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This page compliments the linked grouped sheets by providing some data on persons that have not been linked to their parents. In some cases the uncertainty arises because people went by different given names, such as being listed with their parents as children under their first name and the using their middle name as an adult. Also some went by a nickname and are recorded that way in the census. In some case the records (such as census) have an erroneous given name listed (Perhaps an error from when the census workers copied their work sheets into the offical pages.) In some cases, even with some errors in names and dates, the census data can be deciphered, for example Nathan Peddycoart and his family in the 1870 census of Linn Co., IA is listed as Wm Peddicord born in PA, but his childrens names confirm the identity of the family).

Another case is the frustrating set of records is where there are marriage records, yet there is no sign of the couple in the census records. In most cases, these concern female Peddicords and their husbands, where finding them in the census would help identify birth dates and places and therefore possible the wife's parents.

Some people were orphans, others just seem to be in households with relatives. Also since the 1890 census was destroyed, there is a 20 year gap in US census records which creates a large "hole" in research material for people born during and shortly after 1880. Prior to 1850, we have to go on local records or family lore, both of which are spotty. In some cases we have only so far found one mention of a person, or in some cases records including marriages and baptisms give us a view of a family that is not found in any other records such as the census. There appear to be only a few early wills or probate papers available, although more local research is needed. If you reconize anyone on this page and have any information on the persons heritage, please let me know at ***leeg @***

From the mid 1700s until 1850 there are a number of PEDDICORDs (or PETTICOART, PETTICORD, etc. ) for which the records have not left us much information. There are sometimes a few clues that allow a inference to potential parents. In other cases we can only guess based on geography and possibly their neighbors.

What is known about the issue of John Peddicort and Sarah Dorsey's children:

William Peddicord Sr died testate and there are deeds that are from the settlement of his estate, therefore his issue is known from the will and the deeds.

John Petticoart Jr. apparently died in Stafford Co VA. before 11 Feb 1735/36. It seems he married a widow named Jannet, who was then remarried to Moses Rowley on 16 May 1739 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA. If John had issue, than they were likely born between 1730 and 1736.

Nicholas, son of John and Sarah Dorsey lived in what is now Carroll Co., MD. We find a definite reference to him as one of the administrators of the estate of Thomas Jacks, along with Thomas' son, Richard in 1755. He is the Nicholas Petticoate is in the tax ledger for Baltimore Co. for 1762-1765. There is a foreclosure against his realty filed in 1798 (for a Mortgage from the 1750s) The complaint states Nicholas left the area for parts unknown (apparently a legal ruse, this the foreclosure law dealt with persons who were not longer residents of Maryland). A depositon in the case indicates that family of Nicholas Peddicord lived on the property until about 1798. In the 1790 census of Baltimore county, Delaware Hundred, (which is where this property was located) There is an Ann Pedicoat listed with just 1 female in the household. One guess is that Ann was the widow and Nicholas and lived there until ca. 1797 or so when she died. By 1798 the property was under the control of the administrator of the wills of one of wife of one of the lenders . However note that in the 1783 tax list for Elkridge Hundred of Anne Arundel Co MD there is Humphrey Petticoat and Nicholas Petticoat, Jr. I think both Humphrey and Nicholas Jr mentioned here are the sons of William Peddicoart and Sarah Belt.

Dorsey Peddicord seems to have been a character, he was active in seeking land patents and apparently dealing (speculating?) in real estate. He was the father of a illegitimate child by Mary Barnes in 1747, We know he was married in 1746 and in a 1751 deed his wife was named Sarah. Various printed material claims he had at least one son named Dorsey. I suspect he may have had several children Dorsey sold over 300 acres of land in Baltimore County in 1763 and does not further appear in the land records. It is speculated that he might have moved west into Pennsylvania.

PEDDICORDS-PETTICOARTs born before ca. 1774

The following Peddicords were born between 1750 and 1774. Their parents are not known or proven.

Nicholas PEDDICORD born ca. 1750 in Maryland. This Nicholas is the progenitor of the Peddicord family in the area of Indiana Co., PA. He is on the 1790 census of Bedford Co., PA with 4 males under 16, 1 male over 16 yrs and 5 females. He is listed in the 1810 census of Indiana Co. as a male over age 45. His wife was named Sarah (apparently the daughter of John Wilson of Bedford Co., PA, as John Wilson named a daughter Sarah Peddicort in his will of 1774] . I suspect that he is likely the son of Dorsey Peddicord but there is no direct evidence.

Dorsey PEDDICORD There are two Dorsey Peddicords in the 1790 census of Baltimore Co., The lineage and descendants for either of these Dorseys is not known. However, one of them is possibly the reputed son of Dorsey Sr (son of John and Sarah Dorsey Petticoart)

Dorsey PETICOAT is found in the Middle River Hundred with 1 male over 16 and 1 female. A comparison of the names around this Dorsey PETICOAT in the 1790 census, with the names in the 1798 tax list of Baltimore County and the 1810 census {Unfortunately there is no 1800 census of Baltimore County} shows that Morris Peticord in 1810 was living in the same neighborhood as Dorsey was in 1790. Further, the listings around Dorsey PETICOAT are: Richard OWINGS, Capt. John COCKEY, Richardson STANSBURY, Caleb COCKEY,, William NORWOOD, Mary TIPTON, Dorsey PETICOAT, Shadrack TIPTON John C. OWINGS, John BOND Jr., John BOND (Sr.). Morris PETICORD was married to Keturah Bond, the granddaughter of John Bond Sr. (apparently the daughter of Joshua Bond]. This would suggest that there is a strong connection between Morris PETTICORD and Dorsey PETICOAT. Very Possibly Morris is the son of Dorsey.

Dorsey PEDDECOT is listed in an area that appears to be around Soldiers Delight or Delaware Hundred of Baltimore County, based on other names in the list. He has one male over 16, two male under 16 and 4 females in his household.

There is a Dorsey Peddicord born between 1755 and 1774 who migrated to Ohio. He may be the same Dorsey Peticoat listed in the 1800 and 1810 census of Huntingdon Co. PA. in 1800 he has 3 males under 10 years, 1 male age 26-45 years, 1 female under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 16-26 and one female 26-45. In 1810 he has 3 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-26 and 1 male over 45 , 2 females 10-16, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female 26-45. He may be the Dorsey Peddicord in the 1820 census of Fairfield Co OH (male over age of 45) who was the husband of Sarah, and apparently the father of John C. Peddicord, b. 1797 in MD, married March 1819 in Fairfield Co to Mary Ann Geisbert and also Susannah Peticord (b. ca. 1801) who married Isaac Hartsock on 18 Oct 1822 in Fairfield Co., OH) In Seneca County Ohio there is cemetery that was bulldozed, remains include stone for PETTICORD, Sarah w/o Dorsey died Feb 26, 1839. also in this cemetery is a Daniel Guisbert d. July 28, 1832 age 64 years and Elizabeth died Mar 18, 1838 age 66 years.This Dorsey may be related to James below:

James Peddicord Married 23 April 1793 in Baltimore to Mary Belt, in 1801 he moved from Washington Co., PA to Fairfield ( Now Licking Co.,) OH with his brother-in-laws and mother-in-law. In the 1820 census of Fairfield Co., OH there is a Dorsey Peddicord in Fairfield Co., who is over age 45 discused above. James Peddicord is mentioned in the history of Licking County Ohio.

John PEDDICORD born between 1740 and 1750, died in 1836 Mason Co., KY. Apparently he is the John Peddicord who married Rebecca Boring on 27 Aug 1771 (St. John's Parish) Joppa Town, Baltimore Co., MD. This John appears to be the progenitor of the Mason Co., KY Peddicord family which included sons who settled in southern Ohio. For a description of his family see the PEDDICORD FAMILIES OF KENTUCKY Page on this website. I have tentively placed him as a son Dorsey Peddicord Sr. since Dorsey Peddicoart purchased "Borings Range" in 1762 from James Boring.

