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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Heinrich (Henry) Saeman
b abt 1725 Germany; ==> Berks Cty, PA abt. 1748
Samuel Saffell
b. bet. 1712-1720; d. bef. May 28, 1777; b. England? d. Montgomery Co., Md.
T. McRae
Samuel Sage
(Judith Callivan)
1756 England; PA>MD>VA>OH
Shanna Steed
George Sager
(Elizabeth Sheets)
1743; Lancaster co. PA
Kay Schneider
Samuel Sale
(Nancy Reynolds)
1793 North Carolina
Gael Keiser
Aaron Salisbury
(Ann Roat)
1786, Vermont; 1809-1861 East Evans, NY
Ron Walker
Hester Samuel
(Abel Griffith)
1753 Charlotte Court House, Charlotte Co. Va.; 1831 Berea, Bourbon Co. Ky.
Msrilyn Gallagher
Nathan Sandage
abt. 1750; Union County, SC
Timothy A. Walters
James Sanderson
(Sarah Barbara Newman)
abt 1762, Ireland; d. 1841, Ohio
Susan Beddes
Richard Sanderson
1641-1718; Engl>NC
Rae Venable Calvert
Stephen Sands
(Jane Cowgill)
1658 > 1732; Eng > Penn 1683
Clara Hardiman
Ezekiel Sanford
(Rebecca Whelpley)
1636; born at Dorchester, MA. Moved to Milford, CT. with family.
John D. Sanford
Joseph Sanford
1744 Virginia; 1828 Staffford, Va
Charmaine Mueller
Joseph Sarcellier dit Labbe
(Rhoda (Roddie;Rose) Christi Viriat)
c1774 Quebec; 1795-1840 Ste. Genevieve, MO area
Joseph Sarcellier dit Labbe
1774 Quebec; 1803 Ste.Genevieve, MO
Digory Sargent
1651-1703; MA
Marge Howe
Elijah Satterfield
(Elizabeth Dukes)
1792 married; Caroline Co., MD
James A. Satterfield
John Saulss
b ca 1830 GA ; d. ca 1857 in AL
David T. Johnston
Anton Saup
(Elizabethe Schmitt)
Ca 1790-1799; Unkn. Prob. ALS; 15 Sept 1859, Zanesville, OH
Sue Mullins
Anton Sauppe
(Elizabethe Schmitt)
Ca 1790-1799; Unkn. Prob. ALS; 15 Sept 1859, Zanesville, OH
Sue Mullins
Jacob Savage
1778; VA>MD
Deborah Shapiro
Thomas Savage
B. 1595 D. 1633; Jamestown > Northampton Va.
William Toomey
Thomas W. Savage
(Ann (Anna) Loveridge)
1777 Monmouth, New Jersy; d. 1856 Licking County, Ohio
Susanna Patterson
Thomas W. Savidge
(Ann (Anna) Loveridge)
1777 Monmouth, New Jersy; d. 1856 Licking County, Ohio
Susanna Patterson
Charles Savoie
(Judith Arceneaux)
Before 1800; Acadia>Louisiana
Cynthia F. Daigle
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John Sawtelle
abt 1743-1815; Broome County, NY
S. Nye
Samuel Sawyer
(Ruhanna Hazen nee Harrington)
Samuel 1768-1835 Ruhanna 1762-1849; Chesire Co., NY; Middlesex Co, MA.; Addison Co., VT; Oneida Co., NY
Darla Stimbert
Rachel Sawyers
(William Crawford I)
30 Apr, 1750, VA; died Sep 4, 1821, Howell, Lincoln Co., TN
Lucy A. McLean
Minerva Saxton
(Ira Rice)
October 3, 1796 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.; married in 1814 and died 1824 in New York.
Mavis Bassett
Thomas Sayles
(Esther Scott)
b. 1698 ; Res. c1740 Smithfield, RI
George Saynor
(Anna Maria Saynor)
Westmoreland County, PA; <1778 PA
Michelle Zenner
Nathan Sayre
1674-abt 1735; Southampton, NY
Billie J. Richter


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