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Cities of Lebanon
There are about 1300 cities and villages in Lebanon. We have tried to spell their names in a way consistent with their origin,
especially the ones that contain Majd, Kafr, Ain, Baal, Beit, Dar, Deir, etc. which are old Aramaic names.
Please note that some villages have the same name, but are in different regions. This maybe due to people moving from
one area to another, carrying the name of the original village with them.
Some of these cities / villages have published web sites, some do not. Click on the city or village to visit its site.
If you know of an additional city / village name, or a published web site for a city / village, please contact: rdib @
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1 A'aba Koura North Lebanon
2 A'aba Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
3 Aazki Danniyeh North Lebanon
4 Abbassiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
5 Abbassiyeh Sour South Lebanon
6 Abboudiyeh Akkar North Lebanon
7 Abdeh Akkar North Lebanon
8 Abdelli Batroun North Lebanon
9 Ablah Zahleh Bekaa
10 Abra Saida South Lebanon
11 Achach Zgharta North Lebanon
12 Achkout Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
13 Achrafieh Beirut Beirut
14 Adchit Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
15 Addoussiyeh Saida South Lebanon
16 Addoussiyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
17 Adloun Saida South Lebanon
18 Adloun Zahrani South Lebanon
19 Adma Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
20 Adra Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
21 Afka Jbeil Mount Lebanon
22 Afsdik Koura North Lebanon
23 Aghmid Aley Mount Lebanon
24 Aidamoun Akkar North Lebanon
25 Aiha Rachaya Bekaa
26 Ain Aar Metn Mount Lebanon
27 Ain Akrine Koura North Lebanon
28 Ain el-Delb Zahrani South Lebanon
29 Ain Alak Metn Mount Lebanon
30 Ain Ab Aley Mount Lebanon
31 Ain Anoub Aley Mount Lebanon
32 Ain Arab Rachaya Bekaa
33 Ain Ata Baalbeck Bekaa
34 Ain Ata Rachaya Bekaa
35 Ain Ba'al Chouf Mount Lebanon
36 Ain Ba'al Sour South Lebanon
37 Ain Baniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
38 Ain Bourday Baalbeck Bekaa
39 Ain Boussouar Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
40 Ain Dara Aley Mount Lebanon
41 Ain Ebel Sour South Lebanon
42 Ain el-Delb Saida South Lebanon
43 Ain el-Ghoaybeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
44 Ain el-Kharroubeh Metn Mount Lebanon
45 Ain el-Remmaneh Baabda Mount Lebanon
46 Ain el-Rihani Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
47 Ain el-Safsaf Metn Mount Lebanon
48 Ain el-Tini Danniyeh North Lebanon
49 Ain Enoub Aley Mount Lebanon
50 Ain Harcha Rachaya Bekaa
51 Ain Jdideh Aley Mount Lebanon
52 Ain Joz Baalbeck Bekaa
53 Ain Kfarzabad Zahleh Bekaa
54 Ain Ksour Aley Mount Lebanon
55 Ain Mouaffaq Baabda Mount Lebanon
56 Ain Mreisseh Beirut Beirut
57 Ain Qana Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
58 Ain Saadeh Metn Mount Lebanon
59 Ain Saouda Baalbeck Bekaa
60 Ain Tanta Akkar North Lebanon
61 Ain Tini Bekaa West Bekaa
62 Ain Toubine Zgharta North Lebanon
63 Ain Toura Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
64 Ain Toura Metn Mount Lebanon
65 Ain Tourine Zgharta North Lebanon
66 Ain Trez Aley Mount Lebanon
67 Ain We Zein Chouf Mount Lebanon
68 Ain Yaacoub Akkar North Lebanon
69 Ain Zabad Bekaa West Bekaa
70 Ain Zaite Akkar North Lebanon
71 Ain Zebdeh Bekaa West Bekaa
72 Ain Zhalta Chouf Mount Lebanon
73 Aita el-Fakhar Rachaya Bekaa
74 Aita el-Zot Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
75 Aitanit Bekaa West Bekaa
76 A´tat Aley Mount Lebanon
77 Aitou Zgharta North Lebanon
78 Aitouli Jezzine South Lebanon
79 Ajad Ebrine Koura North Lebanon
80 Ajaltoun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
81 Akaybeh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
82 Akbeh Rachaya Bekaa
83 Akidiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
84 Akkar el-Atika Akkar North Lebanon
85 Akoura Jbeil Mount Lebanon
86 Akroum Akkar North Lebanon
87 Aktanit Saida South Lebanon
88 Al Abdeh Akkar North Lebanon
89 Al Ain Baalbeck Bekaa
90 Al Ali Batroun North Lebanon
91 Al Haddadine Tripoli North Lebanon
92 Al Hadid Tripoli North Lebanon
93 Al Hid Akkar North Lebanon
94 Al Hiri Batroun North Lebanon
95 Al Hmayra Akkar North Lebanon
96 Al Mahatra Tripoli North Lebanon
97 Al Sahleh Akkar North Lebanon
98 Al Saksakieh Zahrani South Lebanon
99 Al Sharkiyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
100 Al Wardaniyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
101 Aley Aley Mount Lebanon
102 Ali el-Nahri Zahleh Bekaa
103 Alma Zgharta North Lebanon
104 Alma el-Chaab Sour South Lebanon
105 Almat Jbeil Mount Lebanon
106 Amaret Chalhoub Metn Mount Lebanon
107 Amatour Chouf Mount Lebanon
108 Amchit Jbeil Mount Lebanon
109 Amioun Koura North Lebanon
110 Ammar Bikat Akkar North Lebanon
111 Ammik Bekaa West Bekaa
112 Ammik Chouf Mount Lebanon
113 An Nouri Tripoli North Lebanon
114 Ana Bekaa West Bekaa
115 Andket Akkar North Lebanon
116 Andoula Batroun North Lebanon
117 Anfeh Koura North Lebanon
118 Anjar Zahleh Bekaa
119 Ankoun Zahrani South Lebanon
120 Ankoune Saida South Lebanon
121 Anout Chouf Mount Lebanon
122 Ansar Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
123 Anssarieh Saida South Lebanon
124 Antelias Metn Mount Lebanon
125 Arab el-Jal Saida South Lebanon
126 Arab Salim Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
127 Arabet Kozhaya Zgharta North Lebanon
128 Aramoun Aley Mount Lebanon
129 Aramoun Aley Mount Lebanon
130 Araya Baabda Mount Lebanon
131 Arbaniyeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
132 Ardeh Zgharta North Lebanon
133 Arida Akkar North Lebanon
134 Arjess Zgharta North Lebanon
135 Arkeh Saida South Lebanon
136 Artez Batroun North Lebanon
137 Arzeh Zahrani South Lebanon
138 Arzi Saida South Lebanon
139 Arzoune Sour South Lebanon
140 Aslout Zgharta North Lebanon
141 Asnoun Zgharta North Lebanon
142 Assaouneh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
143 Assoune Danniyeh North Lebanon
144 Atchaneh Metn Mount Lebanon
145 Atrine Chouf Mount Lebanon
