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The Golden Who's Who of the Lebanese Emigrants in the World
Utica, New York, USA
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Abdoo, George

Professor of Electrical Technology, Mohawk Valley Community College

Address 9445 Chapman Rd, New Harford - Utica, NY
Telephone 737-9230
Originally From Bekarzla, Akkar
Born in New Harford, 1920
Wife Ruth Abdoo From Saysouk
Children Marylin, Georges Jr, Robert, Joyce
Father Abdallah (Albert) Abdoo
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Afifi, Youssef

Address 4066 Oneida St, New Harford - Utica, NY
Telephone 755-6379
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Alam, Fred

Address 42 Quentin Rd - Utica, NY
Telephone 724-4863
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Barady, Charlie


Barady Baking Co. - Oriental Groceries. Bakers of Aladdin's Lebanese-Syrian Bread.

Address 1008 St. Vincent St - Utica, NY
Telephone 732-9064
Originally From Sour
Born in New Brunswick
Emigrated 1933
Wife Jamal Zogheib
Children Charlie Michael
             Yvone Married to Ceaser Chesterville
             Theresa Married to Frank Ferrara
Father Bechara Barady
Mother Nazlie Dersi From Beskenta
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Casab, Chas

Casab, Gary

Casab, Geo

Casab, Harris

Casab, J Fred

Casab, Mary

Address - Utica, NY
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Chammoun, Antoine

Address 806 Morris St - Utica, NY
Originally From Serhine
Born in Serhine, 1953
Emigrated 1977
Father Fahed Chammoun
Mother Salwa Chammoun
Brothers and Sisters Maria Married to Abdallah Dagher From Akkar
                               Georges, Bassam, Angele
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Chanatry, Alfred

Chanatry Supermarkets

Address 12 Geer Ave - Utica, NY
Telephone 733-2981
Originally From Aleppo, Syria
Born in Utica, 1925
Wife Carol Nudo
Children Julie Ann, Yvone (Bahia), Raymond Joseph
Father Rizkallah Chanatry
Mother Bahia Gharibe
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Chanatry, Edward

Chanatry, Elias

Chanatry, Eliz

Chanatry, Dr. Francis


Address 103 Pleasant St - Utica, NY
Telephone 735-8533
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Chanatry, George

Chanatry, Joseph

Chanatry, Louis

Chanatry, Michael

Chanatry, Raymond

Chanatry, William

Address - Utica, NY
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Charbel, Assad

Address 128 Thomas St - Utica, NY
Telephone 733-1672
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Dekkane, Thomas (Tansa)

Address - Utica, NY
Originally From Echache, Zgarta
Born in Utica, NY
Mother Salma Melki
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Fadel, Mitchell

Address 2564 Mohawk - Utica, NY
Telephone 737-8843
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Fayad, Bachir

Address 1649 Seymour Ave - Utica, NY
Telephone 732-1283
Originally From Bekarzla, Akkar
Born in Eilat
Father Salim Fayad
Mother Yvette Zeina
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Nicholas, Rev. Habib

Address 1104 Brinckorff Ave - Utica, NY
Telephone 735-7465
Originally From Kosba
Emigrated 1960
Wife Najeebeh Nehme
Children Michael
Father Israel Nicholas
Mother Marsha Nicholas
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Hanna, Edward

Ex-Mayor of Utica

Address 50 Emerson Ave - Utica, NY
Telephone 797-3181
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Hanna, Gregory

Hanna, John

Hanna, Joseph

Hanna, Joseph H

Address - Utica, NY
Originally From Beit Shakoush
Father Houache Hanna
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Hanna, Michael

Hanna, Richard

Hanna, Sidney

Hanna, Toni

Address - Utica, NY
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Hobaica, Georges

Hobaica Funeral Home Inc.

Address 301 Eagle - Utica, NY
Telephone 733-5555
Originally From Beskenta
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Hobeika, Louie



Real Estate - Investments

Address 140 Genesee St - Utica, NY
Telephone 732-3540
Originally From Zahle, Father
Born in Montreal, 1912
Emigrated 1900
Wife Lucy Hobeika Deceased 1977 - Pray for her soul's rest.
Father Michel Hobeika
Mother Mariam Maraoui
Brothers and Sisters Chafika Married to Toufik Harb C=Rosemary
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Hyder, Wadih

W N Hyder Real Estate

Address 1004 Dudeley Ave - Utica, NY
Telephone 732-1429
Originally From Beskenta
Emigrated 1903, Father
Wife Yvone Haddad
Children Mary, George
Father Nehmeh Hyder
Mother Hendouma
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