Morris Petticord born about 1771, died 20 Jan 1838 in Baltimore, married 26 Feb 1763 Keturah Bond. Keturah was the grandaughter of John Bond Sr. of Bond's Industry and presumably the daughter of Joshua Bond who predceased his father. Recently information was provided about information Laura Petticord Buchen, the daughter of Charles C. Petticord, a granddaughter of Morris Petticord dictated before she died in 1924. According to this information, William B. Petticord b. 1794 was the eldest son and Charles C. b. 1821. was the youngest son of Morris, the other children were named as: John b. 1796 (who was a hat maker and one of the last of the Defenders of Baltimore from the war of 1812], Kensey b. 1807, Sarah b. 1808, Peter b. 1812, and a Joshua who moved west and was not heard from. There is an interesting twist however, in that Luara's mother-in-law, Rahel/Rachel Schmidt/Smith is said to have married one of Charles C's brothers and then married John Buchen. As discussed above, based on his location in 1810 being approximately the same where a Dorsey Peticoat is listed in 1790, its possible that his father was Dorsey.

Joseph Peddicord Joseph was born 11 April 1753 and died 4 May 1837 at the home of Levi Chambers in Anne Arundel Co., MD. Levi appears to be Joseph's son-in-law since Levi married Sary Peddicord on 15 Nov 1802 in Montgomery Co., MD.

Ester PEDDICORD Ester Peddicord is claimed to be the wife of Rev. John Murphy whose daughter Elizabeth (b. 1 June 1777) married Jesse Rowles.

Henry PEDDICOART has one reference to him found in the Sept 1771 list of debts for the estate of William Hall filed in Anne Arundle Co., MD. There are over 100 names on this list.

William PETYCORD This William was born between 1760 and 1770. He is only documented in the 1830 census of Baltimore County with 1 male age 60-70 and 1 female age 40-50. He was living in the northeast part of Baltimore County . He might be the father of a James Peddycord living near Hereford, Baltimore Co., in 1830 who was born between 1790 and 1800. (and found 2 pages away from William in the Census)

Another William Peddicord (or perhaps the same as William above), married Mary Collier by license dated 14 Dec 1803 in Washington Co., MD. Presumaably this William Peddicord is the same as the William Peddicord in the 1820 census residing in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD with 2 males under age 10, 1 male age 1 male age 16 to 26, 2 females under 10, and 1 female age 26 to 45. One theory on this family is that the children listed include Elizabeth Peddicord born ca 1816 in VA and married to (1) John Witherspoon and (2) to Jacob Wolfkill. Elizabeth is also found in (at least) the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Chambersburg and died 28 Oct 1886. John Peddicord b. ca 1816 in MD, appear in the 1850 census of Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA. along with an Ellen Peddicord b. ca. 1832 in MD.

Jane PEDDICORD claimed to have been the wife of first Shaderick Miles who died in 1788 in Washington County, Md. she married second Robert Barnes after 1790 and they moved to Ky from Washington Co., MD. John Miles, a son of Jane by her marriage to Shadrack Miles had issue that included Louisa Miles who married Carlton Peddicord and Xantippy Miles who married William Peddicord in Clark Co., KY. by Robert Barnes of Robert she is suppose to be the mother of Robert Jr. born ca. 1773, Joseph b. bef 1779, Alfred b. 1 June 1790, Ephraim b. ca. 1774, & Samuel b. ca. 1781.

Elizabeth PEDDICORD married Henry Inloes, Baltimore Co. license dated 6 Sept 1786.

Ruth PEDDICORD was the wife of Azariah Prather (b. ca 1760 in MD, d. bef Oct 1813 in Opelousa, LA.]. Opelousa Catholic Church records for the marriage of John Prather to Catharine Clark cite the name of his mother as Ruth Peddicord. In the 1783 tax list of Montgomery Co., MD, Azariah Prather is found in the Upper Newfoundland and Seneca Hundred. Azariah was in Clark Co., KY by 3 Nov 1800 where he witnessed the will of Archibald Edmondson. I place Ruth as a daughter of Jasper Peddicord and Rebecca Belt. In part, becuase Jasper is listed in the 1783 tax list of the Upper Newfoundland and Seneca Hundred with several tracts totaling about 340 acres. However, recently Larken D Peddicord (son of Nathan Peddicord and Hannah Owings) has been found as a witness to a will in Lousianna in 1816.

Mary Peddicord born 30 May 1763 (probably in Baltimore Co., MD) died 30 May 1838 in Clermont Co., OH was the wife of John Corbin

PEDDICORDS-PETTICOARTs Born Between ca. 1770 and 1800.

Thomas Peddicord born between 1765 and 1784 is found in the 1810 census of Madison Co., KY with 1 male age 26 to 45, 1 female age 26-45 Some think he may be from North Carolina.

Ann PETICORD born ca. 1784, found in the 1850 census of Baltimore county, living in the household of Mahlon Price, MD in the area around Priceville in Baltimore Co. which is a few miles south of Hereford. She may be the female in William Petycord houshold in the 1830 census, due to geographic locations.

Sarah Peddicord Married 2 March 1802 to John Barnes in Baltimore, MD

Jemima Peddicord Married 16 Jan 1805 to Caleb Boring in Baltimore Co. MD

Morris Peddicord born about 1771, died 20 Jan 1838 in Baltimore, married 26 Feb 1763 Keturah Bond. Recently information was provided from Lucy Petticord Buchen, the daughter of Charles C. Petticord, a granddaughter of Morris Petticord. according to this information, William B. Petticord b. 1794 was the eldest son and Charles C. b. 1821. was the youngest, the other children were named as: John b. 1796 (who was a hat maker and one of the last of the Defenders of Baltimore from the war of 1812, Kensey b. 1807, Sarah b. 1808, Peter b. 1812, and a Joshua who moved west and was not heard from.

Adam Peddicord married in Baltimore Co. on 10 April 1810 Elizabeth Fowble. He appears in the 1810 census of Baltimore Co. one entry removed from his father-in-law (and after a brother-in-law). In this listing Adam Perrcord has 1 male under age 10, 1 male age 16 to 26, one female age 16 to 26. In 1820 he is found in the census of the 7th district of Baltimore County, one page before the entry for Humphrey Peddicord. In 1820 he is listed with 3 males under age 10, 1 male age 10-16, 1 male age 26-45, 1 female under age 10, 1 female age 16-26 and 1 female age 26-45. More research is required, but Adam is potentially the father of several persons born in MD between 1800 and 1830 for whom no parents have be established.

Rebecca Peddicort married 21 Dec 1810 (or 1816) Richard Thompson in Montgomery Co. MD

Nancy Peddicord married 3 Feb 1812 Richard Warfield in Baltimore Co. MD

Sophia Peddicord married 20 Nov 1812 Stephen Musgrove in Baltimore Co. MD. Stephen is found in the 1820 census of the 5th district of Howard Co., MD.

Cynthia Peddicoart married 22 Dec 1812 to Nacy Thompson, in Montgomery Co. MD

Marcella Peddicord married Greenbury Sheets. (MD)

William Peddicordmarried 21 March 1817 to Nancy Comly in Baltimore Co., MD

William Peddicord may be the same as the William above is in the 1820 census of 5th dist. of Anne Arundel Co., MD with 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 26-45, 1 in agriculture. Also on that page of the census is Zacharia PEDDICORD 1 male age 26-45, two females age under 10, 1 female age 26 to 45. 1 male in agriculture. Is this William the father of Thomas Petticord (b. ca. 1810) who moved to Ohio Co., WVA? (see the next section)

Adam Peddicord was born ca 1794 and married to Hope (Hoopy) Scott 1 December 1829. He lived in Baltimore Co. and died between 1850 and 1860. Their issue included: Andrew (b. ca. 1831), James H. (b. 19 Aug 1832), George (b. ca. 1837) and Elizabeth (b. ca. 1842)

Kellon Peddycord of Stokes Co (Forsyth Co.) NC born ca. 1783, died Oct 1849 married on 3 Sept 1810 to Grizella Ledford. in Stokes Co., NC

Nathan Peddicord born ca. 1790 in MD or KY. He is in Clark Co., KY married Mary (Nancy) Dawson there on 15 Sept 1814. He seems to be a son of William, Nathan, or Leakin D. Peddicord, sons of Nathan and Hannah Owings from Washington Co., MD. Nathan of Nathan or Hannah is thought to have died before 1798 when his presumed widow Margaret Peddicord married Harry Browning. Leakin D. Peddicord was a witness of the Widow Margaret Peddicord to Harry Browning. Note that in the Kentucky Journal in 7 Aug 1810 the following appeared: Richard Blew, living in Clark County near Winchester, regarding a runaway apprentice to the blacksmith business, Nathaniel Dailey, age 20. He may change his name to Nathaniel Peddicord.