146 Awkar Metn Mount Lebanon
147 Awra Batroun North Lebanon
148 Ayat Akkar North Lebanon
149 Ayroune Metn Mount Lebanon
150 Aytate Aley Mount Lebanon
151 Aytite Sour South Lebanon
152 Azzeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
153 Baabda Baabda Mount Lebanon
154 Baabdat Metn Mount Lebanon
155 Baakline Chouf Mount Lebanon
156 Baal Echmay Baabda Mount Lebanon
157 Baal Oul Bekaa West Bekaa
158 Baalbeck Baalbeck Bekaa
159 Baaouerta Aley Mount Lebanon
160 Baasir Chouf Mount Lebanon
161 Bab Mareh Bekaa West Bekaa
162 Babilieh Saida South Lebanon
163 Bachoura Beirut Beirut
164 Bachtoudar Batroun North Lebanon
165 Bahbouch Koura North Lebanon
166 Bahwita Danniyeh North Lebanon
167 Bakhoun Danniyeh North Lebanon
168 Bakouza Danniyeh North Lebanon
169 Ballouneh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
170 Bane Becharreh North Lebanon
171 Baouchrieh Metn Mount Lebanon
172 Bar Elias Zahleh Bekaa
173 Baraachit Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
174 Barbara Akkar North Lebanon
175 Barbara Baalbeck Bekaa
176 Barbara Zahleh Bekaa
177 Barghoun Koura North Lebanon
178 Barhalioune Becharreh North Lebanon
179 Bariche Sour South Lebanon
180 Barja Chouf Mount Lebanon
181 Barka Baalbeck Bekaa
182 Barouk Chouf Mount Lebanon
183 Barsa Koura North Lebanon
184 Barti Zahrani South Lebanon
185 Barty Saida South Lebanon
186 Baskinta Metn Mount Lebanon
187 Basloukit Zgharta North Lebanon
188 Bassourieh Sour South Lebanon
189 Bater Chouf Mount Lebanon
190 Batloune Chouf Mount Lebanon
191 Batma Chouf Mount Lebanon
192 Batouliyeh Sour South Lebanon
193 Batroumine Koura North Lebanon
194 Batroun Batroun North Lebanon
195 Batroun Batroun North Lebanon
196 Bawarej Zahleh Bekaa
197 Bayad Sour South Lebanon
198 Bayada Hermel Bekaa
199 Baykoun Chouf Mount Lebanon
200 Baysour Aley Mount Lebanon
201 Baysour Aley Mount Lebanon
202 Baysour Jezzine South Lebanon
203 Bayssarieh Saida South Lebanon
204 Bazbina Akkar North Lebanon
205 Bazhoun Becharreh North Lebanon
206 Bazouryeh Sour South Lebanon
207 Bazyoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
208 Bchamoune Aley Mount Lebanon
209 Bcheeleh Batroun North Lebanon
210 Bchehleh Batroun North Lebanon
211 Bchelleli Jbeil Mount Lebanon
212 Bdadoune Aley Mount Lebanon
213 Bdita Hermel Bekaa
214 Bebnayel Metn Mount Lebanon
215 Bebnine Akkar North Lebanon
216 Becharreh Becharreh North Lebanon
217 Bechmezzine Koura North Lebanon
218 Bechnine Zgharta North Lebanon
219 Bechwat Baalbeck Bekaa
220 Bedba Koura North Lebanon
221 Bedbahoun Koura North Lebanon
222 Beddawi Danniyeh North Lebanon
223 Bedghan Aley Mount Lebanon
224 Bediyaz Sour South Lebanon
225 Bednayel Akkar North Lebanon
226 Bednayel Baalbeck Bekaa
227 Bednayel Koura North Lebanon
228 Behssas Koura North Lebanon
229 Beino Akkar North Lebanon
230 Beino Koura North Lebanon
231 Beireh Rachaya Bekaa
232 Beirut Beirut Beirut
233 Beit Awkar Zgharta North Lebanon
234 Beit Ayoub Akkar North Lebanon
235 Beit Chabab Metn Mount Lebanon
236 Beit Chama Baalbeck Bekaa
237 Beit Chlala Batroun North Lebanon
238 Beit Eddine Chouf Mount Lebanon
239 Beit el-Chaar Metn Mount Lebanon
240 Beit el-Fouks Danniyeh North Lebanon
241 Beit el-Kekko Metn Mount Lebanon
242 Beit Ghattas Akkar North Lebanon
243 Beit Hage Akkar North Lebanon
244 Beit Hoche Akkar North Lebanon
245 Beit Kassab Batroun North Lebanon
246 Beit Lahya Rachaya Bekaa
247 Beit Mallat Akkar North Lebanon
248 Beit Mecheik Baalbeck Bekaa
249 Beit Mery Metn Mount Lebanon
250 Beit Mounzer Becharreh North Lebanon
251 Beit Obeid Zgharta North Lebanon
252 Beit Slaybi Baalbeck Bekaa
253 Beit Younis Akkar North Lebanon
254 Bejdarfel Batroun North Lebanon
255 Bejjeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
256 Bekka Rachaya Bekaa
257 Beksmaia Batroun North Lebanon
258 Beksmaya Batroun North Lebanon
259 Benehfoul Saida South Lebanon
260 Benehran Koura North Lebanon
261 Benniyeh Aley Mount Lebanon
262 Bentael Jbeil Mount Lebanon
263 Berkayel Akkar North Lebanon
264 Beslaya Jezzine South Lebanon
265 Betcheldeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
266 Betdii Baalbeck Bekaa
267 Betiyas Zahleh Bekaa
268 Betram Koura North Lebanon
269 Bezit Hawik Danniyeh North Lebanon
270 Bfoura Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
271 Bhamdoun el-Dayaa Aley Mount Lebanon
272 Bhamdoun Mahatta Aley Mount Lebanon
273 Bhannine Danniyeh North Lebanon
274 Bhayri Zgharta North Lebanon
275 Bhersaf Metn Mount Lebanon
276 Bikfaya Metn Mount Lebanon
277 Bir el-Abed Baabda Mount Lebanon
278 Bir Hassan Baabda Mount Lebanon
279 Bire Akkar North Lebanon
280 Bireh Chouf Mount Lebanon
281 Biry Rachaya Bekaa
282 Bkah Kafra Becharreh North Lebanon
283 Bkah Sefrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
284 Bkaia Batroun North Lebanon
285 Bkarsoufa Danniyeh North Lebanon
286 Bkarzla Akkar North Lebanon
287 Bkasta Saida South Lebanon
288 Bkeftine Koura North Lebanon
289 Bkenaya Metn Mount Lebanon
290 Bker Kacha Becharreh North Lebanon
291 Bkhechtay Aley Mount Lebanon
292 Bkifa Rachaya Bekaa
293 Bkouza Danniyeh North Lebanon
294 Blat Jbeil Mount Lebanon
295 Blaouza Becharreh North Lebanon
296 Bleybel Aley Mount Lebanon
297 Bmehray Aley Mount Lebanon
298 Bmehraya Aley Mount Lebanon
299 Bnachii Zgharta North Lebanon
300 Boraniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
301 Bouar Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
302 Boudaye Baalbeck Bekaa
303 Bounyeh Aley Mount Lebanon
304 Bourj Akkar North Lebanon
305 Bourj Ahmad Akkar North Lebanon
306 Bourj el-Arab Akkar North Lebanon
307 Bourj el-Yahoudieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
308 Bourj Brajneh Baabda Mount Lebanon
309 Bourj el-Chemali Sour South Lebanon
310 Bourj Hammoud Metn Mount Lebanon
311 Bourj Kalwiya Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
312 Bourje´n Chouf Mount Lebanon
313 Boussait Zgharta North Lebanon
314 Boustane Hermel Bekaa
315 Bouzreideh Aley Mount Lebanon
316 Bowareg Zahleh Bekaa
317 Bramiyeh Saida South Lebanon
318 Bramiyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
319 Breiqih Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
