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The Golden Who's Who of the Lebanese Emigrants in the World
Gold Archive

Most immigrants in this book have achieved and earned the honor of being listed in their corresponding cities.

This golden page is dedicated to those Lebanese emigrants who have superior achievement in their newly found countries, and truly earned a distinct appreciations.

Obviously, we can never know all these distinguished achievers, but we invite our dear readers to forward to rdib @ yahoo . com the names, and biographies of those we missed, and we shall add them to this page of honor.

Highly Distinguished Lebanese Emigrants

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Nader, Ralph   Consumer and Ecology Advocate, United States Presidential Candidate

    The youngest of four children of Lebanese immigrants Nathra and Rose, Ralph Nader was born in Winsted, Connecticut, on February 27, 1934. His father had fled penniless in 1912 to escape Turkish oppression. "My father took the Statue of Liberty seriously.", Nader says.

    His sister Laura, now a professor at UC Berkeley, says that Nathra taught the children activism as well as critical thinking: "We couldn't just complain. If we didn't like something, we were told to do something about it.". Ralph's older brother, Shafik, had pushed the townsfolk into creating a community college.

    Ralph graduated from the Gilbert School in his hometown in 1951 and entered Princeton University. In 1955 he graduated magna cum laude and went on to Harvard Law School for three years. In 1959 Ralph set up his law practice in Hartford and published his first article on auto safety in "The Nation" . He became a consultant on this subject for Assistant Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1964, and the next year his book "Unsafe at Any Speed" was published. Nader's agitation bore fruit when Congress finally passed and President Lyndon Johnson signed the Vehicle Safety and Highway Safety Acts on Sept. 9, 1966.

    A list of the reforms Nader is credited with initiating includes the Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Freedom of Information Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Meat and Poultry Inspection Laws, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act and many others.

    He is currently a U.S. Presidential candidate for the Green Party.

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Naify, Robert Allen and Marshall   Movie theaters. San Francisco.

    Members of The 1996 Forbes Four Hundred, since 1987, with an estimated worth of $650 million, the two sons of Lebanese immigrant who opened Atlantic City movie theater 1912. Founded California Theaters 1920s; later purchased 50% United Artists Theater Circuit. Early pioneer cable television 1950s. Young Robert and Marshall started in movie business as ushers, projectionists in father's theaters; gained control after UCT-UATC merger 1963. Brothers eventually sold out to Tele-Communications, Inc. 1986 for stock, convertible notes, cash. Brothers low-key, but older brother Marshall making noise investing in Canadian gold stocks

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Orfalea, Paul   Founder of Kinko’s 24-Hour Copy and Printing Chain

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Rahall, Nick J.   United States Congressman

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Rahi, Yamila Diaz   Supermodel

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Rihani, Ameen F   Writer, Philosopher, Political Thinker

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Rizk, Khalil   Founder of The Chinese Porcelain Company

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