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Updated: May 9, 1999

History of Winn Parish: compiled by The Winn Historical Society 1985. Published by Taylor Publishing Co. Dallas Tx. (Out of Print)[Copyright transferred to the Winn Gen. & Hist. Ass. Inc 1997] Contains local histories and pictures of buildings and organizations, such as churches, schools, etc. Also contains family histories, memorial pictures, etc. {listed on Dec 2, 1997}

Briley's Memorial History & Cemetery Directory of Winn Parish: by Richard Briley, III. Copyright 1966 by Mrs. Ida Briley. (Out of Print) Contains an alphabetical listing of the graves in 97 active and inactive cemeteries. Also contains some genealogies and a chronology of Winn Parish History.{listed on Dec 2, 1997} Reprinted by permission by Gregg Davies. (Sep 1998)

Nightriders: Inside Story of the West & Kimbrell Clan: by Richard Briley, III. (C)1963 by Mid-South Publishing Company, Montgomery, LA; (C)1992 by Dogwood Press. "Outlaws posing as pillars of the community operated from Montgomery to Winnfield, Louisiana. They robbed and killed more than Jesse James. A story based on historical truth." (Currently available for sale) For more information, contact Gregg Davies {Listed on Dec 2, 1997}

1860 Winn Parish, LA Census & Mortality Schedule including the abstracted slave owners schedule. This is the photocopies of the "actual census pages" from the microfilm. Full surname index. Over 300 pages total with comb binding. Compiled and edited by Annette Carpenter Womack. Cost $30.00 + $4.00 s&h. Published by WPGHA, P.O. Box 652, Winnfield, LA 71483-0652

1860 Federal Census of Winn Parish, Louisiana & 1860 Mortality Schedule for Winn Parish, Louisiana : Compiled from microfilm by Annette (Carpenter) Womack. (C)1984 by Courier Publishing Company, Natchitoches, LA. Arranged by household, with surname index. Additional added data includes information on many families. (Out-of-print being revised.) For more information, contact Annette Carpenter Womack {listed on Dec 3, 1997}

1870 Winn Parish Louisiana Census & Mortality Abstract Compiled by Annette (Carpenter) Womack. (C)1996 by Annette (Carpenter) Womack, Winnfield, LA. 105 pages. Softcover. Arranged alphabetical by surname. Has some added maiden names for woman as well as PAF RIN numbers of her family connections. Includes notes about the parish and problems incounter with the 1870 census. this census abstract was taken from the first filming and includes 132 more families than was in the second filming that is normally fund in most public libraries. (Currently for sale.) Also listed for private use on the Winn Parish data archives site. For more information, contact Annette Carpenter Womack {listed on Dec 3, 1997}

Winn Parish Louisiana Marriage: Nov 1886 - Dec 1899 Compiled by Annette (Carpenter) Womack. (C)1996 by Annette (Carpenter) Womack, Winnfield, LA. 43 pages. Softcover. Arranged alphabetical by surname of both male and female. (Currently for sale.) Also listed for private use on the Winn Parish data archives site. For more information, contact Annette Carpenter Womack {listed on Dec 3, 1997}

Theophlius Branch in the Civil War Compiled by Barbara Jo (Castleberry) Branch and shirley (Branch) Brantley. 28 pages. Softcover. This work was undertaken as a fund-raiser in order to continue the research on the Branch family. With a minimum amount of narrative, the raw data is well presented. The original documents from Theophilus' Civil War period is included and manages to present a lot of his and other residents of Winn Parish's life during these trying times. Theophilus Branch as well as quite a few other Winn Parish residents joined the Union Army. Of interest to those without Branch relations are depositions by: John W. Shumaker, Mary (Adams-Davis) Branch, P.E. Grisham, Mary (Branch) Bennett, John T. Smith, and James M. Thornton, as well as others. A partical listing of the residents signing a petition to General Grant requesting leniency to the farmers and swearing of allegiance to the United States of America included Bridges, Perkins, Lucas, Smith, Hatten, Simpson, Bradley, Lewis, King, Lewis, Southern, Tatum, Crawford, Young, Kirkland, Kimbrel, Crump, Sledge, Blake, Jones, Hudson, Nettles, Allen, Dyess, and Wright. (Currently for sale.) Also listed for private use on the Winn Parish data archives site. For more information, contact Shirley (Branch) Brantley.or Jo (Castleberry) Branch.{listed on Dec 3, 1997}

Books, Contributions to Books, Journal Articles by Winn Parish's own native son, Dr. Terry L. Jones, Professor of History at Northeast Louisiana University, Monroe, Louisiana.