320 Breissat Becharreh North Lebanon
321 Brissa Hermel Bekaa
322 Brital Baalbeck Bekaa
323 Broummana Metn Mount Lebanon
324 Bsaba Baabda Mount Lebanon
325 Bsaba Chouf Mount Lebanon
326 Bsalim Metn Mount Lebanon
327 Bsarma Koura North Lebanon
328 Bsous Aley Mount Lebanon
329 Btater Aley Mount Lebanon
330 Btedheh Baalbeck Bekaa
331 Bteghrine Metn Mount Lebanon
332 Btekhna´ Baabda Mount Lebanon
333 Btermaz Danniyeh North Lebanon
334 Btour Atij Koura North Lebanon
335 Btouratige Koura North Lebanon
336 Btourram Koura North Lebanon
337 Byakout Metn Mount Lebanon
338 Bzal Akkar North Lebanon
339 Bzebdine Baabda Mount Lebanon
340 Bziza Koura North Lebanon
341 Chaat Baalbeck Bekaa
342 Chabiyeh Sour South Lebanon
343 Chacra Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
344 Chadra Akkar North Lebanon
345 Chaet Baalbeck Bekaa
346 Chahour Sour South Lebanon
347 Chakdouf Akkar North Lebanon
348 Chamat Jbeil Mount Lebanon
349 Chamout Jbeil Mount Lebanon
350 Chane Akkar North Lebanon
351 Charbila Akkar North Lebanon
352 Charbin Hermel Bekaa
353 Charoun Aley Mount Lebanon
354 Charqiyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
355 Chartoun Aley Mount Lebanon
356 Chatine Batroun North Lebanon
357 Chatiyeh Aley Mount Lebanon
358 Chawaghir Hermel Bekaa
359 Chawiya Metn Mount Lebanon
360 Cheaibi Baalbeck Bekaa
361 Cheaytieh Sour South Lebanon
362 Chebaniyeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
363 Chehabiyeh Sour South Lebanon
364 Chehim Chouf Mount Lebanon
365 Cheikh Mohamad Akkar North Lebanon
366 Cheikh Taba Akkar North Lebanon
367 Cheikh Znad Akkar North Lebanon
368 Chekka Batroun North Lebanon
369 Chemlan Aley Mount Lebanon
370 Chibtine Batroun North Lebanon
371 Chikhlar Akkar North Lebanon
372 Chiyah Baabda Mount Lebanon
373 Chlifa Baalbeck Bekaa
374 Chmais Baalbeck Bekaa
375 Chmeis Baalbeck Bekaa
376 Chmestar Baalbeck Bekaa
377 Chnaniir Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
378 Choualik Jezzine South Lebanon
379 Choueifat Aley Mount Lebanon
380 Choueir Metn Mount Lebanon
381 Choukine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
382 Chourite Chouf Mount Lebanon
383 Chrine Metn Mount Lebanon
384 Chtaheh Akkar North Lebanon
385 Chtaura Zahleh Bekaa
386 Dabra Batroun North Lebanon
387 Daghla Akkar North Lebanon
388 Daher Akkar North Lebanon
389 Dahr Abou-Yaghi Batroun North Lebanon
390 Dahr el-Ahmar Rachaya Bekaa
391 Dahr el-Ain Koura North Lebanon
392 Dahr el-Hassin Metn Mount Lebanon
393 Dahr el-Souan Metn Mount Lebanon
394 Dahr Lisseineh Akkar North Lebanon
395 Dail Batroun North Lebanon
396 Dakkouh Bekaa West Bekaa
397 Dalhoun Chouf Mount Lebanon
398 Damour Chouf Mount Lebanon
399 Danbo Akkar North Lebanon
400 Daousseh Akkar North Lebanon
401 Daphneh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
402 Dar Aoun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
403 Dar Aya Zgharta North Lebanon
404 Dar Aya Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
405 Dar Baachtar Koura North Lebanon
406 Dar Chmezzine Koura North Lebanon
407 Dar Wassiha Baalbeck Bekaa
408 Darbessim Zahrani South Lebanon
409 Darine Akkar North Lebanon
410 Dawra Akkar North Lebanon
411 Dbayeh Metn Mount Lebanon
412 Debabieh Akkar North Lebanon
413 Deb'al Sour South Lebanon
414 Debbiyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
415 Deddeh Koura North Lebanon
416 Deir Achayer Rachaya Bekaa
417 Deir el-Zahrani Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
418 Deir Ames Sour South Lebanon
419 Deir Ammar Danniyeh North Lebanon
420 Deir Antar Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
421 Deir Baba Chouf Mount Lebanon
422 Deir Bella Batroun North Lebanon
423 Deir Chwah Batroun North Lebanon
424 Deir Dghaya Sour South Lebanon
425 Deir el-'Achaer Bekaa West Bekaa
426 Deir el-Ahmar Baalbeck Bekaa
427 Deir el-Kamar Chouf Mount Lebanon
428 Deir el-Moukhales Chouf Mount Lebanon
429 Deir el-Ghazal Zahleh Bekaa
430 Deir el-Harf Baabda Mount Lebanon
431 Deir Janine Akkar North Lebanon
432 Deir Kanoun Sour South Lebanon
433 Deir Kantar Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
434 Deir Kifa Sour South Lebanon
435 Deir Koucheh Chouf Mount Lebanon
436 Deir Mimas Marjeyoun South Lebanon
437 Deir Nbouh Danniyeh North Lebanon
438 Dekouaneh Metn Mount Lebanon
439 Delhamiyeh Zahleh Bekaa
440 Derb el-Simme Saida South Lebanon
441 Deria Batroun North Lebanon
442 Deychounieh Metn Mount Lebanon
443 Dfoun Aley Mount Lebanon
444 Dibiil Danniyeh North Lebanon
445 Dlaybeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
446 Dlebta Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
447 Dmayt Chouf Mount Lebanon
448 Douar Metn Mount Lebanon
449 Doubiyeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
450 Doueir Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
451 Doueir Adouieh Akkar North Lebanon
452 Doueir el-Remmane Aley Mount Lebanon
453 Douma Batroun North Lebanon
454 Douriss Baalbeck Bekaa
455 Edbel Akkar North Lebanon
456 Eddeh Batroun North Lebanon
457 Eddeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
458 Ehden Zgharta North Lebanon
459 Ehmej Jbeil Mount Lebanon
460 Ein Zeitouneh Metn Mount Lebanon
461 Ejbeh Zgharta North Lebanon
462 el-Ain Baalbeck Bekaa
463 Elhat Koura North Lebanon
464 el-Kaakour Metn Mount Lebanon
465 el-Khalleh Metn Mount Lebanon
466 el-Qalaa Baabda Mount Lebanon
467 el-Qarieh Baabda Mount Lebanon
468 Ersal Baalbeck Bekaa
469 Fakiha Baalbeck Bekaa
470 Falaoui Baalbeck Bekaa
471 Falougha Baabda Mount Lebanon
472 Fanar Metn Mount Lebanon
473 Fatreh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
474 Fayadieh Baabda Mount Lebanon
475 Feghal Jbeil Mount Lebanon
476 Ferzol Zahleh Bekaa
477 Fesdick Koura North Lebanon
478 Feytroun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
479 Fidar Jbeil Mount Lebanon
480 Fieh Koura North Lebanon
481 Fissane Hermel Bekaa
482 Fneidek Akkar North Lebanon
483 Fouara Chouf Mount Lebanon
484 Freidess Akkar North Lebanon
485 Freidis Chouf Mount Lebanon
486 Freikeh Metn Mount Lebanon
487 Froun Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
488 Ftahat Batroun North Lebanon
489 Furn el-Chebbak Baabda Mount Lebanon