Shadrack Peddychord is another member of the Clark Co., KY family. He is also most likely a son of Nathan, or Leakin Pedddicord. Shadrack was married twice, first to Lucinda Doggett on 11 April 1822 in Clark Co., and second to Mary Jane Palmer on 16 May 1839 in Henry Co., KY. The census records hint that he may have had children by the first marriage, but so far the only family known is that of the second marriage. The fact that Shadrack does not seem to own land, but living near (or perhaps on) land owned by (1) William Peddicord in Clark Co., and (2) William's presumed son Carleton in Henry Co. KY, gives rise to the suspicion he was not William's son, but perhaps his nephew.

Ann Pedycoart married ca. 1815 William A. R. Daily, Tuscarawas Co. - Ann is probably the daughter of Nathan.

Sarah Peddicord marriage lic. 2 March 1802 in Baltimore Co., MD to John Barnes


Joseph P. Peddicord. of Frederick, Howard, or Baltimore Co. This Joseph Peddicord was born ca. 1800 as he married in Frederick Co., MD to Catharine Elizabeth Young by license dated 28 Jan 1824. Glenn Peddicord found that they were divorced 24 Feb 1841, yet the death certificate of one daughter, Alice indicates she was born in 1848. There seem to be two Joseph Peddicords in Anne Arundel Co (Howard Dist) ca. 1816-1830. It is generally though that Joseph H Peddicord is the son of Jasper and Amelia Peddicord. This being the Joseph H. who married Ann E. Barnes. Latest information indicates that Higgenson Peddicord (son of Jasper Peddicord and Becky Belt) of Montgomery Co was first married to a Miss Pigman and had a son Joseph by her before marrying Betsey Bozarth. This son Joseph was left with his grandparents in Maryland, after his mother died.

Thomas Petticord is another Howard Co Peddicord of unknown parents. he was born ca. 1810 in Baltimore Maryland, married Dec 1840 to Susan Kendal in the Howard District of Anne Arundel County and moved ca. 1838 from Maryland to Ohio Co., WVA. The Civil war enlistment papers for his son James T. Petticord indicate that the latter was born in 1842 in Elliotts Mills (now Ellicott City) in Anne Arundel Co., MD.

Anne Marie Petticard married (license dated the 21st of August) on 24 Aug 1833 (Frederick Co. MD) John Smollet Paulin (Middletown Evangelical)

David Petticord David was born ca 1818 in Maryland found in 1850 in Stuebenville OH and in 1870 and 1880 in Allegheny PA. In 1870 on the same Census page is a John Petticor age 40 (b. ca. 1830) in MD and his family.

Rachel Peddicord born 18 Oct 1811 and died 24 Feb 1859, married 21 Jan 1829 in Baltimore Co., MD to Henry Mercer born 10 Jan 1804, died 24 Feb 1859 (they are buried at Unionville, Frederick Co., MD)

Margaret Peddicord married 7 Sept 1840 in Baltimore MD to William Turner

Jasper Peddicord married 1 Feb 1822 in Baltimore MD to Mary Ann Holmes and had issue of (at least): Andrew Jackson Peddicord (christianed 13 Mar 1831 Westminster, Baltimore (Carroll) Co. MD) and Margareth (christianed 24 Oct 1829)

Elizabeth Peddicord born ca 1816 in VA and John Peddicord b. ca 1816 in MD, appear in the 1850 census of Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA. along with an Ellen Peddicord b. ca. 1832 in MD. Elizabeth was married to (1) John Witherspoon and (2) to Jacob Wolfkill. Elizabeth is also found in (at least) the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Chambersburg and died 28 Oct 1886. As mentioned above, one theory is they are children of William Peddicord and Mary Collier. There is a John Peddicord born ca 1816-1819 in PA (according to the census)who is in the 1860 and 1870 census of Logan Co., OH and is buried there. He was married to a Deborah and had a daughter Sarah C. He may be the same person as the John found with Elizabeth in 1850

Mahala Peddicord married 19 Nov 1830 in Brown Co., OH to John Lemming (Linning?)

Aberilla Petticord born ca. 1812, married in Brown Co OH 4 Sept 1834 to John Berry. She is likely a daughter of Abel Peddicord, as her eldest son is named Abel D. Berry (b. ca. 1835)

Asenith Petticord born ca 1811 KY, d. 29 Sept 1860 married in Brown Co., OH, maried 18 Oct 1834 Joseph Barnes, I suspect whe is the duaghter of Nicholas Peddicord, since the census records indicate he probably had a daughter born between 1810 and 1815.

Rachel Petticord married 3 Sept 1838, at Newark, Licking Co., OH to Michael Stateler

Lydia Peddicord married 16 Sept 1838 in Brown Co., OH to William Fight

Solomon J. Peddicord appears in the city directory of Baltimore in 1835 and 1836 as a cordwinder, living on Freemont street. This is apparently Saul Pedidcord of Adam who was a shoemaker.

Mary Peddicord married 2 Mar 1828 Tuscarawas Co., OH to Joel Watton

Sallie Peddicord married 11 Feb 1830 Rutherford Co., NC Alfred Garrison

Sarah Peddicord born ca 1800-1820 in KY married to James Shannon. Had a daughter Eliza (b. March 1837 died 17 Oct 1923 in Lexington KY). Data comes from Eliza's death certificate that names her parents. Eliza was married to Barnes (or Lorenzo Barnes) DARRELL. and had three children. So far I have found Eliza in the 1860 and 1870 census of Bath Co., KY and in 1880, 1900, and 1910 Montgomery Co., KY


Abirill Petticord married to Asa D. Spinning 9 April 1849, Clermont Co., OH

Adeline Petticord born ca. 1841 died Jan 1877, married 27 Nov 1863 in Baltimore Co., MD to John E. Taylor Living in 16th ward of Baltimore in 1870, has been Identified as Mary Adeline Peddicord daughter of William H Peddicord and Achsah Lee

Ava E or L Peddicord born 1836, buried at Locust Grove Brethern Church Cemetery, Liganore, Frederick Co. MD

Sarah Peddicord born ca 1826, married 6 April 1844 in Baltimore Co., MD to Elias Airy (Airey) found in the 1850 census in the 20th ward of Baltimore with three children and her husband. Apparently died before 1880

B. Petticord born ca 1824 in KY. Appears in 1850 census of Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL in the household of F. M. Tagget.

Catharine Peddicord married John C. King, 25 Sept 1865 in Baltimore MD

Edward Petticord born ca. 1820 in KY, appears in 1850 census of La Salle Co., IL

Edward Petticord born ca. 1825 in KY appears in the 1850 census of Morgan Co., OH with a Pagel Petticord

Elinor Peddicord married 35 Nov 1845 in Mason Co., KY to William Shockley

Elizabeth Petticord married 14 June 1846 in Brown Co., OH to John Lydic also listed as marrying John Lydie on 14 Feb 1850 in Brown Co., OH.

Ellen Norah Pedicord married 21 Sept 1854 in Auglaize Co., OH Simon Peter Roberts

Emma Peddicord born ca. 1848, appears in 1870 census of Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD

George W. Peticord married 12 Mar 1851 in Baltimore, MD Catharine Bryan

Glory Peddycord born ca 1831 in NC, appears in the 1850 census of Salem, Forsyth Co., NC age 19 in household of J. Philip Reich

Humphrey Peddicord apprently died ca 1855, married 4 Jan 1854 in Putnan Co., OH, Wilhelmina Myers. had one son William H born Oct 1854 in OH. The widow married Henry Kundard in Sept 1855.