The Civil War Memoirs of Capt. William J.Seymour: Reminiscences of a Louisiana Tiger (C)1991)(Louisiana State University Press), a History Book Club selection and nominated for five awards. Became out-of-print and was reissued in paperback in 1997.

Lee's Tigers: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia (1987)(Louisiana State University Press), currently in its sixth printing. Awarded the 1987 General L. Kemper Williams Prize and a selection of the History Book Club.


"Down the Peninsula with Richard Ewell: Capt. Campbell Brown's Memoirs of the Seven Days Campaign," in William J. Miller, ed., The Peninsula Campaign of 1862: Yorktown to the Seven Days, Vol. 2 (Savas Woodbury Press, 1995).

"Overview of Camp Beauregard History," in Camp Beauregard and Central Louisiana, 1940-1945 (Louisiana National Guard Public Affairs Office, 1994).

"The Flash of their Guns was a Sure Guide,": The 19th Michigan Infantry in the Atlanta Campaign,"in Theodore Savas and David Woodbury, eds., The Campaign for Atlanta and Sherman's March to the Sea (Savas Woodbury Publishers, 1994).

Five entries in Richard N. Current, ed., Encyclopedia of the Confederacy, 4 vols (Simon & Schuster, 1993).

Thirty-eight biographical entries in William C. Davis, ed., The Confederate General, 6 vols. (National Historical Society, 1991-1992).

"Historic Settlement of Dugdemona River in Winn Parish," in H. F. Gregory, An Archaeological Survey of the Lower Dugdemona River, Winn Parish, Louisiana, 1989 (Northwestern State University, 1990).

"Harry Thompson Hays," in Glenn R. Conrad, ed., Dictionary of Louisiana Biography (New Orleans, 1988).

"A History of Tally Ho Plantation" in Irv Garrison, Archaeological and Historical Studies in the White Castle Gap Revetment, Iberville Parish, Louisiana. (Texas A & M University Cultural Resources Laboratory, 1982.

"Historic Overview," in Irv Garrison, Archaeological Investigations at Two Nineteenth Century Well Sites, Lucy, Louisiana. (Texas A & M University Cultural Resources Laboratory, 1981).

Journal Articles:

"Lee's Tigers," in Res Scholaris: Academic Journal of the Faculty at Northeast Louisiana University, Spring/Summer 1995.

"Wheat's Tigers," Civil War Times Illustrated, April 1994.

"The Louisiana Tigers: A Record of Valor in 24 Languages," Civil War Magazine, October 1993.

"I Have Become a Tiger: Lt. Col. Charles de Choiseul and the Louisiana Tigers," The Color Bearer: The Journal of the American Blue and Gray Association, July 1993.

"Going Back Into the Union at Last": A Louisiana Tiger's View of the Gettysburg Campaign," Civil War Times Illustrated, February, 1991.

"Deer Hunting With Dogs," Louisiana Folklife Festival Program, 1989.

"An Administration Under Fire: The Long-Farley Affair of 1935," Louisiana History, Winter 1987.

"Wharf-rats, Cutthroats and Thieves: The Louisiana Tigers, 1861-1862," Louisiana History, Spring 1986. Awarded the 1986 General L. Kemper Williams Prize (Manuscript Division).

"Shreveport Goes to War: Soldiers' Views, 1861-1862," Louisiana History, Fall 1984.

"Grant's Canals in Northeast Louisiana," North Louisiana Historical Journal, Spring 1979.

"The 28th Louisiana Volunteers in the Civil War," North Louisiana Historical Journal 1978. Awarded the 1978 Overdyke Award.

List submitted by: Greggory E. Davies, 120 Ted Price Lane, Winnfield, LA 71483 <> {listed on Dec 3, 1997}

Articles & Books by Annette Carpenter Womack


Anyone that has published books and/or articles with material pertaining to Winn Parish is encouraged to e-mail me with the data. I will be happy to post same on this list.

Annette Carpenter Womack

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