490 Garabache Zgharta North Lebanon
491 Geba'a Baalbeck Bekaa
492 Gebrayel Akkar North Lebanon
493 Ghafra Baalbeck Bekaa
494 Ghalboun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
495 Ghandouriyeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
496 Gharayeb Zahrani South Lebanon
497 Gharifeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
498 Ghassaniyeh Saida South Lebanon
499 Ghassaniyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
500 Ghazir Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
501 Ghaziyeh Saida South Lebanon
502 Ghaziyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
503 Ghazzeh Bekaa West Bekaa
504 Ghebaleh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
505 Ghineh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
506 Ghobe´ry Baabda Mount Lebanon
507 Ghosta Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
508 Ghouma Batroun North Lebanon
509 Ghowaya Akkar North Lebanon
510 Ghreibeh Akkar North Lebanon
511 Ghzaileh Akkar North Lebanon
512 Habbouche Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
513 Habchit Akkar North Lebanon
514 Habil Jbeil Mount Lebanon
515 Habrmoun Aley Mount Lebanon
516 Hadchit Becharreh North Lebanon
517 Haddatha Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
518 Hadeth Baabda Mount Lebanon
519 Hadeth Baalbeck Baalbeck Bekaa
520 Hadeth el-Joubbeh Becharreh North Lebanon
521 Hadtoune Batroun North Lebanon
522 Hageh Saida South Lebanon
523 Haissa Akkar North Lebanon
524 Haizouk Akkar North Lebanon
525 HajjehJbeili Zahleh Bekaa
526 Hakl el-Azimi Danniyeh North Lebanon
527 Hakour Akkar North Lebanon
528 Hakr Cheikh Taba Akkar North Lebanon
529 Hakr Dahiri Akkar North Lebanon
530 Halate Jbeil Mount Lebanon
531 Halba Akkar North Lebanon
532 Halloussiyeh Sour South Lebanon
533 Hamat Batroun North Lebanon
534 Hamat Batroun North Lebanon
535 Hame Baalbeck Bekaa
536 Hammana Baabda Mount Lebanon
537 Hamra Akkar North Lebanon
538 Haniyeh Sour South Lebanon
539 Harbouna Batroun North Lebanon
540 Hardine Batroun North Lebanon
541 Haret el-Botm Baabda Mount Lebanon
542 Haret el-Fouar Zgharta North Lebanon
543 Haret el-Khassa Koura North Lebanon
544 Haret Hamzeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
545 Haret Hreik Baabda Mount Lebanon
546 Haret Maasser Hermel Bekaa
547 Haret Saida Saida South Lebanon
548 Haret Saida Zahrani South Lebanon
549 Haret Sakhr Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
550 Harf Ardeh Zgharta North Lebanon
551 Harf Miziara Zgharta North Lebanon
552 Harf Siyad Danniyeh North Lebanon
553 Harika Hermel Bekaa
554 Haris Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
555 Harissa Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
556 Harouf Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
557 Hasbaya Baabda Mount Lebanon
558 Hasroun Becharreh North Lebanon
559 Hasrout Chouf Mount Lebanon
560 Hawche Rachaya Bekaa
561 Hay el-Sellom Zahleh Bekaa
562 Hay el-Fikati Zahleh Bekaa
563 Haylan Zgharta North Lebanon
564 Haysseh Akkar North Lebanon
565 Hazerta Zahleh Bekaa
566 Hazin Baalbeck Bekaa
567 Hazmieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
568 Hazmieh Baabda Mount Lebanon
569 Hbous Metn Mount Lebanon
570 Hed Akkar North Lebanon
571 Heloueh Rachaya Bekaa
572 Helta Batroun North Lebanon
573 Herhraya Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
574 Hermel Hermel Bekaa
575 Himlaya Metn Mount Lebanon
576 Hitla Akkar North Lebanon
577 Hjoula Jbeil Mount Lebanon
578 Hlaliyeh Saida South Lebanon
579 Hlaliyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
580 Hmaiss Zgharta North Lebanon
581 Hmayreh Akkar North Lebanon
582 Hmayreh Hermel Bekaa
583 Hmayreh Koura North Lebanon
584 Hneider Akkar North Lebanon
585 Hoch el-Harimeh Bekaa West Bekaa
586 Hoch el-Oumara Zahleh Bekaa
587 Hoch Ghanam Zahleh Bekaa
588 Hoch Hala Zahleh Bekaa
589 Hoch Nabi Baalbeck Bekaa
590 Hoch Rafika Baalbeck Bekaa
591 Hoch Sayed Hermel Bekaa
592 Hoch Sneid Baalbeck Bekaa
593 Hoch Tal Safiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
594 Hoch Zahab Baalbeck Bekaa
595 Hoch Zarahneh Zahleh Bekaa
596 Hocheb Akkar North Lebanon
597 Hor Tehla Baalbeck Bekaa
598 Horch Hala Zahleh Bekaa
599 Hosniyeh Akkar North Lebanon
600 Houmal Aley Mount Lebanon
601 Houmine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
602 Houwara Danniyeh North Lebanon
603 Howeiche Akkar North Lebanon
604 Hrajel Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
605 Hrar Akkar North Lebanon
606 Hrebta Baalbeck Bekaa
607 Hsanieh Jezzine South Lebanon
608 Hsein Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
609 Hsoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
610 Ia'al Zgharta North Lebanon
611 Ia'at Baalbeck Bekaa
612 Ibdine Becharreh North Lebanon
613 Ibrine Batroun North Lebanon
614 Ighmid Aley Mount Lebanon
615 Izal Danniyeh North Lebanon
616 Jaba'a Baalbeck Bekaa
617 Jadayel Jbeil Mount Lebanon
618 Jahlieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
619 Jaj Jbeil Mount Lebanon
620 Jal el-Dib Metn Mount Lebanon
621 Jalala Zahleh Bekaa
622 Jalisseh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
623 Janneh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
624 Jarjouh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
625 Jawar Hachich Hermel Bekaa
626 Jbaa Chouf Mount Lebanon
627 Jbaa Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
628 Jbal Boutoum Sour South Lebanon
629 Jbaniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
630 Jbeil Jbeil Mount Lebanon
631 Jboula Baalbeck Bekaa
632 Jdabra Batroun North Lebanon
633 Jdeideh Metn Mount Lebanon
634 Jdeideh Baalbeck Bekaa
635 JdeidehJoumeh Akkar North Lebanon
636 JdeidehKatih Akkar North Lebanon
637 Jdeidet el-Chouf Chouf Mount Lebanon
638 Jdeidet Ghazir Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
639 Jdeidet Marjeyoun Marjeyoun South Lebanon
640 Jdita Zahleh Bekaa
641 Jeb Chite Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
642 Jeb Jenine Bekaa West Bekaa
643 Jeb La Batroun North Lebanon
644 Jeita Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
645 Jenejleya Saida South Lebanon
646 Jensnaya Jezzine South Lebanon
