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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James W. Beacham
(MaryPolly Hanks/Lee)
1820; Tennessee
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
David Beals
1810; PA
Jean Beals Whiteneck
Andrew Ballantine Beamer
(Rebecca Jemima Ervin)
8/4/1824-Monroe County, WV
Kenneth Beamer
James Madison Bean Sr. 1810-1846; Jackson Co., TN
Ed Sweeny
Hugh Beard
1808; Louisiana
N.W. Richard
William Beard
(Harriet )
1810; Monroe County, OH
Jonathan Radke
Daniel Beasley
(Mary Beasley)
1815; NC
Bob Beasley
Gabriel Dillard Beasley
(Martha Jane Appling)
1807 Smith Co. Tenn.; Tenn. & Ala.
Linda Hume
James Beasley
(Eveline Kinsall)
1822/1823; TN
Max Beasley
Jeffrey Beck
1810 SC; 1850 MI
Linda Pryor
William Beddoe
(Mary Parcell)
Stacy Jon Peterson
James Easton Bedgood
15 April 1803; Isle Of Wight Co, VA
Marilyn Hamill-Stewart
Azubah Beede
(Jonathan Beede)
1822 Mass.; US
Shari Johnson
Wilson Beeney
abt. 1805; Eng>MO
Jo Beeney
Hugh Beeson
(Jane Fulp)
1819-1904; Forsyth (Stokes) NC
Bruce Beeson
Phillip Belcher
1800; Georgia
Brenda Brown
David Belden
1804 NY; IL, IA
Alice Allen
Andrew Bell
26 Nov. 1804-2 Aug .1865; NC>FL
Linda Moore
Joseph C. Bell
about 1802; Virginia, Tennessee
Joseph C. Bell
1802 Virginia; death 1850 Tenn.
Carolyn Burgess
Stephen Bell
1815 Georgia; 1880 Horn Lake, Desoto, Mississippi; 1891 Arkansas
Bernice Flennaugh
Jose(ph) Bellido de Luna
(Maria Montane)
01/12/1820; 02/05/1892 New Orleans
Melanie Blades
Pettway Bendolph
1820; AL
Jo Ann Bendolph
Margaret Bennett
b. 1822; PA>MO
Tonya Thurman
Thomas Turner Bennett
(Lisa Darkes Everett )
1810; PA
Barbara Bennett
Cullen Benson
(Nancy Jane Noble)
21 Dec 1818; Missouri
Justine Miller
George Bent
(Elizabeth Mitchell)
1816; VA
Martha Bent
Emanuel Berg
18 Jun 1823/Fagelas, Brevik, Skaraborg, Sweden; 25 Dec 1916/Oakley, Cassia, Idaho
Andrew Jackson Berry
(Sara Ellen York)
1817 VA; Marriage (1)1835 to Virginia ?(2) Sarah Ellen York 1840 IL
Beth Moore
Mary Ann Berry
(Ezekiel Griffin)
1817-1908; Georgia
Janice Gorham
Peter A. Berry
(Frances R. Nicholson)
15 Jun 1818 Edgefield, SC; died 21 Mar 1898 Cherokee Co., TX
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Sarah Frances Berry
(Thomas Wood)
1817 Orange VA
Bill Wood
Jacob Betsinger
(Sarah Mower)
1809 NY state
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Sarah Bicknell
Abt 1820; ME?
Abraham Biler
(Sylvia Jones)
1810-1849; Knox Co, OH
Cathy Lampshire
Elizabeth Billings
abt 1813; NY
Walter Slocomb
Paul Bingaman
born ca 1810; Lancaster Co., PA
Ann B. Jacobs
Harmon Bingham
(Fanny Pratt)
1800-1870; TN>MO
Tom Treat
William George Washington Bish
B 1810; PA
Mary Bish
Stephen Bishop
(Lovinna Bennett)
13 Jul 1804 VT
Katherine Wright
Pierce B. Bissell
1817; IL
Julie Tupker
James Bivens
(Parthena or Nathina Turner)
Abt. 1800; NC
Alva Bates
Berket/Burket Black
(Sally Deane)
02 May 1818 GA; 1870 Dade Co., GA
Barbara Black Jones
George Black
(Nancy Bilsby)
1818 Pennsylvania; m. 1847, Knox Co., Ohio > 1859 Fayette Co., Illinois
Eric Petty
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Henry Black
1810; German Township, Fayette Co., Pa.
Randall Black
James L. Black
(Teressy Townsend)
b. 1815; SE
Carolyn Black Hill
Jonathan Black
(Sarah Jay)
1820-1907; OH,IA,WA
Kandice Kimball
Matthew/Mathias Black
(Catherine Myers)
4 Feb 1816 Adams County, PA; died 16 Feb 1871 Van Wert County, OH
K. Richardson
Mary Magdalen Blair
(James Blair)
1820 TN; 1893 KY; married in Bowling Green, KY
Holly Yancey
Harvey Blakeley
(Susannah Larabee)
June 1803 Butler, Butler, PA; Lodi, Athens, OH
Charlotte Blakemore
3/1802; Hopkinsville KY Christian Co, KY
Evelyn Ali
Francesa Blalock
(Jane Blalock)
1824; South Carolina
Betty Jones
Maston Blalock
1802 NC
Mose Bledsoe
(Rebecca Byrd)
1807; 1859 TN
Joe Bledsoe
Camilla Bliss
(George Whitefield Potter)
1809; Otsego Co, NY
Ernest Hatton
James Blood
(Mary Jones)
DOB abt 1800; Massachusetts
Charlie Blood
John Bloomer
(Anna Allen)
b. 06 May 1810; d. 07 May 1876; AL> Fayette Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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John Lyman Blowers
(Nancy Jane Warner)
b.1815; NY>IN>NE
Pati Blowers May


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