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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Babb
abt 1813, PA
Bill Luke
Alois Louis Baer
(Annie Hofgartener/Hofgarden)
1810-1811 Tryol; 1880 Michigan
Paulette Boots
Laurence Bagg
(Lula Alice (Hildebrand) Jones)
1800s; IL
Kenneth Joseph (Bagg) Neder, Esq.
Allen Thomas Baggett
(Lydia Morrissette)
1812 Tn.
Barbara Brazell
Nancy Baggett
(Joseph Braley)
NC ca 1806; 1829, Newton, GA, 1850 Russell, AL, 1860-80 Muscogee, GA
Gene Lynch
Frederick Baggs
(Nancy Berry)
1816 Kentucky; 1850 Illinois
John A. Bagley
(Laura J. Barber)
1820 somewhere in NY; 1840 Ionia Co., MI
Sheri Trout
Caroline H. Bailey
(Bayless Triplett)
27 Jun 1814; IN
Henry Bailey
(Barbara Drybread)
1802 Ohio; 1870 MO
Grace Nugent
Janette Bailey
(Samuel Weeks)
ca 1819 New York; Cedar Swamp, Queens County
Janice Bernath
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John Bailey
1821; NC; died abt 1877 Cherokee Co, AL
Valerie Swan
James Baird
(Eunice Rising)
3/14/1819; Mass
Sharon Coady
Abraham Baker
circa 1803/04; TN/ Mississippi/ TX
Dolores Ann
Claiborne Baker
(Sarah Garvey)
1813, TN; married abt 1830, TN
Daniel Baker
(Nancy Rumbaugh)
@1813 probably Perry County, Pa.; died @ 1852
Joel Leckron
Ferdinand Baker
(Elizabeth Castleberry)
b. 1810/d. 1889; Probably MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Harriet Baker
1815 KY
Tissa Ketcherside
James M Baker
1812; Pensacola FL
Stephanie Murphy
John Baker
(Mary Bodle)
1824 to 1870; OH
Leah Rodis
John Baker
1800-1880; TN
Kathlene Clark
William C. Baker
b.1803 S.C.; d.1881 Ga.
Dorothy B. Smith
George Baldwin
1820; Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Baldwin
Henry Baldwin
1820 England; 1880 lived in Brooklyn, New York USA
Doris Baldwin Johnson
Caroline H. Baley
(Bayless Triplett)
27 Jun 1814; IN
James Ball, Sr.
ca 1800; probably Virginia
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Hiram Ballard
abt 1800; Saratoga Co, NY
Jakki Lutz
Samuel Ballard
B. 1810?; TN
Gary Romberg
Leonard Ballew
(Sarah Skidmore)
b. abt. 1802; d. Aug 12, 1867; VA (northeast Botetourt Co, along the James River Canal)
B. Ballew
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Francis Balo
(Elizabeth Straum)
18 Nov 1810; Morrow Co, OH
Don Knight
Nathan Mattias Bane
(Sarah Jane Evens)
1814 PN;
Bob bayne
Dominica Barango
1800 - 1900; 1892/ Italy to the USA
Dominica Barango
Sirena Barbee
(Job Garner)
1814/1912; NC/TN
John E. Abernathy, Jr
Benjamin Barber
(Sarah Snead)
abt 1818 in Richmond Co. or Moore Co., NC; died after 1900 in NC
Ellery Barber
(Esther Lewis)
Mar 1, 1803, Exeter RI; Died Nov 23, 1877, Exeter RI
Claudia Schuman
Josiah Barber
(America Jarrett)
1817; Va
Brian Arnet
Rowland R. Barber
Oct. 30, 1806; Maine
Wilma R. Christian
Theodore Barber
abt. 1825 Canada; NE New York
Pat Barber Broadbrook
Andrew Jackson Bargsley
(Amanda Walker)
4/15/1828; Texas
Brenda Hall
James Barkdoll
(Pearl Rexstrew)
1800-; USA
Marva Tucker
Thomas Barker
(Lydia Thomas)
February 28, 1819, Lock Haven, PA; 1844, MO
Sue Parks
William Barker
(Mary J. Moore)
1812 VA; MO
Debra L. Simkin
William R. Barker
1805 N.J. ?; died 1841 N.Y.
Ron Sampson
Joseph Barkley
(Barbara Denton)
11 Oct 1822; Born Kentucky Married Iowa 1843
Cathy Delahoussaye
Thomas Barnes
(Parthena Bishop Nelson)
1822 White County TN
Albert Barnett
(Sarah Elliot)
b:6 Dec 1823 d: 27 March 1900. He was born in Spotsylvania, VA and died in Kirksville, MO
Patricia Thompson
Berry Wilson/Wilkes Barnett
(Martha Barnett)
1813 south carolina; 1816 South Carolinia
Carolyn Syephenson
Zachariah Barnett
(Nancy Jackman)
1817; Howard Co., MO
Larry Barnett
Lewis Barnhart
(Esther Blackwelder)
1808/1809 NC
Michael Barnhouse
(Juliann Barnhouse)
1818, Pennsylvania
Edna Barnhouse-Lopez
George Barr
(Elizabeth Cochran)
18 Aug. 1821 ; MA
Sharon Marconi
Peter J or John P Barr
(Angeline Westfall)
b: 25 Apr 1821 OH ; d: 2 Aug 1895 IL
Russ Livingston
Stephen Barr
Abt1803; Shenandoah Valley VA
Wiliam Barr
Elisha Barrett
(Elizabeth Beeson)
1810 - Va.
Norma Johnson
Daniel Bartholic
(Mary Austin)
1800-1860; Kent/Newport RI
Margaret Bartley
b 1820; VA/IN
Brent F. Baughn
Isaac Barton
(Rachel M. Owsley)
1825 Knox Co. KY; >1847 IL> md. 1848> d. 1908 IL
Gary Barton
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Joshua Barton
Abt. 1825; Edgefield, South Carolina
Pamela Barton Stallings
William Baskett
1813; TN
Nancy Haddad
John Middleton Baskin
(Malissa E. Laster)
b. 1818/d. 1907; b. NC/ d. AR
Barbara Craddock Pike
Lyman Bass
April 5, 1800; Nova Scotia/Mass
LaVeryl Andrews
Redding Bass
1810 North Carolina
Lisa Spencer
Bailey Bateman
1808 NC
Emilie Reine
Nelson Batemsan
(Absillia Waters)
1817 ?NC
Linda Rothwell
Israel Baugh
abt.1820 Virginia; Kentucky
Doris Garrett
Janette Bayles
(Samuel Weeks)
ca 1819 New York; Cedar Swamp, Queens County
Janice Bernath
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Janette Baylis
(Samuel Weeks)
ca 1819 New York; Cedar Swamp, Queens County
Janice Bernath
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