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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Sally Elam
(William Gordon)
abt 1750; Chesterfield, VA
Mary Lacey
Samuel Eldridge
1790/RI; Michigan/1830's
Julie VanOrder
Samuel Ellet
(Sarah "Sally")
born @ 1755; MD
PJ Sisseck
Amos Elliott
(Nancy Hail)
b.1766/d.1842; b. NC/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
James Elliott, Sr.
(Elizabeth Trimble or Blythe)
abt 1744 Virginia; 1830 Williamson TN
Bill Wood
Josiah Elliott
born:1769 died:1846; born:MA died:IL
Barbara Elliott
Samuel Elliott
((2nd) Nancy Linn)
b-1745 Del or MD; m-May 1806; d-Jan 1822 Cumberland Co KY
Suzie Rabideau
Samuel Elliott
1777/78 to 1852; Va/Tn
C. Jones
Ann Ellis
(James Haines)
Oct. 6 1788 Greenbrier W/VA
Elaine Suhre
Benjamin Ellis
abt. 1791 PA; d. bef. 1840 Bradford Co. PA
Joyce Cooper
John Ellis
(Sarah Berry)
abt 1723; Virginia
Paul Brown
John Ellis
(Elizabeth Freeman)
1623 England; 1676 Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA
Kathleen Ellis Meade
John Ellis
1710; Prince George Co, Bristol Parish, Amelia Co.
Bob Ellis
Mary Ellis
(Charles Madaris)
1702-1706 Middlesex Co. VA; m. 4 Feb 1732 Middlesex Co VA
Peter Ellis
1760/70 ; 1800 -1830 SC>KY
Betty Cathcart
Robert Ellis
(Jane Langley)
Abt. 1789 in eastern North Carolina; d: abt 1855
Sandy Goodchild
Ann Ellison
(James Hayns)
Oct. 6, 1786 Greenbrier W/VA
Elaine Suhre
Richard Ellison
(Jane Hazlett)
1782 ; 1820 Elkland,Tioga, PA
Sue Langley
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Thomas Ellison
1631-1697; NY
Traci Spears
Robert Ellyson
abt 1615-1664/1670; New Kent Co VA
Susan Ellison McMahan
Mary Elrod
(Wade Hampton Slatton)
b.1777; SC>GA
Quentin Alexander
Conrad Elscheit
1760; GER>VA
Cyndi Pote
Jesse Elwell
(Elizabeth McClanethan)
1761 Palmer, Mass.; Death-1812/Cato, Cayge Co., NY
Carolyn Wing Davis
Matthew Emach
1715; Virginia
Gloria West
Henry Embry
(Martha Patteson)
1690-1763; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Henry Embry
(Joan Jobe)
1615 ENG; VA
Alice Brosey
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Peter Emerick
(Matilda Hamilton)
circa 1775-1790 Virginia; died after 4 January 1834 Mississippi
Carita Curtis
Ebenezer Emmons
(Catherine Anderson)
ca. 1791 Monmouth NJ; d. aft. 1873 Monmouth NJ
Glenn W. Soden
William Emmons
1780 ; 1864 Conecuh Co. AL
Balaam Emory
1750 Northumberland-on-Tyne, England; Later migrated to Queen Anne's County, MD as a young man
Margaret Knight
Peter Emrick
(Matilda Hamilton)
circa 1775-1790 Virginia; died after 4 January 1834 Mississippi
Carita Curtis
Samuel Endicott
1769-1817; Martin Co., KY
Dolores Melby Hibbert
Philip Engard
c 1700 Germany; imm. 1728 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
James Pratt
Philip Enghart
c 1700 Germany; imm. 1728 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
James Pratt
Benjamine S. England
(Elizabeth McGuire)
1797 Va.
Ann Baughman
Joseph England
1777; North Carolina
Hugh Trenton England
Matthew English
(Nancy Gordon)
December 22, 1779; Hawkins Co., TN
Nancy Chamberlain
Matthew English
(Nancy Gordon)
May 22, 1779; Grainger Co, TN
Nancy Chamberlain
Rosanna English
(John Heider/Hyder)
6 Feb 1766 Carter Co. TN
Henry Enoch
(Elizabeth Ross)
Ca. 1710 - Frederick Co, VA; died ca. 1796 - Amwell twp, Washington co, Pennsylvania
P Richard Pearson, Sr
David Enslow
b ca 1765/74 d. bef 1850; PA>OH>IL
Katharine Owens
Isaac Eoff
(Margaret Knox)
1761; Somerset Co, NJ
Denise Doyle
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William Eolin
1790-1800; NH
Elizabeth L. Mock
Elizabeth Epps
(James Haley)
1788-after 1806; VA
Rae Venable Calvert


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