J. C. Peddicord born ca. 1830 in KY, and William C. Peddicord born ca 1836 in KY appear in 1860 in Missouri City, Clay Co., MO. William C. was married 5 Feb 1858 in Clay Co., to Bettie Brooks and is living with his apparent mother-in-law in 1860. William C was in the civil war and apparently married second Mary E? J. C. may be the same individual as John C. Petticord b. ca. 1828 who is in the 1850 census of Owsley Co., KY

John Petticord born ca 1835 KY appears in the 1860 census of Campbell Co KY

Katharine Peddicord married 7 June 1842 in Brown Co., OH to William Robbins

L Petticord b. ca. 1821 in KY, appears in the 1875 census of Esmerealda Co NV. as L. Peddicord age 54 b. KY a saloon keeper

Margaret Peddicord married 7 Sept 1840 in Baltimore County to William Turner

Margaret Peddicord married 1 Nov 1842 in Morgan Co., OH to John Warner. The location of Morgan Co., OH suggests she is related to Dorsey Peddicord, however, Dorsey's daughter Margaret married John Harvey. Is John Warner an earlier husband?

Mary Peddicord born c.a. 1836 in OH, married 28 Sept 1853 in Clermont Co., OH to John W. Robins. They are found in the 1860 census in Scott Twp., Brown Co., OH with children Ida Mae and Effa Robins.

Mary J. R. Peddicord born ca 1827 in MD, married in Montgomery Co., MD 2 Dec 1851 to Napoleon Pryor (they are in the 1870 and 1880 census of Montgomery Co., MD not found in the 1860 census index.) Apparently the daughter of Thomas Peddicord and Rebecca Landon.

Mary M. Peddicord married 26 Sept 1856, Sangamon Co., IL. to David Stephenson

Nancy Peddycoart married 4 Jan 1842 in Harrison Co., OH to Joseph Walters, possibly a daughter of Levi Peddicord.

Samuel Peddicord born ca 1834 in OH, found in the 1870 census of Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., KY. Possibly the Samuel (of Rezin Peddicord) who was born 1836 in MD, but grew up in Ohio

Sarah Peddicord married ca 1850 in (W)VA John Parsons

Sarah Peddicordborn ca 1826, died bef 1880, married 6 Apr 1844 in Baltimore MD, Elias Airy

Sarah Ann Peddicord married 30 Dec 1858 in Sangamon Co., IL to William Willis

Susan Pedicord born ca 1935, age 15 in 1850 living in 1st Dist of Baltimore Co., MD in household of William Taylor.

Susan Peddicord born ca 1833 KY, living in 1850 in Clark Co., in household of Elizabeth Stringfellow

Susan A. Pedicord married 9 Nov 1859 Ohio CO., WVA to John Wilds

Susan Petticord married Philip Kagarise (b. 1836 Bedford Co., PA)

Thomas Peddicord born ca 1833, private in Union Army from OH, enlisted 14 Aug 1862 age 29.

William Peddicost born ca 1821 in 1870 census of Sangamon Co., IL married to Emma b. ca. 1834

William Peddicordborn ca 1831 in OH, found in the 1860 census of Brown Co., OH

William C. Peddicord born ca 1836 in KY, lived in Clay Co., MO, married to Mary E.? and Bettie Brooks.


A. D. Pedicord born 1850 in Indianna, appears in the 1880 census of Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY with a wife name Emma b. 1847 in Indianna. Bother of their parents are listed as born in Indiana.

Amanda C. Peddicord an infant who died August 1849 in Frederick Co., MD (from census mortality list)

Caroline Peddicord born abt 1855 in NC, in the 1870 census of Kernersville, Forsyth Co., NC

Charles Petticord born May 1857 and died Aug 1858 bur. Baltimore Cemetery (MD)

Charles A. Peddicord filed and received a pension for civil war service from Kansas 3 Oct 1921

David S. Peddicord b. ca 1844 in OH is in the 1860 census of Brown Co., OH single male

Delilah Peddicord married 11 Aug 1877 in Shelby Co., MO William T. Owsley

Elizabeth Peddicord married 21 Oct 1875 in Caldwell Co., MO George Cox. She may be the daughter of Nathaniel Peddicord whose daughter Elizabeth was born ca. 1828 and living in Caldwell Co in 1870. There is a 40 year old George Cox in the 1880 census of Caldwell Co., who is listed as a widower, working as a servant.

Elizabeth E. Peddycord married 23 July 1863 in Shelby Co., IL to Leonard J. Buel

The heirs of Eliza Peddicord daughter of Samuel Shambaugh and Polly Delay are referred to in the estate of her father

Ella Peddicord born ca. 1857 appears in the 1880 census of LaSalle Co., IL as a servant in the household of Gilbar Hawland. Might she be the same as Margaret E. the daughter (who is listed list her parents in 1880 in LaSalle Co.) of David and Susan Peddicord?

Hannah Petticord died in Richmond VA 1863 - From the Richmond Enquirer, 3/14/1863 - TERRIBLE EXPLOSION - BETWEEN FORTY AND FIFTY FEMALES KILLED AND WOUNDED. - On yesterday forenoon, between eleven and twelve o'clock, an explosion occurred in Department No. 6 of the Confederate States Laboratory, involving a frightful loss of life and limb to some forty or fifty persons, almost all of whom were females. the following, all dreadfully burned, were received at General Hospital No. 2, corner of Cary and 7th streets: ...Hannah Petticord... she is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond VA

H. C. Peddicord is claimed to been the husband of Mrs Hatie (nee Crenshaw) Petticord of Chicott Co., AR. This may be eroneous as there is a C.E. Peddicord buried with her who died in 1897. I suspect that this C.E.Petticord is Charles E. Petticord born in Baltimore who was married in 1870 to a Frances in LA. Hattie's son Perry list's his father as born in MD in the 1900 census of Chicot Co., ARK. Buried with Hattie and C.E. Peddicord in Dermott is a Henry Peddicord died 17 Jan 1901 and a marker for Annie Belle Peddicord. In the 1900 census, Hattie indicates she had 3 children with 2 living, on of them was Perry living with his mother.

I. Peddicord a female born ca 1848 living at a boarding school in 1860 in Terra Haute IND.

Ida C. Perage? born ca 1854 in MD,seems to have married a PEDDICORD, but then she married in Philadephia PA Frank F. Day age 28 on 30 May 1872. In 1880 Ida and Frank F. Day are in the household of Ida's parents a John W. Perage and wife Sarah E

Jennie Peddicord married 16 June 1870 in Sumner Co., TN to Neal Collier

John Peddicord born ca 1844 in MO, appears in 1880 census of Denver CO

John Peddicord born ca. 1854 in IL is in the 1900 census of Dodge Co., NE; might be the same John living with Jasper Peddicord and Mary Field in 1870.

John Peddicord born ca 1861 in NC, appears in 1880 censue of Salem NC in household of Henry McIver

John Wesley Pettycord born Feb 1843 in OH. There are a couple of John Wesley Peddycoart or Peddycords, this John Wesley appears in the 1880 through 1930 censuses in Indianapolis, IND. I can not identify him in the 1850-1870 censuses. Based on his birthdate, location, spelling and other factors I suspect he may be a son of Benjamin Peddicord and Verona Reed from NC. Benjamin died before 1850.

Katharine Peddycord or is she the wife of ? Peddycord, born ca 1859 and died 9 March 1929 in Los Angles CA

Letitia J Hall 30 Sept 1854 - 14 July 1887, daughter of William W Hall and Ann was married to unknown Peddicord. She is buried near her parents in Georgeville, Franklin Co., OH.

Nancy b. ca 1843 widow of ? Peddicord who died 24 Apr 1887, married 26 Oct 1888 in Indiana Co., PA (lic.) C. (Christian?) W. Carbaugh, b. ca. 1847 son of Adam and Harriett. Her parents were Levi and Harriet ??

