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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Celia/Seleah Buce
1800-1860; GA
Birda Pelton
George Washington Buchanan
b. 1801; Fayette Co., IN
Michelle Day
John M Buchanan
(Lucy Rice)
B. Apr 14 1803; NY
Robert Walter (RW) Buchanan
(Martha E Pace)
1-1-1822 AL; Died 1850-1852 Falls Co., TX
Chris Buchanan
Ivy Buck
1801-1875; Whiteside Co. IL
Terence Kelley
William Buckner
(Celia Cornelius)
1815-1870; Blount Co, Al.
Herman Budde
1803-1826; Germantown, Ill
John Bulis)
(Marcia Camp)
abt 1825 Troy, NY; d. abt 1861
John Bullis)
(Marcia Camp)
abt 1825 Troy, NY; d. abt 1861
John Bulliss)
(Marcia Camp)
abt 1825 Troy, NY; d. abt 1861
Simon Bumgarner
(Eliza Bumgarner)
1 Nov 1805; m. 15 Jul 1830 at: Iredell co., NC.
Wade A. Bumgarner
Reuben Bunker
(Racheal West)
1810; Nantucket
Dell Bunker
Asahel Burchard
(Patience Harris)
1819 MASS; 1850 Saybrook, Ashtabula, OH
Nancy Lovely
Zelotus Burchard
(Jennette Pendleton)
February 1824 Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania;
Gary Mickle
Dysey Burke
(Pleasant Anderson)
born ca 1807; Wayne Co., KY
Craig Nelson
Rhoda Burkett
(Peter B. Grant)
b. abt 1806 SC; Appling Co, GA
S Daniels
Roland Burks
1813-1852; KY>TN
Susan Smith
John Burnett
1813; TN
D.J. Burnham
(Parthenia Spence)
Born 1810 Camden Co., NC, died 1878/83 Scott Co., MS
Bill Davis
George Burns
(Adaline Snider)
1817 Chester Co. Penn.; 1854 Mahaska Co. Ia. 1870 Labette Co. Ks.
Allice Burns Reynolds
Samuel Burns
(Cora Ann Dugger)
1820; Wayne County, Tennessee
Tom Burns
Thomas` Burns
(Lucy Crockett)
about 1806; Virginia
Russell Burns
Augustus Burr
(Catherine Beasley)
1817, GA; Macon, GA, 1865
Jay Rogers
Frances Burroughs
(Thomas McDonald)
17 Nov 1823 Georgia
Rick Flood
Charles Henry Burt
1825 New Hampshire; 1824/1853 Sacramento CA
Nathaniel Burton
(Pheebe Henson)
1812 ; Henrico, Virginia, USA
Mark Burton
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Andrew Burtt
(Ann Jane Biggs)
b. Abt. 1819; Birmingham Borough (Pittsburgh), Allegheny, PA
Julie Humes
Singleton Busey
1818, Indiana
Robert Busey
Adam Bush
(Rachel Flint)
Abt. 1812; NY
Douglas Bush
John Bushong
(William Barker)
1812 VA
Debra L. Simkin
Conrad Bsing
(Mary Kramer)
b 25 April 1825 Hanover; emigrated in 1843; married 1854, lived in Gibson County, Indiana on a farm; died 12 Jan 1901 in Gibson County, Indiana and is buried in Mount Tabor Cemetery
Scoti Bolding
Charity Butcher
(Thomas Owsley)
1813 TN; md. 1827>Monroe Co. IN. 1831>1836 d. Monroe Co. IN
Gary Barton
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William Butcher
1800; Gallia/Meigs Co. OH
Sue Gentry
Abel Butler
(Eliza Loomis)
1 Feb 1812, NY; d. 31 Mar 1901, Farmington, Fulton Co, IL
John Schunk
Armstead Butler
(Polly Breeze)
1806, NC; m. Sep 24, 1829 Maury Co, TN
Marlyn Moore
Charles William Butler
1800-1810 VA; 1850-1860 living in Franklin Co.,AL
Barbara Erp
James Butler
(Roseanna Lamb)
1824; Ireland >Green Island, NY
Donna Vaughn
Jesse Butler
abt 1810; North Carolina
M. Jenkins
John Butler
b. Feb. 3, 1800 Ct. ; d. Dec. 3, 1877 NY
Maria Butler
Samuel Buttle
(Mary Warren)
1811 Co. Wexford, Ire; 1848 Brooklyn NY
Barbara Ryan
Daniel Buzzell
(Lucina Henry)
1821; Illinois
Lavone Poulos
William Byrd
(Elizabeth Shoopman)
1804/North Carolina
Elva Nickeson


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