647 Jenta Baalbeck Bekaa
648 Jernaya Jezzine South Lebanon
649 Jidra Chouf Mount Lebanon
650 Jisrain Tripoli North Lebanon
651 Jiyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
652 Jmaijmeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
653 Jouar Metn Mount Lebanon
654 Jouar el-Haouz Baabda Mount Lebanon
655 Joun Chouf Mount Lebanon
656 Jounieh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
657 Jouret Bedrane Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
658 Jouret el-Ballout Metn Mount Lebanon
659 Jouret el-Tourmos Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
660 Jouwaya Sour South Lebanon
661 Jrabta Batroun North Lebanon
662 Jrane Batroun North Lebanon
663 Ka'a Baalbeck Bekaa
664 Ka'a el-Rim Zahleh Bekaa
665 Ka'a kayet Snoubar Saida South Lebanon
666 Ka'a Kour Metn Mount Lebanon
667 Kab Elias Zahleh Bekaa
668 Kab Ousseh Zahleh Bekaa
669 Kab Rikha Marjeyoun South Lebanon
670 Kachlak Akkar North Lebanon
671 Kaddam Baalbeck Bekaa
672 Kadriyeh Zgharta North Lebanon
673 Kafra Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
674 Kaftoun Koura North Lebanon
675 Kahaleh Aley Mount Lebanon
676 Kahf el-Malloul Danniyeh North Lebanon
677 Kahlounieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
678 Kal Sabeh Baalbeck Bekaa
679 Kala'a Baabda Mount Lebanon
680 Kala'a Baalbeck Bekaa
681 Kalamoun Tripoli North Lebanon
682 Kaled Sabeh Baalbeck Bekaa
683 Kalhat Koura North Lebanon
684 Kalya Bekaa West Bekaa
685 Kamed el-Loz Bekaa West Bekaa
686 Kamel Zahleh Bekaa
687 Kammamine Danniyeh North Lebanon
688 Kanabat Metn Mount Lebanon
689 Kannarit Saida South Lebanon
690 Kantra Akkar North Lebanon
691 Karak Zahleh Bekaa
692 Karaoun Bekaa West Bekaa
693 Karha Akkar North Lebanon
694 Karha Baalbeck Bekaa
695 Kariyeh Saida South Lebanon
696 Karkha Jezzine South Lebanon
697 Karm Asfour Akkar North Lebanon
698 Karm el-Mehr Danniyeh North Lebanon
699 Karm Saddeh Zgharta North Lebanon
700 Karsita Danniyeh North Lebanon
701 Karsouna Danniyeh North Lebanon
702 Kartaba Jbeil Mount Lebanon
703 Kasr-Fissane Hermel Bekaa
704 Kasser Hermel Bekaa
705 Kasser Naba Baalbeck Bekaa
706 Katelbeh Akkar North Lebanon
707 Kattara Jbeil Mount Lebanon
708 Kattine Danniyeh North Lebanon
709 Kawkaba Rachaya Bekaa
710 Kawssariet Sayad Saida South Lebanon
711 Kboula Akkar North Lebanon
712 Kboula Koura North Lebanon
713 Kefraya Koura North Lebanon
714 Kefraya Bekaa West Bekaa
715 Kefraya Saida South Lebanon
716 Keftine Koura North Lebanon
717 Kesya Batroun North Lebanon
718 Ketermaya Chouf Mount Lebanon
719 Keyfoun Aley Mount Lebanon
720 Kfa Rabida Batroun North Lebanon
721 Kfar Aamey Aley Mount Lebanon
722 Kfar Abida Batroun North Lebanon
723 Kfar Akab Metn Mount Lebanon
724 Kfar Akka Koura North Lebanon
725 Kfar Amya Aley Mount Lebanon
726 Kfar Aya Zgharta North Lebanon
727 Kfar Bachit Zgharta North Lebanon
728 Kfar Bibnine Danniyeh North Lebanon
729 Kfar Bit Saida South Lebanon
730 Kfar Chakhna Zgharta North Lebanon
731 Kfar Chelal Saida South Lebanon
732 Kfar Chellam Danniyeh North Lebanon
733 Kfar Chellane Danniyeh North Lebanon
734 Kfar Chima Baabda Mount Lebanon
735 Kfar Chliman Batroun North Lebanon
736 Kfar Dabach Baalbeck Bekaa
737 Kfar Dan Baalbeck Bekaa
738 Kfar Diche Baalbeck Bekaa
739 Kfar Dlakous Zgharta North Lebanon
740 Kfar Dnisse Rachaya Bekaa
741 Kfar Doubine Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
742 Kfar Fakoud Chouf Mount Lebanon
743 Kfar Fila Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
744 Kfar Fou Zgharta North Lebanon
745 Kfar Habou Danniyeh North Lebanon
746 Kfar Halda Batroun North Lebanon
747 Kfar Harra Akkar North Lebanon
748 Kfar Hata Koura North Lebanon
749 Kfar Hatna Batroun North Lebanon
750 Kfar Hatta Koura North Lebanon
751 Kfar Hatta Zahrani South Lebanon
752 Kfar Hay Batroun North Lebanon
753 Kfar Hazir Koura North Lebanon
754 Kfar Helda Batroun North Lebanon
755 Kfar Hitti Saida South Lebanon
756 Kfar Houra Zgharta North Lebanon
757 Kfar Jarra Jezzine South Lebanon
758 Kfar Kahel Koura North Lebanon
759 Kfar Katra Chouf Mount Lebanon
760 Kfar Keddeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
761 Kfar Kouk Rachaya Bekaa
762 Kfar Mashoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
763 Kfar Mechki Rachaya Bekaa
764 Kfar Melki Akkar North Lebanon
765 Kfar Melki Saida South Lebanon
766 Kfar Melki Zahrani South Lebanon
767 Kfar Nabrakh Chouf Mount Lebanon
768 Kfar Nis Chouf Mount Lebanon
769 Kfar Noun Akkar North Lebanon
770 Kfar Remmane Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
771 Kfar Saroun Koura North Lebanon
772 Kfar Seghab Zgharta North Lebanon
773 Kfar Selouan Baabda Mount Lebanon
774 Kfar Selouane Baabda Mount Lebanon
775 Kfar Sir Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
776 Kfar Tebnit Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
777 Kfar Tey Metn Mount Lebanon
778 Kfar Toun Akkar North Lebanon
779 Kfar Yachit Zgharta North Lebanon
780 Kfar Yassine Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
781 Kfar Zabad Zahleh Bekaa
782 Kfar Zebian Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
783 Kfar Zina Zgharta North Lebanon
784 Kfeir Hasbaya South Lebanon
785 Kfifane Batroun North Lebanon
786 Kfoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
787 Kfour Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
788 Kfour Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
789 Kfour el-Arabi Batroun North Lebanon
790 Khalouate Baabda Mount Lebanon
791 Kharayeb Saida South Lebanon
792 Kharnoub Danniyeh North Lebanon
793 Khartoum Saida South Lebanon
794 Khazize Saida South Lebanon
795 Kherbet Char Akkar North Lebanon
796 Kherbet Kanafar Bekaa West Bekaa
797 Kherbet Rouha Rachaya Bekaa
798 Khodr Baalbeck Bekaa
799 Khodr Bey Zahleh Bekaa
800 Khonchara Metn Mount Lebanon
801 Khorbet Daoud Akkar North Lebanon
802 Khorbet Jrad Akkar North Lebanon
803 Khorbet Jundi Akkar North Lebanon
804 Khraybeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
805 Khrayeb Hermel Bekaa
806 Khreybeh Baalbeck Bekaa
807 Khreybeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
808 Kiniya Akkar North Lebanon
809 Klaouiyeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
