L.E.
 Unknown Photo
 Coyle, Lou Evie
Slack, Lee & Buddies on Truck
Back of photo
 Slack, Ophelia & Children
 Clanton, Charles
 Slack, Oscar Melvin
 Slack, Richard Burton
Slack, Daughter of Henry Clay
 Slack, Sister of William Marion
 Slack, great grandparents
 Slack, William Lee & Buddies
Slack, James R & family
Slack, William Lee, 1918
Slack, James Washington & family
 Slack, William Marion & Family
Slack, Mary Octavia & Son
 Slack, William Marion & Mattie Ann Coyle
 Stovall, Linnie & Bertie