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The Golden Who's Who of the Lebanese Emigrants in the World
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Abdallah, Mosutapha Accra, Ghana
Abdo, Nassour N'Djamena, Tchad
Abdoo, George Utica, New York, USA
Abillamah, Emira Najla Brooklyn, New York, USA
Ablah, Jabbour Wichita, Kansas, USA
Abou-Jaoudi, Farouk Douala, Cameroun
Abou-Khalil, Michel Accra, Ghana
Abou Arraje, Jospeh Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Abou Assi, Mohamed Brazzaville, Congo
Abou Fakhreddine, Hassib Libreville, Gabon
Abou Jaoude, Samir Quebec, Canada
Abou Zeid, Fouad Libreville, Gabon
Aboud, Akel Quebec, Canada
Abraham, Donald Wichita, Kansas, USA
Abraham, Spencer Golden Archive
Abtour, Antoine N'Djamena, Tchad
Abtour, Francois Yaoundé, Cameroun
Abtour, Georges N'Djamena, Tchad
Abtour, Victor N'Djamena, Tchad
Accad, Richard and Ernest Brooklyn, New York, USA
Achour, Ali Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Achour, Hatem Ali Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Achour, Mohamed Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Adballah, Hussein Brazzaville, Congo
Adbul Karim, Mohamed Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Adem, Abdallah Quebec, Canada
Afifi, Youssef Utica, New York, USA
Ahmed, Ali Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Ahmed, Nazem Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Al-Laoun, Hussein Accra, Ghana
Al Ahmadieh, Ajaj Libreville, Gabon
Alam, Fred Utica, New York, USA
Alaouiyeh, Hassan Libreville, Gabon
Alarmany, Michel N'Gaoundéré, Cameroun
Alepin, Michel Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Allouche, Hassan Libreville, Gabon
Alouan, Rev. James Bernard Detroit, Michigan, USA
Ammar, Moustafa Libreville, Gabon
Antoniades, S. E. Nicholas Yaoundé, Cameroun
Arab, Kassem Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Arbid, Yehia Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Arbid, Youssef Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Arnache, Souheil Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Arnuk, Dr Issam Brooklyn, New York, USA
Asfour, Prof. John Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Assaf, Jihad Brazzaville, Congo
Assaf, Maurice Libreville, Gabon
Assaly, Fred Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Attieh, Akil Accra, Ghana
Attieh, Philippe N'Gaoundéré, Cameroun
Attieh, Rachid N'Gaoundéré, Cameroun
Attouch, Mohamed Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire)
Aubrey, Khalil Detroit, Michigan, USA
Aubrey, Mitchell Detroit, Michigan, USA
Awad, John Quebec, Canada
Awada, Ali Haydar Libreville, Gabon
Awada, Hassan Libreville, Gabon
Awada, Ibrahim N'Djamena, Tchad
Awada, Mohamed Saleh Libreville, Gabon
Awar, Assad Libreville, Gabon
Awar, Nagib Libreville, Gabon
Ayesh, Richard Simon Wichita, Kansas, USA
Ayoub, Aurelia Flint, Michigan, USA
Ayoub, Mohamed Libreville, Gabon
Ayoub, Nelson Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ayoub, Tarek Libreville, Gabon
Azar, Elias Accra, Ghana
Azar, Joseph Accra, Ghana
Azar, Rustom Accra, Ghana
Azar, Sabeh Yaoundé, Cameroun
Azrak, Charles Brooklyn, New York, USA

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