810 Klayaat Akkar North Lebanon
811 Klayleh Sour South Lebanon
812 Kleiat Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
813 Kloud Bakieh Akkar North Lebanon
814 Knafez Hermel Bekaa
815 Knaytra Saida South Lebanon
816 Kneisseh Akkar North Lebanon
817 Kneisseh Baalbeck Bekaa
818 Kneisseh Baabda Mount Lebanon
819 Kobayat Akkar North Lebanon
820 Kobbeh Tripoli North Lebanon
821 Kobbeh Batroun North Lebanon
822 Kobbet Chamra Akkar North Lebanon
823 Koneitra Metn Mount Lebanon
824 Korhaya Danniyeh North Lebanon
825 Korkef Akkar North Lebanon
826 Kornayel Baabda Mount Lebanon
827 Korneh Akkar North Lebanon
828 Kornet Chehwane Metn Mount Lebanon
829 Kortada Baabda Mount Lebanon
830 Kossaibeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
831 Kossaibi Baabda Mount Lebanon
832 Koubba Batroun North Lebanon
833 Koubbayeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
834 Koucha Akkar North Lebanon
835 Kour Batroun North Lebanon
836 Kousba Koura North Lebanon
837 Koussaya Zahleh Bekaa
838 Kouwakh Hermel Bekaa
839 Krayat Akkar North Lebanon
840 Krayyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
841 Krin Danniyeh North Lebanon
842 Kroum Arab Akkar North Lebanon
843 Ksaybeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
844 Kwachra Akkar North Lebanon
845 Laboueh Baalbeck Bekaa
846 Lala Bekaa West Bekaa
847 Lassa Jbeil Mount Lebanon
848 Lebaa Jezzine South Lebanon
849 Lebbaya Baalbeck Bekaa
850 Leilaky Baabda Mount Lebanon
851 Limar Danniyeh North Lebanon
852 Loubiyeh Saida South Lebanon
853 Loueizeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
854 Maalaka Zahleh Bekaa
855 Maamariyeh Saida South Lebanon
856 Maamiriyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
857 Maaraboun Baalbeck Bekaa
858 Maarakeh Sour South Lebanon
859 Maaroub Sour South Lebanon
860 Maarouf Sour South Lebanon
861 Maasriti Aley Mount Lebanon
862 Maasser Zgharta North Lebanon
863 Maasser Beit Eddine Chouf Mount Lebanon
864 Machmoucheh Jezzine South Lebanon
865 Machta Hammoud Akkar North Lebanon
866 Machta Hassan Akkar North Lebanon
867 Machghara Bekaa West Bekaa
868 Maghdoucheh Saida South Lebanon
869 Maghroubella Becharreh North Lebanon
870 Mahrouni Sour South Lebanon
871 Majd Ala Akkar North Lebanon
872 Majd Aloun Baalbeck Bekaa
873 Majd El Akkar North Lebanon
874 Majd El Jbeil Mount Lebanon
875 Majd El Koura North Lebanon
876 Majd el-Anjar Zahleh Bekaa
877 Majd el-Baana Aley Mount Lebanon
878 Majd el-Balhis Rachaya Bekaa
879 Majd el-Behna Aley Mount Lebanon
880 Majd el-Meouch Chouf Mount Lebanon
881 Majd el-Sel Marjeyoun South Lebanon
882 Majd el-Tarchich Metn Mount Lebanon
883 Majd el-Youne Zahrani South Lebanon
884 Majd el-Youne Saida South Lebanon
885 Majd el-Zoun Sour South Lebanon
886 Majd Laya Aley Mount Lebanon
887 Majd Laya Zgharta North Lebanon
888 Majzoub Metn Mount Lebanon
889 Makneh Baalbeck Bekaa
890 Makni Baalbeck Bekaa
891 Maksi Zahleh Bekaa
892 Malekyeh Sour South Lebanon
893 Manara Bekaa West Bekaa
894 Mansoura Bekaa West Bekaa
895 Mansouri Sour South Lebanon
896 Mansourieh Metn Mount Lebanon
897 Mar Antonios Zahleh Bekaa
898 Mar Mema Batroun North Lebanon
899 Mar Mikhael Metn Mount Lebanon
900 Mar Moussa Metn Mount Lebanon
901 Mar Roukoz Metn Mount Lebanon
902 Mar Sarkis Jbeil Mount Lebanon
903 Mar Touma Akkar North Lebanon
904 Marj Batroun North Lebanon
905 Marj Bekaa West Bekaa
906 Marj Eyoun Marjeyoun South Lebanon
907 Marj Barja Chouf Mount Lebanon
908 Marj el-Zouhour Hasbaya South Lebanon
909 Marjaba Metn Mount Lebanon
910 Markabta Danniyeh North Lebanon
911 Marsati Chouf Mount Lebanon
912 Mart Moura Akkar North Lebanon
913 Marwaniyeh Saida South Lebanon
914 Marwaniyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
915 Maska Metn Mount Lebanon
916 Masnah Zahra Baalbeck Bekaa
917 Massa Zahleh Bekaa
918 Massoudieh Akkar North Lebanon
919 Mayassa Metn Mount Lebanon
920 Mayfaidoun Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
921 Mayfouk Jbeil Mount Lebanon
922 Mayrouba Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
923 M'aysra Hermel Bekaa
924 Mazboud Chouf Mount Lebanon
925 Mazraa Beirut Beirut
926 Mazraat Abou Slaybi Baalbeck Bekaa
927 Mazraat el-Soueidan Baalbeck Bekaa
928 Mazraat Baldeh Akkar North Lebanon
929 Mazraat Baldeh Koura North Lebanon
930 Mazraat Beit Matar Baalbeck Bekaa
931 Mazraat Beit Slaybi Baalbeck Bekaa
932 Mazraat Beit Tacham Hermel Bekaa
933 Mazraat Dalil Baalbeck Bekaa
934 Mazra'at el-Syad Jbeil Mount Lebanon
935 Mazraat el-Fraydiss Zgharta North Lebanon
936 Mazraat el-Nahr Zgharta North Lebanon
937 Mazraat Fakih Hermel Bekaa
938 Mazraat Houka Zgharta North Lebanon
939 Mazraat Hreikess Zgharta North Lebanon
940 Mazraat Kfardebiane Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
941 Mazraat Mechref Sour South Lebanon
942 Mazraat Saged Hermel Bekaa
943 Mazraat Sayed Baalbeck Bekaa
944 Mazraat Soueidan Baalbeck Bekaa
945 Mazraat Touffah Zgharta North Lebanon
946 Mazraat Tout Baalbeck Bekaa
947 Mazraat Yachouh Metn Mount Lebanon
948 Mazraet Artousa Danniyeh North Lebanon
949 Mazraet el-Dahr Chouf Mount Lebanon
950 Mchan Jbeil Mount Lebanon
951 Mchikha Metn Mount Lebanon
952 Mdawkha Rachaya Bekaa
953 Mecherfeh Aley Mount Lebanon
954 Mechha Akkar North Lebanon
955 Mechmech Jbeil Mount Lebanon
956 Mechmech Akkar North Lebanon
957 Mechref Chouf Mount Lebanon
958 Medawar Beirut Beirut
959 Mehmarche Batroun North Lebanon
960 Mekhtlef Akkar North Lebanon
961 Mekrak Baalbeck Bekaa
962 Memneh Akkar North Lebanon
963 Menjez Akkar North Lebanon
964 Mersty Chouf Mount Lebanon
965 Metrit Koura North Lebanon
966 Mezher Metn Mount Lebanon
967 Meziara Zgharta North Lebanon
968 Mghayri Jbeil Mount Lebanon
969 Mharabiyeh Jezzine South Lebanon
970 Mimes Hasbaya South Lebanon
971 Mina Tripoli North Lebanon
972 Minet el-Hosn Beirut Beirut
973 Minieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
974 Minyara Akkar North Lebanon
975 Miryata Zgharta North Lebanon
976 Miyeh We Miyeh Saida South Lebanon
977 Miyeh We Miyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
978 Mjadel Sour South Lebanon
979 Mjeidel Jezzine South Lebanon
980 Mkaibleh Akkar North Lebanon