Mary Peddicord or wife of a Peddicord born 1845, died 24 Oct 1919 at Weston State Hospital in Lewis Co., WVA

Mary Peddicord born ca 1860 in NC is in the 1880 census of Winston, Forsyth Co as a servant in household of Cyrus Watson

Mary Peddicord married in Allegheny Co., PA ca 1873 John Wesley Shoff

Mary Ann Peticord born 11 Mar 1846, died 11 July 1848, her death notice was in the Baltimore Sun (it did not name her parents)

Mary E. Peddicord to John P. Watkins dated 25 Dec 1852 in Sangamon Co., IL.

Mary Edissa Peddicord married in Frederick Co., MD to William T. Miller 8 Jan 1867, might be the daughter of John Theodore Peddicord, b. ca 1848 who is listed as Mary Virginia.

Mary R. Peddicord married 19 Dec 1878 at Baltimore Md to George W. Perrin

Mattie Peddicord married to a Joseph Wolfe

Minnie Peddicord married 11 Aug 1864 in Sangamon Co., IL to Thomas Updycke (a daughter of Lloyd Bell Peddicord?)

Nancy (widow Peddicord] b. ca 1843 married 26 Oct 1888 in Indiana Co., PA to C. W. Carbaugh. Her parents were named Levi and Catharine

Nathan Peddicord married 27 Aug 1872 in Washington Co., ARK to Elizabeth Carnahan

John Pedicord born ca 1855 in OH found in the 1920 census of Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., ARK with wife Mary

Nathan Peddicord died 21 May 1937 or 1938 in Mason Co., KY age 85 years

Sarah Petticord born ca 1852 in NC, in the 1870 census Randolph Co NC as a domestic servant.

Sylvester Peddicord born ca 1847 in OH, (altough his tombstone lists his birth date as 5 april 1849. He is in the 1880 and 1900, and 1910 census of Dallas Co., IA, married and divorced Nellie J. I think he is alias Sylvester Dougherty who was living with Perry Peddicord in 1850 and 1860 census, then appears in 1870 in LaSalle Co., IL than in 1880 as Sylvester Peddicord in the household of David Peddicord in Dallas Co., IA.

William Peddicord married 3 July 1878 in Baltimore to Catharine Dering, not known whom this William is.

William Petycord born ca 1853 in NC found in 1880 census of Boone Co., IND

WIlliam A. Peddicord born ca 1857 in IA, in 1900 census of Chicago IL and in 1920 Winter Park FL.


Albert PEDDICORD b. Apr 1861 in Washington DC. married Isabella? found in the 1900 census of 7th ward of Baltimore City.

Charles O. Peddycord born ca 1861, died 13 Aug 1927, Los Angeles Co., CA

Compton A. Peddycord married 22 June 1889 in Kosciusko Co. IN to Laura Finton

Elmer Petticoart b. ca 1869 IA, appears in 1900 census of Butler Co., IA with wife Hattie He may be the same person as Lorenzo Peddycoart b. 1869 son of John S. Peddycoart and Sarah Davis.

Emma Peddicord married 23 Aug 1883 in Grundy Co., IL to George M. Keeny

George W. Peddycord born ca. 1868 in IN. In the 1920 census of Colville, Stevens Co. WA: George W. Peddycord MW age 52 b. married b. IND parents b. IND manager of a bank. wife June FW age 49 b. IND, parents b. IND son John age 17 single b. Wash father b. IND mother b. IND stepson - Fred D. Johnson WM age 22 single b. Colorado. Parents b. IND, a dentist, general.

Grace Peddicord married 13 Dec 1882 in Iroquois Co., IL George Hedges. The only person in the 1880 census of Iroquois county was with a similar name was Gracie Peddycoart the 8 year old daughter of Willis Peddycoart

Grant Peddicord Grant was born ca. 1863-1865 in OH (Brown County apparently). His mother was Mahala (nee Thomas) Peddicord the widow of Jacob Peddicord who died apparently before 1850 (Or was away from his family in 1850 and 1860 census)

Henrietta Petticord born ca Dec 1860-62 WVA, married 2 June 1877 Ohio Co. WVA John Degarmo. She is probably the Henrietta Miles who was age 9 living with the family of John and Henrietta Petticord in 1870 in Ohio Co. WVA.

J. S. Pedicord husband of Mary Bryan Browniff (b. b. 1861 Noble Co., OH, died 1926 Noble Co., OH

Jennie Peddicord born ca 1870 is in the Indianna Co., PA Alms House in 1920

Lidia Petticord born ca 1861 in MD, is living in Baltimore City in 1880 as a servant in the household of Wm F. Luwig

Lucy Peddicord born ca 1863 in MD, found in the 1880 census of New Castle Co. DE

Three apparent orphans in North Carolina are Lucy Ellen Peddycord b. ca. 1863, William D. Peddycord born ca 1864 and John Albert Peddycord born 12 May 1867

Mary Alice Peddicord married in Green Co., IA 20 Sept 1882, John Petttit

Mollie Peddicord married in Brown Co OH., ca 1882 Benjamin Kirkpatrick

Peter Petticord born Sept 1863, died Apr 1865, buried in Baltimore Cemetery, MD

Richard Petticord was married to Minerva and had a daughter born on 18 June 1908 in Columbia Co., WA (This is probably Richard of Bob Smith PEDDICHORD)

Sarah Peddicord married 12 Jul 1883 in Calhoun Co., IA to Philip Kagrice

Sarah J. Pedercord born ca Feb 1860 died ca Jun 1860 in Baltimore City 8th ward (census mortality schedule]

Saul Petticord born ca 1864 in NC, found in 1900 Sedgwick Co., KS census wife Viola

Violet V Pedicord born ca 1866 in Ind. in 1880 census of Cooper Co., MO with mother, Mary E. and step-father, Holder

W. M. Peddicord born ca 1861 Forsyth Co., NC married March 1896 Davidson Co., NY to Lee Warner

William Peddicord born ca 1860 in KY married to Lizzie b. ca 1863 KY, living in Lee Co., IL in 1900 and 1910. William is a widower in McLean Co., IL in 1920, the couple outlived their 9 children, including a Clarence and Frances, but known to have had a granddaughter Lillie b. ca 1896 in MO.

Willie Peddicord b. 1868 in MO, in 1920 census of Des Moines IA as a printer, single.

Willie E. Peddicord born ca 1865 in MO, in 1930 census of Topeka Twp., KS with with wife Ollie A. married for 30 years.


Allen Peddycourt born ca 1874, married Sarah Caroline Conyers on 15 Nov 1895, Cook Co., TX

Alta Pedicord 1877-1897 buried at Bishopsville Cemetery, Morgan Co., OH (family of David L Pedicord is buried there, but the relationsip to Alta is unknown, maybe wife of one of his sons.

Barsini Peddicord b. ca 1870, died Oct 1879, buried in Baltimore (MD) Cemetery

Belle M. Peddicord married 20 May 1885 in La Salle Co., IL to David C. Pritchard.

C. Petticord (male) found in 1930 census of Pittsburg PA listed as born 1875 in NY

Carl Petticord born 1879 in Ohio Co WVA (from birth register)

Chester D. Peddycord born ca 1873 IND, listed in 1930 census of Seattle, WA

Clara Peddicord was born ca. 1872 in IL in 1880 census of Marseilles, La Sale Co with her mother Eliza who was divorced

Eliza Petticord born 1876, died Oct 1879, buried in Baltimore Cemetery

Estella M. Peddycord b/ ca 1878 died 20 Dec 1910 San Bernadino Co., CA. There is an Estella Peddicord b. ca 1876, the daughter of Caleb R. and Sally Jones who grow up in Portland OR.

