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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Philip Wolf
(Elizabeth Barnes)
1777 TN, or N.C.; married 1801 Nashville, TN.
Carol Illig
John Philip Wolfe
(Elizabeth File Pfeil)
02/16/1740 Northampton, PA; Died May 23 1817 Mineral Srings, NC
Kendrick White
Rebecca Wolfe
(Philemon Ewing)
PA abt 1794; d. KY after 1850
Helen Pettibone
Johann Jakob Wolfinger
(Maria Elisabeth Grossmann)
1790-1853; Neuenberg, Germany>PA>Posey Co., IN
Emily Moore
Johann Bernard Womer
(Anna Maria Hubing)
21 Jan 1705/6; Eitzweiler, Saarland, Germany > Bern Twp., Berks Co., PA
Judy Banja
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Johann Bernard Wommer
(Anna Maria Hubing)
21 Jan 1705/6; Eitzweiler, Saarland, Germany > Bern Twp., Berks Co., PA
Judy Banja
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Absolom Wood
VA; May 6, 1768
Bill Wood
Aron Wood
(Mary Wilson)
born abt. 1708; Virginia
Dot Wood
Elisha A. Wood
1778 New York; died 1839 Indiana
Mike Wood
Elizabeth Wood
(Michael Heider)
b. 9 Apr 1745 Hampshire Co. VA; d. 3 jan 1841 Carter Co TN m. 2 Dec 1764 Hampshire Co. VA; buried old Hyder Cemetery Carter Co. TN
Francis Wood
(Sarah Hardin)
1680 Bridgewater, MA
Ron Woods
Jacob Wood
(Elizabeth Owens)
1760-1785; NJ or NY
Elaine Weber
John (Jackie) L. Wood
(Agnes Shockley)
b.1780-d.1866; b.-SC, d.-SC
Barbara Craddock Pike
John Wood
(Sarah Green(e))
1781 Dutchess, NY; Renesaller County, NY
Colette Wood Mazey
John Wood
July 3, 1753; Elizabethtown, New Jersey
Ruth Wood
Nathan Wood
1753-1818; Brookfield, MA>OH
Louise Hastings
Rezin B. Wood
(Nancy M. Johnston)
6 Nov 1785 Halifax, NC; m. ca1807 York, SC
Wm. Roy Bigger
Solomon O. Wood
About 1780, possibly in North Carolina; Died 1837, Meigs County, Tennessee
Sherri Park
Thomas Wood
(Eliza Jane Newton)
179? SC
Colette McCadden
William Wood
(Nancy Cate)
b. 1764 NC, d.1812 NC, married Mar 1796
Cathy Thosath-Jespersen
William Wood
b.1786; NC
Michael Woods
Ford Plaisted Woodard
1796; Peacham,VT
Melissa O'Connell
Solomon Woodard)
(Elizabeth Bivens (Biven, Beevan))
abt. 1795; SC/GA
Bill Woodward
John Woodbury
(Agnes Napper)
1583 England; 1624 Salem Mass
Charla Woodbury
Joseph Woodcock
Abt 1725; 1755/NC 1800/GA
Carolyn W. Parker
George Woodell
(Martha )
@1780 N.C. or Va.; died 1833 Wilson Co. Tenn.
Lexeen Weaver
John Wooding
(Sucky Hill)
1740; Halifax Co., VA
C. Brown
John Woodling
1776-1850; Montgomery Co, PA
Michael Barker
Benjamin Woodruff
(Rebecca Consaly ?)
1795- Morris Co. N.J.; 1850-1860 Seneca Co.