981 Mkaiteh Akkar North Lebanon
982 Mkalles Metn Mount Lebanon
983 Moheidse Metn Mount Lebanon
984 Moheidseh Rachaya Bekaa
985 Mougha´rieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
986 Mouhtakara Chouf Mount Lebanon
987 Mounjez Akkar North Lebanon
988 Mounsa Akkar North Lebanon
989 Mounsef Jbeil Mount Lebanon
990 Mousseitbeh Beirut Beirut
991 Mrah As-Sraje Danniyeh North Lebanon
992 Mrah Az-Zeyat Batroun North Lebanon
993 Mrah Chdid Batroun North Lebanon
994 Mrah el-Ain Hermel Bekaa
995 Mrah el-Hajj Batroun North Lebanon
996 Mrah el-Hibas Jezzine South Lebanon
997 Mrah el-Khokh Akkar North Lebanon
998 Mrah Sfaira Danniyeh North Lebanon
999 Mrah Sraje Danniyeh North Lebanon
1000 Mreijat Zahleh Bekaa
1001 Mreijeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
1002 Mrouj Metn Mount Lebanon
1003 Mtaileb Metn Mount Lebanon
1004 Mtein Metn Mount Lebanon
1005 Mtolleh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1006 Nabatyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1007 Nabay Metn Mount Lebanon
1008 Nabha Damdoum Baalbeck Bekaa
1009 Nabha Harfouche Baalbeck Bekaa
1010 Nabha Kleili Baalbeck Bekaa
1011 Nabha Mahfara Baalbeck Bekaa
1012 Nabi Aylla Zahleh Bekaa
1013 Nabi Chiit Baalbeck Bekaa
1014 Nabi Inaam Baalbeck Bekaa
1015 Nabi Osman Baalbeck Bekaa
1016 Nabi Rachadeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1017 Nabi Sbat Baalbeck Bekaa
1018 Nabi Youchaah Danniyeh North Lebanon
1019 Nabi Youchah Danniyeh North Lebanon
1020 Naccache Metn Mount Lebanon
1021 Nahleh Baalbeck Bekaa
1022 Nahmeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1023 Nahr Ibrahim Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1024 Nahriyeh Akkar North Lebanon
1025 Nakhleh Koura North Lebanon
1026 Nakra Baalbeck Bekaa
1027 Namrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
1028 Nassiriyeh Zahleh Bekaa
1029 Nayra Hermel Bekaa
1030 Nejjariyeh Saida South Lebanon
1031 Nemayreh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1032 Nfeisseh Akkar North Lebanon
1033 Niha Chouf Mount Lebanon
1034 Niha Zahleh Bekaa
1035 Nimrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
1036 Nmeiriyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1037 Noura Akkar North Lebanon
1038 Nye Rachadeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1039 Obeidad Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1040 Oueinate Akkar North Lebanon
1041 Ouyoun Akkar North Lebanon
1042 Port of Beirut Beirut Beirut
1043 Qaaqayiet el-Jisr Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1044 Qalamoun Tripoli North Lebanon
1045 Qana Sour South Lebanon
1046 Qattin Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1047 Qnat Becharreh North Lebanon
1048 Qobeih Baabda Mount Lebanon
1049 Qsaibeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1050 Qsa´beh Baabda Mount Lebanon
1051 Quorayeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
1052 Raachine Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1053 Racha Batroun North Lebanon
1054 Rachana Batroun North Lebanon
1055 Rachaya Rachaya Bekaa
1056 Rachaya el-Foukhar Marjeyoun South Lebanon
1057 Rachdebbine Koura North Lebanon
1058 Rachedbine Koura North Lebanon
1059 Rachiine Zgharta North Lebanon
1060 Rachkananey Sour South Lebanon
1061 Rachkida Batroun North Lebanon
1062 Racyay Bekaa West Bekaa
1063 Rafid Bekaa West Bekaa
1064 Rafid Rachaya Bekaa
1065 Rahbeh Akkar North Lebanon
1066 Rahit Zahleh Bekaa
1067 Ram Baalbeck Bekaa
1068 Ram Batroun North Lebanon
1069 Ramassa Baalbeck Bekaa
1070 Rammah Akkar North Lebanon
1071 Ramout Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1072 Ras Baalbeck Baalbeck Bekaa
1073 Ras el-Ain Sour South Lebanon
1074 Ras el-Harf Baabda Mount Lebanon
1075 Ras el-Metn Baabda Mount Lebanon
1076 Ras Nhache Batroun North Lebanon
1077 Ras Osta Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1078 Ras Senhache Batroun North Lebanon
1079 Ras-Beyrouth Beirut Beirut
1080 Raskifa Zgharta North Lebanon
1081 Ras-Meska Koura North Lebanon
1082 Rassiyeh Zahleh Bekaa
1083 Rawda Bekaa West Bekaa
1084 Rawda Danniyeh North Lebanon
1085 Rayak Zahleh Bekaa
1086 Rechmaya Aley Mount Lebanon
1087 Remhala Aley Mount Lebanon
1088 Reyfoun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1089 Rich Baalbeck Bekaa
1090 Riha Baalbeck Bekaa
1091 Rihanieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
1092 Rihaniyeh Akkar North Lebanon
1093 Rmadiyeh Sour South Lebanon
1094 Rmeich Saida South Lebanon
1095 Rmeil Beirut Beirut
1096 Rmeileh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1097 Rmeyleh Aley Mount Lebanon
1098 Rouayset el-Ballout Baabda Mount Lebanon
1099 Roueisset el-Nehman Aley Mount Lebanon
1100 Roumieh Metn Mount Lebanon
1101 Roumine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1102 Roummaneh Tripoli North Lebanon
1103 Saadine Akkar North Lebanon
1104 Saadnayel Zahleh Bekaa
1105 Sabbouba Baalbeck Bekaa
1106 Sad el-Baouchrieh Metn Mount Lebanon
1107 Sadikine Sour South Lebanon
1108 Sadiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1109 Safad el-Batikh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
1110 Safinet el-Dreib Akkar North Lebanon
1111 Safra Baalbeck Bekaa
1112 Safra Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1113 Saghbine Bekaa West Bekaa
1114 Sahel Alma Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1115 Sahlat Ma'a Hermel Bekaa
1116 Saida Saida South Lebanon
1117 Saifi Beirut Beirut
1118 Saki Rechmaya Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1119 Sakiet el-Misk Metn Mount Lebanon
1120 Saksakiyeh Saida South Lebanon
1121 Sal'a Sour South Lebanon
1122 Salhiyeh Saida South Lebanon
1123 Salhiyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
1124 Salib Zgharta North Lebanon
1125 Sarafand Zahrani South Lebanon
1126 Sarafande Saida South Lebanon
1127 Sarba Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1128 Sarba Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1129 Sarba Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1130 Sarhine Baalbeck Bekaa
1131 Sayaniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1132 Saydeh Zgharta North Lebanon
1133 Sayssouq Akkar North Lebanon