Eva E. Petticord married 22 July 1896 in Hendricks Co., IND, to Walter S. Ogden

Florence Peddicord born ca 1879 MD, found as a servant (single female) in 1900 census of Baltimore in household of Ellie E. Dorsey

Everett H. Petticord born ca Nov 1877 died on 18 July 1878 in Rochester, Sangmon Co., IL

Frank Peddicord born ca 1875, appears in the 1920 census of Carroll Co., IL

Frank H. Peddicord b. ca 1879 in IL married Gertrude "Gertie" F. is in the 1920 census of Stevens Co., KS and 1930 census of Kane Co., IL

G. Pedicord b. ca 1871 in 1920 census of Fort Worth TX, PEDICORD, G., lodger, MW age 49 single, b. TX parents b. TX, occup: Cooks

Harry McClain Peddycord born 25 Sept 1879, died 24 Jan 1974, married to Ellen Fullbright

Herbs? Peddycord born ca 1876 in IN, appears in 1920 census of Chicago Heights, IL with wife Varris? and sons Miles and Walter

Harry C. Petticord born ca 1874 in PA, appears in 1910 census of Chicago IL

Irene Peddicord appears in the 1900 census of DC, b. April 1874 age 26 single b. MD parents b. MD, occupation government clerk.

Jessie Peddicourt born April 1883 and her twin sister Anna Peddicourt, along with sister Mary B. Peddicourt born March 1887 and their mother Anna? b. May 1849 are found in the 1900 census of Salt Creek, Hocking Co., OH. Anna Peddycourt is listed as married. The girls are apparently descendants of John Samuel Peddycoart but their father is unknown

Charles Peddicord born 18 Sept 1871 MD and died 6 Jan 1938 in Baltimore MD. According to his death certificate, he was a widower with wife named Mary and his parents were cited as John Peddicord and Susan Lee. In the 1930 census of Baltimore he is listed as PETTICORD, Charles boarder MW age 60 widowed b. MD parents b. MD, laborer tree box Co, living in the household of Francis Conway

John S. Peddicord born ca 1871 in PA, appears in 1900 census of Laramie Co., CO and in 1910 census of Laramie Co., WY. In 1910 he is living with several men all listing occupation as US reclaimation service.

John L. Peddycoart born ca. May 1875 in IL, died before 1930. married 1898 to Elizabeth "Bessie" who was born Jan 1878 in OH. They are in the 1900 census of Cook Co., IL and 1910 and 1920 census of Laramie Co., WY. had issue Mabel born ca 1902 and Juanna? born ca. 1904.

Unknown Peddicord born in IL married Laura S. b. ca. 1869 in SD. This couple divorced between ca. 1915 and 1920, but had issue: Lew, William C., Ina, Bennie, and Beatrice. All the children were born in Canada. Laura and the children are in the 1920 census in OK, she remarried Arthur Ine?

Louis Peddicord born ca 1871 in IL, is in the 1930 census of , Witchita, Witchita Twp., Sedgwick Co., KS

Lucy Petticord born Sept 1873 in KY, appears in the 1900 census of McLean Co IL as a servant

Mary Petticord born ca 1875 is in the 1900 census of Baltimore as a 25 yr old single female, occupation: operator. She is probably the same Mary as the daughter of Charles A. L Peddicord and Katharine Ruff

Mayme Pettichord not sure if she was the wife of a Peddicord or a duaghter. Born 9 Aug 1879, died 9 Aug 1915, buried in Whitman Co., WA. She seems to be connected to the family of John Thomas Pettichord

Melissa Peddicord born ca 1875 in PA, appears in the 1900 census of Westmoreland Co., PA

Myrtle Peddicord born ca. 1878 and Zella Peddicord born ca 1884 in IL were the daughters of ?? Peddicord and Clara. They are found in 1920 and 1930 census in Los Angles CA. Myrtle married George Leonardy and Zella married a Mr Tull

Thomas W. Petticord married 17 Sept 1888 in Hancock Co., WVA to Isabelle Barnes

Victoria Peddicord married 24 Feb 1892, Sangamon Co., IL to Joseph C. Miller acording to the Illinois state marriage records. A Joseph C and Victoria Miller in Sangamon County in the 1900 and 1910 census indicate through the number of years married that they were married ca 1887. From the census, she was born Apr 1866 in Indiana and John was born August 1866 in KY

W. D. Peddycord born ca 1875 married 15 Nov 1900, OK to Pearl Lobbey

W. E. Peddicord born ca 1807 in IND, in 1900 census of Carbon Co., WY married to Pathray???

Wyona Petticord born 1871 in Ohio Co., WVA (from birth register)

Lydia Peddicourt born 13 Mar 1878, and died 15 Mar 1878 Salt Creek Twp., Hocking Co., OH

Willie Peddycoart born ca June 1879 Hocking Co., OH mother was Anna; in 1880 census of Hocking Co., OH


Albert C. Peddicord b. 26 Mar 1881 in IA. married to Katharine (b. ca. 1876). found in the 1920 census of Chicago IL.

Alverdia Peddicord b. 1889 in Ohio Co., WVA (from birth record]

Bert (Burt) R. Peddicord born ca 1890 in WVA, married Virginia C. abt 1925. In 1910 Burt is living in Ohio, in 1920 in Iowa, and in 1930 living in Los Angeles CA.

Biddie Petticord married 16 Oct 1906 in Delaware Co., IND to Orville E. Haines

Carl Peddicord in the 1910 census in Winston, Forsyth Co. NC age 22 single male. I believe this is Austin Carl Peddicord who is also listed in his parents household in the 1910 census.

Cecil Petticord born 1897 in Ohio Co WVA (from birth register)

Charles A. Petticord born ca. Feb 1884 in MD, in an orphanage in 1900, Emittsburg, Frederieck Co., MD

Charles Petticord born ca 1883 in OH, found in 1910 census of Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH

Charles Petticord born c. 1890 died 22 Dec 1894, Boone Co., IN

Clifton Petticord born ca 1899 IL in the 1920 census of Wayne Co., IL

Cora B. Peddicord born 23 Sept 1889 in Ark and died 6 Nov 1961 in San Diego CA according to the CA death index. Her mother was nee Scott

Dolly Pedicord married 9 Dec 1898 Unionville, Putnam Co., MO William Burt Odam

E. J. Pitticord b. ca. 1891 in IL married Orphia in 1930 census of Calhoun Co. IA

Earl Simon Peddicord born 1 July 1885 living in 1918 in Troy, Miami Co., OH, a butcher by trade, his nearest relative is listed as Mrs. Edna Peddicord. Their address was 7 So. Clay St.

Earl Westfield Petticord born 7 Oct 1878 in WVA. married 25 July 1905 in Wheeling WVA, Edith Amelia Seabright. died 13 Mar 1956 in Los Angeles

Edith Peddicord wife of Oscar Murray Kindley

Edward W. Peddycord born ca 1890 in IN, died 31 Jan 1923 Ft Campbell, KY, buried in Detroit MI, wife was named Elinor, listed in the 1920 census of Detroit MI

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Peddicord Born ca. 1890, found in 1930 census in Bayview Assylum (City Hospital) - PETTICORD Lizzie inmate FW age 40? Single b. MD parents b. US.

Ellwyn Peddicord born 27 Aug 1891, d. Feb 1893, Lake Co., IN

Elsie Petticord married 6 May 1911, Sedgwick Co., KS to Earl M. Loop

Emma Peddicord born ca 1890 in PA, appears in 1820 census of Clarksburg WVA with uncle Thomas Peddicord

Ernest Petticord claimed to have married Julia May Adams ca. 1895 in KS and father of Nancy Elizabeth Petticord

Esther Peddicord born ca 1893 in OH, her mother was Minnie Guile. In 1900 census of Williamsburg, Clermont Co., Esther and her mother are living with Minnie's father. In 1910 Esther was living on her own in Williamsburg OH

Eva Frank Peddicord married 30 Aug 1916 in Jefferson Co., IL to Ernest Lynwood Cornelius

F. R. Petticord died November 1913, aged 30 yrs, buried at Dayton Cemetery, Columbia Co., WA

Faustine ??? married a Peddicord, born 25 Mat 1897 CA, died 6 Feb 1967 Conta Costa Co., CA

Frances Elizabeth Petticord listed as marrying 31 Dec 1902 Pleasant Hart Bigger

Frederick Peddicord named as the husand of a Mable Seymour, married 17 Oct 1912. Mable supposedly born 5 April 1890 and died 3 Jul 1920. Frederick Rudolph Peddicord or Baltimore was married ca. 1920 to a Mable A. who was born ca 1891 WVA, but she was with her husband in the 1930 census

Harry G. Peddicord born 6 Oct 1885, died 28 Sept 1888 buried in Louden Park Cemetery, Baltimore MD

Harvey T Petticord listed in the 1920 census of Baltimore as son-in-law MW age unk, married b. MD parents b. MD, Saleman, mens cloths in the household of James Fugate (Curiously there are two son-in-laws in the household, but no daughters)

Henry Peddicord born ca 1882, appears in 1930 census of Gray's Harbour WA, age 47 single b. WA father b. US mother b. Switzerland.