Rose Capell
Joseph Woodruff
(Mary Forrester)
emmig. Aug 1768; St. Phillip's Parish, GA
Dot Tribble
Francis Woods
(Sarah Hardin)
1680 Bridgewater, MA
Ron Woods
John Woods
(Polly Mary Richardson)
Born 1791 Virginia; Married 1816 Pulaski Co., Kentucky Died 1867 Mercer Co., Missouri
Chuck Woods
Thomas Woods
(Eliza Jane Newton)
179? SC
Colette McCadden
William Woods
b.1786; NC
Michael Woods
Robert Woodson
(Elizabeth Ferris)
1634-1707; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
George Woodul
(Martha )
@1780 N.C. or Va.; died 1833 Wilson Co. Tenn.
Lexeen Weaver
Solomon Woodward)
(Elizabeth Bivens (Biven, Beevan))
abt. 1795; SC/GA
Bill Woodward
German W. Woodward
(Margaret Coulton)
20 Mar 1794, VA; died 14 Mar, 1860, Marshall Co., TN
Lucy A. McLean
Henry Woody
(Susannah Martin)
abt 1736; VA
Dave Woody
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William Woolard
(Jane Cooke)
1749-1755; Leesburg, Va.
Clyde Willard
Levi Wooley
(Margaret Turnbaugh)
1789, Ohio Co. KY;
Norman D. Smith
Lydia Wooley
(Zephaniah Howard)
1737 N.J.; 1757 N.Y.
Jeanne Howard
Christopher Wools
1788; KY
Carol Wools Blacketer
Johann Bernard Woomer
(Anna Maria Hubing)
21 Jan 1705/6; Eitzweiler, Saarland, Germany > Bern Twp., Berks Co., PA
Judy Banja
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Bryant Wooten
(Jincy Lee)
1795; N.C.
James Wooten
Turner Wooten
(Nancy Roper)
1757 / 1833; VA / TN,
Cindy Carson Mc Clure
Roger Worden
c 1715 Greenwich, CT
Doris Wheeler
Michael Worley
1735/1740-abt 1813; NC>VA
Jim Worley
Charles P. Worth
(Elizabeth Frye)
17 Jun 1761; Island of Nantucket, Massachusettes
Rosemary Neuhausel
Samuel Wragg, Sr.
(Mary McKenzie)
b. 1782/d. 1872; b. SC./ d. MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Elisha Wright
(Nellie Eygnor)
1787 Connecticut; 1810 Cairo, New York
Donnis Bell
Elizabeth Wright
(William Ashton)
11 Aug 1772 probably PA; DOD: 6 Dec 1843 Philadelphia Co, PA
Sharon Davis
George Wright
abt 1682-abt 1769; Essex Co VA
Sue Wright
James W Wright
1767 N.C. or S.C.; died 1853 Sevier Co. Ark.
Elizabeth Parks
John Wright
1777; VA
Robert Wright
John Mullen Wright
(Ann Marie)
1776; VA or IRE
Carol Gregory Wright
Nancy Wright
(James Thomson)
c. 1776/Cumberland, Co PA
Marybeth Corrigall
William Wright
(Margaret Malckom)
1707 Ireland; Augusta Co, VA
Bill Wright
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William Wright
(Mary Ayers)
abt 1755 Virginia; d. Nov 1821 Clarke Co., Georgia
Diane S Sanfilippo
George Wunder
(Ann VanAiken)
November 04, 1757 Germantown, PA
Mary Beth Wagner
Nicholas Wyatt
(Damaris ?Stockwell)
born about 1630 in Virginia or Kent England; settled along the Servern River in Maryland in 1651, died before 22 Jan 1673
Dr. William Hester
William Wyatt
(Mariam Wright)
1796-1852; Alabama
V. Barton
William Wyatt
(Rebekah Eivans)
bef 1660; Northern Neck, VA
Jean W. Stringham
William Wyatt
1794-1870; North Carolina > Tennessee
Peggy Lowrey Baker
Robert Wylie
(Martha McIntyre)
1703 Ireland; Boothbay Harbor, ME
Bob Wylie
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Robert Wynne
(Mary Frances Sloman)
b 1622 St Dunstans,Canterbury,Kent,England; d 1675 Jordans Parish,Charles City,VA
Ross Pierce


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