1134 Sebhel Zgharta North Lebanon
1135 Sebline Chouf Mount Lebanon
1136 Sebnay Baabda Mount Lebanon
1137 Sefri Baalbeck Bekaa
1138 Sehayleh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1139 Sehleh Akkar North Lebanon
1140 Seissouk Akkar North Lebanon
1141 Selaata Batroun North Lebanon
1142 Selaata Batroun North Lebanon
1143 Semakiyeh Akkar North Lebanon
1144 Semkaniyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1145 Serhel Zgharta North Lebanon
1146 Sfaira Danniyeh North Lebanon
1147 Sfeili Metn Mount Lebanon
1148 Sfeinet Katih Akkar North Lebanon
1149 Sghar Batroun North Lebanon
1150 Sin el-Fil Metn Mount Lebanon
1151 Sinay Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1152 Sindiyaneh Akkar North Lebanon
1153 Sir el-Gharibeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1154 Sir Denniyeh Danniyeh North Lebanon
1155 Smaeyeh Sour South Lebanon
1156 Smar Jbeil Batroun North Lebanon
1157 Sofar Aley Mount Lebanon
1158 Sohmor Bekaa West Bekaa
1159 Soleh Baalbeck Bekaa
1160 Souayra Bekaa West Bekaa
1161 Soueisseh Akkar North Lebanon
1162 Soueisseh Hermel Bekaa
1163 Souk el-Gharb Aley Mount Lebanon
1164 Sour Sour South Lebanon
1165 Souret Batroun North Lebanon
1166 Souwaika Tripoli North Lebanon
1167 Souwaneh Marjeyoun South Lebanon
1168 Srar Akkar North Lebanon
1169 Srifa Sour South Lebanon
1170 Sultan Yaacoub Bekaa West Bekaa
1171 Sultanieh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
1172 Ta'aboura Koura North Lebanon
1173 Taalabaya Zahleh Bekaa
1174 Taanayel Zahleh Bekaa
1175 Tabarja Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1176 Tabbaneh Tripoli North Lebanon
1177 Tabbaya Saida South Lebanon
1178 Tacheh Akkar North Lebanon
1179 Tahweitat Baabda Mount Lebanon
1180 Tal Abbas Akkar North Lebanon
1181 Tal el-Akhdar Zahleh Bekaa
1182 Tal Bibeh Akkar North Lebanon
1183 Tal Bireh Akkar North Lebanon
1184 Tal Hemayra Akkar North Lebanon
1185 Tal Mehyan Akkar North Lebanon
1186 Tal Mohammad Tripoli North Lebanon
1187 Tal Zanoub Bekaa West Bekaa
1188 Talleh Akkar North Lebanon
1189 Talya Baalbeck Bekaa
1190 Tanbourite Saida South Lebanon
1191 Tannoura Rachaya Bekaa
1192 Tannourine Batroun North Lebanon
1193 Tarane Danniyeh North Lebanon á
1194 Taraya Baalbeck Bekaa
1195 Tarchich Baabda Mount Lebanon
1196 Tartej Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1197 Tayer Flisseh Sour South Lebanon
1198 Tayr Debba Sour South Lebanon
1199 Tebnine Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
1200 Teffahta Saida South Lebanon
1201 Teffahta Zahrani South Lebanon
1202 Tekrit Akkar North Lebanon
1203 Tel Meyane Akkar North Lebanon
1204 Temnine Baalbeck Bekaa
1205 Terbol Danniyeh North Lebanon
1206 Terbol Zahleh Bekaa
1207 Tfayel Baalbeck Bekaa
1208 Thoum Batroun North Lebanon
1209 Tibeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1210 Tleil Akkar North Lebanon
1211 Tmenin Baalbeck Bekaa
1212 Torzaya Jbeil Mount Lebanon
1213 Toufikiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1214 Toula Batroun North Lebanon
1215 Toula Jebbeh Zgharta North Lebanon
1216 Touline Marjeyoun South Lebanon
1217 Toura Sour South Lebanon
1218 Tourza Becharreh North Lebanon
1219 Touweiti Zahleh Bekaa
1220 Tripoli Tripoli North Lebanon
1221 Wadi Arayech Zahleh Bekaa
1222 Wadi Asse Hermel Bekaa
1223 Wadi Baankoudine Jezzine South Lebanon
1224 Wadi Bnehley Chouf Mount Lebanon
1225 Wadi Bneit Hermel Bekaa
1226 Wadi el-Delm Zahleh Bekaa
1227 Wadi el-Zineh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1228 Wadi el-Hour Akkar North Lebanon
1229 Wadi el-Laymoun Jezzine South Lebanon
1230 Wadi el-Set Chouf Mount Lebanon
1231 Wadi Fa'ara Baalbeck Bekaa
1232 Wadi Jamous Akkar North Lebanon
1233 Wadi Karm Hermel Bekaa
1234 Wadi Mechmechi Baalbeck Bekaa
1235 Wadi Nahleh Danniyeh North Lebanon
1236 Wadi Rattal Hermel Bekaa
1237 Wadi Safa Charki Baalbeck Bekaa
1238 Wadi Turkman Hermel Bekaa
1239 Wadi Zein Baalbeck Bekaa
1240 Wadih Khaled Akkar North Lebanon
1241 Wardanieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1242 Wata el-Mrouj Metn Mount Lebanon
1243 Wata Fares Koura North Lebanon
1244 Wata Houb Batroun North Lebanon
1245 Watieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
1246 Yahchouche Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1247 Yahfoufa Baalbeck Bekaa
1248 Yammouni Baalbeck Bekaa
1249 Yanta Rachaya Bekaa
1250 Yater Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
1251 Ynouh Sour South Lebanon
1252 Yohmor Bekaa West Bekaa
1253 Youghon Oloke Zahleh Bekaa
1254 Younine Baalbeck Bekaa
1255 Younissiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
1256 Zaarourieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
1257 Zabkine Sour South Lebanon
1258 Zaboud Baalbeck Bekaa
1259 Zabougha Metn Mount Lebanon
1260 Zaghr Tighrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
1261 Zaghrin Hermel Bekaa
1262 Zahleh Zahleh Bekaa
1263 Zahrieh Tripoli North Lebanon
1264 Zakrouk Koura North Lebanon
1265 Zakroun Koura North Lebanon
1266 Zakzouk Koura North Lebanon
1267 Zalka Metn Mount Lebanon
1268 Zane Batroun North Lebanon
1269 Zaoutar Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1270 Zarazir Baalbeck Bekaa
1271 Zarhoun Metn Mount Lebanon
1272 Zawarib Akkar North Lebanon
1273 Zebdine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1274 Zefta Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
1275 Zeghdraya Saida South Lebanon
1276 Zeghrine Metn Mount Lebanon
1277 Zekrit Metn Mount Lebanon
1278 Zen Batroun North Lebanon
1279 Zgharta Zgharta North Lebanon
1280 Zitta Saida South Lebanon
1281 Zlaya Bekaa West Bekaa
1282 Zokak el-Blat Beirut Beirut
1283 Zoueitini Hermel Bekaa
1284 Zouk Akkar North Lebanon
1285 Zouk el-Kharab Metn Mount Lebanon
1286 Zouk el-Hossayni Akkar North Lebanon
1287 Zouk Hadareh Akkar North Lebanon
1288 Zouk Hassineh Akkar North Lebanon
1289 Zouk Hbalseh Akkar North Lebanon
1290 Zouk Kharab Metn Mount Lebanon
1291 Zouk Mekacharine Akkar North Lebanon
1292 Zouk Mikael Kesrwan Mount Lebanon zoukmikael
1293 Zouk Mosbeh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
1294 Zrariyeh Saida South Lebanon
1295 Zrariyeh Zahrani South Lebanon