Herman Petticord born ca 1881 in IA appears in 1930 census of Des Moines IA with wife Gertrude (married ca 1924).

Janie Peddicord 1875 -1964, buried at Southwest City Cemetery, McDonald Co., MO

J. Brownell Peddicord married 12 June 1912 Dimmit Co TX to Elizabeth S. Budd

John T. Peddicord Corporal, USA, killed in action during WWI

Unknown Peddicord born ca 1880 in MO was married to Margaret Stover and has children: Ona? female born ca 1902 in MO and Joseph b. ca 1904 in OK. The family is in the 1920 census of Sumner Co., KS, but no first name is given for Mr. Peddicord

L. M. Peddicord a female born ca. Jun 1884 in MD, attending Washington College in Kent Co., MD in 1900)

Laura M Peddycord married in Kosciusko Co., IND on 22 Apr 1897 Charles E. Isenberger.

Lawrence Peddicord born ca. 1885 in PA, in the 1920 census of of Allegheny Co., PA with wife Mamie and daughters Annie and Delores. This may be aka Clarence Peddicord.

Leslie Petticordb. May 1897 in TN. In the Troundsdale, TN 1900 census is a very odd entry with: the household of Jim Filson WM b. July 1874 age 25, married 4 yrs b. TN parents b. TN and his wife Nannie B. b. June 1877 age 22 married 4 years, 2 children living b. TN parents b. TN, their son- Jas. William b. Feb 1897 age 3 b. TN and daughter Bettie Lou b. Sept 1898 age 2 b. TN is also in the family is Leslie PETTICORD WM b. May 1897 age 3, b. TN parents b. Tn listed as a grandson? also a Pattie HUSKEY (border?) WF b. 1840 age 60 widowed, b. TN parnets b. TN.

Mabel B. Petticord, born ca 1886 in Ohio, listed in 1910 census of Cincinnatti head FW age 24 single b OH father b MD mother b OH waitress, restraunt, rents home.

Mary H. Peddicord born in 1884 in Ohio Co WVA (birth register)

Mary M. Peddicord died 19 Oct 1908, married 13 Aug 1899 in Iroquois Co., IL to Jacob Jethro Wise (might be a daughter of Willis R. Peddycoart)

Nannie B. Petticord married 6 Dec 1902, Marion Co., IND to Frank Moore

Pearl Petticord (female) born Aug 1880 in IL., in 1900 census of Tippecanoe Co. IND

Pearl Peddycord (male) born ca 1892-1895 in OH. in 1910 census of Athens Co., OH and 1920 census of Gurensy Co., OH

Radah Peddicord married ca 1908 in IL to Burney Bryan

Richard Peddicord born 21 Oct 1894, died 27 Sept 1914 Belmont Co., OH

Robert Peddicord married to a Bethanna? Lowe were parents of a stillborn baby delivered 15 May 1916 in Allen Co., OH

Rosa Peddicord married Arthur Knight

Samuel A Pedicord married 16 Oct 1910 in Baltimore, MD to Mary E. Balladarsh

Stella M Peddicord born on 25 Apr 1890 and died 9 May 1890 in Chicago, ILL

Stella Pedicord listed in the 1920 census of 6th ward, Canton, Stark Co., OH age 35 single b. OH and parents b OH

Thomas Peddicord married 1905 in Allen Co., IL to Sarah Campbell

Virginia Peddicord born 18 Oct 1896, died 5 Oct 1984, in the 1900 cenus of Cumberland, Allegeny Co., MD with her mother, Cora. was married to Richard Shireman

Walter Peddicord born ca 1882 in PA, living in 1900 Stowe Twp., Allegany Co PA with his brother-in-law, John Gibson

William Peddicord born ca 1886 appears in the 1930 census in Cincinnati OH

William E. Peddycord born ca 1887 died 28 Jul 1922 in LA Cal. married to L?

William H. Peddicord married 6 Oct 1913 to Helen Miller in Baltimore, Md. I am not sure which William H this is

Zella Peddicord Tull born ca 1884 in IL, mother was named Clara, they appear in the 1920 census of La Salle Co., IL

Charles Peddycoart born Sept 1880 Salt Creek Twp., Hocking Co., OH and died there 15 Nov 1881


Clara Peddycoart was born ca 1908 in OK to ? Peddycoart (who died bet. 1907 and 1910) and Ivey (b. ca 1890 in KS). Ivey and Clara are in the 1910 census of Doniphan Co., KS

Claude Petticord born 20 Oct 1921 and died Feb 1981 in Allegheny Co. PA, a grandson of John Banard Peddicord & Blanche V. not sure of his parents.

Frank Peddicord b. ca 1905 found in the 1910 census of Warren Co., KY living with his uncle, James Moxley age 31

Frank Petticord b. 2 May 1902 died July 1959 (from SSDI)

George Peddicord b. ca 1911, died 4 Dec 1911 Harrison Co., KY

George Peddicord b. ca 1922 died 23 Sept 1922, Harrison Co., KY

George Petticord born 14 Sept 1906 and died March 1984 (SSDI) probably the son of George W. Petticord and Sarah McConnell who was born in WVA ca 1906.

George Petticord was born ca. 1907 in WA, his mother, Minnie was widowed by 1920. she was born ca. 1868 in IA. In the 1920 census they are in Spokane, WA.

Georgia Petticord married ca 1935 in WA, Frederick Young

Helen Peddicord born ca. 1922 in ID appears in 1930 census with her uncle and aunt Butler

Henry Peddicord born 21 Jun 1907, d. Feb 1975, Logan Co., ILL (from SSDI)

Howard Petticord born 1 May 1918 died Oct 1982 Cape May, NY (from SSDI)

Ina Peddicord born ca 1908 in Canada, mother named Laura Williams, found in 1930 census on OK with her mother, a widow.

Irma Pettichord married 24 Dec 1925 in Latah Co., ID to Wylie Kruger.

James Peddicord born ca 1918, found in the St Mary's School for Boys (Baltimore MD) in 1930

James Peddicord born 25 May 1921, died May 1993 in TN (SSDI)

James Peddycord born ca 1913, in the 1930 cenus of Bell Co. TX with his mother Fowmillie?

James Peddicord married 23 Dec 1923 in Montgomery Co., MD Alberta Pearl McCrackin. There is an Alberta Peddicord, age 46, a widow living in Pittsburg PA in the 1930 census.

James Pedicord born ca 1900 in OH, found in the 1920 cenus of Canton Stark Co., OH age 20, presumed to be the same as James L Peddicord b. 27 Oct 1900, d. 3 Jan 1999 in Zanesville, OH.

Janette Peddicord born ca 1905 in MD, appears in the 1920 census of Lancaster PA as a 15 year old servant in the household of Henry Clay Burrow

John Peddicord b. ca Feb 1902, burial: 20 Feb 1907. Fairmount WVA

Joseph A. Peddicord died 22 Apr 1950 in Cochise Co., AZ was married to Helene Thorton who died 5 Aug 1974 in AZ.

Lillian E. Peddicord born 21 Jan 1903 and died 3 Nov 1905. She is buried at Marvin Chapel Cemetery, Mt. Airey in Frederick Co., MD

Margaret E. Peddicord was born ca 1924 and died 16 Feb 2004. She was married to Harry Dean Howe, and Mr. Okraszewski

Marie Petticord born 1911 in Ohio Co., WVA (from birth register)

Mary Peddicord married in 1920s to ? King in KY

Mary Julia ?? born ca 1910 probably wife of a Peddecord, died 6 June 1997 in Sedwick Co. KS (from her death notice.)

Mary L. Peddicord born ca 1910 and died Aug 1996, Lincoln Il. married to Mr Rose (from a death notice index)

Mary Louise Peddicord married to Charles William Ehlers

Monte Jean Peddicord born ca 1923 in OK, appears in the 1930 census of Tulsa Co., OK with her mother, Venica Porter

Nathan L Petticord born 23 June 1924, died Nov 1982, burried in Franklin Co., KS

Okal ?? wife of ?? Peddicord b. 1913, died ca Dec 1975, buried Dayton, Columbia Co., WA

Ona Peddicord born ca. 1902 in MO Joseph Peddicord born ca. 1904 in OK, were the children of ? Peddicord and Margaret Stover. She and the children are in the 1920 census of Sumner Co., KS

Paul Clifford Pettecord born 19 Jun 1902 in Manhatten NY to H C Pettecord age 40 and Rose E Maffie age 28 b Ireland. Rose and Paul are listed in the 1905 NY State Census living on Columbus Ave in Manhatten. In 1910 Census of Manhatten, Rose indicates she is a widow, I think the father is Harry Clifford Pettecord born 3 Feb 1868 in Wheeling WV to James T Petticord and Margaret Wylie. H was married ca 1894 in Pittsburgh PA to Ella Walters and had 3 children by her Catherine b Oct 1896 and Harry Clifford Jr. b 3 Feb 1898 plus a child who died as an infant. In 1900 census Ella is living with her parents listed as married. No sign of Harry Clifford Sr in 1900. Also note that Harry C signed his name as PETTECORD demonstrated on a filing for his mothers pension claims. I suscept that he is the H C Pettecord that shows up in Chicago for the 1910 census: listing of lodging house supplement: page 233A sup dist 1/enum dist 145/sheet 148A, 20 Apr 1910, City of Chicago., South State Street: PEDDICORD, Harry C. MW age 36 Single b. PA parents PA, occup: Carriage Birker?

Paula Kay Peddecord b. 11 May 1950 died 25 Jan 1959, buried in Moffat Co., CO

Ruth Petticord born ca 1908 IL, age 22 in the 1930 census of Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL with her mother, Mary age 50 who is listed as widowed. This is probably a messed up entry for Katherine Robb Peddicord (b, 1874) the widow of William Greeley Peddicord and their daughter Ruth b 1897. Katherine is found in the 1920 and 1940 census entries and Ruth is with her in 1920, all in Spingfield IL.

Sarah Peddicord born ca 1910 in PA in the 1930 census of Turtle Creek, Allegheny Co., PA age 19 single as a roomer in household of Claarene Kull, working as a waitress. Seems seems to be a differnt person than Sarah M Peddicord b 1911 daughter of Hugh Owen Peddicord as she is listed a typist with her parents in the 1930 census of Indiana Co., PA; except that the obituary for Sarah M notes that she was a restaurant manager in the Pittsburgh area.

Sherry Petlicourd born ca 1902 in Ohio, in the 1930 census of Wayne Co., OH age 27 single a teacher, parents b OH

Thomas Peddicord age 8 is listed in 1940 census as a grandson of Robert James Brent Peddicord. Seems he is in reality Thomas Claude Peddicord b 29 March 1932 the son of Norman Peddicord Sr and his third wife Annie Lovell according to recent data. They were also parents of Marie Peddicord b ca 1930 who married HAGER, and possibly a son John. If this is the case, Thomas is not a grandson but distant cousin of Robert James Brent Peddicord sharing a common ancestor with me in Adam Peddicord and Elizabeth Zimmerman

Virgueral Petticord born ca 1901 IL, appears in 1920 census of Calhoun Co., IA with uncle, Elva. Gug. Petticord and the latter;s family. Presumably he would be a grandson of John Thomas Peddicord and Sarah Woolsy unless he is a newphew of his wife.

William Peddicord/Petticordborn 6 July 1926, died June 1982 in Baltimore, in St. Vincent's Orphanage 1930 census of Baltimore wife may have been Madeline

Among the grandchildren of Shadrack Pettichord there are Edward Newton age 5, Jennie L age 8, and Samuel age 3 Pettichord all living in 1885 in Mahaska Co., IA with Samuel's widow Mary Pettichord and her daughter Ella L age 31 single. In 1880 census Mary has with her Lucinda daughter age 26 single, Jennie May age 3 granddaughter and Eddie ae 2 grandson. Jennie May has been assigned as a daughter of William Henry Peddichord and Eunice Eunice Douglas by some genealogies, But in his WW1 draft registration Samuel gives Jennie May as his closest relative to contact. In his marriage license, (issued in Vancouver BC) Edward Newton listed his parents as John W Pettichord and Lucinda Edwards.

The father of William C, Ray Lee, Bernie, Ina, and Beatrice Peddicord - all born in Canada and lived in OK from 1930 onward is unknown, Their Mother Clara A was born in SD, the father was born in IL

Jim (James H) Peddycoart born 8 May 1910, died May 1982 Mineapolis MN

Gerald Arthur Peddicord born 10 Nov 1937 died 11 Nov 1937, son of J and A Peddicord, buried at Violet Hill Cemetery, Dallas Co., IA


Elizabeth died Baltimore 2 June 1898: Death cert: City of Baltimore, June 2, 1898. Elizabeth Petticord, female age 49, white, married, housewife, b. Baltimore, resident for life, died at St Joseph's Hospital, Carcinomatous Ulcer Stomach, Perprative Peritoritis, body to John Hopkins Hospital for anatomical purposes. burial June 9th 1898. I suspect whe is the wife of William H. Peddicord and had a daughter, Mary who died as a child

Sarah McMUTT death cert: Columbiana Co., OH E. Liverpool OH, of 444 W-8th female white widowed husband Widers Alfred Peddicord?, she was born Oct 6, 1900, died age 28 years 7 months 14 days, occupation: domestic, born Buchville, PA, father John McMUTT b. PA mother Michelie Sevel? b. PA informant: Blanch Seibert of E. Liverpool died May 25, 1929 Dyphesia burial Riverview Cemetery 5/27/27

Barbara TYLER born 2 Apr 1890 in Richmond VA, died 21 May 1926 in Eudowood Sanitorium in Towson (Balto Co.) Md was married to ?? Peddicord

Minnie HURD was married ca 1898 to ? Pettichord, she is found with her father in the 1900 census of Portland OR. perhaps the same as Minnie Peddicord found in the 1910 census of San Diego CA as a widow age 27.

Ida BROWN born ca 1873 in TX was married to ?? PETTYCORD who died before 1900, Ida is found with her parents in the 1900 and 1910 census of Kansas City, KS

Dora LONG daughter of John W. was born ca 1884 in KY. listed as a widow PETTICORD with her father in 1910 census of Covington, Kenton Co., KY

Mildred M. ??? born 10 Oct 1903 in CA, died 23 July 1969 was married to a Peddichord, Possible candidates include Victor Peddicord who died in 1905

Charles Blackburn Peddicord was the father of Goldie B. Peddicord (b. ca. 1897), he was widowed by 1900 and then married Nellie Conrad by which he had Mabel L Peddicord (b. ca. 1902) and David C. Peddicord (b. 3 Oct 1905). mother of Goldie B Peddicord is unknown

Inez or Jane Z?) born ca 1880 is a servant in a hotel in 1910 Census of Tuscarawas Co., OH married to a PETTICORD for 10 years

Recent Research Efforts

Have correctly identified the wife of William T Petticord (b. 29 Apr 1906, died Hawaii July 1986) as Edna J LUOMA daughter of Matt/Madd Luoma and Josephine Maqi. Her parents were in Wisconsin ca 1896 to 1901 where they had two daughters born, Jennie K and Lulu M. They went back to Finland-Russia briefly and had two sons born there (John and Oscar) then came to Washington where they had children: Leo and Lilia (twins born 12 Oct 1907) in King Co., and then Edna J and Ivy

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